The Litter Box. A luncheon affair at the Grandover Resort By Ron Kuligowski, Events VP CJC. To Do List. Next Meeting August 19, 2017

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1 July 2017 The Litter Box 1 The Litter Box Affiliated with Jaguar Clubs of North America July 2017 The Newsletter of the Carolina Jaguar Club, Inc. Next Meeting August 19, 2017 To Do List A luncheon affair at the Grandover Resort By Ron Kuligowski, Events VP CJC The August meeting of the Carolina Jaguar Club will be a luncheon affair at the Grandover Resort and Spa at 2275 Vanstory Street, Greensboro, NC Tel on Saturday August Sign up for the August event. 2. Register for the VA. Concours #2 3. Register for the International Jaguar Festival for Concours #3 qualifying for a national standing. 4. Set aside the week for the Road Trip 5. Consider running for an office to help lead the club in 2018 Inside this issue Cat Tales...Pg2 Road Trip...Pg4 Meeting Minutes...Pg5 Rear View Mirror...Pg7 Tiny Tech Tips...Pg9 Treasurer s Report...Pg10 Membership Application..Pg11 Events Calendar...Pg14 Classified...Pg15 New releases...pg16 We will assemble at 11:30 am for a social time with lunch following. The menu will be provided and individual checks will be forthcoming. I chose this venue because we had a good event last year and it follows our concours in July and is prior to the busy Autumn season. Please to me your intention to attend at so that I may arrange to have adequate seating. We look forward to a very pleasant and casual experience. You can make spa reservations if you choose to do so.

2 2 The Litter Box July 2017 CAT TALES BY DIANE DUFOUR CJC PRESIDENT Our 2017 Head for the Mountains concours was a resounding success. The weather added to the excitement will the rain hold off; will it be dry enough to park on the grass, etc. and, in the end, everything worked out. A huge thank you to Ed Howie, chief judge, and concours co-chairs, David and Rhonda Ballard and all the volunteers for a great concours. I also want to thank our sponsors, Jaguar of Charlotte, Jaguar of Asheville, Jaguar South, XK s Unlimited, Welsh Enterprises, SNG Barratt, and Our concours enjoyed the support of other JCNA clubs with members from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Ontario, Canada, and Tennessee. We appreciate their participation and look forward to their return next year. The Silent Auction was another huge success headed once again by Jamie Lovello. Our treasurer, Mike Smale, ed me that $2, was raised so far. Jamie announced that this was her last year in charge of the Silent Auction. We appreciate the years that Jamie has run the auction. She has established it as a trademark of the concours that we all look forward to. Thankfully, CJC members, Barbara Caudill and Colleen Lloyd-Roberts, will take Jamie s place. Please note that it takes two people to replace Jamie. Bill and Margaret Bingham created an extensive memory board, celebrating 25 years of events car shows, trips, social events - from , that was on display in the main lodge. Over the next few months, Bill is providing excerpts from past club reports in our newsletter. I look forward to reading them. If you look at the list of 2017 Officers and Committee Chairs to the right of this letter, you ll see a new name listed Richard Lloyd-Roberts, Webmaster. Richard used his considerable talents to create a stunning awards presentation slideshow exhibited during the awards banquet. During the concours, Richard was busy posting activities and highlights on the club s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. In fact, if you were unable to attend the concours, if you go onto our Facebook page, you can relive the day-by-day activities and antics. At the concours, we welcomed the visit of long-time members, Jerry and (Continued on page 3) Carolina Jaguar Club JCNA S.E. Region - Club # Officers and Committee Chairs President VP-Events Secretary Treasurer Diane DuFour Residence Ron Kuligowski Residence Mimi Morton Residence Michael Smale Residence Membership Kevin and Nancy Co-Chairs Willis Concours Co-Chairs Newsletter Residence David &Rhonda Ballard Residence Jerry Cohen Editor Residence Web Master Chief Judge Richard Lloyd-Roberts Phone Ed Howey Residence Editorial Contributions Letters to the editor, technical advice and inquiries, articles and photographs are welcome. Submissions should be received by the 12th of each month for the next issue and may be edited for style and/or space. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of CJC, Inc. All submissions are considered property of CJC, Inc., and may be reproduced by JCNA affiliates with proper credit. Advertising Rates Non-commercial classified are free to members, $15.00 per issue for non-members. For commercial rates and policy, contact the editor at: , or request to:

3 July 2017 The Litter Box 3 (Continued from page 2) Mary Turner, who moved to Florida two years ago. They are long-time members of our club much loved and much missed. It was so good to see them and meet their extended family. Congratulations to following CJC members who showed and placed at our concours: Lawrence Baxter, 1st place, Class S3 Rep, with his 2017 XKSS Steven Chase, 1st place, Class S2 modified, with his 1964 S1 XKE Skip & Judy Meyers, 3rd place, Class S2 modified, with their 1999 XK8 Ray & Anne Hargreaves, 1st place, class D8 with their 1991 XJS Gary Dodson, 1st place, Class D3, with his 1968 S1.5-2 XKE Mike & Rosemary Smale, 2nd place, Class D11, with their 2008 XKR Richard & Colleen Lloyd-Roberts, 1st place, Class D11, with their 2009 XK FHC Scott DuFour, 1st place, Class D10, with his 2006 XK8 Victory Edition Ferman & Joana Wardell, 1st place, Class C7, with their 1971 SIII XKE FHC William & Irene Denning, 1st place, Class C5, with their 1965 SI XKE William & Mary Sihler, 1st place, Class C19, with their 2011 XKR Ted Hill, 1st place, Class C14, with his 2004 XKR Portfolio Steve & Mary Ann Thomas, 1st place, Class C12, with their 1988 XJ-SC Mike & Ann Rhyne, 2nd place, Class C14, with their 2003 XKR A good time was had by all. See you next month. Diane

4 4 The Litter Box July 2017 AND - MANY, many miles of Scenic Hi-way and "By-way" Jaguar-road-Type Driving. ** I also planning ONE full day of visiting and "sightseeing" with-in Knoxville. (Sometimes I get so caught up in planning the Scenic Drives that I forget to plan for the interesting things to do & see in these larger Southern Cities.) (We are not very far from Pigeon Forge - BUT everything I hear about Pigeon Forge equates it to a Carnival-Town & very crowded- and reportedly "to-be-avoided-at-allcost") By: Dr. Jerry Ellison, CJC Road Master FL As you are reading this - (With the help of Judy & Skip Meyers) - Planning is under-way for the Carolina Jaguar Club Autumn Road Trip for this year during the period of Tues.-Oct. 3rd -to- Sun.- Oct. 8th (arriving on Mon.- Oct.2nd for the whole Trip) - in the area around Knoxville, TN. (Hopefully a lot cooler than the past two Road- Trips.) I have also considering a trip along the Cherohala Skyway & "Tail-of-the-Dragon" Scenic Drives, But we have done both of those at least once, And may not be of interest again -(and full day -6-1/2 hr drive -from Knoxville). (Maybe to be offered as an option to the "sightseeing" day in Knoxville.) ( Due to the number of Motor-cycle Traffic accidents - the TENN State-Police has reduced the speed-limit on "The Tail-of-the-Dragon" to less that 25 MPH, & very closely patrolled with electronic monitoring.) Right now I am in the EARLY planning stages of this "Driving-event-Trip" and am in the early stages of Route Planning and "Things-to-Do" planning. Some of the Areas I have under consideration and planning so far include: ** LAUREL CREEK By-way and CADES COVE LOOP ROAD Scenic By-way - a 45 mile Scenic Drive regarded by many Travel Guide Authors as the one of the finest scenic drives in the entire Southern USA. This Travel Day will also include a visit to Townsend-(a "Mountain-crafts" town); ** OAK RIDGE - Facility site for the design and planning of the 1st Atomic Bomb, and now a "Museum" town; ** Rugby, TN - an early (1900) Experimental Town in communal living; ** Museum of the Appalachia; and -( currently in process & planning)-- a Riverboat cruise and "on-board" Dinner; ============================================== I currently have made arrangements for our lodging in Knoxville at the HAMPTON INN - WEST Cedar Bluff (at Executive Park Dr., Knoxville, TN) - Phn. (865) with a CJC Rate of $104 (+tx & Fees) per night -for reservations made prior to SEP- TEMBER 4th (which is a $20+/nt savings)!!

5 July 2017 The Litter Box 5 June 17, 2017 Minutes of Carolina Jaguar Club The June meeting was held at the JOLO winery, north of Pilot Mountain. Those attending: Ron Kuligowski, Mimi Morton, Ken Sharp, Susan and Sandy Browder, Kevin and Nancy Willis, Doug and Dorena Boike, Ted Hill and Sindy Sellars, Gene and Nancy McKay, Lorraine and Neal MacArtor, Ron and Bettye Weaver, Ken and Phyllis Watts, Eddie and Libby Howey, Mike Green, Reg Boland, Jeanette and Terry Barker, Richard and Colleen Lloyd Roberts, Tom and Lynn Myrwell (prospective members). Greenville, South Carolina. Richard Lloyd Roberts, our new webmaster, announced our new web site would be Carolina Jaguar He is working on getting Club t-shirts and or golf shirts. We have new cards for members to place on cars to encourage more Jag owners to join. New members were introduced. The meeting was adjourned at 1:35 Respectfully submitted, Mimi Morton, Secretary The excellent wine tasting and light lunch was enjoyed by all. Ron Kuligowski gave a rundown of upcoming club events: July, Concours at Little Switzerland, August, Grandover Hotel and Golf Club in Greensboro, October, Road Trip and International Jaguar Festival in North Georgia, November, Club elections, December, Holiday weekend in

6 6 The Litter Box July 2017

7 July 2017 The Litter Box 7 IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR MIRROR (Part two) by Bill Bingham (In keeping with the 25 th anniversary of CJC, I am providing excerpts from club doings at various times during the last 25 years. This month we revisit the 2009 Ireland trip through the reporting of longtime members Phyllis and Ken Watts. Please note the reference to Phyllis and Ken at the back of the bus. If you travel by bus with those two they ALWAYS end up at the back of the bus. I m not sure what goes on back there. Just saying ) Ireland By Phyllis Watts Once again, our club enjoyed the expert travel-planning abilities of our able fellow-member, Dave Eckrote. We have been to England, Scotland, Italy, and a cruise to Bermuda under his capable guidance. Most recently, Ireland was our destination. The accommodations were all unique; the food quite palatable; and, the sights glorious. Our itinerary was wonderful and hit all the highlights of the country, and yet had the flexibility to change to meet the desires of our group Kenny and I had our usual rear seat at the very back of the bus. The ride at the back was very bouncy at times!!!??? Or so says Kenny!... In Dublin, beautifully crafted St. Patrick s Cathedral was admired. We thought we lost one of our own, Naoma Ellison while touring. Several of our group thought she was in the library, but they found the doors locked. Her husband Jerry thought Naoma had returned to the bus; but, she was not there We all speculated that she may have gotten on the wrong bus and was napping. Well, Naoma got back with five minutes to spare. She had been escorted on a tour through the library! When asked how she was admitted, she simply replied, I rang the bell! On to the Guinness Storehouse, where we received a briefing on the history of Guinness After several stops explaining how the beer is formulated you arrived at the top bar to observe a panoramic view of Dublin while enjoying your own specially drawn pint with a shamrock imprint of top of the head. Our day with the Irish Jaguar Club was a treat. Being picked up in their beautiful vehicles and drive through the countryside was special, as well as visiting historic Russborough and our joint tea later. Killarney found us on a jaunting cart ride through Killarney National Park, ending at Muchross House and Gardens, a beautiful restored Victorian Mansion. Our last stop of Bunratty was memorable for us. The castle itself is a treasure, and the medieval banquet a mustdo. Kenny and I were selected to play the parts of the Earl and his Lady for the evening. To the Dungeon with you! Bye Luv. Very bouncy! (Continued on page 10)

8 8 The Litter Box July 2017

9 July 2017 The Litter Box 9 Tiny Tech Tips By John Stewart This is not really tech tip. It is more a quirky Jaguar story; Jag owners love quirky Jaguar stories. This week I was driving my XK8 out of my neighborhood heading down a grade toward a big dip. Coming down the opposite grade was a huge dump truck. The speed limit on the street is 30 MPH so we were closing on each other at 60 MPH or more. He was hugging the center line so I got as far right as I could on the narrow residential road. Just as we met at the bottom of the dip, I heard a very loud bang and was showered with little splinter of glass. I yelled oh drat (or something like that). What had happened was a mystery. What hit me? How had the mirror glass gotten on the dashboard? There were too many questions. If the truck had thrown out a rock, first of all, it was a miracle that it went all the way across the car and hit the passenger mirror and second, a frontal impact of sufficient force to knock the innards out of the mirror housing would have certainly damaged the housing if not ripped it completely off the car. Could I have clipped a mailbox or tree branch when I tried to keep to the far right? I went back and checked. All mail boxes intact and trees were intact. As a Jag owner, I know where every nick and scratch is on the car and suffer greatly form each. Careful inspection showed NO new nicks, scratches, or dents. Not on the mirror housing; not any place. As made a U-turn to chase my presumed assailant, I started noticing some things. First, the windshield was entirely intact with no sign of an impact and second the passenger side door mirror looked like and empty eye socket. Though the housing was still there, the mirror glass was gone and there were some wires hanging out of it (more on the wires later). I knew the construction site where the truck must be going. Sure enough, when I got there he was just pulling up. I kept my cool and got the phone number of the trucking company and the number of the truck. The driver was pretty nice about all of this. He wanted to take a picture of the damage and when we went back to the car, I notice a third thing. The glass portion of the mirror in its little plastic frame was lying on top of the dashboard on the passenger side along with a dusting of glass shards. Could it have been hit from behind? Could I have kicked up a rock and threw it forward to hit the mirror? Was there a delinquent kid in our neighborhood with a pellet gun? Looking at the mirror glass, the cracks seem to be pushing out not pushed in by a rock or pellet. Also, there was no obvious point of impact on the mirror. It was just cracked all over with little shards missing. No way was the mirror hit by something external from either the front or back. What to do? A Google search of exploding rearview mirrors generated 643,000 results in.58 seconds. There are lots of reports of mirrors spontaneously exploding. Let s go back to the wires hanging out of the mirror housing. Some Jag mirrors are self-dimming (electrochomatic). Chemicals in the mirror are under electric charge and the mirror dims or not as light conditions demand. The chemicals in the mirror can apparently become unstable and explode (yes, explode). It explains the mirror being on the dashboard. When the mirror glass was blown out of the housing, the wires held on long enough for it to swing like a ball on a string around the A-pillar and onto the dash and then the connectors pulled free. Thank goodness the passenger window was down. (Continued on page 11)

10 (Continued from page 7) 10 The Litter Box July 2017 IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR (Part two) continued Treasurer s Report For June 2017 After the crowning ceremony, we lead our group and others participating to the dining hall No utensils were used. We ate ribs, chicken and veggies, and dessert with our hands. Kenny even got to send someone to the dreaded dungeon. His offense, trifling with the ladies!... By Mike Smale, CJC Treasurer Thank you to all in our group who made terrific traveling mates. You made our Ireland experience one-for-thebooks!

11 July 2017 The Litter Box 11 (Continued from page 9) Tiny Tech Tips (continued) The immediate fix was relatively easy. I first disassembled the driver side window to see the proper order to connect the wires on the mirror glass and to check to make sure that the damaged mirror wasn t missing any parts. (Tip: The mirror glass snaps onto the motor via tabs on the plastic frame. To remove, you adjust the mirror all the way in. This gives you finger room access to the outside edge. Push the inside edge toward the outside of the housing and lift the outside edge out of the housing and it pops right out. Be careful not to flex the mirror glass too much. (This tip is from the Jag Forum, and yes they report at least one instance of an exploding door mirror.) I also tested the motor on the damaged mirror to make sure it still worked. It did. Ninety dollars and a quick trip to the Jag dealer later and I had the new glass which snapped right in. Longer term, I ll be keeping an eye on the rearview mirrors, but not from too close a distance. Note: Some of the reports I saw on the web said this type of mirror contains some really nasty liquid chemicals that will eat your paint (mostly reported for Toyota and Lexus cars). No liquid came out of mine when it blew, but be careful.

12 12 The Litter Box July 2017

13 July 2017 The Litter Box 13 Last Name: 2017 Carolina Jaguar Club Membership Application (Please Print Carefully) First Name(s) (husband & wife if Family Membership): Spouse s Name (if not a Family Membership as indicated above) New Member Address City/State/Zip Renewal (include current JCNA Number) Telephone (Home) Telephone (Other) Address Prefer Receipt of Club Newsletter by: (quicker to you, low/no cost) -or- US Mail (slower, more costly) Please List the Jaguar Cars You Currently Own: Annual membership dues for the Carolina Jaguar Club, Inc., are $ Your dues entitle you to membership in the Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) and eligibility in all JCNAsanctioned events nation-wide. Other benefits include the bi-monthly JCNA magazine, the monthly club newsletter and numerous events held throughout the year including social gatherings, technical sessions, shows, and road events. The membership term corresponds to the 2017 calendar year. Renewals are due by January 1 of the renewal year and new memberships are accepted yearlong. Please attach your check made payable to Carolina Jaguar Club, Inc., and send it with this application to: Kevin & Nancy Willis 1120 Claverton Ct. Winston-Salem, NC Applicant s Signature Date:

14 14 The Litter Box July 2017 Event Calendar Official CJC Meetings in Bold Sanctioned Concours Underlined 2017 August 19 Grandover Hotel Resort and Spa, Greensboro. See front page issue for details. September Virginia Jaguar Club is partnering with the 33rd annual Classics on the Green for its sanctioned 2017 VJC Concours at the Wyndham Virginia Crossing Resort in Ashland, VA. October 7 October 3-8 October 12-14, November December Myrtle Beach Britfest 2017 Car Show will be held on Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017, at The Market Common, Myrtle Beach, SC. More information and a registration flyer available at Carolina Jaguar Club annual Road Trip to beautiful twisty roads and interesting sites. Based in Knoxville, TN. JCNA International Jaguar Festival, Lanier Islands Legacy Lodge, Buford, GA. Hosted by the North Georgia Jaguar Club. There will be three days of activities: Concours, Rally and Slalom. Annual CJC Officer Elections, lunch and meeting at Jaguar of Charlotte. Annual Holiday Party, Greenville, SC 2018 January February TBD No event to be held Annual new members welcome and orientation meeting. March TDB Judges Training and alternative tour April TBD The Gathering British car show at Shelton Vineyards, Dobson, NC May TBD Possible 20th Annual BMCCF Car Show BEST OF THE BRITISH CLASSIC CARS at the Wrightsville Beach Park hosted by British Motor Club of the Cape Fear June TBD July Carolina Jaguar annual sanctioned Concours event at the Switzerland Inn, Little Switzerland, NC. Head for the mountains

15 July 2017 The Litter Box 15 Rare Celebration Edition 1996 XJS. The last and the best of the XJS line. Mint condition in-line 6 convertible for sale with 69,700 miles. Car has been meticulously maintained, always garaged and always serviced by a certified Jaguar dealer. It is gorgeous and in perfect working order with good tires! Highest reasonable offer. Located in Charlotte, NC Call M Classified 1994 Jaguar XJS 4.0 Convertible $13,990 Color: Black with Black Interior: Black Top: Black Mileage: 68,550 Connelly leather: soft and smooth/no cracks or tears, Tires are like new. Soft top replaced about 3 years ago. Trunk compartment with the spare is excellent. A/C was recently serviced. Wood grain dash and console are in perfect condition. Keyless remote plus valet key. It runs GREAT!!! Mark Lovello, Jaguar South 3404-C Rutherford Rd Ext Taylors, SC, Fax: Phone: Set of 4 Jaguar ATS Mataiva Wheels Like New This is a set of 4 factory wheels made for Jaguar by ATS of Germany. They are aluminum alloy machined with silver. Originally offered for the XJ Super Sport. Taken off the car at delivery and replaced with larger wheels these have seen very few miles. Came out of dealer stock. No curb rash ever. Fronts- Jaguar ATS AW9M-1007-AA 9JX20CHX49mm Made in Germany Rears- Jaguar ATS AW9M-1007-BA 10JX20CHX46mm Made in Germany They have a mm bolt pattern or New set will cost over $3000. Reconditioned sell for $675 each. These are being offered at $1500 to a CJC member for the set of 4. Available for pick up or I will ship at buyers expense. Est $80 shipping. Contact Jerry at or call

16 16 The Litter Box July 2017 New releases: I saw these new books from Porter Press. Founder. Philip Porter, owns the oldest E-type in existence, the prototype 9600 HP that was displayed at the Geneva launch, and the 1961 roadster 848 CRY which starred in The Italian Job, (Our feature movie at the concours). Author of more than 30 books, Porter s award-winning Jaguar titles include Jaguar E-type - the Definitive History, Original Jaguar XK and Ultimate E-type - the Competition Cars. He is also the founder of the Jaguar E-type Club and the Jaguar XK Club. 'Great Cars' No 8 Acclaimed Jaguar author Philip Porter and former Classic & Sports Car editor James Page tell the story of a remarkable E-type in this superb book, the latest in the 'Great Cars' series. After an aerodynamic makeover by Dr Samir Klat in 1964, 49 FXN ran third in the GT class at Le Mans with Peter Lumsden and Peter Sargent. It was best-placed E- type at the Tourist Trophy at Goodwood and has remained active ever since, with a succession of notable owners. Illustrated by more than 300 period images and studio photographs, this book is a must-buy for admirers of Jaguar E -types 'Great Cars' No 9 This glorious book tells the story of a celebrated lightweight Jaguar C-type, XKC 051, which Duncan Hamilton and Tony Rolt drove to victory in the 1953 Le Mans 24 Hours. The car s career with Ecurie Ecosse, its privateer days and its races on American soil with Briggs Cunningham are all covered in full, with more than 300 period images and studio photographs. Interviews with drivers and mechanics and an account of the car's recent career in historic races, told with flair by motoring experts Philip Porter and Chas Parker, make this an unparalleled record of a great car. Find them at : Newsletter Editor 3010 Sherman Drive Lancaster, SC 29720