Cheers to Fun at The Pub! The Official Newspaper of the Lake Monticello Owners Association. Check out page 7 for an interview with our Pastry Chef!

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1 The Official Newspaper of the Lake Monticello Owners Association Vol. 2, No SEPT 21, 2017 Check out page 7 for an interview with our Pastry Chef! Cheers to Fun at The Pub! The new Pub Menu is available at click on The Pub tab. Photos by Judy Fish, taken at our Throwback Thursday event on SEPT 12.

2 LMOA News LMOA President s Report By Rich Barringer, LMOA Board President The 2017 year is about to pass into history and new things are still happening at the Lake. With the exception of a few minor discrepancies yet to correct, our R&R Program is officially over and our new facilities are striking. Friday, SEPT 8, we began full operation of the PUB and by my absolutely unofficial calculations, the first night with our beverage service was a rousing success. I was dining around six o'clock and the PUB was full and the patio had about 30 diners. Folks were still coming in as I was leaving. Tied together with previous comments about the great food, I feel we are off to a good start. As you remember, we did not want to be in the food service business, but when we could not find an acceptable vendor, LMOA was forced into operating the restaurant and pub. We knew it was going to be difficult and that we would need your help and patience to pull it off. Thank you for both. We are still evaluating and making changes to better serve the community. Something not right? Let us know. As you saw in the Lake Views, we are making progress on the pool replacement program. We now expect construction to begin next Fall and to be completed in time for the 2019 Spring pool season. As soon as we have enough information from the engineers, we will hold a Town Hall to keep everyone informed. If you want to keep informed, keep an eye peeled for dates and times of the meetings. Now that our population consists mainly of working families, we are trying to add design changes to better accommodate their desires. We have already heard from some and we are attempting to incorporate those ideas. Please remember, the bottom line is money. We will keep trying to stuff as much into the project as possible. Neighbors watering lawns are a rare sight at Lake Monticello the price of water makes irrigation cost prohibitive. Aqua Rate Increase Update By Mike Harrison On the lighter side, our General Manager recently attended the Community Associations Institute (CAI) Virginia Leadership Retreat. CAI is a voice for residential associations like ours. Again, we were told that we are managing more with far lower dues than other member associations. Considering the recent facility upgrades, I believe that is a win-win for us. If you had doubts about how efficiently our monies are being spent, I think CAI just answered your concern. Chairman Ad Hoc Committee on Aqua Rates The 2018 Budget Cycle is underway. The Board will be meeting in working sessions throughout this Fall. Board approval should occur before Christmas. Although it is only September, it is not too early to be thinking about June elections. Each year we are looking for volunteers to serve the community on our LMOA Board of Directors. If you are interested, watching the budget process and monthly Board of Directors meetings will provide good insight into LMOA operations. Please give some thought to serving our community as a Director. The next monthly LMOA Board Meeting is SEPT 28, Thursday, at 7 PM in The Fairway Clubhouse. All members are welcome. The Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) has issued its Order for Notice and Hearing to review Aqua Virginia s request for a rate increase and granting of authority to have a Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Service Charge (WWISC). The notice sets key dates for action on the request: Publish notification in local newspapers that cover the service areas on or before OCT 10, Notify customers directly prior to NOV 10, Respondents in the rate case have until JAN 16, 2018 to request status. All testimonies and exhibits are due to the SCC by FEB 13, Interested parties (customers) can submit to the SCC written comments by APR 17, The Hearing will be on APR 26, On SEPT 14, there was a kick-off meeting for the Ad Hoc Committee on Aqua Virginia Water Rates. LMOA members were requested to join the Committee and the LMOA Board is expected to select committee members at the SEPT 28 Board Meeting. This committee will work to prepare the package so that LMOA can become a respondent. The committee will also prepare fact sheets that individual members can use to oppose the increase with the SCC, and provide proposed testimony and exhibits for use at the hearing (s). Once the committee members are selected, they will read through the SCC Docket documents filed by Aqua with the SCC and meet on OCT 19 in the Fairway B meeting room. This is a public meeting, so even if you are not a member of the committee, you can participate in the process. To follow the rate case with the SCC, go to their on-line docket at and select the Search Cases tab. Then enter the Case Number: PUR Then select the Documents tab and select the individual documents submitted in the rate case to read. Lake Views Staff Board of Directors, LMOA Send to the board at President: Vice President: Treasurer: Secretary: Directors: Rich Barringer Tom Braithwaite Marlene Weaver Bing Spitler Jim Gerling Stephanie Davis Larry Cormier General Manager: Catherine Neelley Ann Marie Anderson, Tom Braithwaite, Tricia Callahan, Holly Canales, Melissa Davis, Mike Feazel, Judy Fish, Lynn Hatch, Lisa Henry, Nancy Klein, Marilyn Kozak, Steve Lake, Nancy Parsons, Kari Waksmunski, Cindy Walton, Mark Vyrros Lake Views is the official newspaper of the Lake Monticello Owners Association. It is published bi-weekly for its membership, while nonmembers can subscribe for $20 a year (25 issues). Visit our website at: ITEMS FOR PUBLICATION in the newspaper must be received in the LMOA office by noon on the Monday after publication for the next issue or by the preceding Friday, if Monday is a holiday. There will NOT be a newspaper the last week of December. All advertising and articles need to be submitted via to The views expressed in guest articles and paid advertisements represent the opinions of the authors and advertisers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Lake Monticello Owners Association, its staff, board of directors, committees or editorial group. Lake Views content reflects the diversity of our readership. Call the LMOA Office for details about classified or display advertisements, which must be prepaid (unless other arrangements have been made). 2

3 LMOA News Lake Road Work Update By Tom Schauder, Facilities Administrator Summary of the Road Paving and repairs that will be ongoing for the next few weeks: Road Paving locations: Section 6- Riverside Section including entrance gate area is being paved Section 5 Tufton Gate entrance area Section 4- Lower section of Ponderosa Section 4- Northwood Drive Section 3- Piedmont Lane Road Repair areas: Nahor 3 patch areas Brougham/Rassawek- patch area Albano Court patch areas 20 Maplevale/Xebec Road corner patch area Maplevale and Morewood patch area Xebec and Fairwood Place corner patch area Bunker Blvd patch area near playground parking lot Chestnut Cul-de-sac patch area Timberline Terrace Cul-de-sac patch area Seminole trail patch area Lewis Court Cul-de-sac patch area 356 Jefferson Drive patch/repair area Golf Cart Path Paving and Repair Areas: Cart Path #9 partial section of paving and repairs Cart Path #12 patch area Cart Path #18 patch area SL Williamson is performing the paving and repair work. The Riverside Section is planned to complete by SEPT 22, pending fair weather conditions. Milling is completed. The Cart Paths will be done after completion of the Road Paving and Repairs. Help Wanted: LMOA Committees Building, Roads and Grounds has three openings. The primary purpose of the Buildings, Roads and Grounds Committee is to advise the Board in matters relating to the planning, construction, reconstruction, maintenance and appearance of existing and proposed buildings, roads and grounds. The Finance Committee needs members. This Committee reviews LMOA financial operations, makes recommendations for improvements, participates in the budgeting process for each fiscal year and advises the Board as appropriate. The committee meets monthly on the Thursday before the LMOA Board meetings at 3 PM and as needed. The Audit Committee has openings. The Audit Committee is an operating committee that recommends the appointment of the Association's independent auditor; serves as interface between the outside auditor and the Board; and recommends and conducts audits. Please Remind Lake Visitors When someone is headed to your house (whether to work, deliver something or visit), please remind them to use one of the two visitor entrances: Main Gate or the Turkey Sag/ Falcon Hills Gate. If they are using a GPS, they should enter 857 Jefferson Drive (for the Main gate) or Turkey Sag Trail. After they enter a visitor gate, they can program in your address. LMOA Resident Contact Corner LMOA Main Office Ashlawn Blvd. Lake Monticello, VA Open Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-5 PM Main Office is where to call for General Manager Catherine Neelley, Finance Director Dabney Wellford, bookkeeping, front desk and Communcations and Member Services. Environmental Control and Compliance (ECC) Jefferson Drive, Lake Monticello, VA Open Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM - 4 PM Call the ECC before doing renovations, removing trees, buying a house, building a house or to file a complaint about a neighboring property. Carol Cavanaugh, is the Environmental Control and Compliance Administrator. Lake Monticello Police Department & Security On duty 24 hours a day at Main Gate For emergencies, always dial Police Chief Tom Boisvert 855 Jefferson Drive Security/ Main Gate Jefferson Drive General Maintenance Jefferson Drive Tom Schauder, Facilities Administrator Golf Pro Shop Bunker Blvd. Mark Marshall, PGA Master Professional Marina Jefferson Drive, Gary Hannifan, Marina Manager Food/ Beverage The Pub Bunker Blvd (at the Fairway Clubhouse) Dean Stock, Manager Pool Carly Csapo, Pool Manager How to Contact the LMOA Board of Directors To contact the LMOA Board of Directors, members should sign in to and click on the Contacts Tab. All of the board members are listed with s. Sign Up to receive weekly s and alerts. Go to to create an account or contact the LMOA office. To the ENTIRE board, click on and fill out the Contact the Board form. For up-to-the-minute Lake news, Facebook: Lake Monticello Owners Association The board welcomes your feedback. 3

4 Your Lake Views Even though you didn t ask, let me tell you... This is gonna be a big deal! By Steve Lake When I was just 18 years old, working my way through college I had hoped to become a radio or TV guy someday. My first job, however, was at a small weekly newspaper on the South Shore of Long Island, NY. The paper s name is not important to the story. It was the brainchild of a local newspaper guy who thought he could do better than the other more established newspaper. This job I got was as a sales representative and trust me I knew nothing about selling ads. I managed to sell some though, and the paper got better and a bit bigger. Phil, the owner, paid me a whopping $75 bucks a week to provide the life blood of his newspaper, advertising. After about six months I left that paper because I found out the circulation was way lower than the 15,000 Phil reported it was only, about 200, but that s a story for my memoir. From then on, I was leery of circulation claims unless they were verified by someone with no dog in the fight. Steve Lake, newspaper man. The housing and income statistics are incredible from a marketing standpoint and each week an advertiser doesn t advertise in the Lake Views they miss out on Lake households and a fair share of the $92 million dollars of additional household income in the Lake. For advertisers who have been advertising the same way for the last 20 years, where should they go to find new business? The answer is pretty easy right here in this newspaper. The Lake Views is a truly remarkable publication almost completely manned by volunteers. There is a fearless leader and you all know her. Judy Fish is the boss, so when you see her, tell her you like her paper. The first meeting I had with Judy I shot off my big mouth and volunteered to sell ads for the Lake Views. This bi-weekly publication is as unique, as can be, and full of important information that is vital to the people in and around Lake Monticello. Those very same people are even more vital to the businesses around the Lake. From my personal point of view, it s pretty cool that I m right back where I started in the newspaper business only in a different place and with a newspaper that is actually delivered by the US Postal Service and they can prove it. I know this may appear to be self-serving and it might be Letters to the Editor for Lake Views, no more than 175 words, to Letters must include writers names and addresses Letter writers must be in good standing. The newspaper has the right to not print letters that violate our editorial policies. The deadline for the OCT 5 issue is SEPT 25. Lake Cable TV Channels are back on the air! Flash forward to 2017 I had been living here for about a year and like everyone else at the Lake I read the Lake Monticello Lake Views. What caught my eye, aside from page after page of neighbors and fellow Lakers having fun, was that this newspaper was mailed to every household in and around the Lake. Yup, 5420 households with verified distribution from the United States Postal service. When there are 5420 households in a place like Lake Monticello and your newspaper reaches all of them, that is big. There are papers around here claiming more distribution, but they are largely delivered into the cubby holes under mailboxes and reaches about 70-percent of the households in the Lake. 4

5 Lake Life Looking Back Dancing Attracted One of the Lake s Most-Active Early Residents By Mike Feazel It was the dancing that finally convinced Thelma and her late husband, Matthew Jack Stowell to retire to Lake Monticello in They purchased their lot here in 1970 as only an investment, she said. That changed when they started coming to visit their property and learned that there were regular dances with a live band This is the second and ballroom dancing at the then-new Ashlawn in a series of Clubhouse. interviews with Lake residents who have lived here more than 20 years. If you have a story to share, please , Stowell and her husband loved ballroom dancing. In fact, she s still tap dancing at age 91, as well as doing water aerobics, golfing, baking pies and quilting. She did give up skiing and ice skating three years ago, and tennis too. She stopped teaching line dancing about 10 years ago, but still line dances with the Wednesday morning group. Stowell thinks it s great that Saturday night dancing is back at the Lake. The Stowells first visited the Lake when the roads were only packed dirt and the sales office was a mobile home where the Ashlawn Clubhouse now stands. The couple who lived in Petersburg, VA, were offered an expenses-paid weekend at the Lake, with a hotel room in Charlottesville. About the only thing about the Lake that she has not liked was a group of what Stowell described as very aggressive but very clumsy ducks that used to hang out at the Main Beach. But somehow, they got rid of them, she said, so she s never regretted converting that investment into a home and a life at Lake Monticello. Stowell posing two years ago by a memorial bench in honor of her beloved husband, Matthew "Jack" Stowell. The bench by the Marina is a popular spot to enjoy a great view of the Lake. Photo by Judy Fish The salesmen were really nice, Stowell said. They didn t pressure us to buy at all. There were essentially no buildings at the Lake in 1970 when they first visited their lunch was served in a tent but they thought it would be a good investment, so they bought a lot. Asked why they chose Lake Monticello, Stowell said well, they had a Lake and the salesmen promised a clubhouse, pool and other amenities. They even promised a bus line would provide service around the Lake. They came through with every promise but the bus line, she laughed. The bus line turned out to be impractical because everyone had their own cars, she added. We could have bought waterfront then real cheap, Stowell remembers, but they opted for a nearly-acre lot not far from the Lake. In 1988, when they decided to retire here, they built a lovely home out of cedar logs on the lot, one of two like it at the Lake. Stowell quickly got involved in just about everything: she taught line dancing for years, helped start the Fire and Rescue Auxiliary and eventually became vice president, was elected to the board of what was then the Lake Monticello Residents Association, always baked for bingo nights, appeared in costumes she sewed herself at all kinds of events, helped found the Persimmon Tree Players and performed in many of their early shows, performed in costume with the Singing Nuns, helped found one of the early Red Hat groups and helped with the Water Safety Patrol. For years, Stowell ran a loop the length of Jefferson Drive dressed in a homemade turkey costume for a Turkey Trot that raised thousands of dollars for fire and rescue. She won the award for best-decorated boat in the boat parade three years in a row the award was a bottle of wine and received the Lake s Distinguished Community Service Award in Stowell said it was usually pretty quiet at the Lake in the early days. There were so few fulltime residents that mailboxes were clustered at the main gate, instead of being near driveways. For years getting to the mailboxes meant driving dirt roads. She said that generally wasn t a problem because the soil was so rocky that the roads were usually fine. Other Lake memories: there were so few kids at the Lake, at first, that they were all carried on one school bus. There were never any crime reports at the Lake for their first dozen years living here. The main Ashlawn restaurant had a very elegant British maitre d, named Nigel, who brought a lot of class to the place. The pub downstairs often offered karaoke. 5

6 Sporty at the Lake Saturday Night Sports Lake Monticello Style Lake Monticello is a sporty place. Saturday night (SEPT 16), there were golfers leaving the golf course at dusk, while dancers showed up to Square Off in the Fairway Clubhouse and meanwhile out on the Lake, there were tubers, fishermen, skiers, and a sport not seen so often at Lake Monticello wake skiing. The top photo shows a wake skier before he let go of the rope and the bottom photo shows a wake skier after letting go of the rope. Lake Water Safety Patrol cautions that wake skiing should only be done behind boats designed for the sport. Let s Play Pickleball! Photos by Judy Fish Lake Pickleball at Lafayette Courts: Fridays 1:30-4 PM Saturdays 9:30 AM-noon; Sundays 4-6 PM Tuesdays 9:30 AM-NOON Thursdays 4-6 PM Mixed Doubles Tournament Saturday, OCT 7 At Carysbrook Gym. Sign up now! More Info? Rivanna Lions Club Charity Golf Tourney The 19th Annual Rivanna Lions Club Charity Golf Tournament in honor of James Frawley, is SEPT 23 at 12:30 PM at the Lake Monticello Golf Course. The cost is $70 per player and the format is Captain s Choice. The cost includes lunch beginning at 11:15 AM. The teams will be placed in flights determined by handicaps and total number of teams. There will prizes for first and second place teams by flights. The proceeds benefit Youth and Community Services as well as Sight and Hearing Foundations and Diabetes. As a special prize, there will be a Hole-in-One contest featuring (hole #8) a 2017 Kia NIRO, sponsored by Price Kia. Raffles and mulligans will be sold on the day of the tournament with prizes for longest drive and closest to pin on all par 3 holes. Please contact Ron Whatley for questions and more information, More raffle and hole sponsors needed. American Legion Charity Golf Tournament The American Legion Post 2003 s Annual Golf Outing is Sunday, OCT 1, at the Lake Monticello Golf Course. The cost is $65 a person which includes lunch, cart and green fees. The proceeds benefit Post 2003's outreach programs for veterans and the community. Check-in time is NOON with lunch and golf to follow. Signup your team and enjoy a great day of golf. Call Ray Weimer or Jim Cullinan or stop by the pro shop to pick up a registration form. Please make checks payable to American Legion Post

7 Meet Our Lake Pastry Chef Yep, We Have One! By Melissa Davis Jonnay Grooms technically started preparing for her career as a pastry chef before she could even read a recipe. Drawn to the kitchen at a very early age, she has spent most of her 22 years mastering the skills that now allow her to spoil the lucky residents of Lake Monticello with her sumptuous creations. When did you first discover your passion for cooking and start dreaming of becoming a chef? For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to cook. When I was four years old, my parents gave me a play kitchenette as a Christmas present. I have a picture of me and my Dad at 2 AM that Christmas morning, and I am cooking for him. Both of my grandmothers cooked all of the time, and they taught me everything they knew. My mother's mom was the baker and my dad's mom was the cook, so I got to learn from both of them. I have always loved to cook. From the time I was little, I have always known that this is what I wanted to do. Tell us about some of your early triumphs in the kitchen. Cheesecake YUM! Growing up, I always loved the Food Network. My dad s mother and I used to watch it together, and then we would go into the kitchen and cook something that we had just seen them make on TV. I think that the first thing that I ever cooked on my own was a homemade pepperoni pizza and the first dessert that I ever baked was a birthday cake for my uncle. I was about eight when I made the pizza and maybe nine or ten when I made the cake Now, I cook all of the time. When I'm not cooking here (at The Pub), I cook for my family and friends. Have you ever tried any dishes that you would prefer to forget? I don't like sushi at all! We had to make that in culinary school. Whatever we made, we had to try. That's actually one of the good things about culinary school; it forces you to broaden your horizons. We even butchered a pig! We made pork skins, sausage, pork chops all kinds of wonderful things. I never would have thought that I could butcher a pig, but I did it. By now, I have learned to make all sorts of things that I never even expected to try. I pretty much loved it all. Except for the sushi, of course! LMOA Pastry Chef Jonnay Grooms creating delicious food art The Pub. ~ Photos by Judy Fish Have you ever thought about leaving Fluvanna County and seeking a more exotic location to pursue your culinary career? My parents took me on a cruise to Bermuda for my college graduation. Just seeing all of the food on the cruise ship was really awesome. I thought, Wow! I want to work here. But when I asked one of the chefs about it, he told me that it was very hard. You re on the ship for six months. Then you get off of the ship for two to three weeks, and then you're back on the ship for six months again. I was, like, No, I don't think so. I m a family person. I would get so homesick! What inspired you to join The Pub as its official pastry chef, and how would you rate that experience so far? I'm glad I don't have an office by the Pub!!! #toomuchtemptation joked Laker Lynn Henson in a comment on Facebook. She called Grooms Key Lime Pie Delish. I saw an ad for this restaurant, so I decided to apply. I like that it s new and that everybody here is starting out on the same page. I m glad that it s not a big corporation. I never wanted to work at a place like Outback or Red Lobster. You can t be creative there at all. I wanted to work at a place that would start off small and then grow and grow and grow and that s exactly what we re going to do here. Plus, I love the atmosphere. I love the opportunity to create my own pastries and I love the open kitchen. I love watching my desserts go out to the customers and then seeing the looks on their faces when they taste that very first bite. When you do what you love, it s not like work. I don t feel like I m working at all. I m just doing what I love! Laker Jan Williams described the Flourless Chocolate Cake as heaven on a plate. 7

8 Lake Scuttlebutt By Mike Feazel & Judy Fish For Laker Jules Marron, returning the Japanese prayer flag he obtained after Okinawa surrendered in 1945 was obligatory. The prayer flags, called Hinomaru Yosegaki, were given to a soldier by friends and family, often with short messages wishing the soldier victory, safety and good luck. Marron always wanted to return the flag to the family of the person whose name is on it, but could never figure out how. Recently he discovered the Obon Society ( a humanitarian movement that heals hearts and connects broken families by returning personal family heirlooms to their relatives. Marron s flag is now in the hands of the Obon Society, which will work to find the families of the soldiers names that are on the flag. He said they ve been successful in returning hundreds of flags. If the family is found, Marron will be contacted. By sharing his story, Marron hopes to help others. There may be others at the Lake who are seeking a way to return a flag or other object, he added. Laker Cliff Altschull reports that 90 Coats for the 2017 Operation Warm Project have arrived and will be delivered to Central Elementary School at the end of September for distribution to qualified boys and girls. The Rose Altschull Endowment also is working on another "STEAM LAB this time at Cunningham Elementary School with hopes it will be completed in late October. Now the Endowment is looking forward to its tenth year. Contributions can be made via Rotary Club of Fluvanna County, 265 Turkeysag Trail, Suite 102, Box 114, Palmyra, Virginia Submit Your Scuttlebutt to: Auntie Josie Parkin, visiting from Glasgow, Scotland, will soon celebrate her 88th birthday. She's visiting Lake residents Mary Patricia McFadyen and husband, Rod Nasbe. Auntie Josie (top photo, right, taken at The Pub with McFadyen) has thoroughly enjoyed her stay at the Lake, as well as visits to a local winery and jaunts around Charlottesville and the local area with other family members. Not one to sit still, the day after this photo was taken, she was off to Richmond for a tour of the Capital and a river cruise on the James. Courtney and Michael Shareck had the first wedding reception at the new Fairway Clubhouse on SEPT 9. Courtney, who grew up at the Lake, is the daughter of Lakers Todd and Joy Needham. Thank you for sharing your day with us! Who is ready for Halloween? Jeff Spinello says he is. I ve started on this year s mega display it s the biggest ever. He said his annual Halloween light display should be up and running by the end of the month. Spinello accepts donations of pet food and money for all three animal shelters in Fluvanna. Lakers can check out the display at 4 Lewis Court. 8

9 Finances as of the End of July Lake Finances How We Are Doing Financially Prepared by Dabney Wellford, LMOA Finance Director By Marlene Weaver, LMOA Treasurer. This time last year LMOA was in the middle of major construction at two locations and we had no eating facilities inside the gates. We couldn t use our own banquet facilities and we had no meeting rooms. The community persevered, found places to meet and eat, and didn t complain. I think most of us waited a long time for the facility upgrades to occur and were very patient throughout the process. We thank you for that! Now we are reaping the rewards. Our financial balance sheet is in good condition even after we completed a $7.1 M project, paved our entire Jefferson Road, opened a new pub, and are planning a wonderful new pool. The $1.8M notes payable account reflects the remaining money we owe back to the ERA Reserves over the next 13 years. The $3M ERA balance includes that same expected $1.8M payback (for a net zero effect overall). As the years go by, the $1.8M notes payable amount will decrease, while the $3.0M in the ERA will remain (except that the $436,000 for the pool will soon be withdrawn). LMOA was not originally planning to run the food service facilities ourselves. However, we made the decision to do so in April. At each board meeting over the coming months I will report to you the results of our restaurant activities and show you how much we spent to startup, how much we spend to run the operations and how much we have brought in as revenue. It is our hope that within a short time we will see good results and recoup the cost to begin operations. Since we did not have an ABC license until early September, and we were only operating for two weeks in July, financials as of the end of July don t reflect what we expect as normal operations. However, we were very pleased with the opening numbers as I reported at the August board meeting. The $6.2M line item for construction in progress represents our newly constructed buildings and this line item will be moved into the building asset section as soon as all checklist items are completed and the final builder retainage is released. Enjoy our new facilities and please be good to our staff at the Pub. They work for us and they are all trying very hard to please us and make this venture a true success. 9

10 Lake Life Piecing Together Art and Memories for Fun and Charity By Karen Kabat Want to spend a pleasant afternoon or evening, drinking good wine while gazing at beautiful art? If so, visit Cunningham Creek Winery where members of the The Lake Monticello Piecemakers are displaying their quilted works of art for the next four months. Three sets of quilts will be on display: now OCT 18 quilts and wall hangings of a general nature; OCT autumn quilts; and holiday quilts from NOV 29-JAN 9. The quilters are also busy putting the final touch on a queen-size quilt that they have been collaborating on since last fall. This beautiful quilt will be donated to the Lake Monticello Beautification Corp to be raffled at the Holiday Home Tour on DEC 2. This is a yearly gift that the Lake Monticello Piecemakers donate to the Lake Monticello community. The quilters also collaborated to make a queen-size quilt that was donated it to St. Peter and Paul for a raffle to thank the church for allowing the group to meet at the church while the clubhouse was unavailable. Although these talented quilters are busy making quilts, wall hangings, bags, jackets, placemats and other articles for family and friends, they are also very generous with their time and talents for various local and national groups. Beneficiaries of their work include: Lake Monticello Fire and Rescue, Habitat for Humanity, Fluvanna Meals on Wheels, area churches (prayer quilts), game day raffles, Bright Stars (preschoolers), golf tournaments prizes, county sheriff and local police (quilts for victims), the Virginia Quilt Museum, Quilts of Valor, and the Linus Blanket Project. The Lake Monticello Piecemakers meet on Thursdays, gathering at 1 PM with meeting starting at 2 PM. Meetings are at the Fairway Clubhouse most weeks, but on the fourth Thursdays of the month the meetings are at the Ashlawn Clubhouse. For more info, contact Jeanne McAlack: or Jane Roehrig: Lake Octoberfest OCT 7 Octoberfest is Saturday, OCT 7, 9 AM-3 PM at the Ashlawn Clubhouse. Join us for beer, brats, pretzels, kids' games, music, FREE Boat Rides from Main Beach and a crafter/vendor fair! The application to participate in the Craft Fair is available by ing or pick up a copy at the LMOA Office. If you would like to volunteer to help with the kids' activities or captain your boat for free boat rides, please Live music from The Romanos from 1-3 PM!!. Looking for Writers at the Lake If you are an author, published or not, please contact We are planning a fun event and would love to include YOU! Monthly Lake Dances Join the Fun! Join us monthly for dances for Lakers 21 and over. The dances are casual events for both singles and couples. The lessons teach the basics of ballroom, line dancing, shag, swing, country dances and more. If you would like to help make the dances a success, please volunteer to teach a class, DJ for a dance or join the dance planning group. Contact Judy Fish at for more information. Lakers Tom and Amy Smedley in a selfie at the SEPT 16 Square Dance lesson. Next up: OCT 28, a costume Halloween Dance with the Fox Trot being taught by Angell Husted at 7 PM. DJ is Ed Rogers from 8-10.PM. Wear a costume and join in! 10

11 Community Scoop to submit your community announcement. Check out the Calendar on for a complete schedule of activities! The Youth Golf Foundation's Fall Social on SEPT 30 at the newly-renovated Ashlawn Clubhouse is SOLD OUT! You can still support Youth Golf by purchasing raffle tickets for $5 each (you don't have to be present to win). The prizes include discounted golf and cart fees, golf lessons, Thanksgiving dinner gift card, photos and local artwork, sporting goods certificates, a Sheetz gift card and a beautiful two-sided quilt (always a hit!). Raffle tickets can be purchased at the Pro Shop, or by calling The Foundation appreciates the community s support in helping to provide golf activities for our youth. Lake Monticello Beautification Corps (LMBC) Monday Work Parties: SEPT 25 at 9 AM Monish Gate. Cut back the forest, mulch. All are welcome to join the fun! ************ Chess Club is recruiting new members! The group has played on Thursday nights since All are welcome there is no age restriction. Call Bill Sizemore for more info: Don t know how to play? They will teach YOU! ************* Calling all artists! (or wannabes!) Tuesday Art Group would love to include you! If you like to draw or paint, join our friendly, welcoming group. All skill levels welcome, all mediums (sketching, colored pencil, pastels, watercolor, acrylics). Just bring your own project, materials and creativity on Tuesdays, 1-3 PM, to Terrace Room A. Questions? Call Kathryn at Parkinson s Disease Support Group for Fluvanna and surrounding areas meets Saturday, OCT 7, from 10-11:30 AM at the Fluvanna County Public Library. Patients and Care Partners welcome! Contact info: or Lake No Wake paddlers will gather Wednesday, SEPT 27, weather permitting. Kayakers, canoers, and paddle-boarders launch from any beach, paddle individually or join a group. Then bring your own snack to the picnic area behind main beach at 10 AM for rest, stretch, and conversation. All are welcome. Questions, call John Wilkinson at The Lake Monticello Beautification Corps (LMBC) is now part of the Blooming Bucks program through Virginia based nursery, Brent and Becky s. Gardening is still one of the most cost effective ways to improve the value of our homes. How does Blooming Bucks work? When ordering, select to support LMBC. Brent and Becky's will send a check at 25% of the value of those orders directly to LMBC. Bridge Group Wednesdays 9:30 AM 2 PM in Saints Peter and Paul Church. Open to both men and women. For more info, call Lois Faber Mah Jongg on Thursdays NOON-4 PM at the Terrace Room A at the Ashlawn Clubhouse. Looking for something enjoyable to do for a few hours on Thursdays, come on down and join us in a game of Mah Jongg. Everyone is welcome. Questions? Call Glenda Me-May I (Card Game) meets the 2nd & 3rd Fridays. 9 AM-NOON in Terrace Room B at the Ashlawn Clubhouse. Open game. All welcome even beginners. It s fun and easy. The Marina hours are 8 AM - 6 PM daily through September. Buy gas, propane, fishing bait and ice. The marina also has a muck rake for loan and will fill inflatables. All are invited to the Lake Monticello Volunteer Fire, Rescue & Water Rescue Open House/Ribbon Cutting/John Maple Day on OCT 14 from 11 AM to 3 PM. The fun includes a firefighter challenge course, bounce house, face painting, tours of the new addition to the firehouse and hamburgers and hot dogs. Door prizes will be given away every 15 minutes (you do not need to be present to win, however you must show up to get a ticket) and a Pelican cooler will be raffled. This is a FREE event for the whole community. Here are a few things planned: 11 AM Firehouse Dedication/Ribbon Cutting. 11:30 AM -12:30 PM Kids Firefighter Challenge 1-1:30 PM Vehicle Extrication Demo 2:30 PM Fire Extinguisher Demonstration Please bring your friends/family and enjoy the day!! LMOA Bill Drop Box Line dancing is on a break, but will return in October on Wednesdays at 9 AM in the Fairway Clubhouse (Golf Course). For info call Jan at Cribbage anyone? Cribbage league on Tuesdays at 7 PM. Interested in joining the fun? Contact Charlie Leveille Help for high heating bills. The Fuel Assistance program will accept applications OCT 10 through NOV 10. The program provides assistance with home heating costs; but can also be used for furnace re-starts, late charges, delivery charges, installation charges and connection or reconnection fees. You must meet eligibility requirements and income limits. Apply at your local Department of Social Services or online at Join Our Team! The Pub is hiring line cooks. for more! LMOA payments and correspondence can be dropped off in front of the Ashlawn Clubhouse. There is a locked mailbox with a slot for placing payments (checks are safest) in the slot. The drop box is next to the mailbox. The box is accessible by car just drive through. Lake Monticello Newcomers and Old Friends meets on the following Sundays at 3:30 PM (social time) and 4 PM (meeting time) in the Lake Room of the Ashlawn Clubhouse: OCT 15, NOV 19, JAN 21, FEB 11, MAR 11 and APR 8. There is a $5 annual membership fee. Missed the first meeting? Mail a check for $5 per member to: NEWCOMERS, 4 Ashton Road, Lake Monticello, VA ************ The Lake Lending Library is back! It's at the far end of the hallway downstairs in the Ashlawn Clubhouse. 11

12 LAKE CLASSIFIEDS For a complete price list for display ads, Classified ads are $5 for the first 20 words and $5 for each additional 20 words. The deadline for the OCT 5 issue is SEPT 25. *********** Dollar General in Palmyra Now Hiring Sales Associates Stocker- All Shifts Please apply online at Store ********** MULTI FAMILY SALE Saturday OCT 7, 8 AM-noon 17 Xebec Road, Lake Monticello. Ladies & Men s clothing, books, jewelry, Housewares, wreaths & tools. ************* Selling beautiful prime property at Monticello Memory Gardens. Room for one casket or two urns. Value $4300- Will sell for $2300 Or best offer. Call Community Singers, New Director Plan Fluvanna Holiday Concert Press Release The Fluvanna Community Singers Chorus is preparing for the 2017 Christmas Concert under new leadership. The Chorus, sponsored by the County Arts Council, is beginning it s thirty-ninth year. The 60-voice chorus was created in 1978 and is comprised of both male and female sopranos, altos, tenors and bases from all walks of life. This year the chorus has a dynamic new director, Scott David, a pastor at Bethel Baptist Church. David has a wealth of knowledge and experience leading choral and instrumental groups and has planned a festive program for DEC 2 and DEC 3 Can You Hear the Sound. Rehearsals for the popular holiday program are Thursdays 7-9 PM at Fluvanna High School (park in the bus parking lot). Director Scott David New members are welcome and tryouts are not required. There is a $15 registration fee. The chorus is a nonprofit organization and has applied for monetary grants to help defray the cost of new risers, music and expenses for the practice facility. Donations are always appreciated. For more information, contact ************* South Plains Presbyterian Church (USA) Route 616 and 22 Church Service 8:30 AM & 11 AM Sunday School 9:45 AM ************* Grime and mildew on your house or deck? Call Window Master to remove this unsightly buildup. Visit or call ************* Crafts Sales Rep Garage Sale 8 AM 2 PM Saturday, SEPT Landslide Court at the Lake. Sales samples, baskets, ribbon, craft patterns, cards, jewelry, florals and more ************* Thank you, Lake Views advertisers! We appreciate our community partners! 12