2009 MARINE ART FAIR. Another Great Success!

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1 City of Marine on St. Croix Dates to Remember Tuesday, Oct 6th Fire Prevention Open House 6-8 pm MOSC Times October, November, December 2009 Thursday, Oct 8th - Red Bridge dedication ceremony, 6:30 pm, Red Bridge on Maple Street City Council Meeting, 7:00pm Village Hall Monday, Oct 12th Office Closed in observance of Columbus Day Tuesday, Oct 13th - Flu Shots 6:30-7:30 pm Pre-registration Required Saturday, Oct 17th - Heavy Metal Day 9:00-12:00 noon Tuesday, Oct 22nd - Red Bridge Dedication Ceremony 6:30pm Saturday Oct. 24th - Jackson Meadow Cyclocross. See insert for more details Tuesday, Oct 27th - Planning Commission Meeting, 7:30pm - Village Hall Tuesday Nov 10th - Marine Restoration meeting at 7:00 p.m. Village Hall Thursday, Nov 12th- City Council Meeting Village Hall - 7:00pm Tuesday, Nov 24th - Planning Commission Meeting 7:30 pm Village Hall Thursday, Nov 27th - Office Closed Thanksgiving Day Tuesday, Dec 1 Truth & 6:00pm Village Hall Thursday, Dec. 10th - City Council Meeting - Village Hall - 7:00pm The Hwy 95 - Phase 2 resurfacing project started on time on Sept. 8th, with major detour being put in place following (Northbound) Hwy 95 to West bound Hwy 96 to Northbound Co Hwy 15 or Manning Ave until following Eastbound Hwy 97 back to Hwy 95. October and November: Once all of the road excavations are complete. MNDOT will begin resurfacing Hwy 95 starting at Hwy 97 and moving south. The project calls for taking 1 1/2 of tar off of the existing main road bed and then resurfacing the entire road, including shoulders, with an additional layer. This part of the project will continue until the project meets with the newly resurfaced part of Hwy 95 which is just North of the intersection of Hwy 95 and Hwy 96. This part of the road project is expected to be completed by Mid-November. 95 AD CC 2009 MARINE ART FAIR Another Great Success! THANK YOU Doris Strand All your countless volunteer hours spent organizing this event really pays off. Thank You also to everyone that helped in the set up and tear down of this event. As a result of the money raised, the Marine Public Safety Department will continue their equipment upgrades. This is a benefit to all of us in the City of Marine on the St. Croix and surrounding areas. Phase 1 of this project will not be started until next spring and will be focused from Hwy 95 and Hwy 96 intersection thru downtown Stillwater. Please check our website at marine.govoffice.com if you have any questions or feel free to call our office for updates. Further Information go to: 95stillwater/ (Detailed maps of Detours) Information regarding the two phase s FLU SHOT s D A Friendly Reminder that a burning permit is required for anything larger than 3 X3. You can contact the City office during regular business hours. Monday thru Thursday to obtain a permit. Sunday, December - Butch Thompson Concert. More info. To follow Friday Dec. 25th -Office Closed Christmas Day

2 MOSC TIMES KEEPING YOU INFORMED Page 2 Marine Restoration Society s Vision Statement Marine on St. Croix Restoration Society has a new Vision Statement developed this past spring and summer. We will vote on its acceptance at our annual meeting on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 7:00pm at the Village Hall. Next Meetings: Tuesday November 10, :30 pm January 12, 2010 at 7:00 pm Annual meeting Events RED BRIDGE DEDICATION CEREMONY OCTOBER 22, 2009 at 6:30PM Meet at the east end of the bridge on Maple Street. We would enjoy your company as we cut the ribbon on the refurbished bridge. Thanks for everyone's donations and help. MARINE ARTIFACTS ROADSHOW Watch for posters & the marine.govoffice.com website for more details. Family Friendly History Presentation. Bring your own Marine artifact for identification and see the hands-on display. This is the second in a series of family friendly village heritage presentations. Come learn and share in the history of Marine in a casual family friendly environment. A dinner of soup and sandwiches from the General Store is available for $5.00 per person or $20.00 per family. DINNER: 6-6:30. PRESENTATION: 7:00 EVENT: FREE! BUTCH THOMPSON, "HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS" JAZZ PIANO CONCERT Coming on a Sunday afternoon in December look for the posters and check the marine.govoffice.com website. "The Marine Restoration Society acts with its varied partners to support a healthy and sustainable community with historical awareness. The society sponsors events and programs that foster community building relationships and supports efforts that restore and maintain the historic character of Marine s public buildings, land and viewscapes. As a force for good for all Marine citizens of every age it works with local and area partners to reinforce the historic nature of the village while also advocating for its communal and economic well-being. The Village Hall serves as a living space and focal point of the community with its library, offices, arts and meeting space in excellent condition. The city s green space contains plants, flowers and trees and an environmentally sound infrastructure of roads, walks, lighting and water run-off. The central business district is vibrant and pedestrian friendly and the entire village is a place where neighborliness thrives." The Society is a non-profit organization affiliated with the City of Marine to renovate buildings and structures owned by the City. There is a membership fee of $15.00 per person or $20.00 per family. Restoration Society promotes the annual Home for the Holidays Concert by Butch Thompson (who grew up in Marine), the Progressive Dinner, and the 4th of July Running Race as fundraisers to take on our projects. Residents organized the Marine on St. Croix Restoration Society in 1965 in order to raise funds and renovate the 1888 Village Hall. Marine Restoration Officers President - Jennifer Holloway Vice President - Ann Myers Treasurer - Mary Fernstrom Secretary Krista Getchell New mailing address - PO Box 131 COUNCIL ACTION The City Council has set the proposed 2009 City Budget at $668, This represents a % increase over last year. The Truth In Taxation meeting for citizen input regarding the 2009 budget is scheduled for Tuesday December 1, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. in Village Hall upstairs.

3 MOSC TIMES KEEPING YOU INFORMED Page 3 Fire News The heating season is upon us, and every year it seems to sneak up on us and we turn the furnace on that first chilly night without knowing for sure if it is functioning properly. Now is the time to call your heating professional and have all your heating appliances, home heating and water heating, inspected and serviced to avoid any possible carbon monoxide emergencies for your family. Most heating experts recommend having this done at least every two years, if not annually. Do this now, before that first cold night Fire Prevention Week will be observed this year October 4th thru the 10th. This year s theme is Stay Fire Smart, Don t Get Burned and deals with a lot of common sense things in our daily lives that can help us stay safer. We will be having an Open House on Tuesday the 6 th, beginning at 6:30 pm and running until 8pm. We will sound the 6:30 as a reminder to everyone that it is time to practice your home fire drill, then come on down to visit, spray a little water with us, have some firehouse chili and cider and cookies. Maybe take a ride in a fire truck and learn how to protect your home and family from a wild land fire D C 25 9 need to get your seasonal shot, this is a no hassl e wa y to get it done. PLEASE RE- A B CA C C AD A A A AD B D D Thanks to all Marine residents who live with the challenges of the Annual Marine Art Fair again this year. We know that its presence brings some mobility and access challenges with having all those We have been on several calls lately where the overhanging branches and brush on residents driveways has caused delays in our response, or damage to our response vehicles. This is a costly and unnecessary expense as well as endangering residents lives. Remember that City and Township requirements in both Marine and May Township require the driveway to be kept clear in a 12 foot box the entire length to insure a timely response. Now with the growing season over it is a good time to attend to this in your yard. For all of our safety! visitors in town. This event is a significant part of the annual Public Safety budget, (of which over 50% is provided by these fundraising events, helping to keep your taxes lower). As always, this event would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Doris Strand and her family, who work countless hours to ensure its successthank you Doris! Funds that the Department receives from the Art Fair, as well as the Firemen s Ball, are being used to keep our department equipped with modern and efficient necessary rescue and response equipment. A portion is also being set aside to help with replacement costs of response vehicles in the future. Part of this years funds will be used to purchase a new jaws of life which will be capable of dealing with the new metals in today s automobiles. Thank you residents! Finally, remember, (and put it on your calendar), daylight saving time ends on November 1 st, and as always it is THE time to replace the batteries in your homes smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Even if they are powered by AC (house) current, the battery back-up should be replaced every year at a minimum. Remember also, that smoke detectors themselves should be replaced every 10 years, and carbon monoxide detectors every 7 years. These devices DO SAVE LIVES! Protect your family by making sure yours are functioning correctly!

4 MOSC TIMES KEEPING YOU INFORMED Page 4 Public Trail Announcement As the seasons begin to change, so does the use of the City s public trails. While the City encourages all residents to use and enjoy the City trails, there are a few guidelines to remember which will help improve safety and enhance the beauty of the trail system, General User Guideline: No Horses! All Marine City Trails are Posted No Horses Due to trail damage and erosion concerns. No motorized traffic (except for motorized wheelchairs). Keep right so others can pass. Keep all pets on a leash and remove all waste. Obey traffic signs and rules. Pick up all garbage and litter. Respect adjoining landowners rights and privacy. Warn other trail users when passing. Share the trail with others. Stay on designated trails; do not take shortcuts. Enjoy the beauty of nature and do not disturb the plants and animals. During the winter months many of our trails are used for cross country skiing. Volunteers from Jackson Meadow groom some of these trails and walkers are asked to try to avoid the groomed ski trails. TRAILS COMMITTEE The Marine Tails committee is meeting monthly. Contact Curt Moe at if you would like to be part of the Trails Committee and for information on the next meeting time and place. Marine Soccer Club Meetings - Marine Soccer Club meets on Tuesday evenings at 6pm at the Marine Elementary School. All kids ages 6-13 are welcome. Julio Barrengonza a talented soccer coach leads the kids in soccer skill development, speed, and agility while making it fun for all. Contact Ann Myers or Jackie Wylie with questions at St. Croix Valley Youth Ski League - Up Coming Dates Ski Swap - Sunday November 15, :00-2:00 pm William O Brien Visitor Center. If you have equipment show up at 12:30 with your name on the equipment. This is a great opportunity to get kids and families on skis this winter. Contact Everett Myers at if you have questions regarding the swap or the St. Croix Valley Youth Ski Club. Starting Sunday, January 3, 2010, the Youth Ski League will meet for 8 Sundays from 1-3 pm. Family with kids from ages 3-14 are welcome. Cost is $25.00 per child, maximum of $60 per family. Over 100 families participate in fun family ski activities. Volunteer coaches lead the kids in ski games and on snow ski skill progression. Come to the Ski Swap on November 15 and register or sign-up during any Sunday starting January 3rd - February 21st. Contact Everett at or with questions. Mark your calendars. The 39th Annual Marine/O'Brien Ski Race will take place at William O'Brien State Park on Sunday January 30th. The race will begin at 10:30am. This year will include an 8km family tour, as well as a classic wood ski event. So dust off the old boards, dig up your old knickers and join the fun. Hot chocolate and Liberty Cafe Gelato will be served following your ski. Contact with questions. Note to residents located along Marine Trail right-of-ways. Students from the U of M under the guidance of their professors are conducting a trail inventory for the City of Marine. The students will be using GPS units to survey the trails and place them on a GIS map overlay for use by the City. A historical walking map of downtown Marine will also be produced from this work. If you know of a historical landmark that should be placed on this map please, notify the City.

5 MOSC TIMES KEEPING YOU INFORMED Page 5 HUNTING SEASON HAS BEGUN Don t be alarmed if you hear gun Shots. The 2009 season has arrived! Bow Hunting Deer- Sept 19 - Dec 31 Shot Gun Deer - Nov. 7 - Nov 15 Muzzle Loading Deer- Nov 28 - Dec 13 Permits are required for any person (s) hunting with a firearm. These permits are available at the City office during regular business hours and must be obtained by the landowner. Be aware of this while using walking trails, making sure you are wearing appropriate clothing, especially during the critical hours of dusk and dawn. Property owners interested in allowing a bow hunter on their property for the purpose of hunting deer should contact the City office. There is also a list of hunters interested in hunting in this area. Any questions regarding hunting regulations, or to report any suspicious or illegal activities (i.e. unauthorized deer stands on private property), you may contact the Game Warden, Jason Jensen, at WINTER RESTRICTIONS No Parking 2am to 6am The City has an ordinance preventing the parking of any vehicles, equipment or structure on any street or alley in the City between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. from November 15 until April 1 of the following year. Please help us by keeping vehicles off the streets and alleys. This reduces the amount of time it takes to plow the City Streets. Residents of the City are welcome to take sand and salt from the shed located at 1500 Broadway Street. Bring your own container and shovel. All residents and businesses with sidewalks in front of their homes or establishments MUST keep them shoveled. Thank you for your cooperation. See Ordinance #132 City Code Chapter 8, Subd. 5 HEAVY METAL DAY SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, :00 am 12:00 Noon Located behind Security State Bank at the Wayside Park. This will be a great time to clean up before the snow flies. You can find more information on the Bulletin Board in front of the Village Hall, or the city website at marine.govoffice.com Compost Site Closing The compost site will close it s gates for the season on Saturday, October 24, 2009 or earlier if the snow flies.

6 City of Marine on St. Croix PO Box Judd Street Marine on St. Croix, MN Phone: Fax: We re on the web - marine.govoffice.com MOSC NEWSLETTER ? Or US Postal Service? The City would like to offer the Newsletter through to help save on mailing costs. You may also request a copy of our Agendas (draft), City Council and Planning Commission Minutes. Just a reminder the Newsletter and Minutes are also available on our website marine.govoffice.com. If you are interested please the City Office at 2009 CITY COUNCIL, PLANNING COMMISSION AND STAFF O FFICE HOURS M ONDAY - THURSDAY 8:00AM-4:30PM FRIDAY 8:00 TO 12 NOON City Council Glen Mills, Mayor Mike Lammi, Council Everett Myers, Council Peter Marker, Council Karl Benson, Council Council meets the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall. City Information 121 Judd Street P.O. Box 250 Marine on St. Croix, MN City Office Phone City Office Fax City Office City Website marine.govoffice.com City Staff Lynette Peterson, City Clerk/Treasurer Mary Tomnitz, Assistant City Clerk Jason Crotty, Public Works Tom Boesel, Public Works Maintenance Shop Planning Commission Dan Willenbring, Chairman Jack Warren Mike Zajac Ron Brenner Andy Creager Gwen Roden Gerry Perham Planning Commission meets the last Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Village Hall.