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1 Volume 08 Number 12 March 2009 Hollywood West Elks Lodge BPOE #2365 March 2009 Volume 08 Number 12 Jesse Clemence Exalted Ruler Exalted Rulers Message This should have been my last message of my year, but somehow that I really can t recall, here I am back again for another year as ER. Let s make this the best year and I am relying on everyone s help to accomplish that. (I do have an appointment with a shrink this month, though). I feel that this year was good; we accomplished projects that have been only in the talking stages in the past. There are more ideas that need to become a reality. A woman s committee is in the forming stages to brainstorm functions and dinners for our enjoyment. (They seem to get things rolling.) See Donna Powers if you are interested in being a part of the team. I have also selected someone to coordinate our PER association by having a monthly meeting. We have a lot of active PER S in the lodge, we just have to satisfy Grand Lodge by having a meeting. I am looking for a Chaplain and an Esquire for this year. Let me know if you are interested. My personal thanks to PER Brad Lewis and his volunteers for setting up a BBQ at the BARC housing facility on 2/21. Doing things out in the community is what we are about. I went to the VA nursing home in Pembroke Pines for the show that the Elks support, Re-Creation (college students that travel and put on a musical show for the vets). I got a DVD of their show at the lodge if anyone wants to see it. Installation of incoming officers will be on Sunday, March 29 th at 4:00 pm with a collation to follow. I need PER S for installing the new officers. Please call me, Fraternally, Jesse Clemence / Exalted Ruler OFFICIAL DUES NOTICE FOR HOLLYWOOD WEST ELKS Lodge #2365. Due the increases in mailing and the seriousness of our economy, we are requesting that members use this as your notice of dues for the coming year. The amount payable on or before 3/31/2009 will be $78.00 for regular members and $32.00 for Life members. The card door locks will be changed on April 1 st, Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation. Jeanne Coffey/Secretary/PER Elk Of The Month March HE IS NOT A MEMBER OF THIS LODGE (YET), BUT OF NEW YORK. GOOD COOK, ROOFER, CAR- PENTER ( OUR NEW KITCHEN SCREEN DOOR) AND GENUINE ELK, VOLUNTEERING HIS SKILLS TO OUR LODGE. YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY HIS NEW PIZZAS HE MAKES ON THE SUNDAYS HE BARTENDS!! THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US! Andrew Young. Jesse Clemence, ER

2 Page 2 Hollywood West Elks Lodge ATTENTION All PER S We will have our first meeting of the PER association on Wednesday, March 11 th at approx 6:30 pm. Just a short one to set future ones up. Please be there and let s get this going again. Thanks Jesse The current rolls indicate that we still have members who are in arrears with their dues. If any member recognizes these individuals, would you please check with them? All Delinquent members, not paid by March 15th, 2009, will be dropped from the rolls. After being dropped, a reinstatement fee will be applied for rejoining the Lodge Alan Ashcroft 1957 Robert H Banks 2243 Ruth C Fletcher 0033 William Deffo, Sr Mark May, PER 1991 Robert Montgomery 1 Alfonse Dimeo Josephine Faletra Mary Grace Felt 2 Donna Powers 4 James P Tuttle 5 David S Felt, PER Cristine Gallahar Jill Jacobs 6 Earl Duane Frank Mastrarrigo Courtney Warrenfeltz 7 R. J. Fegers 8 Robert Garside George Mallett 9 Edmund Porembski 10 Joseph Vieira Birthdays for March 14 Patrick M Boyd, II 18 Douglas Carignan Joseph Ciancaglini Herbert W Newsome 19 James J Hone, Jr Charles A Rudolph 20 Gregory Hill 23 Salvatore Grilli, PER James D Mayors 24 Charles Coyte Richard J Murphy 27 Sidney Konigsburg 1476 Richard Bauer 2260 Edward L Garron 2264 Regina Bohlen 2262 Beverly Hill 2270 Wayne Bohlen 2263 Gregory Hill 2206 Brenda Brush 2296 James P Burnette 2247 Sherry Lee Keeney 1752 Robert C Pinson 1600 Allan P Libero 2282 Tom Contreras 2212 Richard E Lynn 2027 Carole E Czvekus 2221 George Mallett 2017 Harry H Danforth 1518 Thomas Moore, Sr 1993 Richard J Murphy 2179 John H O Brien 2268 Kenneth O Brien, Jr Joseph M Ombrello 2128 Robert T Perry 0619 Jack T Raynor 1784 Charles Stankiewicz 2003 Robert Tullio 0032 Willard Wiechman Birthday Drink: Name: DOB: Free Drink on your Birthday. Bring this coupon. St. Patrick s Day Saturday March 14th, 2009 From 6:30 PM Till the wail of the banshee chases us to our beds Irish Dinner & Dancing Irish Entertainment Cash Bar Donation $15.00 Contact Terry at Each Ticket is a chance at the Pot-A-Gold Raffle

3 Volume 08 Number 12 Page 3 BOOSTERS MEMORIAL BOOSTER (indicated by *) Fred Baldassaro David (Oscar) Ballinger Esther Barnes Terry & Kelly Batzley Don & Mary Belanger Jim & Barbara Blanchard Marjorie Broda Bobby & Joan Brown Dick & Delores Burns Dave Campbell Anna & Thomas Carr Jesse Clemence & Jeanne Coffey, PER Don & Kathy Cote Joe & Lori Covino Margaret Craig *Margaret Craig for Chuck Craig Vicki Crosby Audrey & Joe Daniels Mary Danver *Mary Danver for Bill Danver Geraldine Davis Dana & Maison Day Thomas Dean Ed & Eleanor Dombrowski *Hollywood West for Bernard F. Dolan PDDGER, Hon L/M Ella Mae Van Eyk Milton Pete & Elaine Feakins David Felt, PER & Linda Felt Larry Galvin Emilio (Moe) Genovese Ken Gilstrap, PER & Rusty Gilstrap Frank Gomez, PER & Trudy Gomez Bruce Greenawalt Bob & Jackie Griffin *Nancy Grimm for David Grimm Elise Hibdon *Elise Hibdon for Wendall Hibdon, PER *Arthur Hill III for Arthur Hill, Jr PER/Trustee Gerard Rastedt Paul & Kathy Houser Jackie Hughes Chuck Kelly, PDDGER Robert & Lynn Kennedy Judith Kroeger Bob & Judy Krueger Jeanne Lagois *Jeanne Lagois for George Lagois Dave & Edie Lawton, PER Pete & Helen Lynn Frank & Carolyn Martorella Jim Mayors Ed & Sharron McCarr Mel Meyer & Jean Taylor Pete & Sharyn Mosher Ken Morsch Ted & Ginny Parsons Charlie & Donna Powers Barbara Pullen *Barbara Pullen for Gary Pullen Skeet Robinson David & Chris Ryan James Griz Scanlon Duane Schultz Barbara & Peter Scott Wayne Shastas Jim & Betty Slade Jackie Smythe *Jackie Smythe for John Tarbay Ed Smythe *John Tarbay for Katherine Tarbay Jim & Linda Turner Dominic & Marie Venturella CMSGT Joseph Vieira Jim & Joan Whyte *John R Williams Jr. for Ray Williams Richard & Rosemarie Wilke Ed Zablocki & Barbara Stanley Boosters for will end March 31,2009. Time to renew them for

4 Page 4 Hollywood West Elks Lodge March 2009 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 NASCAR 2 Andy s NY Pizza 3 Call For Menu 4 Italian Dinner Roundtable 5 Lodge Meeting 8 PM 6 Finger Food PM 7 Belly Busters 8 NASCAR Andy s NY Pizza 9 Fred s Hot Dog Nite 10 Taco Tuesday 6 8 PM 11 Chicken Parm Dinner PER 6:30 pm Trustees 7:30 pm House Com 7 pm 12 BINGO 7 PM 13 Pizza 6:30-8:00 pm Karaoke at 9 PM 14 Belly Busters St. Patrick s Day Dinner 6:30 PM 15 Sunday Brunch NASCAR 16 Boy Scouts Andy s NY Pizza 17 Call for Menu Bulletin Committee 7:30 PM 18 Italian Dinner 19 Lodge Meeting 8 PM 20 Dolphin Fingers 6:30-8PM 21 Belly Busters 22 NASCAR Andy s NY Pizza 23 Fred s Hot Dog Nite 24 Taco Tuesday 6 8 PM 25 Chicken Parm Dinner 26 BINGO 7 PM 27 Barbara s Pork Loin Dinner 6:30-8 pm RSVP 28 Belly Busters 29 NASCAR Officers Installation 4:00 PM 30 Call for Menu 31 Call for Menu Pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs are always available at Karaoke is Back!! Come Join us at Hollywood West Elks March13, 16 inch Cheese Pizza $ 9 plus $1 extra for toppings April 10, Rib Dinner $ 10 Karaoke Starts at 9:00 PM DJ: Paul Houser Rib Night Due to Lenten Holidays and the St. Patrick s Dinner, Friday Rib Night is cancelled for March. See you on April 10th. Monday 2 nd - Andy s NY Pizza Sunday 8 th Andys NY pizza Monday 9 th Fred s hot dog nite Friday 13th Pizza and Karaoke Monday 16 th Andy s NY pizza Sunday 22 nd Andy s NY pizza Monday 23 rd Fred s hot dog nite The Friday Rib Crew Sunday 29 th Installation of officers 4pm Tues 3 rd call for menu 10 th tacos 17 th call 24 th tacos 31 st call March Food Specials Friday 27 th Barbara s pork loin dinner RSVP NEEDED

5 Volume 08 Number 12 Page 5 April 2009 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 Italian Dinner 2 Lodge Meeting 8 PM 3 Finger Food PM 4 Belly Busters 5 NASCAR 6 Call for Menu 7 Call for Menu 8 Chicken Parm Dinner PER 6:30 pm Trustees 7:30 pm HouseCom 7 pm 9 BINGO 7 PM 10 Ribs 6:30-8 PM RSVP Karaoke at 9 PM 11 Belly Busters 12 NASCAR EASTER 13 Boy Scouts 14 Taco Tuesday 6 8 PM 15 Italian Dinner 16 Lodge Meeting 8 PM 17 Dolphin Fingers 6:30-8PM 18 Belly Busters 19 Sunday Brunch NASCAR in the afternoon 20 Call For Menu 21 Call for Menu Bulletin Committee 7:30 PM 22 Chicken Parm Dinner 23 BINGO 7 PM 24 Pork Loin Dinner 6:30-8 pm RSVP Karaoke at 9 PM 25 Belly Busters 26 NASCAR 27 Call for Menu 28 Taco Tuesday 6 8 PM 29 Italian Dinner 30 BINGO 7 PM Pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs are always available at the bar Profits go to the Elk s Charities.. (Elk s members only) A Texas Hold em every other Wednesday and Thursday, at 7:00 pm. Come early and enjoy an Italian dinner on Wednesday. Enjoy some fun times with other members. Join Us Tuesday Night! Taco Tuesday or Fajita s..please call. Hard Shell Tacos Soft Shell Tacos 6:00PM 8:00PM Tacos 2 for 3.00 Margaritas 3.00 The Lodge is Wireless! All members can use their computers in the lodge lounge through our wireless connection. Bring your laptop and try it out. See bartender for access code. Barbara Henry's famous.. Pork Loin Dinner Friday Night - March 27th April 24th 6:30-8 pm Cost: $ 7 Please RSVP at the Lodge.

6 Page 6 SUNDAY BRUNCH New Hours of operation For the Club Monday thru Thursday 2:00 PM till Friday.... 2:00 PM till Saturday 12 PM till Sunday.. Noon till 3RD SUNDAY, Every Month. 10:00 to Noon Bloody Mary s 1.25 Screwdriver s 1.25 Donation: 6.50 All U Can Eat 4.00 Under 12 Years Omelets & Eggs made to order Pancakes. Sausage Gravy. Biscuits. Sausage. Bacon. Sweet Rolls. Orange or Tomato Juice. Coffee or Tea Brunch volunteers needed * Lodge Cleanup and Work Party * 4th Saturday of Each Month Come and help us make the lodge ship shape. Eddie Scanlon, Trustee Chairman Happy Hour: Monday Friday 4 7 PM Sat & Sun 12 5 PM When there are 6 or more people present, the bartender has the discretion to extend the hours, except on Friday nights where the 2 AM last call will be. Elks Charity News Lodge 2365 The Lodge continues to support Hollywood West Elks Lodge ~ Children s Therapy ~ The Harry-Anna Trust ~ ~The Florida Youth Camp ~ Boy Scouts of America ~ ~ Elks National Foundation ~ ~ Sandy Nininger State Veterans Nursing Home ~ ~Women In Distress ~ Kids In Distress~ Thank you to ER Jesse Clemence for contributing $900 from his Football Charity fundraiser to the Lodge. He gave $300 to ENF, $300 to Harri-Anna and $300 to Childrens Therapy for the Lodge. Thank you to all the members donating time and money for the bar to be built in the Chickee hut. It certainly is coming along great. The donations are sure keeping us busy distributing them. We have been over to Susan B Anthony with more huggy Bears and slightly used clothing for the women & children. We also donated 2 bags of nurses uniforms scrubs to women at Holy Cross hospital. We took another ten large bags of clothing and several boxes to goodwill and WID thrift stores. The Lodge approved sending $500 to ENF for our per capita donations. We also sent $105 to District for our contribution to the Re-creation show for the VA nursing home. It helps pay for the lodging and meals for the entertainers. By the time this goes to press, we will have done the bbq at BARC housing that PER Brad Lewis has planned for 2/21. It will be for all their residents. It s a great community project for all. Keep up the good work, everyone! Fraternally, Jeanne Coffey, PER Community Welfare Chairperson Special thanks to Nancy Lombardi of Pleasure travel agency for inviting 20 of our members for a tour and luncheon aboard the new ship, Independence of the Seas, docked at Port Everglades. We had a great tour director, an outstanding lunch and even some wine tasting. A VERY nice day!

7 Volume 08 Number 12 Page 7 Secretary s Corner Here we are almost at the end of our fiscal year and rushing towards a new one. Where does time go so fast? The office is going along smoother with the grand lodge CLMS program on the computer. Information exchange with Grand Lodge is more efficient. Our new accountant, Judy Harden has helped set up the office with Excel programs, for me to help keep a closer daily track of our finances, in this sad economy. I believe it s been a help to the ER, house committee and trustees to keep a handle on finances. I am still waiting for our new memberships cards from Grand Lodge, so those that have paid dues, please be patient. Barbara Henry, PER, and Michael Mammarelli are requesting transfer demits from #2273 into our lodge. Calling All Elks and Families! Calling All Elks and Families! We are looking for ways to energize our lodge! Now that the chickee hut is up, let s get more members, spouses, children, significant others and friends in to enjoy our facilities! Remember Karaoke Idol? Now that we have Karaoke on some Friday nights, why not resurrect Idol as a fun way to promote camaraderie and raise money for charity? Have an idea for new dinners? Let s put them all to work in our kitchen together! We will be holding a meeting soon with members, spouses whoever wants to come to brainstorm ways to revitalize our lodge and have fun at the same time! Bernal Lewis, PER, is requesting life membership. Raymond Morton, #2029, requests reinstatement to our Lodge. We have achieved our ENF per capita for the year. Grand Lodge requested 4.25 from us, we have donated Good for us! I will have the charity book final figures for April bulletin. Should be looking great for this past year. I will be dropping all delinquent members March 15, If you know someone on this list, please contact them if you know they are not getting the message. Fraternally, Jeanne Coffey, PER/Secretary Details will follow on meeting time and place..please put on your thinking caps and join us! Many hands and brains make for easier work! Questions? Don t hesitate to call Donna Powers Look in next month s bulletin for meeting time, date and details! See You Then! Incoming Officers for Exalted Ruler Jesse Clemence Leading Knight Terry Pinkerton Loyal Knight Paul Houser Lecturing Knight Debbie Snell Secretary Jeanne Coffey, PER Treasurer Duane Schultz Inner Guard Vicki Crosby Tiler Emil Moe Genovese 5 Year Trustee Brad Lewis, PER WHY VOLUNTEER? It s not medals won with pride. It s for that feeling deep inside. It s not for money, it s not for fame. It s not for any personal gain. It s just for love of fellow man. It s just to lend a helping hand. It s just to give a little of self. That s something you can t buy with wealth. It s that reward down in your heart. It s feeling that you ve been part of helping others, far and near. That makes you be a volunteer!

8 Hollywood West Elks # Davie Rd. Extension Hollywood, FL Lounge Fax Office This bulletin is published monthly by Hollywood West Elks Lodge #2365 Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Fort Lauderdale, FL Permit No OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE CHAIRS Exalted Ruler Jesse Clemence Leading Knight...Terry Pinkerton Loyal Knight... Joe Covino Lecturing Knight.Tom Habbershaw Secretary...Jeanne Coffey, PER Treasurer.....Duane Schultz Esquire...Debbie Snell Chaplain..Patrick McPartland Inner Guard.....Robert P Houser Tiler... Vicki Crosby Trustee 5 year.....jim Blanchard Trustee 4 year...jim Slade Trustee 3 year.. Ed Scanlon, Chair Trustee 2 year Mo Boutin, PER Trustee 1 year.pete Lynn Presiding Justice..Chuck Kelly, PDDGER Accident Prevention... Jim Blanchard Dick Christianson Auditing. Joseph Covino Brunch.. Duane Schultz Bulletin..Jim Blanchard By-Laws Duane Schultz Community Activities Jeanne Coffey, PER Community Welfare..Jeanne Coffey, PER Decorations.. Lodge Committees Drug Awareness. Bill Roach Entertainment. TBA Flag Day... Jim Blanchard F.E.C.T.S Jeanne Coffey, PER Government Relations.....TBA Harry Anna Trust. Mike Conlon Hoop Shoot... Joe Covino House Committee Chuck Kelly, PDDGER Indoctrination... Terry Pinkerton Investigation.. Terry Pinkerton Lodge Activities... Jim Blanchard Lodge Advisor...Jim Whyte Lodge Rental.....Trustees Mediators Chuck Kelly, PDDGER Jim Whyte Membership/Lapsation...Jeanne Coffey PER Memorial Day...Jesse Clemence Mothers Day...Art Hill III..Jeanne Coffey, PER National Foundation (ENF)... Bill Roach 2 Year ENF. Paul Houser National Service...Ed Kaplan, PER Publicity and PR..... Sal Grilli, PER Relief. Chair Officers Scholarship.. Ronald Lewis Scouting Coordinator.. Jim Blanchard Sickness & Distress...Ted & Ginny Parsons Soccer Shoot Tom Habbershaw Technology.....Jim Blanchard Visitations.Ted & Ginny Parsons Youth Activities...Ted & Ginny Parsons Veteran s Affairs..Jesse Clemence