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1 THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 2014 SERVING TILTON, NORTHFIELD, BELMONT & SANBORNTON, N.H. FREE Olympic skier offers advice to local studets BY DONNA RHODES Doa Rhodes Sixtee-year-old Meagha Aubut ad her parets, Tracy ad Michelle, were deeply touched by all the support show by hudreds of people durig the Haircuts for Meagha fudraiser last Saturday at Lacoia Christia School. Frieds ad classmates have hair cut i support of local girl fightig cacer BY DONNA RHODES LACONIA Perhaps o greater commuity support has bee show tha that displayed at the Haircuts for Meagha fudraiser last Saturday, whe hudreds of people filled the Lacoia Christia School gymasium to doate more tha 5,000 to aid i 16-yearold Saborto residet Meagha Aubut s fight agaist cacer. The evet was the brai child of Meagha s classmates at LCS. A few of them decided to rally aroud their fried ad cut their hair as the Saborto girl bega chemotherapy for Ewig s Sarcoma, a rare boe cacer. This started because a buch of us girls just wated to support Meagha, said Emily Fox, also of Saborto. The we all said, wait a miute, we ca tur it ito a fudraiser for her. Meagha herself had recetly cut her log hair i aticipatio of losig it to her medical treatmets. With the help of their parets, LCS kidergarte teacher Becky Mogee ad Meagha s family, the girls ad their supporters maaged to accumulate dozes of raffle items ad foud stylists ad a barber willig to doate their time to the cause. Jacly Sow, Aleesha SEE CANCER, PAGE A9 SANBORNTON It is a small fractio of athletes who are ever successful eough to be selected for the Olympics ad fewer still who ca say they participated i multiple worldwide games, but Thorto residet Kris Freema is oe of them, ad ext week, he is o the way to his fourth Olympic games as a member of the U.S. Ski Team. Freema, who grew up i Adover ad is a 1999 graduate of Sat Bai School i Saborto, took time out of his Olympic preparatios last week to talk to studets at his Alma mater. Durig his presetatio, Freema showed video of the 2009 Natioal Champioship race where he placed fourth o the same course he will ow race o i the Olympics. Doa Rhodes Olympia Kris Freema holds up a Sat Bai sweatshirt preseted to him by the studets ad staff of his high school Alma mater last week. Freema, who ow lives i Thorto, will head to Sochi, Russia ext week to compete for the fourth time i Nordic ski racig evets. I m plaig o fiishig at least oe place better this time, he said with a gri. The road to the Olympics started early for the 33-year-old athlete. His love for skiig bega as soo as he was able to walk. Freema told the studets at Sat Bai his first race ever was a dowhill evet at a local ski area SEE SKIER, PAGE A9 Doa Rhodes Democratic cadidate Mike Cryas (ceter) was surrouded by supporters from the Tilto ad Saborto Democratic Party last week durig a campaig stop i his bid for the District 1 Executive Coucil seat i Cocord. Cryas makes his case to local democrats BY DONNA RHODES SANBORNTON The day after a special Primary electio for Executive Coucilor i New Hampshire s expasive District 1, Mike Cryas, the oly cadidate o the Democratic side of the ticket, hit the campaig trail with 48 days to go before the decidig electio o March 11. Last Wedesday, Cryas spet the day i the Lakes Regio, where he met with potetial costituets durig a stop at Tilt Dier before movig o to speak with represetatives of Lakes Regio Geeral Hospital. He also had a meetig with local govermet officials, the moved o to sit dow ad itroduce himself to members of the Tilto ad Saborto Democratic Party at the Saborto Public Library. Cryas said he grew up i Littleto, wet o to graduate from Sprigfield College the taught physical educatio for five years. Oe day, I was out skiig (with studets) ad the ext thig I kew, I was a baker, he said last week. From there, Cryas moved up to evetually become a seior vice presidet at Dartmouth Savigs Bak, the started the oprofit orgaizatio Headrest, which works with substace abuse ad operates a 24-hour hotlie for residets i Maie, New Hampshire ad Vermot. Cryas also served for 17 years as a Grafto Couty Commissioer. Durig his time as a represetative for the Efield, Lebao ad Haover regio, he said he had may accomplishmets, amog them the costructio of a ew couty jail to replace the previous buildig that was costructed i the 1800 s. He also played a role i the ew additio for the couty s ursig home, the costructio of a biomass plat, a water tower ad the additio of geothermal heatig i the ew jail. All of that, Cryas said, he did side by side with his good fried Ray Burto. Ray was the master of the job (Executive Coucilor). He made it look easy, said Cryas. I wrestled with the idea of ruig at first, but the decided I was SEE CRYANS, PAGE A9 Doa Rhodes While some adults headed out with skis off the ice durig the Lakes Regio Sowmobile Club s 17th aual Radar Ru o Webster Lake, kids ejoyed testig their skills o the 660-foot drag strip last Suday, too. Radar Ru racers tur out i force despite frigid temps BY DONNA RHODES FRANKLIN As may as 80 competitors from New Hampshire, Vermot ad Massachusetts braved frigid temperatures o Webster Lake i Frakli last weeked to fulfill their eed for speed ad support the Lakes Regio Sowmobile Club. This year s Radar Ru was the 17th aual sowmobile competitio held by the orgaizatio, ad saw a top speed of 136 m.p.h. from a modified sowmobile drive by Walter Joy of Northwood. He was really fast. That s the highest speed we ve ever see out there, said LRSC presidet Steve Proulx. Geeral admissio for spectators was 5 per perso, ad those who wated to test their speed o the 660-foot track doated 10 for oe ru or 20 for three trips across the ice off of Griffi Beach. Moey raised by the evet will be used to keep the club s groomig machie up ad ruig so that sowmobilers from all over ca ejoy their extesive trail system. Besides admissios ad etry fees, members of the club also ra a cocessio stad where everyoe could warm up o the ice with hot food ad driks. We ve bee very successful with these races, ad it s always a lot of fu eve whe it s cold like it was today, Proulx said. Amog the may spectators who braved the sub-zero wid chills were Matt from Ashlad, his so Isaac, ad frieds Jake ad Jacob of Gilford. Budled up agaist the brisk wids, they stood trackside ad admired the may sow mobiles that zipped by. We wated to show the boys what speed was, Matt said. They cheered for each ru ad the boys did ideed ejoy the thrill of the speeds, eve from childre their ow age who took a tur o the track. Not oly were there kids rus ad modified evets, where egies are specially adapted to go as fast as possible, there were also stock model competitios i several egie size categories, vitage sowmobile rus, a ope wheeled divisio, ad eve some atique sowmobiles o display. We actually had a umber of sowmobiles get up over 100 m.p.h today. There were a lot of good sleds out there, said Proulx. Besides Joy ad his record settig speed, those headig up some of the categories this time aroud INDEX SEE RACERS, PAGE A9 Volume 6 Number Pages i 2 Sectio Editorial Page...A4 North Coutry Notebook... A5 Schools...A9 Culture...A5 Obituaries...A6 2013, Salmo Press, LLC. Call us at (603)

2 A2 Jauary 30, 2014 Kights of Columbus Thak Tilto Market Basket TILTON The local Kights of Columbus coucils, i Belmot ad Tilto, wish to give thaks to the patros of the Tilto Market Basket. Market Basket maagemet has allowed the K of C to place a food drop box, at the iside etrace of the Tilto store for the past several years. Customers ca drop off o perishable food doatios ad they are collected weekly. These doatios provide much eeded assistace for less fortuate ad strugglig families i our local commuities. The tows helped iclude, Tilto, Frakli, Belmot, Northfield, Gilmato, Catebury, Iro Works, ad Loudo. Durig the moths of November ad December, more tha 5,000 pouds of The Wiisquam echo: The ext best thig to word of mouth advertisig! meet Your sales represetative Doa Fraser: Doa has bee i advertisig for 4 years. My goals are to help icrease sales for our cliets by expadig their reach ito the commuity through a partership with the papers. Oe thig I do better is that I really care about the customer ad wat to make a campaig that is truly beeficial to them by listeig to their eeds as a advertiser. Call Doa today at ext. 130 or Our advertisers trust us, our readers trust our advertisers! food was collected ad distributed to food patries, which help those i eed. The Grad Kight for Belmot coucil said, We are so blessed to have such lovig ad carig people i our commuities, especially durig these difficult ecoomic times. So may amog us are strugglig, eve more aroud the holidays. Joh Bruo, of the Tilto K of C adds, It seems like people always fid a way to give to help out others i eed, especially durig Christmas time ad the holidays. We see so may families who are helped by their thoughtful givig. The Kights of Columbus wishes to exted this public thak you to all who doated food durig the recet holiday seaso. We are so appreciative ad thakful to the folks at Market Basket for allowig us to have the food drop box at their store. It has give us a way to reach out ad give help to our eighbors i eed, explaied Mr. Messier. We look forward to a log ad ogoig partership with them as we cotiue to serve those, who are i eed. I additio to the food drop box, Market Basket allows the Kights of Columbus to coduct two major food drives each year. These evets have always bee well supported by the shoppers ad local commuity. Thaks agai, everyoe for all of your givig. Thaks to you, we are makig a differece every day. Saborto Public Library celebrates Take Your Child to the Library Day SANBORNTON The commuity is ivited to visit Saborto Public Library o Saturday, Feb. 1 for Take Your Child to the Library Day. The evet ecourages youg childre to begi visitig the library ad showcases the buildig as a excitig, fu space. Our festivities will feature a puppet show by Rhu Mc- Bee at 10:30 a.m., ad a puppetry workshop at oo. These activities are free ad ope to the public. Rhu ad Barret Mc- Bee fouded Sesquipedalia Puppet Productios i The compay is composed of 45 puppets, desiged ad built by Rhu, ad has performed i 15 states. The performace at the library will be a medley of childre s stories. Durig the workshop, childre will make ad perform with simple rod puppets. Rhu ecourages creative Courtesy The commuity is ivited to visit Saborto Public Library o Saturday, Feb. 1 for Take Your Child to the Library Day. The evet ecourages youg childre to begi visitig the library ad showcases the buildig as a excitig, fu space. Our festivities will feature a puppet show by Rhu McBee at 10:30 a.m., ad a puppetry workshop at oo. These activities are free ad ope to the public. use of materials i makig puppets ad emphasizes that puppets are a meas of commuicatio, ot just crafted objects, so about half the workshop is spet o teachig basic puppetry performace skills. The library is located at 27 Meetighouse Hill Rd. i Saborto Square, just off of Route 132. For further iformatio about this or other evets, call or visit our Web site, We hope you ca come joi the fu! LOCAL NEWS HALL MEMORIAL LIBRARY February Highlights at Hall Memorial Library Tilto/Northfield I the Display Case - February & March Metal Sculpture by Darre Chase - Come see creatures ad other origial works that Darre creates by weldig odd pieces of scrap metal together. Chagig Art Wall Michael Shaaha s black ad white photos will be o display through the ed of February. Pop i ad perhaps you ll see a familiar face. Saturday the 1st at 10:30 a.m. Take Your Child to the Library Day! We ll have storytime, crafts ad a library tour. Moday the 3rd at 5 p.m. Trustees Meetig - Ope to the public. Tuesday the 4th at 10:30 a.m. Domioes - Mexica Trai Get through the witer, play a game! Moday the 10th at 3:00 - Speed Date a Book we re servig pizza! Sped a few miutes with a book a quick peruse..., the move o to the ext oe, the the ext, the the ext. Check out the books that tickle your facy ad explore them further i your favorite space to read. Wedesday the 12th at 1 p.m. It s Scrabble Time! Joi our regular players for a friedly game of this old favorite. Thursday, Feb. 13 at 6 p.m. NORTHFIELD POLICE LOG N O R T H F I E L D From Ja. 20 Ja. 26, the Northfield Police Departmet respoded to 109 calls for service. The followig arrest was made: Roald Labrache, 38, of Tilto for Drivig While Itoxicated (x2) BELMONT POLICE LOG BELMONT The Belmot Police Departmet respoded to 86 calls for service ad made the followig arrests betwee Ja. 17 ad Ja. 23. Nicholas J. Moore, age 30, of Groto was arrested o Piterest Roulette (for adults) Joi us as we make a craft from our overflowig Piterest Boards. This week s craft is Rope Vases with Felt Flowers. Sig-up at the frot desk ad pick up a craft supply list. Friday the 14th at 3 p.m. Pick Your Flick Cast your vote for o the white-board i the YA Sectio. Choose from: A Walk to Remember - The Notebook - Agus, Thogs ad Full Frotal Soggig - Nick & Norah s Ifiite Playlist - or Ever After ad, as always, there ll be popcor ad driks. Moday the 17th at 6 p.m. - Library Closed for Presidet s Day Moday the 17th at 6 p.m. Moday Bookies - Meet at Oios Me Before You by Jojo Moyes Before Louisa met Will, her plas did t reach beyod their tiy Eglish tow. Will, whe he was t closig multimillio-dollar deals, blew off steam scalig moutais, leapig from plaes, ad ejoyig exquisite wome--util a accidet left him paralyzed ad seriously depressed. Ca you hear the violis? Screeeech This is ot your typical love story. Tuesday the 18th at 10:30 a.m. Had ad Foot Caasta - Take a stress break ad play this fatastic game. Thursday the 20th at 6 p.m. Cabi Fever? Beat the February blues at Miss Julie s Card Class. This moth s theme: Birthday ad Aggravated Drivig While Itoxicated. Athoy Hodgdo, 24, of Frakli for Simple Assault ad Secod Degree Assault. Other Calls for Service icluded Thefts, Disorderly Coduct, Aimal Ivolved Icidets, Ja. 18 i coectio with a bech warrat issued by Plymouth District Court. Matthew J. Niolet, age 31, was arrested o Ja. 18 for Drivig After Revocatio or Suspesio ad False Cards. WINNISQUAM ECHO Moday the 24th through Friday the 28th from 1-2 p.m. Project Tee - Duct Tape Projects somethig differet everyday. Moday the 24th at 4 p.m. Kids Book Club - Sack ad Driks served Moday the 24th from 4:30-7:30 p.m. The Card Readers are Back! What s i the Stars for You? Fid out whe Nacy Smart, Martha Douglas, Mickie Adreski, Jackie-Ball Smith ad Boy Lake gather at the library to aswer your most burig questios. Tuesday the 25th at oo Nooers Book Group - Sleep Toward Heave by Amada Eyre Ward is a itimate portrait of three wome whose lives collide durig a brutal Texas summer. Twety-ie-year-old Kare Lowes awaits her executio. Dr. Fray Wre, also twety-ie, teds to a youg cacer patiet, ad resists the urge to ru from her fiacé ad her carefully crafted life. Celia Mills, a oce-vibrat libraria, mours her murdered husbad. Over the course of the summer, fate pushes these wome together, culmiatig i a revelatio of the possibility of faith, the resposibility of friedship, ad the value of life. Saturday, March 1 at 10:30 a.m. You re ivited to a birthday celebratio for Dr. Suess! Details to follow. Pistol Permits, Welfare Check, Residetial Alarm Activatio, Ope Door/Widow, Paperwork Service, Suspicious Activity, Uwated Perso, VIN Verificatios ad Motor Vehicle Accidet/Check/Lockout/ Complaits. Ispectio or Registratio Sticker. Victor L. Thompso, age 45, of Belmot was arrested o Ja. 20 i coectio with a bech warrat issued by Lacoia District Court. LocaL ExpEriEcEd Bakruptcy attorey Atty. Staley Robiso is desigated as a Federal Debt Relief Agecy by a act of Cogress ad has proudly assisted cosumers seekig debt relief uder the US Bakruptcy code for over 30 years Off Bruch for 2 All You Care to Ejoy Gourmet Suday Bruch with Over 50 Items! Adults 15 ~ Childre 8 Must be two guests per coupo. Adult bruch oly. Not to be combied with other offers. Not valid o takeout. Limit 2 coupos per table. Must preset coupo for discout. Expires 2/28/14. SP NOTICE TILTON/NORTHFIELD WATER DISTRICT USERS Declaratio of Cadidacy Filig Period: February 12, February 21, 2014 Ope positios ad terms: Commissioer 3 years Moderator 2 years Declaratio of cadidacy should be filed at the Tilto-Northfield Water District office at 14 Academy Street Tilto. Carole Chase, District Clerk

3 WINNISQUAM ECHO LOCAL NEWS Jauary 30, 2014 A3 Keey pulls ahead i District I Primary BY DONNA RHODES BRIDGEWATER Republica cadidate Joe Keey held the first of what he hopes will be two victory parties at the I o Newfoud Lake i Bridgewater Saturday eveig, followig his wi over fellow Republica challegers Chris Boothby ad Mark Aldrich, all three of whom were vyig for the District 1 opeig o the New Hampshire Executive Coucil. Locally, Keey saw oly a slight challege from Boothby o Ja. 21 i a primary electio that brought a extremely low turout o the Republica side ad virtually o Democratic votig, with cadidate Mike Cryas listed as the loe ame o their ballot. Bristol saw the highest turout i this area, with 111 voters who chose Keey over Boothby at 70 votes to 27, while Aldrich received four. I Holderess 107 registered Republicas ad Idepedets made their way to the polls where they, however, opted for Boothby, givig him 40 votes to Keey s 31 votes. Plymouth ad Rumey were the oly other two tows where Boothby held a lead. He received 40 votes over Keey s 36 i Plymouth ad wo by a slightly wider margi of 40 to 28 i Rumey. Aldrich received two ad five votes respectively i both of those locatios. I Dabury, there was a 9-9 tie betwee the two top cadidates but i New Hampto, Keey agai got the od from Republica voters with a tight cout of 34 to 31. Further south i the district, i Tilto, it was 38 people i favor of Keey with 21 for Boothby, while i Saborto thos votig o the Republica ticket supported Keey with 58 votes to Boothby s 30. I m surprised. I did t Doa Rhodes Republica cadidate Joe Keey held a victory celebratio at the I o Newfoud Lake last weeked after his wi i the Ja. 21 special Primary electio for the District 1 Executive Coucil opeig. At the dier, he persoally thaked all who are supportig his campaig for the seat i Cocord. thik I d eve see that may people comig to vote i this primary, so that was good, said Saborto Tow Clerk/Tax Collector Jae Goss. The small commuity of Alexadria, facig issues over a proposed wid farm, came out i relatively strog force where 98 of their voters agai backed Keey 63 to 15 over Boothby. Tow Clerk Barbara Emery oted there were also six Democratic write-i votes for Keey. I eighborig Bridgewater, Boothby also received a write-i o the Democratic side, but was still defeated, 36 to 20 by Keey. Groto also had a small but close cotest where Keey wo over Boothby ad Aldrich received five votes. Campto voters approved of Keey, 40 to 28 ad Thorto came i with a vote of 30 for Keey ad 13 for Boothby. Wetworth saw 38 voters at their polls where 22 of them were i favor of Keey ad 14 preferred Boothby. I Ashlad 33 votes were couted i Keey s favor ad 17 for Boothby, with oe vote cast for Aldrich. Oe of the lightest turouts for the special primary was see i the small tow of Waterville Valley where oly te Republicas cast a ballot, six of which were for Keey ad four for Boothby. At the ed of the day, Aldrich received 50 votes from 16 of District 1 s 108 commuities who reported their results to Salmo Press. Boothby fiished secod with 347 votes ad Keey took the wi locally with 549 votes. Overall Keey, who resides i Wakefield, wo the district s Republica primary by 1,000 votes ad will ow face Democratic challeger Mike Cryas o March 11. Keey has spet more tha 30 years i the U.S. Marie Corps, where he is ow a coloel, ad is a vetera of Iraq ad Afghaista. He is a former selectma for the Tow of Wakefield where he served as chairma. Keey also served as a State Represetative from 1994 util 2002 ad was a state seator for Seate District 3 from 2002 util At last Saturday eveig s celebratio dier, Keey said he was ecstatic ad thrilled over his wi i the primary ad looked forward to the upcomig electio. As a oppoet of the Norther Pass ad the latest wid turbie proposals i the Newfoud Regio, he said he looks forward to gettig to kow voters i the district a lot better over the comig weeks ad hearig more of their cocers. Keey also thaked all who have supported him i his cadidacy ad hopes that after the March electios he will have the opportuity to be workig for ad with all residets of the district as their ext represetative o the Executive Coucil. More iformatio o Keey, his views ad campaig details ca be foud at First alarm fire heavily damages Tilto home TILTON At 7:55 p.m. o the eveig of Ja. 22, Tilto-Northfield Fire & EMS was toed to a buildig fire i a sigle family residece located at 29 North Widy Rd. i Tilto. Upo arrival at 8:05 p.m., compaies reported a sigificat smoke coditio throughout a modified mobile home. A first alarm was requested by Capt. Sea Valovaie, brigig additioal resources to the scee, ad additioal compaies i for statio coverage. The crew of Tilto-Northfield Egie 3 coducted a December real estate report liz sweso Get Ready for the Sprig Market Now aggressive iterior attack, quickly fidig the seat of the fire ad kockig it dow. Frakli 7E4 crew helped stretch a back-up attack lie, ad provided much eeded vetilatio to the structure. The fire was quickly brought uder cotrol, allowig crews to check for extesio ad start to overhaul withi a short time of arrivig o scee. Damage to the structure was extesive, with sigificat smoke, heat ad water damage throughout. Damage is estimated to be 150,000. The buildig was uoccupied, ad the cause of the fire remais udetermied at this time. Compaies from Frakli, Saborto ad Belmot respoded to the scee, providig mapower ad water. Lacoia ad New Hampto provided statio coverage. Tilto police also assisted at the scee. The first arrivig crew did a excellet job. They kew exactly where the home was located, ad were able to pla while respodig, resultig i a quick ad effective mitigatio of the hazard, said Chief Mike Robiso. NH Veteras Home is searchig for some special voluteers TILTON The New Hampshire Veteras Home is lookig for a few good me or wome to voluteer for a special missio to serve some of the Home s most challeged residets. A special group of voluteers, to be called the Highladers, is beig sought to sped some hours with the veteras i the Home s Highlad Hall uit, a area where may of the residets are i the ed stages of various forms of demetia or have other severe health challeges that may limit their ability to respod ad commuicate. HALL MEMORIAL LIBRARY Hall Memorial Library Tilto/Northfield Saturday, Feb. 1 Take Your Child to the Library Day, 10:30 a.m. Storytime, craft ad library tour Moday, Feb. 3 Chess Club, 4-7 p.m. Trustees Meetig, 5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 4 Mexica Trai Domioes, 10:30 a.m. Project Tee, 3 p.m. Love Letters Wedesday, Feb. 5 Commuicatio ad support at these times ca take various forms readig, playig familiar music, sometimes just a smile or a simple carig touch. The importat thig is just beig there for these me ad wome who have served our coutry. Voluteers for this special service would be traied by the Home s staff to egage those veteras through a wide variety of techiques icludig sesory stimulatio, aroma therapy, music therapy or Sozele, a multisesory eviromet desiged to help those with developmetal disabilities, demetia or eurological problems to regulate how much sesory stimulatio they wat to experiece. The New Hampshire Veteras Home depeds heavily o the kidess ad geerosity of may veteras service orgaizatios ad idividuals who give their time to support the veteras here. If you feel called to ad suited for this special voluteer service, please cotact NHVH Voluteer Coordiator Lisa Puderso, , or Social Worker Kriste Griffi, , for more iformatio. Story Time, 10:30 ad 11:30 Birds Arts ad Crafts, 3:30 p.m. Igloos Friday, Feb. 7 Sit ad Kit, 2-5 p.m. Now is the time to get ready for the Sprig Market if you are thikig of listig your home. Havig a REALTOR come ad do a CMA (Comparable Market Aalysis) of your home is a good first step. Havig several CMA s doe ad iterviewig several agets gives you a better feel of the iformatio beig provided ad also gives you a chace to compare the differet agets ad what their compaies ca do for you i the marketig process of your home. A CMA will show you homes that are comparable to yours that have recetly sold, homes pedig (uder agreemet but ot yet closed) homes curretly o the market, ad homes that were o the market but were ot sold. Comparables are chose by lookig at homes of similar size, style, age, coditio ad ameities ad locatio. Do your ow market research by keepig up to date with what is goig o i the market. Web sites such as NNEREN (Norther New Eglad Real Estate Network) ad are great sites to search out active real estate i your area. Havig your home priced right from day oe ca make all the differece. Media % orig Avg. Tow # Sold <100K K K K >400K Sell Price to sold DOM Belmot ,000 95% 100 Frakli ,200 97% 87 Northfield , % 25 Saborto ,000 98% 29 Tilto ,000 94% 76 Liz Sweso is a REALTOR for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Verai. Data for the moth of December 2013 was compiled usig the NNEREN as of 1/26/14. SEE HALL, PAGE A10 PUBLIC NOTICE HILL SCHOOL DISTRICT The Hill Budget Committee will hold a Public Hearig i accordace with New Hampshire RSA 32:5 o the Hill School District Budget at 7:00 PM, o Wedesday, February 12, 2014 i the Amsde Auditorium at the Jeie D. Blake School, Hill, New Hampshire. PUBLIC NOTICE NORTHFIELD BUDGET COMMITTEE Public Hearig o the 2014 Proposed Budget 7:30 pm Thursday, February 6, 2014 Northfield Tow Hall 21 Summer Street, Northfield, NH Tilto Witer Farmers Market More tha 45 Local Producers! Every SATURDAY & SUNDAY util MARCH 30 th Sposored by: PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC HEARING TILTON PLANNING BOARD Tuesday, February 11, 2014 Tilto Tow Hall Ageda: 6:30 p.m. Call to order. PB Case Ameded Site Pla to allow the cleaig, washig ad detailig of automobiles. Property is located at 216 Lacoia Rd i the Regioal Commercial District. (R20/20) Coceptual discussio of the proposed ew buildig at 51 Tilto Rd i the Regioal Commercial district. (R23/23) PB Case Boudary Lie Adjustmet to trasfer 1,342 sq ft from Sgambati to Bayley creatig o additioal buildig lots. Property is located 10 Highlad Ave i the Village District. (U7/21 & 20) Other Busiess: Approve the Jauary 28, 2014 miutes Correspodece Other Busiess Eric Pyra, Plaig Board Chairma NOTICE TILTON RESIDENTS The Supervisors of the Checklist will be meetig o Tuesday, February 11, :00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Tow Hall, 257 Mai Street RSA 669:5 Purpose of this sessio: To make correctios to the checklist Registratio for ew voters for the upcomig Water District Aual Meetig Chage of party affiliatio ca be accepted Supervisors: Berard Chapma, Gayle Spelma, Judy Tilto NOTICE NORTHFIELD RESIDENTS The Supervisors of the Checklist will be meetig o Tuesday, February 11, :00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Tow Hall RSA 669:5 Purpose of this sessio: To make correctios to the checklist Registratio for ew voters for the upcomig Water District Aual Meetig Chage of party affiliatio ca be accepted Supervisors: Terry Steady, Elaie Lamauzzi, Margaret LaBrecque

4 Opiio A4 Thursday, Jauary 30, 2014 WINNISQUAM ECHO Guest Editorial: Preparig for tomorrow s ecoomy requires makig smart ivestmets today Editor s ote: The followig guest commetary was submitted for publicatio by Mike Cryas, Democratic cadidate for the Executive Coucil seat represetig District I that was left ope last year by the death of former Coucilor Ray Burto. Thak you to all who braved the cold weather to cast your vote i the special electio Primary for Executive Coucil. I am hoored to be the Democratic omiee i the importat electio o March 11, because there is too much at stake to sit o the sidelies. I was bor ad raised i Littleto, where my mother still lives, ad where I bega my career i public service as a teacher. For the past 17 years, I have had the hoor of servig as a Grafto Couty Commissioer, almost all of them side by side with my dear late fried, Coucilor Ray Burto. Together, we worked across the aisle ad across party lies to fid real solutios for the people we took a oath to represet. We built a major additio to our couty ursig home, costructed a ew couty jail cosiderably uder budget, ad oversaw the developmet of a ew water tower ad biomass plat. These iitiatives delivered permaet jobs to the residets of Grafto Couty ad were hadled i a cost efficiet maer to save the taxpayers moey. My focus has always bee growig the ecoomy, protectig taxpayers, ad stregtheig the middle class, ad those are the same priorities I will have as your Executive Coucilor. I additio to approvig all state cotracts greater tha 10,000, the Executive Coucil plays a critical role i decidig may importat issues, from fudig wome s health services to movig forward with Medicaid expasio. At stake are millios of dollars i taxpayer moey, the creatio of hudreds of ew jobs, ad access to affordable health care for tes of thousads of workig Graite Staters. Preparig for tomorrow s ecoomy requires makig smart ivestmets today. We eed a serious campaig to improve our roads ad bridges. Whe busiesses have trouble trasportig their goods ad services, they ca t hire ew workers or grow the ecoomy. Ad at the same time we are ivestig i our physical ifrastructure, we eed to ivest i our people ad schools. As a former teacher, I uderstad that success for our commuities ad success for our busiesses starts i the classroom. The First District icludes more tha 100 diverse ad deeply idepedet commuities, stretchig from oe side of the state to the other, ad spaig seve couties. The people of orther New Hampshire deserve a Executive Coucilor who will be a advocate for each of them every day, workig with members of both parties to deliver real results for our commuities. From ow util March 11, I will be workig hard every day to ear your vote. My grassroots campaig is people powered ad I am proud to have had more tha 400 New Hampshire residets ivest i it already. Please feel ecouraged to call me at Sed me a at com or visit my webpage atwww.mikecryas. org. Established October 14, 2004 Published every Thursday at 5 Water Street, Meredith, New Hampshire Telephoe: (603) Toll Free: (877) Fax: (603) Frak Chiliski, Presidet & Publisher Breda Berube, Editor Doa Rhodes, Reporter Josh Spauldig, Sports Editor Jeff Lajoie, Sports Reporter Doa Fraser, Advertisig Represetative Judy Maig, Classified & Circulatio Maager Jim Hickley, Distributio Maager Rya Coreau, Iformatio Maager Classifieds: USPS The Wiisquam Echo is published weekly by Salmo Press, P.O. Box 729, 5 Water St., Meredith, NH Periodicals postage paid at Meredith, NH POSTMASTER: Sed address chages to the Wiisquam Echo, P.O. Box 729, Meredith, NH SALMON PRESS PHOTO POLICY: As a commuity orieted family of ewspapers, Salmo Press welcomes photos from readers, busiess owers, ad other outside sources for publicatio i ay of its titles. Ay photos submitted for publicatio become the property of Salmo Press, ad may be displayed i our ewspapers, as well as o our Web site. They may also be made available for re-sale, with ay proceeds goig to Salmo Press ad/or the photo re-prit vedor. PET OF THE WEEK LETTERS TO THE EDITOR To the Editor: I hate to spoil ayoe s buzz, but if you ever smoked pot or bee aroud a buch of people who are stoed, you uderstad why they call it dope. Dot get me wrog what a adult lights up i To the Editor: Every taxpayer i Belkap Couty should be aware that the 2014 budget proposed by the Couty Commissioers cotais a eight percet icrease over last year. Durig the Ja. 7 Belkap Couty Delegatio meetig, Rep. Colette Worsma did a excellet job explaiig to the couty commissioers ad the geeral public how health isurace, salaries, ad admiistratio costs are usustaiable ad spiralig higher. For all her To the Editor: We the udersiged ecourage you to vote for Mike Cryas o March 11. As former ad curret State House represetatives, we uderstad the importat role of the Executive Coucil. Executive Coucilors vote to approve or reject all sigificat state cotracts, judicial omiatios, ad appoitmets of leaders of all state agecies. Mike Cryas commitmet to costituet services ad rejectio of partisa politics To the Editor: I have oticed that recetly i the media, the Selectme of the tow of Saborto have proposed a 2.5 percet cost of livig salary adjustmet for all tow employees. I have bee advised by the Tow Admiistrator that the cost of the icrease to the taxpayers of Saborto will amout to 27,166 for this upcomig budget cycle. Keep i mid that this is ot a oe time expese, but a permaet adjustmet to all salaries ad will apply goig forward, every year. How ca the Selectme justify that percetage whe all the tow residets o Social Security will oly be receivig a 1.5 percet adjustmet this year? I am also sure that may tow residets their home is their ow busiess. It s what s goig to happe o our roads ad i our schools if pot is made legal, ad easier to get, that cocers me. We have all had close calls while drivig with jerks crossig the yellow To the Editor: I wated to write ad thak the voters of District 1 for exercisig their right to vote o Tuesday i the District 1 Executive Coucil Primary. While the results did ot tur our as I would have liked, the campaig brought out some importat issues ad critical discussios o how we ca best serve followig 32 years from Ray Burto. I have cogratulated former State Se. Joe Keey o his victory ad will support him i the geeral electio. However, regardless of whom you support, the importat thig is that you go to vote o Tuesday, March efforts, she was immediately accused of tryig to micro-maage the couty budget process. What utter osese. She ad her coservative parters are merely attemptig to oversee a process that is clearly out of cotrol. Belkap is rated seveth out of a total of 10 couties i New Hampshire, with a populatio 47,567. Yet our Registry of Deeds, Sheriff, ad Huma Resource Director are higher paid tha i ay of the other couties i the state, makes him the right perso to work with the Goveror ad the four other Executive Coucil members ad represet District 1. Mike Cryas is a 17-year Grafto Couty Commissioer, cosultat to small busiess, former teacher, hospital board member, ad is curretly employed at Headrest, a o-profit orgaizatio that deals with substace abuse recovery with residetial care. Mike is a ative of New Hampshire, comig from Gorgeous Labrador/Plotthoud with a jauty gait, ad lovely soft eyes, seeks a home where she ca flourish ad ejoy the great outdoors. Katy came to us from a shelter i the North Coutry sometimes we swap aroud adoptable dogs i New Hampshire from o shelter to aother i search of that forever home. Katy has bee stayig at New Hampshire Humae Society sice November ad has lie while yappig or their cells or textig; add to that a half smoked joit i the ashtray ad that is askig for trouble. Ask ay high school teacher; they have eough glassy eyed, stoed kids i their classrooms as it is we do t eed them gettig 11. The Executive Coucil positio is vital to the ecoomic well-beig ad quality-of-life of our district, ad a strog turout shows you uderstad its importace. While I do ot kow what the future holds, I expect to stay active i my commuity ad beyod, ad hope to have the opportuity to icludig Hillsborough (populatio 402,922) ad Rockigham (populatio 297,820). Furthermore, Belkap Couty pays the secod highest for Couty Attorey ad Fiacial Officer, fourth highest for Nursig Home Director, ad fifth highest for Couty Admiistrator. Our Nursig Home Admiistrator ad Correctios Superitedet are the seveth highest paid i New Hampshire, compared to their peers. Obviously, somethig has to be doe. Littleto ad curretly residig i Haover. Mike has worked extesively i cetral ad orther New Hampshire Mike s priorities of buildig the ecoomy, his work ethic ad dedicatio to costituet services make him the best perso to cotiue the public service of Ray Burto, who tirelessly remided us all of the value of our citizes ad resources orth of Cocord. Please vote o March 11 KATY show she is itelliget, kowig may commads, loves to walk ad siff, has some exercise requiremets - of course, she s a big girl but she s also a houd; they like to use their oses. Katy would prefer to be the oly dog, but she will make a great family pet, older childre preferred her tail is formidable waggig machie. Call or check How ca our selectme justify a COLA icrease? High times i NH Thaks to all who supported me Worsma is o the right track Cryas will serve us well workig i the private sector will ot receive ay adjustmet at all i their salary due to the poor ecoomy. What is ecouragig is that the Saborto Budget Committee is ot i favor of this icrease, i spite of the Selectma s cotiued support of the proposed icrease. I ecourage the taxpayers of Saborto to cotact our Selectme to let them kow how you feel about the proposed COLA pay icrease for all tow employees! Better yet, why ot atted the Selectme s weekly meetig o Wedesday at 4:30 p.m. at the tow hall ad register to speak at the Public Commets portio of the meetig? Bill Whale Saborto ito Mom ad Dad s stash. The law makers i Cocord should give this some more thought, before we all start drivig dow 93 with the sog Rockey Moutai High blastig o our radios. Tom Sellew Lochmere serve our state i the future. Fially, I would like to thak my family, frieds, ad supporters - the Boothby Brigade! - who were with me throughout this campaig. Their support was vital ad I will ever forget them. Christopher Boothby Lacoia Rep. Worsma s oppoets say the solutio to skyrocketig costs is to egotiate as we have doe i the past or to put it aother way rubber stamp what the Couty Commissioers propose. Plaily, the old way is t workig, at least for the taxpayer. Oversight is what s eeded. Fortuately, Rep. Worsma ad her supporters o the Couty Delegatio are up to the task, ad right o track. Roger Grey Saborto for Mike Cryas for Executive Coucil. He will serve us all well. Thak you, Ho. Beth Arseault Ho. Mo Baxley Ho. Lisa DiMartio Ho. Ruth Gulick Ho. David Huot Ho. Elizabeth Merry Ho. Kate Miller Ho. Gail Morriso Ho. Ia Raymod Ho. Judie Reever Ho. Jae Wood Ho. Barbara Zeckhause The truth is, a little of your time ca make a lifetime of differece. Because kids with somethig to do are less likely to do drugs. You ca help. For more iformatio o drug prevetio programs i your commuity, call or visit: KIDS 313

5 WINNISQUAM ECHO By Joh Harriga Columist CULTURE Wild ad watchless we go, with ary a thought for time There are three thigs i life that we ca do othig about time, gravity, ad our family geetics. About the oly thig we have real cotrol over, I thik, is pickig our frieds. Oh, to a certai degree, we ca cotrol our health, but this is also to a certai degree like paddlig a caoe dowriver. It is ievitably a oe-way trip, ad all you ca do is try to steer aroud the boulders. Years ago, i 1968, i fact, my first ewspaper job at the Nashua Telegraph ivolved a cosiderable amout of darkroom time. The chemicals we used for developig ad fixig film ad prits meaig makig them o further affected by light were harsh to the ski ad ever really washed off util I could give my hads a thorough scrubbig at home. I was wearig a cheap watch, ad after a couple of moths, I oticed substatial erosio aroud its edges. The darkroom chemicals were devourig my watch. Do t eve bother gettig a more expesive watch, growled my editor ad photography metor Mike Shalhoup. It ll eat that oe too. Mike was a World War II combat photographer who ofte growled or barked ewsroom orders, but was a real softy at heart. Go get me a photo for the frot page, he barked o my first day o the job, thrustig a aciet four-by-five Speed Graphic, a atediluvia-lookig device, ito my hads. What the hell is this? I wated to say, but did t. Istead, I got a crash course i how to operate the thig, ad out I wet. The Speed Graphic, which took images o fourich by five-ich sheets of film, looked just like the cameras you see the ewspaper guys flashig away with i movies made i, oh, the 40 s. All that was missig was a big Press card tucked ito the brim of my hat, but I did t wear a hat. With its icredibly fie Zeiss-Ico les ad limitatios o film, it required a lot of thought ad movig aroud before you pressed the shutter, because it held oly two sheets of film (spare film holders were lugged aroud i a cavass satchel). I grew to love that camera ad did some of my best work with it early i my career. O that day I took a photo of a cat sittig placidly o a bridge that had bee codemed, ad sure eough oto Page Oe it wet, the first visible sig that I was embarkig o a ewspaper career that would ru for 45 years, ad still coutig. But all this bega with the erodig watch. This process revealed just how shoddy my watch was, so oe day I took it off ad put it wherever cheap, shoddy, darkroom-destroyed watches go, ad the I liked the feelig of ot wearig a watch, ad have ever wor oe sice. This startles some people, particularly the kid of people who always kow exactly what time it is, ad are always lookig at their watches, ad by the way are checkig their every 15 secods. It s exactly 11 past oo ad Bill said he d me at Wait! There he is ow! Every sigle ew perso you meet will evetually scrutiize your hads, quickly ad furtively, mostly to see if there s a weddig rig, ad the of course they ll otice the Jauary 30, 2014 A5 absece of a watch. Evetually, ad this might take miutes, hours, weeks or eve years, they ll blurt out the questio they ve bee patig to ask, which is How come you do t have a watch, you Luddite moro? quickly followed by How do you always seem to kow what time it is? (Actually, oe of my foder ad etertaiig momets i life has bee aticipatig those questios ad how I m goig to respod, which tells you how pathetic my life is.) Well, the tow plow usually rumbles by the house at aroud 6 a.m., makig sure that the road s i good shape for the school bus, which goes beepig by at 7. These are strog hits that it s the begiig of the SEE NCN, PAGE A10 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR To the Editor: For the first time i my life (ad hopefully the last), I had to call the fire departmet to respod to a fire i my home. I had a chimey fire! Upo eterig my livig room ot log after I had stoked the fire, I heard that omious soud may describe as a trai goig through your house. Sure eough, the iside of my chimey was fully ablaze. After first closig dow my stove to shut off oxyge to the fire I cotemplated my ext step, callig the fire departmet. You might ask why would oe eed to cotemplate callig the fire departmet whe oe has a ragig fire i theirchimey? As I grabbed the phoe, I recalled a story a fried oce told me of a chimey fire they had ad the thousads of dollars i uecessary damage to his house as a result of a over zealous fire crew who showed little respect for his home. This scary thought gave me pause, but thakfully oly for a few secods To the Editor: I am a Pro-busiess pragmatist. I deal with facts ad actual occurreces that are stimulatig New Hampshire s strategic self-sufficiecy. Examples of verifyig umbers like New Hampshire s high techology that accouts for six percet of New Hampshire jobs, compared to the atioal average of 4.7 percet, or two world class research uiversities, UNH ad Dartmouth College, each ivest expeditures of 100 millio or more per year. New Hampshire is raked eighth i clea techology capital ivestmets. The NHIRC s (New Hampshire Iovative Research Ceter) matchig of 6 millio to 129 New Hampshire compaies has resulted i discovery or sigificat May thaks to the Saborto Fire Departmet! improvemets i products. New Hampshire raks ith i the atio i high techology ad maufacturig employees as a percet of the populatio. The umber of gazelle firms i New Hampshire has dropped to 23rd i the atio from ith i Gazelles compromise less tha oe percet of all compaies, but geerate roughly 10 percet of ew jobs i ay give year. This is part of our ew tomorrow that will galvaize our maufacturig ad techology sectors. The ecoomic prosperity of New Hampshire ad the Uited States is fouded o the bedrock of iovatio ad etrepreeurship. Our ecoomy has bee drive by those who foud altera- Law Office of Kurt D. DeVylder, PLLC 33 South Mai St., 2d Floor P.O. Box 475 Wolfeboro, NH P:(603) F:(603) E: Experieced Effective FREE 1/2 Hour Cosultatio GENERAL LITIGATION, Icludig: Family Law Persoal Ijury Law Crimial Law Real Estate Law Debt Collectio Wills & Trusts Probate Law ad I commeced dialig. I the few miutes betwee placig the call ad the first firema arrivig at my house the fire seemed to dimiish sigificatly. I that time, I had the chace to ispect the situatio closer ad it seemed the fire was quietig. So, to try ad head off a similar situatio as experieced by my fried, I ra out to the driveway to greet the firema as they approached my home to let him kow that the fire seemed uder cotrol. I soo realized that this was etirely uecessary. Over the course of the ext hour or so, I got a first had educatio o how a chimey fire is hadled by a competet team of professioal firefighters. Withi 10 miutes of my callig, at least half doze firefighters arrived o the scee icludig the Fire Chief. I was assured that every care would be take to address the fire while esurig the least disruptio possible to my home ad property. They wet to work with great efficiecy uder the guidace of the lead firema ad Fire Chief. Every member of the team acted i the most professioal maer ad with respect for my home. Withi a hour or so, everythig was uder cotrol ad they were soo o their way. While they where there, the Fire Chief remided me that everyoe of the me ad wome who put my fire out were voluteers ad dropped whatever they were doig i a momets otice to come help me with my fire. I have a ew foud respect for firema, especially the members of the Saborto Fire Departmet. A heart felt thak you to all those who helped me that day, ad all the other firema out there who drop everythig i a momets otice to help fight fires! Thak you! Bob Maley Hermit Woods Wiery Saborto The importace of EPSCoR fudig SEE LETTER, PAGE A10 A chage i perspective o the Pyareo Home To the Editor: I live i Saborto, ear Pyareo Home, a small assisted livig home. I have kow the place from its begiig, ad always had the greatest admiratio for the people who work their i its missio of service. Recetly, I saw a article i its Newsletter by my cousi-i-law Melissa Aderso, whose father, Col. Raymod To the Editor: I wat to thak the voters who voted for me o Ja. 21, durig the Special Electio Primary for Executive Coucil District 1. A particular thak you to my family, frieds ad supporters who made it possible. I also wat to thak Christopher Boothby of Meredith ad Paid Advertisemet Paid Advertisemet Paid Advertisemet Holdig Ivestmet for the Log-term Ca Be Less Taxig As we get closer to April 15, 2014, the tax-filig deadlie, you may be woderig about the effects of some of your actios o the amout of taxes you pay. Of course, you do t have total commad of some key tax-related compoets, such as your eared icome. But oe area i which you do have a degree of cotrol is your ivestmet-related taxes. Ad sice 2013 has bee a pretty good year for the fiacial markets, you may have some sizable gais. If you decide to sell some of your ivestmets to lock i those gais, what would be the tax cosequeces? Essetially, the aswer depeds o two variables: your tax bracket ad how log you ve held the ivestmets. Our tax code rewards those ivestors who hold their ivestmets for loger time periods. Cosequetly, shortterm capital gais, eared o ivestmets held for less tha oe year before beig sold for a profit, are taxed at a idividual s ordiary icome tax rate, which, i 2013, ca be as high as 39.6%. However, logterm capital gais, eared o ivestmets held oe year or loger, are taxed at just 15% for most taxpayers ad 20% Beaupre, has ow moved ito Pyareo. It is a touchig story for me, sice Melissa lives just up the road from Pyareo, ad iitially viewed it with skepticism. Who wats a old folks home right i the eighborhood? She writes of her feeligs ow that she sees it from the iside, so to speak. Here is the article olie, at the Pyareo Web site, if Thak you for your vote Mark Aldrich of Lebao for ruig a very competitive race ad were othig but getleme throughout this process. This Primary eabled our campaig to sharpe our message of local cotrol, beig a strog watchdog o spedig ad expressed the value of state govermet experiece. I am the oly cadidate left for those i the 39.6% bracket. (At this tax bracket, a 3.8% Medicare cotributio tax may also apply to log-term gais, so the top capital gais rate would be 23.8%.) You ll eed to check with your tax advisor for more details. From a tax stadpoit, you are likely to be better off by keepig your profitable ivestmets at least oe year before sellig them. But are there also other reasos to hold ivestmets for the log term? I a word, yes. For oe thig, if you are costatly buyig ad sellig ivestmets, you wo t just icur taxes you ll also rack up commissios ad fees. Ad these costs ca eat ito your ivestmets real rate of retur. Also, if you are always buyig ad sellig, you may be doig so for the wrog reasos. You might be chasig after hot ivestmets, eve though by the time you buy them, they may already be coolig off ad, i ay case, they may ot eve be right for your eeds. Or, you might decide you eed to shake thigs up i your portfolio because you have t ayoe would like to read it. I hope more people ca get to kow how good it is. Pyareo-Home-Newsletter-color-December-2013.pdf Fletcher Lokey Saborto who wats to make the Executive Coucil District 1 a full-time positio, ot a part-time positio. I look forward to earig your Special Geeral Electio vote o March 11. Thak you oce agai! Joseph D. Keey Republica Nomiee for Executive Coucil District 1 Wakefield liked what you ve see o your ivestmet statemets for a loger period of time. But if the overall market is dow, it teds to drag everythig dow with it eve quality vehicles that still have good prospects. But most importatly, if you are always buyig ad sellig, you will fid it difficult to follow a uified, logterm ivestmet strategy oe that s based o your goals, risk tolerace ad time horizo. Whe you follow such a strategy, you may ideed buy ad sell ivestmets, but oly at those times whe it s really ecessary, such as whe you eed to further diversify your holdigs, a fudametal chage i the compay has occurred or whe the suitability ratig of the ivestmet has chaged. While diversificatio ca t guaratee profits or protect agaist loss, it ca help reduce the impact of volatility o your portfolio. If you wat to cut dow o your capital gais taxes, holdig quality ivestmets for the log term makes sese. Ad for a ivestmet strategy, a buy ad hold approach ca better positio you log after tax seaso has eded. This article was writte by Edward Joes for use by your local Edward Joes Fiacial Advisor. For more iformatio or to sig up for their mothly ewsletter, Cotact Jacquelie Taylor, Fiacial Advisor, at or Jacki at Jacquelie. Her office is located at 14 Mai Street, Dowtow Meredith. For more iformatio, see or like her o

6 A6 Jauary 30, 2014 OBITUARIES / LOCAL NEWS WINNISQUAM ECHO OBITUARIES Ralph Emerso George, 66 LACONIA Ralph Emerso George, 66, of 208 Parade Rd., Meredith, passed away after a brief period of decliig health at the Lakes Regio Geeral Hospital, Lacoia, o Thursday, Ja. 16, Ralph was predeceased by his wife, Tia, of 31 years i 2008 ad a sister, Emily Vallee-Hamilto, i Mr. George was bor Sept. 12, 1947 i Lacoia, the so of the late Phyllis J. (Maig) ad Charles E. George Jr. He was a lifetime residet of Lacoia, worked at the Belkap Mill, the Lacoia State School, the Lacoia Daily Su ad Meredith News, ad had bee employed at the New Hampshire State Hospital ad Glecliff. He loved his aimals, cuttig firewood, drivig aroud o his golf cart ad loved the outdoors. He leaves behid his so, Karl George, ad his SANBORNTON The Saborto Cogregatioal Church UCC, i partership with the Saborto Tow Library, is sposorig a Film Series held o the first Wedesday of every moth o the secod floor of the library. Show time is 6:30-8:30 p.m. Everyoe is welcome. The first film, to be show o Feb. 5, will be Groudhog Day (1993), with a ruig time of oe hour, 42 miutes. Bill Murray is at his wry, wisecrackig best i this romatic comedy about a weatherma caught i a persoal time warp that forces him to repeat the worst day of his life over ad over agai. Teamed with a reletlessly cheerful producer (Adie Mac- wife Mary of Meredith; his sister, Polly Grager, ad her husbad, Joh, of Lacoia; ad his youger sister, Nia Smith, ad her husbad Waye of Belmot. A graveside service for Ralph ad Tia will be held i the sprig at the Middleeck Cemetery, Moultoborough. There will be o callig hours. A Celebratio of Life to share memories ad stories will be held at the Wicwas Lake Grage Hall, 150 Meredith Ceter Rd., Meredith, N.H o Suday, Ja. 26, 2014 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wilkiso-Beae- Simoeau-Paquette Fueral Home & Crematio Services, 164 Pleasat St., Lacoia, is assistig the family with the arragemets. For more iformatio ad to view a olie memorial, go to www. Saborto Cogregatioal Film Series kicks off with Groudhog Day LACONIA The February Breast Cacer ad Beyod gatherig will be o Moday, Feb. 3 from 4:30-6 p.m. Come relax ad visit amog others affected by breast cacer. Share stories ad discuss experieces while light refreshmets are served. The gatherig will be held at the Wome s Imagig Ceter located at Lakes Regio Geeral Hospital, Lacoia. RSVP appreciated but Dowell) ad a smart-aleck camerama (Chris Elliott), TV weatherma Phil Coors (Bill Murray) is set to Puxsutawey, Pa. to cover the aual Groudhog Day festivities. But o his way out of tow, Phil is caught i a giat blizzard, which he failed to predict, ad fids himself stuck i small-tow hell. Thigs get worse; Phil wakes the ext morig to fid that it s Groudhog Day all over agai... ad agai... ad agai. Groudhog Day was cheered by critics as Bill Murray s best movie ever. Followig the film, a discussio will be led by Rev. Ruth Martz. For further iformatio, call the library at or visit the church s Web site at Breast Cacer ad Beyod February gatherig ot required. For more iformatio o the Breast Cacer ad Beyod Support Program, please cotact Giy Witki at LRGHealthcare is a otfor-profit healthcare charitable trust represetig Lakes Regio Geeral Hospital, Frakli Regioal Hospital, ad affiliated medical providers. LRGHealthcare s missio is to provide quality, compassioate care ad to stregthe the well-beig of our commuity. LACONIA Tim Caverly has spet his life i Maie s outdoors. Growig up shadowig his father, who was a fire warde with the Maie Forest Service, ad his brother, a rager i Baxter State Park, it was atural for him to seek a career i the outdoors. Caverly will share his experieces i the outdoors Suday, Feb. 9 at 2 p.m. at Taylor Commuity s Woodside Buildig, 435 Uio Ave. The evet is free ad ope to the public, but please RSVP by callig , Moday through Friday betwee 8 a.m. ad 4 p.m. or , Origially from Skowhega, Maie, Caverly bega workig as a rager at Sebago Lake State Park while i college. Afterward, he cotiued his employmet with the Departmet of Coservatio with assigmets as maager of Aroostook ad Cobscook Bay State Parks, as well as beig a regioal Tim Caverly ad his Allagash Tails scheduled for Taylor Commuity LACONIA The Family Resource Ceter of Cetral New Hampshire, located at 719 No. Mai St., Lacoia, is agai offerig a free, Cooperative Co-Paretig program to families i the Lakes Regio. Cooperative Co-Paretig will meet o Thursdays, Ja. 30, Feb. 6, 13, ad 20 from 6-8 p.m. ad icludes a optioal dier from 5:30-6 p.m. This free, four-week series is for o-married, separated, or divorced parets ad caregivers raisig childre together who share separate households. Preseters Jay Apicelli, MS, Family Mediator ad Huma Services Educator, Attorey ad G.A.L. Jaice L. McLaughli, ad Tammy Emery, Step Ahead Family Support Specialist, LRCS, will cover: copig through separatio ad trasitio; skills for dealig with stress ad ager; positive commuicatio strategies; how to reduce ad resolve coflict, egotiatig agreemets, ad mediatio ad guardiaship. Advace registratio is requested for this program. Limited o-site childcare ad assistace with trasportatio is available with advace otice ad approval. Space is limited, call Erika Lea, Lakes Regio Commuity Services, at , or for more iformatio or to register. Attedace certificates are provided at the paretig programs sposored by Lakes Regio Commuity Services, Family Resource Ceter of Cetral New supervisor of the Allagash Regio. This Regio icluded the Allagash Wilderess Waterway ad Peobscot River Corridor. He was supervisor of the Allagash Wilderess Waterway for 18 years. I 1999, Tim retired from the Departmet after a 32- year career. He resides i Milliocket, ad worked for five years i the Milliocket School System. He ow writes ad presets programs full-time throughout New Eglad, ejoys raisig Golde Retrievers ad sharig stories about the Maie woods. Taylor Commuity is a 501(c)(3) ot-for-profit Cotiuig Care Retiremet Commuity whose missio is to provide the highest quality retiremet livig optios to support the idepedece, health ad digity of commuity residets. Visit ad check us out Facebook to keep up with all our evets. Hampshire. For hudreds of families livig i the Lakes Regio each year, the Family Resource Ceter of Cetral New Hampshire, a program of LRCS, offers respectful, o-judgmetal educatio ad support to help families meet basic eeds, keep childre safe, ad make positive coectios because the Family Resource Ceter believes strog families lead to strog commuities Courtesy Tim Caverly will share his experieces i the outdoors Suday, Feb. 9 at 2 p.m. at Taylor Commuity s Woodside Buildig, 435 Uio Ave. The evet is free ad ope to the public, but please RSVP by callig , Moday through Friday betwee 8 a.m. ad 4 p.m. or , Popular cooperative co-paretig series returs to Family Resource Ceter GILFORD Friday, Feb. 14 at 10 a.m., the Belkap Couty Area Committee o Agig will host David Stamps from the Belkap Mill Historical Society. Ejoy a video presetatio about the Mill ad its history, ad the lear more about The Mill ad its voluteer opportuities. As life chages, voluteerig is especially importat for health ad well beig both physical ad metal! This evet is ope to the public ad free of charge. Please cotact Stace at or for more iformatio. The missio of the Belkap Couty Area Committee o Agig is to advocate ad iform the public o matters relatig to the developmet ad implemetatio of local, state ad federal programs / issues affectig well beig, idepedece ad digity i MEREDITH The Lakes Regio Plaig Commissio (LRPC) has bee workig to help commuities better uderstad the availability of high-speed broadbad iteret access ad pla for reliable, affordable broadbad iteret solutios. The ability to access high-speed iteret will have a sigificat impact o the ecoomic developmet of a commuity ow ad well ito the future. At the ext Lakes Regio Broadbad Stakeholder Group (LRBSG) meetig, we will cotiue to review the draft of the New Hampshire Lakes Regio Broadbad Pla with a focus o Recommedatios ad Implemetatio strategies. We will also be discussig plas for a public forum that will be held later i 2014 to update citizes o the status HOUSE JACKING SPECIALIST Foudatios Uder Existig Houses Microblastig Demolitio Sitework Sad ad Gravel Caswell Costructio Cell: Lakes Regio Commuity Services (LRCS) is a oprofit, comprehesive family support agecy with a primary focus of providig supports to idividuals with developmetal disabilities ad/or acquired brai disorders ad their families. A dyamic huma services orgaizatio, LRCS offers other essetial ad critical services to idividuals i our Greater Lakes Regio commuities from birth throughout their lifespa. At the core of LRCS work is iclusio, acceptace, ad buildig stregths ad parterships whether at the idividual, family or commuity level. LRCS has offices i Lacoia ad Plymouth which combie to serve families residig throughout Belkap ad Souther Grafto Couties. For more iformatio cotact Joae Piper Lag at or visit g. Lear about the Belkap Mill at ext Committee o Agig meetig keepig with New Hampshire s goal to keep seiors healthy, helpig us to realize full potetial. The Belkap Couty Area Committee o Agig meetigs start at 10 a.m. the secod Friday of each moth. The committee meets i the Wesley Woods Commuity Room off Route 11A, behid the First Uited Methodist Church i Gilford. All are welcome. LRPC Broadbad plaig group to meet Feb. 21 of the New Hampshire Broadbad Mappig ad Plaig Program, ad itroduce the draft New Hampshire Lakes Regio Broadbad Pla ad maps for public review. If you have a iterest or are curious about the status of Broadbad i the Lakes Regio, please pla to atted the ext LRBSG meetig o Friday, Feb. 21 at 9 a.m. i the LRPC First Floor Coferece Room. The LRPC ecourages all members of the public who are iterested i ay aspect of high-speed broadbad service to atted. For additioal iformatio, or special accommodatio, please call Michelle Therrie at or at

7 WINNISQUAM ECHO CULTURE Jauary 30, 2014 Pitma s offers three great shows this weeked A7 Courtesy I Explorig the Currier Iside Out: Adrew Witki, Amog Others, o view at the Currier Museum of Art from Ja. 11 through May 11, the artist has placed work strategically throughout the Museum. Witki who splits his time betwee Bosto ad Saborto uses objects from the Currier s collectio ad materials from the Museum s Library ad Archives as the startig poit for his istallatios. Artwork by Saborto s Adrew Witki o exhibit at Currier Museum MANCHESTER Most art exhibitios predictably move visitors from oe object to aother i a sigle room exclusively dedicated to that show. I Explorig the Currier Iside Out: Adrew Witki, Amog Others, o view at the Currier Museum of Art from Ja. 11 through May 11, the artist has placed work strategically throughout the Museum. Witki who splits his time betwee Bosto ad Saborto uses objects from the Currier s collectio ad materials from the Museum s Library ad Archives as the startig poit for his istallatios. His missio is to help visitors recosider museums as storehouses of culture ad iformatio that shape how we perceive history ad geerate kowledge. Walkig through the Currier galleries, visitors will ecouter beautifully crafted plywood furiture Witki desiged i collaboratio with New Hampshire Furiture Master, Tom Mc- Laughli. Visitors are ivited to touch ad sit i these chairs, ad reevaluate the everyday materials from which they are made. Positioed ear atique mahogay ad maple furiture the Currier has collected, they create a cotrast that provokes guests to recosider how museums determie what is suitable for purchase ad display. I aother istallatio, Witki places two plywood wigback chairs ear a fireplace that is curretly boarded up. The scee is remiiscet of a origial presetatio at the Currier, but which has chaged over time. I a early America taver display, Witki has positioed a cotemporary plywood table where oe had existed before. The dissimilar ad more cotemporary material used to make the table ivites questios regardig why it appears i a Museum settig. The istallatios placed aroud the Museum create a web of coectios, ivitig visitors to see the Museum aew, just as Witki did i his research at the Currier. A large wall mural ear the Library o the lower level cotais a alphabetized list of words ad phrases Witki collected from amog the Museum s historic documets durig his research. It stads as a testimoial to the Currier s istitutioal history. Geometric shapes fill a earby wall, complemetig the text list. Throughout the process of explorig Witki s exhibitio, we come to view the Currier as a chageable cavas of partial histories ad stories that might ispire more questios tha it aswers, says Nia Gara Bozicik, assistat curator. Witki s art aims to ope eyes ad mids. It ivites us to take active owership of the iformatio aroud us, to brig a more critical awareess to what we see ad experiece, ad to recosider the thigs we thik we kow about culture ad history. Iside Out was bor from a close collaboratio betwee Witki, Currier staff ad others outside the Museum. The phrase Amog Others i the exhibitio title ackowledges the partership that has give shape to the exhibitio. A illustrated gallery guide ad itroductory video iterview with Witki accompay the exhibitio. I both, Witki has icluded a list of more tha 650 collaborators ad iflueces, such as America jazz siger ad sogwriter Billie Holiday, America philosopher ad educatio reformer Joh Dewey, Currier fouders Moody Currier ad Haah Slade Currier, ad all curret Currier staff, voluteers ad trustees. This exhibitio is part of the Cotemporary Coectios series, which features ew work by early- ad mid-career artists from New Eglad made i dialogue with the Currier s collectio ad regioal histories ad locatio. These projects offer Museum guests expaded perspectives o cotemporary art-makig ad ivite them to cosider the dyamic likages betwee past ad preset art practices ad cultural histories. Previous artists featured i the series iclude Cristi Rikli (Diluvial) ad Abigail Ae Newbold (Craftig Settlemet). The Currier s presetatio of Explorig the Currier Iside Out: Adrew Witki, Amog Others is geerously supported by the NBT Fud. The Currier Museum of Art is located at 150 Ash Street, Machester, NH. Ope every day except Tuesday. The Currier is a active participat i the Blue Star Museum Program, providig veteras ad their immediate families with free geeral admissio throughout the year. More iformatio: or call , ext LACONIA Pitma s Freight Room at 94 New Salem St. i Lacoia is pleased to aouce the followig evets for this weeked: Thursday, Ja. 30 at 8 p.m.: Zeke Marti ad the Oracle Jazz Bad Bor i Brussels i 1973, Zeke Marti etered the world with a pair of drumsticks i his hads. The Zeke Marti Project has performed i may locatios throughout the ortheast regio, icludig the Berklee Performace Ceter, The House Of Blues i Bosto, The Black Repertory Theater i Rhode Islad, Mito s Playhouse ad Sweet Rhythm, i New York City ad tours Malaysia yearly. Additioally, The Zeke Marti Project has shared the stage with such star performers as The Neville Brothers, The Fuk Brothers, Ali-Ollie Woodso from the Temptatios, three time Grammy omiee Ski Johso ad Regia Bell to ame a few. The Zeke Marti Project also just wo New Eglad Urba Music Award Best Jazz CD Curretly, The Zeke Marti Project resides i Bosto, Mass., ad cotiues to perform alog the east coast ad i Asia. Members: Zeke Marti-Drums/Bad Leader, Bria Egglesto - Keyboard, Pat Loomis - Sax, Joe Sumrell - Bass Admissio 12, doors ope at 7:30 p.m., ad we are a BYO Veue. www. Friday Ja. 31 at 8 p.m.: The Willie J. Laws Blues Bad Willie J. Laws has more tha 25 years of performig experiece ad has traveled the world makig music. The iflueces heard i the music of the Willie J. Laws Bad are may ad eclectic. There are deep roots i Texas music traditio ad uiquely America roots music. Raised i the Gulf Coast of Texas, Willie J. developed his fuky blues guitar ad vocal soud, iflueced by Texas Blues ad R&B, Tex-Mex Tejao/Cojuto, Louisiaa Zydeco, ad Coutry. Fas call him the Real Deal. His work over the past 25 years icludes performig as the house bad for The House of Blues i both Las Vegas ad New Orleas, ad as well as Margaritaville i the Crescet City. He performs atioally ad iteratioally with the Grammy award-wiig Tejao bad Los Texmaiacs. While livig i Texas, Louisiaa, Nevada, ad Califoria he repeatedly opeed for BB Kig, Etta James, Buddy Guy, Willie Nelso, Hall & Oates, Lyyrd Skyyrd ad umerous others. Willie was metored by, ad toured throughout the US with, the late Blues great ad Texa, Phillip Walker, which you also hear i Willie s playig style. Willie ow lives i Massachusetts, travels from New Hampshire to New York City to Texas ad beyod, ad plays hardcore, authetic Blues with a twist of Zydeco, R&B ad Fuk. Admissio 12, doors ope at 7:30 p.m., ad we are a BYO Veue. Saturday, Feb. 1 at 8 p.m.: Dace Night featurig the Dave Sammarco Bad There s more tha just a hit of dow home coutrified cow-kicki musical blood ruig through the veis of Dave Sammarco. He s take a age old soud ad brought it i to the preset with a passioate eergy. He s got that twag i his voice ad a pocket full of stories that aim straight for the heart. Well-writte sogs, played by solid musicias, sug sicerely ad covicigly, about beig tore up oe way or the other. The Dave Sammarco Bad strips it all dow to the boe ad delivers a o frills rock roll hoedow! Dave Sammarco - Guitar ad vocals, Billy Carr - Drums ad vocals, Toby Leith - Fiddle, Fred Lomas - Bass ad vocals ad Phil Sottile - Guitar ad lap steel guitar. Come joi us for a ight of great music ad dacig! Admissio 12, doors ope at 7:30 p.m., ad we are a BYO Veue. www. BIG LAKE Taxi & Limo, llc Airport Shuttles to ad from Portlad, Machester & Loga, Cocerts, Nights Out, WE HAVE A VEHICLE FOR EVERY OCCASION! Mt. Washigto cruises, large group discouts. We ll take you aywhere you wat to go! Check out our website for prices ad book your trip! Fully Isured ad Airport Registered

8 A8 Jauary 30, 2014 WINNISQUAM ECHO MOVE THE METAL SALES EVENT SAVE BIG! NEW 2013 DODGE DART SE AERO TURBO STOCK #D13000 MSRP 21,680 Discouts & Rebates - 3,139 18, JEEP COMPASS 4X4 SPORT STOCK #J14079 MSRP 23,985 Discouts & Rebates - 3,252 20, JEEP PATRIOT ALTITUDE PKG. STOCK #J14127 MSRP 21,475 Discouts & Rebates - 2,692 18,763 NEW 2013 JEEP WRANGLER UNLIMITED SPORT, 4X4, 4-DR., 245 PKG., AUTO, CHROME GROUP. STOCK #J13131 MSRP 34,155 Discouts & Rebates - 1,506 32,649 NEW 2014 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN SE STOCK #D14003 MSRP 25,180 Discouts & Rebates - 2,932 22,248 NEW 2013 DODGE JOURNEY SXT AWD STOCK #D13025 MSRP 30,480 Discouts & Rebates - 5,030 25,450 THE ALL NEW 2014 JEEP CHEROKEE IN STOCK NOW! NEW 2014 CHRYSLER 200 LIMITED STOCK #C SUNROOF, NAV, LEATHER MSRP 28,430 Discouts & Rebates - 5,014 23,416 NEW 2013 RAM 2500 HD CHASSIS CAB STOCK #R YR. DUMP BODY, 9-1/2 FISHER STAINLESS STEEL V PLOW IN STOCK! 2014 JEEP CHEROKEE LATITUDE 4X4 STOCK #J14096 MSRP 27,490 Discouts & Rebates - 1,535 25, DODGE AVENGER SE RALLY STOCK #D14010 MSRP 22,180 Discouts & Rebates - 3,598 18, RAM 1500 QUAD CAB 4X4 EXPRESS HEMI STOCK #R14002 MSRP 36,860 Discouts & Rebates - 5,419 31, RAM 2500 HD CREW CAB DIESEL STOCK #R14008 MSRP 50,720 Discouts & Rebates - 5,901 44, SUZUKI XL7 4WD STK #J14115A - 7 PASSENGER, ONLY 65K MILES 2012 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN STK #U1330A 2001 HONDA INSIGHT STK #U1160C - 81K MILES 2011 JEEP LIBERTY 4X4 SPORT STK #U1339A - ONLY 19K MILES 9,949 18,900 6,950 18, JEEP WRANGLER 4X4 SPORT STK #U1340A - 10K MILES 22, FORD MUSTANG STK #J14024B 11, JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 4X4 LARADO STK #U1338A - ONLY 19K MILES 26, JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 4X4 LARADO STK #J14037A 17, LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 4WD STK #J14072A - LOADED 2010 DODGE CHALLENGER STK #C13018A - POWER SUNROOF 2012 CHEVY CRUZE LT STK #J14055A - ONLY 23K MILES 2012 NISSAN VERSA STK #U1327A - 5-DR. HATCH 29,900 18,900 14,900 13, POULIN Shop over 200 ew ad pre-owed vehicles olie, aytime at POULIN CHRYSLER, DODGE, JEEP, RAM N. Mai St., Rochester, NH The Maufacturer s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is a price set by the maufacturer ad does ot ecessari;ly reflect the price actually paid by cosumers. Tax, title & admi. fee extra. Advertised fiace rates ad terms available to qualified buyers oly with approved credit. All sale prices ad paymets based o dealer discout ad the applicable factory rebates ad icetives. *Special fiacig may be available i lieu of other offers. See showroom for details. Factory icetives subject to chage without otice. Tax, title ad admi. fees extra. Paymets are calculated with 3,000 cash dow or trade equity. Iterest rates: model years % % % % % %. Advertised fiace rates ad terms available to exceptioally qualified super prime customers who must achieve approval for loa through our leder. Paymets may be higher for less qualified applicats.

9 THE REST OF THE STORY WINNISQUAM ECHO Jauary 30, 2014 A9 SKIER CONTINUED FROM PAGE A1 where, at the age of five, he was ecstatic to come i fifth place. The my older brother Justi told me there were oly five people i the race, so that kid of ruied it for me, he laughed. While he skied each witer, durig the fall he ra cross coutry races at Sat Bai ad evetually realized that while alpie skiig was fu, cross coutry skiig was a lot cooler. After school, Freema moved to Park City, Utah where he traied ad eared a spot o the U.S. Ski Team. Today he calls Thorto home ad speds three to four hours a day stayig i shape. He does moutai rus to maitai his edurace levels, roller skis to Newfoud Lake ad back whe there s o sow, lifts weights, ad practices CANCER CONTINUED FROM PAGE A1 Rhude ad Bethay McItoch of Hair Excitemet i Belmot, alog with Matt Wilso, a LCS grad who ows ad operates Polished ad Proper Barbershop & Shave Parlor i Lacoia, ad private stylists Sue Christiaso ad Amada Adams all doated their skills ad time to the cause. Meagha was diagosed with Ewig s Sarcoma i December whe she broke her femur while simply walkig to class. Her leg is still i a full cast, ad will require surgery further dow the road. For ow, doctors are more focused o gettig her the treatmets she ll eed to overcome her disease. As a result her mom has also had to take time off from her job to help care for Meagha ad take her for appoitmets ad chemotherapy at the Childre s Hospital at Dartmouth. Last Saturday morig, people bega liig up as early as 9:30 a.m. to have their hair cut ad help i other ways to raise moey for Meagha ad her family. Oe of my customers showed up just to drop off a doatio, which was awesome; the I had a 10-year-old boy come i who just fiished chemotherapy himself. He wated me to shave his head FRESH BREAD Old Village Bakery Had-made baked goods 50 Seavey Street No.Coway Mo-Sat 7:30-4:00 yoga ad meditatio whe he feels stress buildig before a big race. Freema told studets that gettig to the Olympic level is tough for ay athlete but he had oe other big obstacle alog the way. At the age of 20 he was diagosed with diabetes ad his doctor o oe could ever compete i the Olympics with that health issue. Freema did t like hearig that grim declaratio at all though ad he set out to fid iovatios i medical sciece that could help him make his dreams come true. After iterviewig several physicias ( Yes, I iterviewed them, he said) he foud oe who came up with a protocol that would allow him to cotiue his athletic career. He ow carefully plas his race aroud isuli ijectios ad sacks or driks he eeds to press o agai for Meagha. I admit my eyes leaked a little o that oe, Wilso said. I additio to the hair cuts, there were umerous raffle items also doated by local busiesses. Mogee said they all raged i value from 20 gift certificates ad goods to pricy items like a autographed Cam Neely Bruis shirt, tickets to a Bruis game, a ipad Mii, a Xbox Oe game system, a chair from Ippolito s Furiture i Meredith, a autographed Laurece Maroey Patriots jersey, skateboards, sowboards ad more. Everyoe here at Lacoia Christia School helped out, too. It s just the kid of school this is, she said. Both of Meagha s parets work for Shaw s Supermarkets, ad the compay also pitched i to doate food, driks ad raffle items for the evet. This is all a little overwhelmig, said dad Tracy Aubut. The commuity ad some big compaies i the area have really stepped up to support Meagha. A lot of people put a lot of time ad effort ito makig this all happe. It s just icredible. Meagha herself was also a bit overwhelmed as i a race. My strategy? I thik of my body as a race car. I do t wat to redlie it, Freema said. Istead, he listes to his body the decides if he eeds to heed a warig or if he ca push o. I betwee skiig, he has also bee ivolved for 10 years i speakig with childre with diabetes at summer camps. I ecourage them to go after their goals, he said. Eli Lilly, the maufacturer of his isuli products, is oe of his major sposors ad to the best of his kowledge, Freema said he is oe of the oly edurace athletes curretly competig at the Olympic level with diabetes. His health issues are ot always without its cosequeces. Not feelig well before the decidig race that would place him o the U.S. she sat i her wheel chair ad watched all the activity. Her father said she is already plaig how she ca help pay it forward oe day. This will ifluece her the rest of her life, I thik. She has a log road ahead of her but she wats to do somethig to help out CHaD whe she s better. They ve bee woderful to her ad we re blessed to have them, he said. Eve after all their cotributios to last weeked s evet, Hair Excitemet still is t doe with helpig Meagha ad her family. From ow util Feb. 16 they will be sellig ribbos ad hearts at their shop as a cotiued fudraiser, ad o the 16th they will ope their salo for more haircuts i support of Meagha. People just have to go i o that day ad say they wat a hair cut for Meagha. Their cut will be free ad the salo will doate the cost of the haircut to help her out, said Iria Adreaso, oe of the paret orgaizers of last weeked s fudraiser. Hair Excitemet is located i the Belkap Mall o Route 3 i Belmot. RACERS CONTINUED FROM PAGE A1 were Kyle Farmer of Frakli, also i the modified divisio, as well as Jamie Dubois of Frakli, Steve Getty of Sprigfield, Vermot ad Joh Ash of Gilford i some of the umerous stock divisios. Amog the youger competitors were stad outs Tucker Reyolds, age five from Hooksett, six-year-old Brooke Whitcomb of Fracestow, ad ie-year-old Jake Dubois of Frakli. The Radar Ru was the first of several outdoor fu evets beig held i the comig moth, alog with Plaig A Party? Surprise or Otherwise? Need a Facility or Caterer? Check Out Our Seaso Specials: 33% off all meals plus free chia ad flatware. Plus o veue fee! Also check out our free Birthday Party Special! All FREE, D.J. & Muchies (mi. 40 guests, 21 plus) Ski Team this year, he said he maaged to keep goig eve whe his blood sugar was low. With the help of his brother, who figured out how may poits he would eed to ear that day, he set out o the course to give it all he had. I had to come i withi 20 secods of the wier of the race I maaged to come i 16 secods behid him. I got doe what I had to get doe, eve uder bad circumstaces, he said. CRYANS CONTINUED FROM PAGE A1 goig to do it. That decisio, he said, also came at the behest of Burto who, i his fial days, ecouraged Cryas to ru for his seat o the coucil. Ray supported your cadidacy ad I thik that right there says so much about you, said Steve Tessler at last week s meetig. Burto s commitmet to the people ad issues that matter i the North Coutry is also part of what drove Cryas to throw his hat ito the rig with the goal of cotiuig his missio. While Burto was a Republica ad Cryas a Democrat, political affiliatios ever came betwee them. That, Cryas said, is somethig he would like to brig with him should he wi the electio i March. Ray did t care if you were a Democrat ad he was a Republica. That Call White Moutai Chalet & Caterers i Berli, NH Professioal O & Off-site Caterer Servig all of Norther New Eglad Visit us at Chef Lloyd Murray, Ower, Cordo Bleu Graduate or Over 30 years full-time experiece did t matter to him. He cared about the people, ad I thik that s a good role model, Cryas said. He told the group he would also maitai Burto s matra of Look North. Cryas sees topics such as jobs creatio, educatio, iteret access, ad road repairs to be just a few of the issues that eed to be addressed orth of Cocord. Democrat Ly Rudmi Chog of Saborto poited out a recet iterview i which Repubica cadidate Joe Keey said, should Cryas wi the electio, he would be takig o a third time job betwee Executive Coucil ad his other commitmets. I do t buy that the oly way to do this is to just have oe job. Ray had several jobs while he was o the coucil, Cryas said. He also assured party members that he is ot a No guy, but i fact is Frakli s Witer Carival celebratio that lasts util mid-february. Most of those evets will be held at Veteras Memorial Recreatio Area o Flaghole Road i Frakli while a fishig derby will take place Feb , back out o Webster Lake. For more iformatio o Witer Carival evets, please visit their Web site You ca ow... As a result, Freema, who competed i the 2002, 2006 ad 2010 games, will ow head for Sochi, Russia for the Olympics oce agai. The Olympics are like o other evet I do. All the witer sports, coutries ad media come together ad it s really excitig, but it ca be overwhelmig, too, he said. Oe studet asked him, How much do you wat it? ad the Olympia replied, Do you mea to wi? I always wat to wi. I love to ski ad I love to wi. Put them together ad you have a ski racer. Freema s first of four races i Sochi is o Day 1 of the Olympics so he said he will ot be able to atted the opeig ceremoies the ight before. He does, however, pla o beig at Closig Ceremoies two weeks later, hopefully with a coveted Olympic medal aroud his eck at log last. someoe who looks to see if ideas preseted to him might be accomplished. You have to be willig to give a little to get a little sometimes, he said. Cryas said he is ot oly willig to compromise, but he is willig to work hard to represet residets i the North Coutry. He is curretly opposed to power lies that could be erected with the proposed Norther Pass project, preferrig the wires be placed udergroud. He will also be meetig with residets of the Newfoud Regio to hear their cocers about aother alterative eergy proposal, the Wild Meadows Wid Farm project, that has draw a lot of oppositio. District 1 ecompasses 109 tows ad four cities, represetig oe-fifth of the state s populatio ad Cryas said he looks forward to gettig to kow ot oly the people of those at com. Proulx said LRSC hopes to hold a secod Radar Ru this year o Feb. 23, coditios permittig. For more iformatio people are asked to like them o Facebook or check their Web site, for updates o the evet. Frakli We re the people of C.N. Brow Call the office for this week s cash price. It s a Good Time Every Night of the Week at the Bar! Modays BURGER TIME 5.00 burgers all day! mouth waterig, big beefy burgers with had cut fries. Tuesdays PIZZA TIME! Pizzas 10, up to 4 specified toppigs, die i oly, 2 pizzas per party. SWIRL, SIP & SAVE Half off featured red ad white wie. Wedesdays FIESTA EN EL ESTABLO! party at the bar! 20% off Mexica items o meu, 1 off margaritas. Thursdays PRIME RIB DINNER 15 oz (while it lasts) live music 7-10 pm Sudays BEER SPECIALS 1-4 pm Daily EARLY BIRD GETS THE DEAL! dier specials 4-5:30 pm Lakeshore Rd. Gilford, NH directly behid Ellacoya Coutry Store Olie at Cotiue your Thursday readig by likig the Wiisquam Echo s facebook page! You ll see daily updates from our advertisers. Stay updated o headlie ews. O Wedesdays we showcase colums from years ago. All this ad much, much more!! Check us out ad see how we cotiue to meet our Commuity s eeds!! Our readers trust our advertisers, our advertisers trust us!!

10 A10 Jauary 30, 2014 Courtesy Wiisquam FFA Members developed their leadership skills at Camp Brookwoods, Ja Pictured are (left to right) Da McCall, Grace Weigarter, Sierra Laughy, Cheyee DeHart, Sierra Dola, Chelsea Davis, Tyler Swai ad Rick Martieau (advisor). Wiisquam Ag studets atted Leadership Camp TILTON Seve motivated members of the Wiisquam FFA Chapter spet the weeked of Ja. 17 at the aual NH FFA Witer Leadership Camp, where they improved their skills as youg leaders, met other FFA members from aroud the state ad participated i social activities. I all, 59 studets of agricultural educatio egaged i the evet. Campers participated i workshops o subjects such as diversity, ethics ad goal settig. The semiar was led by Corey Flouroy, a former Natioal FFA Presidet ad foudig parter of Creative Outreach, a diversity ad motivatioal cosultig group. Assistig Flouroy were the six NH FFA State Officers, tees from across the state elected to leadership positios by their peers. New Hampshire FFA Leadership Camp has bee held aually for more tha 15 years, ad remais oe of the orgaizatio s most popular activities. It is fuded i part by the NH FFA Foudatio, with participats payig oly a portio of the cost to atted. The evet is held at the Brookwoods Coferece Ceter i Alto, o the shores of Lake Wiipesaukee. While at the evet, the studets meet ad iteract with other tees from some of New Hampshire s 16 agricultural educatio programs, stayig i heated cabis ad sharig meals, workshops ad recreatioal activities. OUR LOCAL SCHOOLS The FFA (formerly Future Farmers of America) is a atioal orgaizatio of early 580,000 members preparig for leadership ad careers i the sciece, busiess ad techology of agriculture. The orgaizatio has 7,570 chapters located throughout the Uited States, Puerto Rico ad the Virgi Islads. FFA s missio is to make a positive differece i the lives of studets by developig their potetial for premier leadership, persoal growth ad career success through agricultural educatio. Local, state ad atioal activities ad award programs provide opportuities for studets to apply kowledge ad skills leared i the classroom. Visit for more iformatio. WINNISQUAM ECHO Elizabeth Rathje of Saborto is studet iovator at Pomfret School POMFRET, Co. I a ew ad differet way of learig, Elizabeth Rathje of Saborto recetly was part of a studet-faculty team that worked together o a project etitled Evolutio of Images. Rathje, a member of the class of at Pomfret School i Coecticut, was recetly part of a all-school academic experimet called Project: Pomfret. From Dec. 3 18, the studets ad faculty at Pomfret were at school, but ot, i the covetioal sese, i school. I place of class time ad homework, they were istead out tacklig oe of twety-ie iovative projects--amog them desigig ad buildig a real footbridge, coductig statistical ad laboratory aalyses o the ecoomic ad utritioal value of orgaic produce, ad tryig to make sese of the Middle East, the eviromet, hiphop music, the practicality of dams; ad actually producig ad usig biodiesel fuel. Rathje was i the group of studets ad faculty who collaborated o Evolutio of Images. Project: Pomfret represeted a experimetal retoolig of the 120-year-old school s academic matrix, harvested from the year of self-examiatio that resulted i a ew strategic pla. Project: Pomfret was based o the priciples of project-based learig (studets egage to the fullest whe they ca experiece ad solve real-world problems). Everyoe ivolved got to break away from the established academic routie ad focus istead o their oe particular topic. The goal: to make the learig viable ad real. After two days of fial Project: Pomfret presetatios, Head of School Tim Richards was impressed. I foud [this] the two best days I have spet i my life as a educator, he said. I believe we all saw a ew ad differet way of learig. Fouded i 1894 ad coeducatioal sice 1968, Pomfret School is a idepedet college preparatory boardig ad day school for approximately 360 studets i grades 9 through 12 ad postgraduates, ad the more tha 40 faculty members ivolved i their lives. Set o 500 acres i the celebrated Last Gree Valley of Northeaster Coecticut, Pomfret offers eight academic disciplies, 19 AP ad 16 Hoors courses, over 100 elective courses; 25 sports optios, ad umerous opportuities to participate i commuity outreach ad service programs. At Pomfret we edeavor to teach, guide, ad above all, ispire. Holly Hacock ears Fall 2013 Dea s List hoors at Roger Williams Uiversity BRISTOL, R.I. Holly Hacock, a residet of Tilto, has bee amed to the Fall 2013 Dea s List at Roger Williams Uiversity i Bristol, R.I. Hacock is a Graphic Desig Commuicatios major. Full-time studets who complete 12 or more credits per semester ad ear a GPA of 3.4 or higher are placed o the Dea s List that semester. About RWU Roger Williams Uiversity, located i Bristol, R.I., is a leadig idepedet, coeducatioal uiversity with programs i the liberal arts ad the professios, where studets become commuity- ad globally-mided citizes through project-based, experietial learig. Offerig 43 majors ad a plethora of co-curricular activities as well as study abroad optios, RWU is dedicated to the success of studets, commitmet to a set of core values, the pursuit of affordable excellece ad to providig a relevat, world-class educatio above all else. I the last decade, the Uiversity has achieved uprecedeted successes icludig recogitio as oe of the best colleges i the atio by Forbes, a College of Distictio by Studet Horizos, Ic. ad as both a best college i the Northeast ad oe of the atio s greeest uiversities by The Priceto Review. NCN CONTINUED FROM PAGE A5 short mid-witer day ad I d better get my act together, ad do thigs like throw a few three-foot hardwood legths of 30-year-old stored solar power ito the outdoor furace (7:30) ad feed the dog (8 a.m.), which is also a good time to liste to the ews (yes, liste, as i radio, as i New Hampshire Public Radio). Ad here, speakig of which, comes a rat. I loath cruchig the statio s ame dow to NHPR, as if crushig a beer ca, partly because if you re clever ad speak Fast Yakee you ca say New Hampshire Public Radio just about as quickly as you ca say NHPR ---try it, NHPR ad the New Hampshire Public Radio ---ad because I do t like bobtailed acroyms, especially Nat- Geo. Ugh. Where were we? Oh yes, o the watch watch. Most of us, I thik, are blessed with some kid of ier clock but do t kow it util we throw the watch away ad take ourselves for a test-drive. It just eeds a little tuig up, ad soo will maifest itself, eablig you to say to someoe, bladly, I ve got to get goig, I ve got a haircut appoitmet at 4:30, at which, if you re lucky, your compaio will say How i the hell do you kow what time it is? ad, checkig his watch, which reads precisely 4:15 p.m., will say How do you do that? ad the you ca bore him to death with totally fabricated stories about ier clocks ad beig i tue with Mother Nature ad all, maybe ze, ad the rush off for your haircut, which was actually set for five o clock. Whe I take ew visitors to camp, a remote hike-i shaty i the Coecticut River Headwaters Tract, I try to discourage the watch. Would you cosider leavig your watch i the truck? I say i a soothig ad o-cofrotatioal but yet abrupt ad dictatorial ad eve hostile ad threateig way, which hearteigly, at least to me, ad this is all about me, almost always works. Sometimes visitors will seak a extra watch i, hidde i their pack, ad I ll catch them wearig it i camp, lookig at it every aosecod. What are you doig, I ll say, waitig for a bus? Out oto the porch goes the watch, oto the Watch Nail. LETTER CONTINUED FROM PAGE A5 tive ways for improvemet or created etirely ew products or opportuities. From the agraria techology revolutio of ew farm implemets, mechaical steam ad combustio egies, the electric light bulb, begiig flight to space travel, computers to robots, biomedical ad pharmaceutical life-savig creatios have trasformed our way of livig ad our ecoomy. At the cotiuig educatio semiar i the LOB o Ja.9 ope to all legislators, which was atteded by 35 House represetatives ad oe Seator, a program by EPSCoR s (Experimetal Program to Stimulate Competitive Research), Director Ja Nisbet explaied the program s missio of stregtheig research ad educatio i sciece ad egieerig i NH. EPSCoR s State Committee Chair, Mike Shipuliski, Director of Advaced Developmet at Hypertherm, Ic., spoke of the eed for highly skilled New Hampshire graduates to populate the advaced sciece ad egieerig (S&E) PHD s. I m oe to talk. Every hour, if I m awake, I ll hear the hour o the hour from a fie old clock I foud i pieces i a box i the attic. Costructed betwee 1833 ad 1845 by a clock-maker i Massachusetts, ad ow restored ad tick-tockig away o the livig room fireplace matle, it chimes The preset percetage of New Hampshire graduate studets i S&E is oe percet, ad the recet PHD s i S&E per 1,000 workers i New Hampshire is The future for developig these highly skilled studets i S&T&E (Sciece, Techology, Egieerig) has a suboptimal pipelie. Executive Director Marc Sedam of NHIRC (New Hampshire Iovative Research Ceter) located at UNH, explaied that through past legislative actio, fudig from 1991 through 2010 was 500,000 per FY ad allowed the NHIRC to award matchig grats to 129 New Hampshire compaies to icrease collaboratio of techical research i support of ecoomic iitiatives. Examples of NHIRC cooperative compaies are: Presby Evirometal Ic., Albay Egieered Composites Ic., Pleasat View Gardes, Velcro Group Corp., Morrell Corp., IXXAT, Sky Ska Ic., Hutchiso Sealig Systems, Itacoix LLC, Airmar Techology Corp., GlycoFi (Merck), Desig Metor Ic., ad may more. But i April 2011, support disappeared uder ew legislative party leadership. the hour, eve if I do t wat to kow it. (This colum rus i 13 weekly papers coverig the orther two-thirds of New Hampshire ad parts of Maie ad Vermot. Joh Harriga s address: Box 39, Colebrook, NH 03576, or com) Evetually fudig was restored to oly 200,000 per FY 2012 ad For FY 2014 ad 2015, the amout was icreased to 296 thousad ad & 300,000. Yet, the states of Maie ad Vermot have allocated 7.2 millio ad 1 millio respectively for their IRC s. If New Hampshire wishes to be a Etrepreeurial ad Iovative prowess, if New Hampshire wishes to be a growth friedly state ad if New Hampshire party leaders of the Geeral Court wish to see New Hampshire studets ad families move up the ecoomic ladder to become part of the multiplier effect throughout the ecoomy, New Hampshire eeds pro-busiess pragmatic legislators who will support fiacially ad politically the ew high tech era. I New Hampshire politics, may policies are passed that weake the system by pickig ad addressig wiers or losers. Is the preset Geeral Court s approach bad for New Hampshire s ecoomy? Rep. Tom Schamberg House Ways ad Meas Cmt District 4 Merrimack Couty Tows of Wilmot/Sutto HALL CONTINUED FROM PAGE A3 Library Live Chat, 4 p.m. Fried us o Facebook ad get i o the chat. Saturday, Feb. 8 Lego Club, 10-11:30 a.m. New Books Belle Cora by Phillip Margulies Chagig the Way We Die by Fra Smith Executio by Dick Wolf Last Dead Girl by Harry Dola The Ivetio of Wigs by Sue Mok Kidd Motherlad by Maria Hummel

11 SECTION B THE WINNISQUAM ECHO THURSDAY Jauary 30, 2014 JEFF LAJOIE Juior Chayleigh Cadarette pulls dow oe of her 14 rebouds i frot of Gilford s Kayla Orto durig the secod quarter of Belmot s loss o Ja. 24. BY JEFF LAJOIE Sperduto, Woods top small Belmot ordic cotiget BY JEFF LAJOIE BELMONT Thaks to a 15-0 ru early i the game, the Gilford High School girls basketball team was able to put some distace betwee host Belmot High School ad hold o, as the Golde Eagles picked up a solid road wi with a defeat of the Red Raiders i Divisio III actio o Ja. 24. It s a big wi for us, said GHS coach Rick Forge, whose team fell to Frakli earlier i the week. Ay time you ca come ito Belmot ad wi, it s a good thig. Despite trailig by double digits for the majority of the secod half, the Raiders ever let Gilford breathe easily dow the stretch. The effort was good, offered Belmot coach Mark Dawalga. Other tha the first quarter I thought we played pretty eve with them. But I m very please. From where we were last year at this time to this year, we ve improved a lot. I m proud of the girls, they work hard. Belmot led 6-3 early i the first quarter thaks to six poits from juior forward Chayleigh Cadarette. But the Eagles respoded with a huge 15-0 ru, kickstarted by a Shao Mercer jumper from the corer. Jorda Dea scored five poits durig the spree while Maddie Harris added four, ad Gilford carried the ru ito the secod Belmot freshma Shao Davies boxes out a Gilford player i the Raiders loss last week. Cadarette posts double-double but Raiders fall to Gilford quarter to take a 18-6 advatage with 5:45 left. We hadled their pressure well eough to establish a lead ad maitai it, said Forge. Ad I thought our pressure was just effective eough to keep them out of their rhythm. Rhythm was ideed hard to come by for either team, ad it was a game plagued by a high umber of fouls o both sides. Despite shootig just 14 of 30 from the free throw lie, the Eagles still maaged to grab the wi. We just had to keep workig through it, Dawalga said. There s ot much else you ca do i that situatio. Belmot respoded from the Gilford ru thaks to a Makayla Doova steal ad hoop, ad Cassie Cotigiai followed with a three-poiter to cut the lead to Cadarette put home a layup with just 11 secods left before halftime to make it a deficit, but Gilford poit JEFF LAJOIE guard Cassidy Bartlett hit a ruer at the buzzer to push the lead at the break to We shot the ball much better toight tha agaist Frakli, said Forge. It was ice to see the girls reboud well from that game. The secod half saw Gilford hold a lead throughout, though either team was able to make headway. The Eagles were uable to stretch the lead well SEE HOOPS, PAGE B8 CENTER SANDWICH Despite havig just three skiers competig, the Belmot High School ordic team took part i the first of two New Hampshire Coaches Series races o Saturday at the Sadwich Fairgrouds. Oe of the biggest high school races i the coutry, the skate evet featured six differet races over the course of a log day. I the girls race, the Red Raiders had two skiers compete, led by freshma Talia Sperduto. The frosh fiished 95th overall, crossig the lie with a time of 17 miutes, 16 secods. Teammate Carol Lipshultz also raced, ad she took home 138th place with a time of 20:41. I the boys race, Riley Woods carried the flag for the red ad white, as he cracked the top 100 with a 94th place showig i 14:16. The secod Coaches Series race is scheduled for Feb. 8 at White Moutais Regioal High School i Whitefield. JOSHUA SPAULDING Belmot s Carol Lipshultz climbs a hill durig actio at the Sadwich Fairgrouds o Saturday morig. JOSHUA SPAULDING Riley Woods of Belmot moves through the course at the Sadwich Fairgrouds durig New Hampshire Coaches Series actio o Saturday. Sports Editor - Joshua Spauldig (phoe) (fax) -

12 B2 Jauary 30, 2014 SPORTS WINNISQUAM ECHO JOSHUA SPAULDING Sat Bai School s Sophia Mariace competes i slalom actio for the Swas at Kig Pie Ski Area i JOSHUA SPAULDING East Madiso o Ja. 24. Max Mariace of Sat Bai School tucks aroud a gate durig alpie actio at Kig Pie o Ja. 24. Swas ski at Kig Pie BY JEFF LAJOIE TILTON Aother match, aother solid wi for the Wiisquam Regioal High School wrestlig team. The Bears cruised to a 56-9 victory over Divisio III foe White Moutais o Ja. 22 to improve to 3-2 o the dual meet seaso. HUNTER ALIGNMENT GM DAIMLER-CHRYSLER PARTS PLUS Quality Service & Repairs For Your Foreig & Domestic Car MERCEDES AC DELCO Pie Ski Area, the Sat Bai School alpie team competed i a six-school evet o Ja. 24. Oly a few matches were actually cotested, with Trista Mulleavey leadig the way with a techical fall wi at 106 pouds (16-0). Edward Ojikutu abbed a tight 5-4 decisio over Jared Cape at 145 pouds, while Kyle Bolduc eared a pi at 132 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Do t s time to have your Servig The Area For Over 25 Years eurasia autoworks ltd STATE-OF-THE-ART ALIGNMENT & WHEEL SERVICE West Mai St. Across from Smitty s Plaza Tilto/Fraki Lie SAAB VW HONDA TOYOTA MAZDA SUBARU FORD VOLVO TILTON Here s a look at some of the Tilto School games from last week: Boys hoop Tilto 86, Lawrece 64 The Tilto Rams hosted CAR INSPECTED If your birthday is i February your car ispectio is due by: 2/28 Oe Stop Shop ~ Same Day Service Foreig & Domestic NH Ispectio Statio Towig Autobody Repair & Pait Weldig & Fabricatio Udercoatig & Rust Prevetio 434 D.W. Highway, Meredith, NH (603) Sabor Auto Repair HOME OF SPARKY AND BUSTER TUNE-UPS EXHAUST BRAKES ROAD SERVICE STATE INSPECTION Joh K. Bird Jr. Ower 316 COURT ST. PHONE LACONIA, N.H. (603) I the morig giat slalom, Sophia Mariace led the Swas, as she posted a two-ru total time of 1:18.70, EAST MADISON Despite cold weather at Kig Grapplig Bears cruise to wi pouds. Brado Havlock (285 pouds), Billy Chaveelle (220), Dakota Va Tassel (195), DJ Aldridge (182), Richard Mills (170), David McLellad (138) ad Loga Patte (113) all wo via forfeit o the ight for Wiisquam. good eough for 25th place overall (87 poits). Teammate Aa Stakes was the oly other girl to compete, ad she abbed 35th place i 1:52.33 (86 poits). Keytow Service Statio N.H. State Ispectio Statio Complete Service & Repair Propae & Kerosee Fillig Statio 338 Daiel Webster Highway (Route 3) Meredith across from Meredith Ford (603) GOT MUSCLE? Hughes Automotive Does! 651 Uio Aveue, Lacoia, NH James Hughes Ower Custom Exhausts ASE Aligmets 9 95 OFF Master State Ispectios State Ispectio Techicia Classic & Muscle Cars Mior / Major / Custom Work O All Makes & Models Your Ad Could Be Here! As low as 30 3 Newspapers - Over 16,000 Readers Call Today! Doa Fraser I the afteroo slalom, Stakes fiished 26th overall, as she posted a time of 1:46.05 (88 poits). Mariace was 18th after oe ru of slalom (38.84) but did ot Recappig Tilto School s week AA foe Lawrece Academy for a Wedesday eveig match last week. Both teams etered the game o wiig streaks with their eyes towards tryig to ear a birth to the league touramet. It was a clash of Tilto s iterior attack ad Lawrece s strog perimeter shootig. The Rams got off to a faster start ad built a te poit cushio at halftime. Tilto added to their lead ad captured a wi, improvig to 6-3 i AA competitio. Top scorers for Tilto were Terace Ma (22 poits, seve rebouds), Nemaja Krtolica (12 poits, seve rebouds, three blocks), Steve Bush (12 poitts), Frakli Porter (11 poits, five assists) ad Jo Joseph (ie poits, seve assists, three steals). JV basketball Tilto 57, New Hampto 36 The Rams played a great all-aroud game, defeatig New Hampto Tilto played great team defese, movig their feet well. Five of the Rams fiished with 7+ poits, as the squad jumped to a early lead ad ever looked back. The Huskies worked hard ad played tough util the ed though. Joshua Joes had his best game of the seaso, while Hubert Chiag ad Roger Wad cotributed seve ad four poits respectively. BELMONT Belmot Baseball Orgaizatio is holdig registratios for the Cal Ripke 2014 seaso o the followig dates ad times at Belmot Elemetary School for all Belmot ad Caterbury residets: Saturday, Ja. 25, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 1, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wedesday Feb. 12, 5 to 6:30 p.m. Wedesday March 12, 5 to 6:30 p.m. Dues per player are 30 for tee ball, 40 for coach pitch ad 50 for Miors fiish her secod ru. O the boys side, Max Mariace was 39th i the morig GS, as he scored 83 poits with a combied time of 1: JV girls wi, The girls JV basketball team defeated Brewster Academy o Saturday, All the girls cotributed well, icludig eight of ie girls scorig, ad the team logged 15 steals, 31 rebouds, 14 assists ad oly dive turovers. Jorda Bluhm led all scorers with eight poits, Madi Dows had seve poits, Lidsey Morrissette six poits ad five rebouds, Sophia Blachard had four poits ad five rebouds, Jorda Hallora had five rebouds, Paige Patterso had two poits ad five rebouds, ad Riva Qi had her first basket of the year ad added five rebouds. Girls hockey Exeter 3, Tilto 0 O Ja. 22, the Tilto Rams girls varsity hockey traveled to Phillips Exeter. The Rams, comig off of a excellet effort o the road the previous weeked at Northfield Mout Hermo, hoped to take to the ice with the same itesity they showed agaist a tough Hoggers team. Led by strog play from juiors Ree ad GB Magaiello ad solid goaltedig from seior captai Lidsay O Coell, Tilto remaied withi strikig distace trailig 1-0 ito the third period. The Rams had three power play opportuities ad sustaied some pressure late i the game with a extra attacker, but Tilto was uable to fid the back of the et. BBO aouces registratio dates ad Majors. If there are two or more players per family there is a 5 discout per player. New players must brig a copy of their birth certificate ad all players must brig proof of residecy. Ay player bor prior to May 1, 2010 ad o or after May 1, 2001 is eligible for Cal Ripke Baseball League competitio. Registratio, medical release ad voluteer forms are available at time of registratio ad a valid govermet issued photo ID is required for all voluteers.

13 WINNISQUAM ECHO SPORTS Jauary 30, 2014 B3 Wolfpack edged by Keett, 5-4 LACONIA The Lacoia/Wiisquam Wolfpack hosted the Keett Eagles for a holiday matiee o Ja. 20. The game was a close battle with the Wolfpack uable to fid the back of the et late i the game to fall to the visitig Eagles, 5-4. The Wolfpack came out strog ad played a fast, physical game agaist the Eagles. Early i the first period, the Wolfpack was able to keep sustaied pressure i the Eagles ed of the ice. Dyla Martel (seior-lacoia) delivered a hard check i the corer ad was able to free the puck, ad moved it quickly to DK Tyo (seior-lacoia) who foud a ope corer of the et for the first score of the game ad put the Wolfpack up 1-0. The Eagles gathered a loose puck i ceter ice ad moved it quickly up the ice, crashed the Wolfpack et, Advetures i Sports Reportig By JEFF LAJOIE 20 degrees ad the hockey game s o... It s a big weeked, both here ad all over. The New Eglad Pod Hockey Classic has become quite a evet i the Lakes Regio, growig dramatically sice its humble begiigs i Now it s become a premier evet i the area, battlig with the Rotary Ice Fishig Derby for witer supremacy. This weeked s evet, scheduled to be held o Meredith Bay, will brig a flood of people ito the area, with foot traffic atypical to the witer moths. It s grow ito a evet that sells out almost istataeously, with hudreds of teams from everywhere from Meredith to Port St. Lucie, Fla. covergig o Lake Wiipesaukee. Last year s evet brought frigid temperatures to the area, meaig good for keepig plety of ice but tough for log spells of spectatig. But the hockey diehards did t care, ad three days of actio led to some itese showdows o Suday for the right to claim a champioship i oe of several differet divisios. I braved the elemets last year, makig the quick walk from my house o the Bay to the ice. Sice movig here i 2010, pod hockey weeked has become a traditio amogst my frieds from back home. May have made the trek to tow, usig it as a sort of reuio to ejoy the festivities ad take i the icreased activity throughout the commuity. It is oe of the best evets of the year i my mid, somethig that brigs a little eeded liveliess to the quiet witer moths. It s a rapidly-growig traditio that feels like it s bee a part of the culture i Meredith for much loger. The timig of the evet leads me ito how big of a weeked it is atioally as PIES TO ORDER Old Village Bakery Had-made baked goods 50 Seavey Street No.Coway Mo-Sat 7:30-4:00 ad put the loose puck i the et for the Eagles first score to make it 1-1. The Wolfpack quickly respoded 30 secods later ad Tyo scored his secod goal of the game off a pass from Dyla Martel. The Eagles scored two more goals to close the first period however with the visitors leadig 3-2. The Wolfpack came out strog i the secod period ad played some of their best hockey of the seaso. Bryce Ricker (sophomore-lacoia) led the charge ad scored his first high school career goal 5:30 ito the secod period assisted by Martel. Just over a miute later, Kolby Fourier (seior - Lacoia) made a great move toward the et, ad took a hard shot that was tured away by the Eagles goalteder. Ricker was there for the reboud however, ad he put his secod goal i for well, with the touramet oce agai coicidig with Super Bowl weeked. While the Patriots will ot be a part of the Suday kickoff (thaks, Peyto), the Super Bowl cotiues to be amogst my favorite sportig evets of the caledar year right up there with March Madess. My Super Bowl highlight up i these parts came two years ago, whe the Pats played the Giats i Super Bowl 46. A group of frieds were i tow for the weeked as has become our traditio, ad we watched the game at Patrick s Pub i Gilford. With the restaurat offerig squares for the scores of the game, the top prize was your etire tab paid for with the fial score. I still distictly remember whe the Giats scored to take a lead with uder a miute left, they wet for the two-poit coversio. Had they coverted, our table would have wo the prize as we had 3 ad 7 for our two umbers. But alas, with our luck, the oe thig the Pats did right that game was to make a stop o a meaigless coversio that precluded us from cashig i o what would have bee about 200 worth of food ad drik. Not that I have ay hard feeligs or aythig... Jeff Lajoie covers sports for the Meredith News, Wiisquam Echo ad Gilford Steamer ewspapers. He ca be reached at NEW & USED BOATS ON LAKE WINNIPESAUKEE Our retal fleet has retured, bee ispected ad is ready for delivery to you at fatastic savigs. Models available iclude 2013 Cobalt 200, 210, 220 ad 262. All complete with bow & cockpit covers, bimii tops, flip step swim platforms ad ew boat factory warraties. Each model will be i the water ad ready for test drives October 4th, 5th & 6th, or call to schedule a test drive at your covieece. This is a great opportuity to ow a virtually ew Cobalt at used boat prices. Fiacig is also available. Please call for more iformatio. Happy Holidays the day. Aother pile-up i frot of the Wolfpack goal led to the Eagles puttig i their fourth goal of the game to ed the secod period i a 4-4 tie. The third period bega with both teams tradig chaces ad some icredible saves by both goalteders. The Wolfpack s Brayde Harrima (juior- Lacoia) tured away 28 shots total i the game, keepig his team i the game. The Eagles scored the go ahead goal midway through the third period however, ad while the Wolfpack had a umber of chaces, they could ot get the equalizer i the 5-4 loss. BURLINGTON, Mass. Two skaters from Magic Blades Figure Skatig Club of Tilto took gold all the way aroud at the fifth aual Burligto Hockey ad Skatig Academy s Witer Skate Basic Skills Competitio o Saturday, Ja. 18. For seve-year-old Emily Johso of Cocord, it was her first competitio ever, ad she was very ervous but also very excited. She registered to compete i the last US Figure Skatig level she had recetly passed i Basic 3, ad placed first for both her compulsory elemets ad her program. She is a first-grader at Shaker Road School i Cocord. Eleve-year-old Collee Harrima of Bridgewater competed i flight C of the Pre-Prelimiary Test Temporary 14 Day Boat Liceses Available Here Skaters shie i Massachusetts competitio Bulldogs stay hot BY JEFF LAJOIE REGION A offesive explosio featured goals from ie differet players as the Belmot-Gilford hockey team domiated a overmatched Machester West team, 11-1, i Divisio III play last week o the road. The Bulldogs jumped ahead 3-0 thaks to goals from Broga Hurst, Will Mahoey ad Daryll Cahill (assist to Dyla Treamer ad Nikolai Feradez). Caleb Droui (from Hurst), Brado Shepard (from Hurst ad Feradez), Mahoey (uassisted) ad Cahill (uassisted) made it 7-0 after two periods, while Christia Karagiais, Jaso Taylor, Powell Wilso ad Nate Bowler otched tallies i the third period for the Dogs. Jamie Gill, Jeremiah Freema ad Sarah COURTESY PHOTO Lacoia/Wiisquam s Bryce Ricker (23) fids a loose puck to score his secod goal of the game as teammate Jorda Audet (14) looks o. The Wolfpack fell to Keett, 5-4, last week. Track ad also took gold. She is a sixth-grade studet at Newfoud Middle School ad has competed regularly over the past several years. Her most recet excitemet was attedig the USFS atioal competitio i Bosto the eveig of the ladies free-skate competitio to watch the wome compete for their spots o the US Olympic team goig to Sochi, Russia i February. I got to see Gracie Gold [the US gold medalist] at dier ad talk to her. Both girls skate for Magic Blades, whose home ice is at the Tilto School Ice Area. The girls ad the club are preparig for Magic Blades aual show o Feb. 22, which will be the club s tribute to the Olympics. The exhibitio will Lachapelle all added assists i the wi, while Bailey Defosie ad Calvi Davis combied for 16 saves i et. The wi came two days after B-G s closest game of the seaso to date, a tight 3-2 victory over defedig state champio Joh Stark/Hopkito o Ja. 20 at New Eglad College i Heiker. Hurst (from Droui ad Adrew D Amour) ad Treamer (from Droui ad Cahill) scored first period goals for B-G, as the Bulldogs led 2-1 after oe period. Hurst would score what woud up beig the game-wier i the secod thaks to assists from Cahill ad Droui. Joh Stark pulled withi 3-2 less tha a miute later, but a breakaway save from Davis i et late i the third made the lead COURTESY PHOTO Emily Johso (left) ad Collee Harrima fiished strog at a competitio i Massachusetts last weeked. start at 11 a.m. at the Tilto School Ice Area. It is free ad ope to the public. Visit the Magic Blades web site for more iformatio at FILE PHOTO Christia Karagiais ad the Bulldogs picked up a pair of key wis o the road last week.

14 Classifieds B4 Thursday, Jauary 30, 2014 Real Estate MEREDITH NEWS/THE RECORD ENTERPRISE/WINNISQUAM ECHO ACRES - Largest commercially zoed parcel i Meredith. Lake ad moutai views of Wiipesaukee ad Waukewa, prime locatio ear McDoalds, bak & roudabout. Tow water & sewer available at street. May permitted uses. Call for details. SPINDLE POINT ON LAKE WINNI- PESAUKEE - Beautiful Adirodack style home with spacious ope floor pla, cherry kitche, livig room with fireplace, 4 bedrooms plus huge family/game room. Suy souther exposure with sady beach, dock ad views of Belkap Moutais. 1.9 Acres. 1,475,000 HISTORIC MEREDITH CAPE - Circa 1850 atique cape was home of Aalee Thordike ad the Thordike Family Homestead. Beautiful 8 room, 4 bedroom home features 4 fireplaces, large rooms, ad may atique features. Situated o 5.2 acres overlookig large pod. Additioal lad available. Askig 400,000 Put Our 35 Years of Experiece to Work for You or Melaso Real Estate, Ic. Sales & Retals 34 N. Mai St., Wolfeboro WOLFEBORO: Wow, what a property! Desirable Sewall Rd locatio, uobstructed Wiipesaukee & moutai views, reach out ad touch the water, just a step from the screeed porch, U-shaped crib dock, seasoal dock, waterside deck, plety of room for everyoe i the mai house, bukhouse ad garage apt. 1,700,000 MLS # WOLFEBORO: Turkey livig at its best! Two floor, Pie Harbor uit with a detached 2 car garage, woderful patio with filtered views, 2 large bedrooms, 2 full baths ad laudry o the secod floor, ope cocept livig room, diig room & kitche. Ejoy the teis court too. 259,000 MLS # COMMERCIAL WOLFEBORO: Plety of optios ad opportuities here. Great ivestmet! Three commercial buildigs, all curretly leased. 2 buildigs are retail/warehouse ad the third is a 4 car garage. 11,080 sqft of space o a.93 acre corer lot. Great ivestmet property. Real estate oly! 699,000 MLS # OSSIPEE: Wow, what a deal! A brad ew 3 bedroom, 2 bath, modular home with a 2 car garage uder i a quait village settig with easy access to Route 16 ad poits orth or south. All this, ad o a 1.50 acre lot too. 179,900 MLS # Full Brokerage Available TO VIEW THESE AND OTHER PROPERTIES, VISIT: Alpie Lakes Real Estate: Bea Group: Cetury 21 Coutry Lakes Realty: Cetury 21 Twi Rivers Ralty: Coldwell Baker: Coldwell Baker Residetial Brokerage ERA Masiello: Exit Lakeside Realty Group: Graite Group Realty Services: Gowe Realty: Kressy Real Estate: Lakes Regio Realty: Lamprey & Lamprey Realtors: Maxfield Real Estate: McLae Realty: Moutai Coutry Realty: Nash Realty: New Hampshire Coloials Real Estate: Noseworthy Real Estate: Old Mill Properties: EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY WINNISQUAM VACATION HOME. Beautiful early ew 2 1/2 BR, 2 bath, year-roud getaway with deeded access ad a dock just outside your door. Large moder kitche, AC, efficiet heatig, gorgeous susets, 2 decks, ad the best value o the lake. 329,900 Roger Turgeo JUST RENOVATED. Vacatio or primary home. 3 BRs, 1/2 baths & plety of room o the 3rd level for additioal livig space. New kitche appliaces & cabiets, floorig & baths. Coveietly located ear Gustock, Wiipesaukee, marias & beaches. Alto Bay is just 7 miles dow the road. 114,900 Sadi Grace VIEWS OVER WAUKEWAN. Ower built 3 BR home has great pride of owership. Vaulted ceiligs, 2 full baths, family room w/wood stove & workshop i the walkout lower level i the perfect Meredith locatio. Easy walk to dowtow, beach & boat lauch lot with plety of room to expad livig space. 209,000 Bob Guter TURNKEY CONDO is a woderful opportuity to ow a vacatio, yr-rd home or ivestmet property. Totally furished w/ woderful views ad access to a beach o the Pemi River. Beautifully reovated & ope w/fireplace, patio & master w/ private balcoy. Fiished 3rd level, pool, hot tub & teis. 121,900 Browe Doelly CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION FORECLOSURE AUCTION Moday, Feb. 3, 2014 at 11:00 AM 7 Moose Way, Uit #13 (off Osceola Road Tecumseh Towhouse Codomiium Two Waterville Valley, NH This three bedroom, three bath towhouse codomiium is the ed uit o the left ed of the buildig. The property assessmet is 235,000. Bidder iformatio package available at Terms: 5,000 deposit cash or bak check. Balace i 30 days. As Attorey for the Associatio, Hoefle, Phoeix, Gormley & Roberts, Portsmouth, NH. S. Schofield #2272. Peabody ad Smith: Pie Shores Real Estate: Preferred Vacatio Retals: Remax Bayside: Remax Bayside-Steve Baks: Roche Realty: Strawberry Lae Real Estate: Tow & Forest Realty: MODEL HOME OPEN SUNDAY 12 to 2 79,995 or 8,000 dow APR 6% ,900 Call Kevi Directios: Rt. 93 Exit #23 Right for ½ mile, left at post office for 800 Masfield Woods - 88 North Rt. 132, New Hampto, NH Ledgewood Estates Apartmets Available NOW! Sectio 8 Voucher Holders Welcome! Retal Assistace Available Spacious Uits with a lot of Storage Area Low Utility costs O-Site Laudry & Parkig Easy Access to I hour Maiteace Provided 2 Bedrooms with a 2 perso miimum per uit. Ret is based upo 30% of your adjusted icome. Hurry ad call today to see if you qualify or dowload a applicatio at: TDD # Ext. 118 A Equal Opportuity Housig Aget

15 Real Estate MEREDITH NEWS/THE RECORD ENTERPRISE/WINNISQUAM ECHO Classifieds Thursday, Jauary 30, 2014 B5 RESIDENTIAL BROKERAGE Ceter Harbor 32 Whittier Hwy LaCoia 348 Court Street LUXURY REAL ESTATE Oe-Of-A-Kid offerig i Tuftoboro! Extraordiary 98+ac. & 822 sady shorelie, u-shaped crib dock & over-the-water boat house. 2 icredible lodges + bukhouse. Create your ow lifelog memories! Call ,500,000 Wiipesaukee Views & Boathouse & Susets i Tuftoboro. Prime lakefrot parcel 313 alog the shore acre lot. 3bd, 3ba Cotemporary. Prime for expasio or ew buildig up to 5 bedrooms. Call ,950,000 Terrific post ad beam Gambrel i desirable Lakeside at Wiipesaukee eighborhood of East Alto, privately sited with 190 feet of level shore frotage, lovely views ad fabulous vitage boathouse. Call ,195,000 Gilford 2,495,000 # Ejoy all day su ad glorious susets at this sweepig 4 BR home. Ejoy sady beach & pheomemal covered dock. Susa Bradley Alto 1,939,000 # The lovely, ew waterfrot home has woderful views, a ope floor pla & tasteful stoe patios overlookig the dock. Susa Bradley Moultoboro 1,199,000 # acres of privacy ad just short of 600 of shorefrot o Lake Wiipesaukee. This waterfrot area is quiet ad easily accessible to Moultoborough Bay. Bill Richards O pe house 24/7 Maxfield Real Estate has bee brigig people ad homes together for over 50 years. Our website is the ideal locatio to explore the thousads of properties ow beig offered i the Lakes Regio ad beyod. is a true resource for buyers ad sellers, ad oe more reaso why Maxfield Real Estate is simply the best. Bristol 1,600,000 # Beautiful Newfoud Lake is the settig for this ivestmet property o 2 AC & 200 of waterfrot w/ 4 homes & 4 cottages. Jayee Middlemiss Moultoboro 1,049,000 # This Moultoborough shorefrot home is ope, ivitig & bright. Beautiful ope cocept livig w/cathedral ceiligs, lots of widows, screeed i porch & waterfrot deck. Bob Williams ad Daielle McItosh: Ashlad 699,900 # acres & 165 feet of waterfrot with a dock & sady bottom. Year roud cottage o Squam Lake w/stoe fireplace, architecturally desiged reovatios & miutes from I-93. Ly Durham ASHLAND - Moutai ad water views are part of this home o Little Squam. 75 shorefrot, dock, deck, garage ad bukhouse icluded. Short boat ride to Big Squam. 419,000 ( ) Call BARNSTEAD - Sucook Lake year-roud 3+bd waterfrot, 200 sady beach, dock, garage, storage shed. Westerly exposure. May quality features: Jacuzzi tub, tile flrs, ceilig fas, skylights. 2d kitche for i-law suite. 399,500 ( ) Call GILMANTON - Year roud Crystal Lake home w/215 of level, sady water frotage. Features iclude 2 large livig rooms, fireplace, woodstove, 3+bedrooms, 2 baths, & walkout basemet with 2d kitche. Come & ejoy. 339,000 ( ) Call Holderess 599,000 # This cozy retreat o the bak of Little Squam is a ature lover s dream. It cosists of the mai house, guest house with its ow bath, sheds, a dry boathouse & ew cedar-plaked dock. Dea & Kellie Eastma: Gilford 535,000 # This amazig home w/ views ca be bought by itself or with the cottage ext door which shares 300 of crystal clear waterfrot. Robi Dioe Moultoboro 234,900 # Beautifully ladscaped rach set o 2.5 acres with a walkout basemet. Four seaso heated porch, ice ope kitche, diig area, master w/bath, lower level fiished family room. Bob Williams & Daielle McItosh: Cocord 209,900 # family o a quiet street i the desirable south ed of Cocord. Easy access to I-93. Oe block from Rollis Park & 5 blocks to school. Nice icome property. Dea & Kellie Eastma: Ashlad 99,500 # Affordable towhouse codo, close to I-93 & woderful recreatioal opportuities. Two bedrooms & two baths, fireplace & extra storage. Move-i ready. Dea & Kellie Eastma: Middleto 169,000 # Come see this great home w/ beach rights & boat dock just yards away without payig the waterfrot taxes! Robi Dioe ONE STOP SHOPPING: Real Estate Mortgage Title Services Moultoboro 149,900 # All the work has bee doe to this beach access rach. New kitche w/bead board cabiets, S/S appliaces, ew carpet & wood lamiate. Oe block from private sady beach. Elle Mulliga Farmigto 65,900 # Move i ready towhouse w/ ew carpet & freshly paited iterior. Features gas fireplace & full walkout basemet. Nacy Desrosiers SANDWICH - ATTENTION: This property is a fatastic deal! Two houses for oe fabulous price! Live i oe ad ret the other. Combie with MLS# for 9 acre estate. 299,000 ( ) Call FEATURED PROPERTY RENTALS LAND ALTON BAY - Delightful 2-bedroom home as a primary residece or vacatio getaway. Spacious livigroom with woodstove, hearth ad ice moutai views. Close to skiig ad lake activities. 162,000 ( ) Call TUFTONBORO acre buildig lot, level topography, 5 bedroom septic desig (exp i 2010), already cleared of trees, located o a paved tow road. 68,000 ( ) Call GILMANTON - Two lots of record for the price of oe! Nice coutry locatio ad close to the tow beach o Crystal Lake. 44,500 ( ) Call PRIVATE AND SERENE IN HOLDERNESS Over 55 acres with total privacy ad your ow 10 acre pod. Gorgeous views surroud you ad your two bedroom retreat. Rare offerig ad locatio! 875,000 ( ) Call NEW DURHAM - This 3 bedroom raised rach has may extras, large family room with hot tub, cetral vac, large deck ad master bedroom with bath. 159,000 ( ) Call Brigig People ad Vacatios Together i the Lakes Regio for over 50 years *SEASONAL AND LONG-TERM RENTALS *Joe ad Jaci Dussault, seasoal retals or Rady Hilma, log-term (Ceter Harbor Office) *Pat (Alto Office) or Seasoal ad Log-Term Retals Wated Owers please call about our retal program. ALEXANDRIA - Private 5 acre lot off a tow maitaied road with possible views to the west. Great spot to build your dream home. 39,900 ( ) Call BARNSTEAD - Build your year-roud or vacatio get away! Priced Below Assessmet. Walkig distace to beach. JOIN THE LOCKE LAKE COMMUNITY Ameities: beaches, pool, teis, golf. 15,900 ( ) Call Railroad Ave., Wolfeboro / Juctio Routes 25 & 25B, Ceter Harbor Mai St., Alto Now servig Grafto Couty & Cetral NH from 2 offices: 620 Teey Mt Hwy l Plymouth, NH l Curry Place, Holderess, NH l Bridgewater, NH Get the best of both worlds with 4 (+/-) acres of lad i the low tax tow of Bridgewater ad 27 (+-) acres i Plymouth. Larger acreage qualifies this property for NH Curret Use status. Throw i a hutig cabi ad you have a great weeked getaway or live i the cabi while you build your dream home o this beautiful piece of lad. Brig your buddies for a weeked of hutig memories that ca be shared aroud the campfire for years to come. There are moutai bikig, hikig ad ruig trails waitig to be carved ext to the brook that cuts through the property. There are so may optios. Come ad share your ideas. MLS # Offered at 185,000 PLYMOUTH OFFICE HOLDERNESS OFFICE is happy to welcome the ewest member to joi our team... AMY MURAWSKI Amy started workig i the Loo Moutai office located at 78 Mai Street i Licol, New Hampshire, as a residetial ad ivestmets sales associate Jauary Amy retured to New Hampshire from New York City, where she spet the majority of her real estate career specializig i commercial/office leasig ad 3rd party property maagemet. She is delighted to be back i New Hampshire ad eager to begi her real estate career with Alpie Lakes Real Estate, oe of the leadig real estate firms i Grafto coutry STEENBURGH Auctioeers & Appraisers Sice 1972 Atique Auctio at Alumi Hall Atique Furiture, Silver & Accessories SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 10 AM Alumi Hall, 75 Court Street, Haverhill, NH Our February Auctio cosists of items from a estate i Nashua NH with additios from a home i Lacaster, NH. Preview will be o Friday from 2-4:30 ad Saturday from 8-10 AM. I the case of severe sow storm the auctio will be postpoed to Suday. The followig is oly a very partial listig. Please see our website for images. FURNITURE: Chippedale tiger maple 6 drawer chest o high cut out bracket base; 4 stack barrister bookcase; other 4 stack barrister bookcase; post office from the Geeral Store i Lacaster; spiet desk; oak trestle table; maple trestle table; roud oak diig table; pie work table; primitive woode church bech; 6 ft. store couter with bead board frot; lift top box with red ad black decoratio; bow frot oak chia cabiet, oak table ad chairs, Larki oak desk; Mahogay break frot chia cabiet; Mahogay diig table ad 6 Carved chairs; Mahogay sideboard; Mahogay server; set of mahogay stackig tables; Bedroom set to iclude quee size bed - dresser - dresser with mirror - bedside stad; Maple bedroom set; ladies mahogay desk ad chair; 19th c. drop leaf Sherato table; selectio of atique oak furiture; much more. SILVER: collectio of 5 Wyeth sterlig silver commemorative plates; selectio of weighted sterlig items icludig cadlesticks; set of Cocord, NH - Durgi silver spoos; sterlig weighted compote; Towle sterlig roud table trivet; silver ladle; ad more. POTTERY,GLASS AND CHINA: Theodore Havillad Limoges tea set; Meito Japa had paited miiature tea set for 6 i gree; large lot of glass etched stemware ad servig bowls drikig glasses, wies, etc.; collectio of Ruth Grat Smith Pottery member of League of NH Craftsma; 17 1/2 i. Staffordshire pictorial scalloped edge; Rose Tapestry pitcher; Loetz glass 8 i vase; Rookwood vase with brow glaze; selectio of cut crystal; ad much more ACCESSORIES: Collectio of 19 atique pewter ice cream molds; 1 US Stamp Album ad 3 World Stamp albums; brass Rayo lamp; 4 large Adrew Wyeth prits; pair of watercolors siged R. Thresher; Truck Turer Steam Shovel i orig. pait; patry box; woode bird cage; Tubbs sow shoes; assortmet of bamboo fishig rods; slide top cadle-box w/ traces of old gree; large Battle of the the Thames prit; selectio of masoic rigs, watches ad jewelry; group lots of costume jewelry, Masoic dress sword; group of 20 + NH paperweights with real photo scees - early 20th much more. CLOCKS: Gradfather Clock made by Coloial w/ W.Germa movemet ad 5 chimes; 2 brass ad glass cased matle clocks; facy metal Rococo style cased matle clock; Gigerbread caledar style shelf clock; facy art ouveau metal matle clock with classical busts; facy marble cased matle clock with girodoles; RUGS: Frech style orietal room-size rug, mid 20th c.; umber of other good 20th c. orietal rugs - some room size DIRECTIONS: From souther NH ad orth take Iterstate 93 to NH exit 26 (Plymouth) go west o Route 25 for approx. 33 miles to the juctio of 25 ad Route 10. Go south o Route 10 for approx. 1 mile to the Haverhill Commo ad follow auctio sigs to Alumi Hall. From souther VT area ad orth take Iterstate 91 to exit 16 (Bradford, VT), take Route 25 east across the Coecticut River to Route 10 ad the blikig light i Piermot, NH. Proceed orth o Route 10 for 5 miles to Haverhill Commo. Follow sigs. 10% Buyers Premium - Sale #870 Terms: Cash or check with proper idetificatio Absetee & Phoe bids accepted - No live iteret biddig. Steeburgh Auctioeers & Appraisers Archie H. Steeburgh & Joshua W. Steeburgh NH Lic. #2194 & Jeffers Hill Rd., Pike, NH Telephoe (603) EMPLOYMENT? RENTALS? FIND THEM!

16 Classifieds Real Estate/Notices/Help Wated B6 Thursday, Jauary 30, 2014 MEREDITH NEWS/THE RECORD ENTERPRISE/WINNISQUAM ECHO Deer Ru Apartmets Meredith, NH Ret is based o 30% of your AGI Deductios give for childcare expeses. Hot Water Icluded i Ret Acceptig applicatios for our waitig list. Call today to see if you qualify TDD # Ext. 118 or visit us at A Equal Opportuity Housig Aget Bayside Retals is growig ad lookig for a NH Real Estate Licesed idividual to be our Log Term Specialist i the Campto Office. NH RE Licese is required as listig log term properties ad showigs are required. Detail-orieted ad orgaized cadidate will be marketig log term properties, iputtig them ito several marketig places, updatig iformatio, keepig i cotact with owers, trackig potetial teats ad several other resposibilities. Required to help with the Vacatio Retals as well ad aswer phoes, s, customer service, makig reservatios ad assistig Vacatio Retals as eeded. Please Kathy a resume ad desired salary to or call PUBLIC NOTICE SHAKER REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT ABSENTEE VOTING Accordig to law, provisios shall be made by the school district so that ay voter who is abset from that school district o the day of the aual or special electio or meetig, or who, by reaso of religious observace or physical disability, is uable to vote i perso, may vote at such electio or meetig for school district officer. Such voter shall be provided will all official ballots, which are to be provided at the pollig place o the day of the ballotig. If you are iterested i obtaiig a absetee ballot, please cotact Stacy Kruger, District Clerk days at or the Superitedet of School s Office; 58 School Street; Belmot, NH at PUBLIC NOTICE SHAKER REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING A public hearig o the proposed budget of the Shaker Regioal School District for will be held o Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at Caterbury Elemetary School ad o Wedesday, February 5, 2017 at Belmot Middle School. Both meetigs will begi at 6:00 pm. Shaker Regioal School District PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF TIME LIMIT FOR FILING CANDIDACIES FOR SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS OF THE SHAKER REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT. The udersiged clerk of the School District herewith gives otice of the time limit of declaratio of cadidacy from this school district for electio of school board members of the Shaker Regioal School District (filig period to start Wedesday, Jauary 22, 2014). The electio will occur durig the aual meetig called to covee at Belmot High School, Belmot, New Hampshire o Friday, March 7, 2014 ad will be coducted uder the o-partisa ballot law. Positios to be filled at the electio are: Moderator 1 member for a two-year term (2016). Belmot School Board Member 2 members to serve for three years (2017) Caterbury School Board Member - 1 member to serve for three years (2017) Writte declaratio of cadidacy must be filed with the Clerk prior to 4:00 p.m. o Friday, Jauary 31, 2014 i order for the ame of the cadidate to appear o the ballot. A filig fee of 1.00 is required. Forms may be obtaied from Stacy Kruger, School District Clerk, at Belmot Middle School; 38 School Street, Belmot, NH or at the Superitedet of School s Office; 58 School Street; Belmot, NH 03220, telephoe umber extesio 300. No perso may file a declaratio of cadidacy for more tha oe positio o the School Board to be elected at such electio. Ay qualified voter i each of the pre-existig districts amed above is eligible to file for the positio to be filled from that District. All cadidates will be elected at large. Stacy Kruger, District Clerk Shaker Regioal School District PLYMOUTH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SCHOOL YEAR IMMEDIATE OPENING Full-time Special Educatio 1:1 Aide Positio Experiece with Emotioal, Behavioral ad other disabilities preferred. (Bachelor s degree recommeded.) Please sed letter of itet, resume, refereces to: Julie Fly, Pricipal Plymouth Elemetary School 43 Old Ward Bridge Road Plymouth, NH Pemi-Baker Commuity Health is lookig to fill the followig positio: A Home Health/Hospice Biller. Ability to work i a team eviromet essetial. Computer experiece is essetial. Ability to commuicate effectively, both verbally ad i writig. Ability to pay close attetio to detail ad adjust quickly to chage. Preferred qualificatios iclude Bachelor s Degree (accoutig), previous billig experiece with kowledge i claims processig alog with experiece i home health field desired. Pemi-Baker Commuity Health is a equal opportuity employer offerig competitive wages. Salary based o experiece. Beefits iclude: health isurace, detal, short term disability, life isurace ad 401(k) with a agecy match. Please cotact: Amy Deis at Pemi-Baker Commuity Health for further iformatio or to apply 101 Boulder Poit Drive, Suite 3 Plymouth, NH or (603) TOWN OF SANBORNTON The Tow of Saborto is lookig for a highly motivated Temporary Full-time Truck Driver/Mechaic with experiece i sow plow operatios. To perform a variety of duties durig operatio ad servicig of all types of heavy equipmet ad trucks. Resposible for safe ad efficiet operatio of all tow vehicles ad equipmet used to maitai roads. Also resposible for ay maual labor ad heavy liftig associated with road ad equipmet maiteace. Miimum Qualificatios Required: A high school diploma or equivalet is required for cosideratio. Possess a valid New Hampshire commercial driver s licese, class B or higher with air brakes. Willigess to be o call ad able to work outdoors i harsh eviromets. The Tow of Saborto coducts a thorough backgroud check o all employees, icludig State Police Record check ad DMV driver s record check. Applicatios ad/or resumes ca be mailed to: Tow of Saborto, Truck Driver / Mechaic recruitmet, P.O. Box 124, Saborto, NH or ed to Applicatios ca be foud o the Tow s web-site ad will be accepted util the positio is filled. For further iformatio cotact Bria Bordeau, Iterim DPW Director at The Tow of Saborto is a Equal Opportuity Employer. MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST/ MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNICIAN FULL-TIME Primary resposibilities ivolve the testig of body fluids ad other specime samples submitted to the Laboratory for aalysis. Medical Techologist (ASCP, AMT or equivalet) preferred; or Medical Laboratory Techicia (ASCP, AMT or equivalet). Medical Techologist must possess a Bachelor of Sciece degree that meets the academic requiremets of the ASCP Board Registry or academic experiece by recogized accreditig agecies ad is certified withi oe year of hire by either AMT, ISCLT, HHS, or NCA i the Laboratory Techologist category. Medical Laboratory Techicia must possess a Associate s degree that meets the academic requiremets of the ASCP Board Registry or academic experiece by recogized accreditig agecies ad is certified withi oe year of hire by either AMT, ISCLT, HHS, or NCA i the Laboratory Techologist category. Geeralist Techologist/Techicia preferred. Computer literacy ad Laboratory Iformatio Systems experiece desirable. A pleasat demeaor, good patiet maer ad the ability to commuicate with patiets is essetial. Cadidate must demostrate excellet customer service skills. Full-time, 40 hours/week, shares call ad holiday coverage. This positio is beefit eligible. If iterested please apply Olie Heidi Saari Huma Resources Upper Coecticut Valley Hospital 181 Corliss Lae Colebrook, NH EOE Place your ad, Get Read, GET RESULTS! JUMBO will take your message to over 200,000 readers i TEN weekly ewspapers! To place your classified lie ad, please call our TOLL FREE umber:

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This message ad umber is provided by the Salmo Press Regioal Classifieds ad the FTC. Geeral Help Wated FULL TIME FUNCTIONAL Support Specialist with Norther Huma Services, White Moutai Metal Health i Littleto, NH. Positio assists adults ad childre i their homes ad commuities to lear skills to overcome the effects of metal illess. Bachelor s degree ad related experiece preferred. Supportive ad collaborative eviromet, excellet supervisio, varied caseload ad great beefits. Salary 12.17/hr. Sed cover letter ad resume to: This agecy is a Equal Opportuity Employer, ad Provider. FULL TIME MENTAL Health Case Maager with Norther Huma Services, White Moutai Metal Health i Littleto, NH. Positio works with adults, childre ad families to provide system coordiatio, symptom maagemet, crisis itervetio ad cosumer advocacy. Bachelor s degree ad related experiece preferred. Supportive ad collaborative eviromet, excellet supervisio, varied caseload ad great beefits. Sed cover letter ad resume to: This agecy is a Equal Opportuity Employer, ad Provider. Geeral Help Wated MASTER S LEVEL FULL Time Cliicia with Norther Huma Services, White Moutai Metal Health i Littleto, NH. Positio icludes outpatiet therapy, workig with a varied caseload. Supportive ad collaborative eviromet, excellet supervisio, ad great beefits. NHSC tuitio reimbursemet may be available. Sed cover letter ad resume to: This agecy is a Equal Opportuity Employer, ad Provider. Remick Coutry Doctor Museum & Farm is lookig for a part-time, yearroud Marketig & Public Relatios Coordiator. This perso should be orgaized, able to multi-task, creative, possess strog verbal ad writte commuicatio skills, be a team player, outgoig ad have a willigess to represet the museum at public evets. The cadidate should ejoy a collaborative, fast-paced eviromet with tight deadlies. Graphic desig ad Mac experiece a plus. resume with cover letter to Pam Va Auke at or mail to 58 Clevelad Hill Road, Tamworth, NH THE MOONBEAM CAFE i Lacaster, NH is lookig for experieced lie cooks/chefs. Full ad Part time. Must be experieced i fier food preparatio ad plate desig. Everythig is prepared from scratch. Must have good kife skills. Also hirig wait staff ad dishwashers. Call for a iterview. Tow of Plymouth, NH Police Officer The Plymouth Police Departmet is curretly acceptig applicatios for a full-time police officer. We are lookig for a team-mided idividual iterested i policig a traditioal New Eglad commuity, also home of Plymouth State Uiversity. We offer a competitive salary with a geerous employee beefits package. You may obtai a applicatio by cotactig the Plymouth Police Departmet Moday through Friday at ext. 106 or Plymouth Police Departmet 334 Mai Street Plymouth, NH Closig Date: February 8, 2014 The Tow of Plymouth is a equal opportuity employer. Medical & Detal Help Wated PLYMOUTH ANIMAL HOSPITAL is lookig to fill a veteriary techicia positio with a hard-workig, fulovig idividual. Experiece is preferred. If iterested, please sed resume to Plymouth Aimal Hospital 42 Smith Bridge Rd Plymouth NH RN CASE MANAGER: Award wiig home healthcare provider recruitig for two F/T, beefited positios. Provide skilled care for home care cliets, develop & implemet care pla with physicia, cliet & cliical team. Mi. 1 year med/surg exp., IV skills preferred; computer literacy, valid NH ursig licese, NH driver s licese ad reliable trasportatio required. Previous home care exp. helpful but ot required. Beefits iclude tuitio assistace ad retiremet pla. Submit resume to HR, Cetral New Hampshire VNA & Hospice, 780 North Mai Street, Lacoia, NH 03246, FAX to , Visit our web site at EOE Part-Time Help Wated 2 HOUSEKEEPERS NEEDED. Days- Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Experieced per hr. 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18 B8 Jauary 30, 2014 SPORTS WINNISQUAM ECHO Boles, Zimmer sharp, ready for state meet Suday DURHAM At the Saturday afteroo meet at the Uiversity of New Hampshire, Belmot High School s Joe Boles placed first i the 15,00 meters, settig a ew school record of four miutes, 18 secods, ad Bruce Zimmer placed third i the shot put, also settig a ew school record, with a throw of 44 feet, ie iches. Kyle Patte sprited to a time of 7.2 secods i the 55 meters but failed to qualify for the fial. Boles ad Zimmer have both qualified for ad will compete i the Divisio II State Champioship Meet at Dartmouth College o Suday. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOOPS CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1 ito double digits ad ice thigs, while Belmot was uable to hit a big hoop to draw the Raiders withi strikig distace. Their secod ad third opportuities were tough for us to overcome, said Dawalga of Gilford s reboudig edge. We have to do a better job of reboudig. To Gilford s credit, they were i the right places to make plays whe they eeded a big hoop. The Eagles led Mo - Fri, 9am - 8pm Sat, 9am - 5pm JEFF LAJOIE Belmot head coach Mark Dawalga talks with his team durig a timeout agaist Gilford o Ja. 24. eterig the fourth quarter, but free throws from Shao Davies ad a three-poit play from Cotigiai cut the deficit to While Gilford struggled from the free throw lie all ight, the squad made just eough freebies late to hold o for the wi. Mariah Nelso came off the bech to sik a pair i the waig secods ad accout for the fial. We missed a couple of layups that could ve cut it to six or four poits so we just could t quite come all the way back after that first quarter, Dawalga said. Dea led the Eagles with 16 poits ad 12 rebouds o the ight, while Harris had 13 poits ad ie boards. Bartlett was also i double figures with 10 poits ad five steals. Kelsey Buckley otched seve poits while Mercer had five poits ad five steals. I thought Jorda Dea had a very ice game, lauded Forge. The Cadarette girl played very well for Belmot though. She s a quality player ad she did a ice job for them. Cadarette led all scorers with 18 poits, ad she grabbed 14 rebouds for yet aother double-double. Cotigiai chipped i 13 poits o the ight while Davies (five poits) ad Doova (four poits) were other offesive cotributors. The loss came three days after a tough oe agaist powerhouse Newfoud, as the Raiders dropped a decisio i a game they trailed throughout. Cadarette had eight poits ad 12 rebouds for Belmot, while Jackely Robarge ad Davies each added eight poits. Newfoud led at halftime. Just oe of those ights, give Newfoud all the credit, said Dawalga. They beat us to every loose ball ad had more eergy tha us toight. Belmot etered this week s slate of games with a 4-6 record i Divisio III actio. FREE BUY ONE GET ONE FREE EYEGLASSES & SUNGLASSES SPORTS GLASSES COMPUTER GLASSES SAFETY GLASSES Belkap Mall (603) FREE Some restrictios may apply. USE YOUR MEDICAL FLEX ON GLASSES