City Council Meeting. May 16, 2018

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1 City Council Meeting May 16, 2018


3 Holland Youth Advisory Council 2017/18 Academic Year

4 2018 Graduating Class - Thank You! We wish the following seniors the best of luck moving forward! Thank you for your time and service to the Holland Youth Advisory Council and Youth on Boards. Alex Ky - West Ottawa, Core & Recreation Jaeha Han - West Ottawa, Core & Social Services Audrey Heneghan - Black River, Special Events Megan Quinn - Holland Christian, Special Events Francesco Bianchi - Black River, Social Services Emma DeNave - West Ottawa, Social Services Isaac Sierra - West Ottawa, Social Services Anna Wuerfel - West Ottawa, Recreation Britney Ky - West Ottawa, Recreation Sam Zylstra - Black River, Human Relations Brendon Lee - West Ottawa, International Relations Jackson Maktheva - West Ottawa, Sustainability Wendy Colin - West Ottawa, Teen Court Regan Koster - West Ottawa, Police/Comm. Relations

5 HOLLAND YOUTH ADVISORY Alex Ky - West Ottawa, Co-Chair Recreation Chair CORE COUNCIL Wyatt Oonk - Holland High Social Services Alexia McColl - Holland High DDA & Neighborhood Improvement Co. Isaac Lopez - West Ottawa Recreation Danielle Vorac - Holland High Special Events Co-Chair Diamante Balcazar - Holland High Teen Court Mariel VanderSchuur -Black River, Clerk Social Services Clerk Jaeha Han - West Ottawa, Co-Chair Social Services Co-Chair

6 HOLLAND YOUTH ADVISORY CORE COUNCIL cont. Youth Social Justice Award Selection - Hope College DACA March Organizers Mayor s Roundtable Event - Secrets to Successful Relationships HYAC Interviews HYAC Redesigns - Logo & Tri-fold

7 HOLLAND YOUTH ADVISORY COUNCIL - NEW LOGO The color palette reflects the primary color palette of the City of Holland. The typeface is Relay Medium per identity guidelines. Every logo requires alternate versions for both creative and practical purposes. This logo package consists of a primary full-color logo, two reverse full-color logos, an all-black logo and an all-white logo. Typeface: Relay Medium Colors: Pantone 159 C Pantone Black 7 C

8 SOCIAL SERVICES SUB-COMMITTEE Pending Coffees Program - looking into making this a seasonal program during the Winter months Recycle Labels for Kollen Park - Finishing up our sticker design. Energy Wars between West Ottawa, Black River & Holland Christian

9 SPECIAL EVENTS SUB-COMMITTEE Mental Health Discussion collaborating with Be Nice., TCM Counseling & Pine Rest on April 25th Break a Sweat for Brains; See What You Gain 5K April 28th from Centennial Park to Windmill Island Total donated to the West Michigan Mental Health Foundation/Be Nice.: $3, Total Runners: Total Runners: 99

10 RECREATION SUB-COMMITTEE Teen Scavenger Hunt - collaboration with the Herrick District Library May 19th, from 2:00-4:00pm Organized an all HYAC event Early stages of brainstorming ideas for an Easter Egg Hunt in April 2019

11 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS COMMISSION Oversee and nurture existing international relationships while exploring new ones. Provide the community of Holland with opportunities for multicultural involvement and education. Cultural Citizen Visit in April of International Film Series Year 2 Initiative: American Influence Around the World.

12 DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Through the months the Downtown Development Authority committee has had many items on the agenda the main topics of discussion were : The Sperry Moviehouse The Civic Center (updates monthly) Parking board updates Adding on to buildings Downtown traffic study

13 NEIGHBORHOOD IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE The Neighborhood Improvement Committee had a lot of discussion on many important topics during every meeting some of them were: Budgeting for next year Affordable housing Introduced to the CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) program Studying data and strategies to better neighborhoods Welcoming new members

14 PARKS & RECREATION COMMISSION The Recreation Center and Windmill Island will be moving under City Management. Green House Discussion: What Next?

15 POLICE & COMMUNITY RELATIONS Police outreach in Holland Operation Polar Patrol ice cream COMMISSION Responding to national social issues and how they affect Holland Changes in state laws and how they affect local crime rates

16 SUSTAINABILITY COMMITTEE Framework- Over the past few months, the sustainability committee has been attempting to integrate a required framework for large city projects that encourages sustainability. Farmers Market- The committee has been working on ways to make the farmers market more sustainable. This includes encouraging using reusable bags and increasing the accessibility and awareness of the MAX bus route to the market.

17 PLANNING COMMISSION Reviewed plans for new movie theater downtown - had some nonconforming characteristics that needed review Home for at-risk male teenagers - in the wrong zone and needed either an amendment or rezoning Multiple new apartment complexes - basic plans review to see if they could continue or start

18 HUMAN RELATIONS COMMISSION The focus of this cycle has been finding tangible solutions and goals for Holland s issues of equitability, inclusion, and fairness Inclusive Cities proposal was put forward, and was conceived as a way to establish a strong base for the HRC to build upon, setting forth goals and vision for the future. Continued involvement in the local community: hosting discussions in local spaces to discuss what the citizens of holland have to say about inclusion

19 HOLLAND HISTORIC DISTRICT The Holland Historic District strives on creating a pact with the past. The commission makes sure that all houses in the historic district are upheld to the same standard of administration. Upcoming projects: The district is working on creating a workshop to inform members of the historic district community about what they can do to repair their houses correctly, without spending a fortune.

20 TEEN COURT Developed Tracking Mechanism for attendance, behavior and school performance. Include other High Schools to participate and be part on the trials Court Trials: 15, Jurors: 68, and 360 Volunteer Hours

21 NEW MEMBERS FOR SCHOOL YEAR Maya Cooper - West Ottawa, 9th Greta Davis - West Ottawa, 10th Trisha Pal - West Ottawa, 9th Tyler Chau - West Ottawa, 11th Emma Sanders - West Ottawa, 10th Andrew Ky - West Ottawa, 9th Ethan Rauckhorst - West Ottawa, 9th Elizabeth Rauckhorst - West Ottawa, 11th Noah Whiteman - Holland High, 9th Annika Williams - Holland High, 10th Hadley Vande Vusse - Holland High, 10th Audrey VanHuis - Holland High, 10th Audrey Luce - Holland Christian, 10th ZeYi Heather Lu - Holland Christian, 10th Ethan Meyers - Holland Christian, 9th Askshitha Karthikeyan - Black River, 10th



24 Windmill Island Gardens TT Booth 2018 Booth 2018 Total Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday TOTAL 47,296 48,450 55,609

25 Windmill Island Gardens TT 2018 Total Visitors: 55,609 (up from ~52,000) Total Buses: 125 (up from 99) Orange Express: 5,000 tickets Amtrak TT Runs: 250+ riders (100+ WIG tix sold)

26 Unfinished Business Transportation Traffic Change ADD 4-WAY STOP AT ENERGY PARK


28 Planning Commission Sections , , , and of the Zoning Ordinance PROPOSED SIGNAGE TEXT AMENDMENTS



31 Size Recommendation FY18 Current FY19 Approved January 2018 FY Proposed May Bags $6.49 $6.65 $ Bags $8.39 $8.60 $ Container $12.20 $12.51 $12.51 (no change) 65 Container $15.42 $15.81 $15.81 (no change) 96 Container $17.90 $18.35 $18.35 (no change) Yard Waste $14.50 $14.98 $14.98 (no change)

32 Fiscal Services Set Public Hearing BROWNFIELD PLAN 177 COLLEGE



35 Purchasing Transportation PLOW TRUCK AND EQUIPMENT


37 Holland Plow Trucks 15 Plow Trucks in fleet ( ) 2 Tandem axle Wing Plows 2 Junior Wing Plows 15-year replacement cycle 1 per year

38 Holland Plow Trucks FY2019 Budget includes 2 Plow Trucks ($348,000) Replace 2001 and 2002 Sterling Trucks Cab and Chassis is capable of Adding Wings


40 Management & Administrative Services Projecting Sign 13 West 7 th Street REVOCABLE LICENSE AGREEMENT

41 13 West 7 th Street, Big Lake Brewing

42 Management & Administrative Services 135 Elberdene APPROVAL OF PURCHASE AGREEMENT ADDENDUM

43 Management & Administrative Services Holland Civic Center Place Renovation Project APPROVAL OF GRANT AGREEMENT WITH THE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION HOLLAND / ZEELAND AREA




47 Proclamations Month of May 2018 The Ride of Silence Older Americans Month National Mental Health Awareness


49 Holland Memorial Day Parade Monday, May 28, :30 a.m. Line Up at 8 th & Central Service begins at 11 am

50 For More Information: You can contact the Mayor and City Manager and their support staff by phone at , or by to You can the Mayor s Office at Please address correspondence as follows: City of Holland * City Manager s Office 270 S. River Avenue * Holland, MI Monday Friday, 8 a.m. 5 p.m. For the latest news and happenings follow us on: Facebook Twitter