Waste and Hazardous Materials Staff List 3/2/09 NAME SECTION/DISTRICT TELEPHONE NUMBER

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1 Waste and Hazardous Materials Staff List 3/2/09 NAME SECTION/DISTRICT TELEPHONE NUMBER Anderson, Beth Cadillac/Gaylord Field Office ANDERSOB Arduin, James Lansing District Office ARDUINJ Arnold, Jerry Southeast Michigan District Office ARNOLDJW AuBuchon, Larry -District Supervisor Southeast Michigan District Office AUBUCHOL Bakun, Jim Southeast Michigan District Office BAKUNJ Banas, Joseph Kalamazoo District Office BANASJ Bean, Larry District Supervisor Jackson District Office BEANL Bean, Lawrence - District Supervisor Lansing District Office BEANL Beauregard, Becky Storage Tank and Solid Waste BEAUREGARDB Bennett, Jenny Cadillac/Gaylord Field Office BENNETJL Blanchard, Julie Hazardous Waste BLANCHARDJ Blayer, Ronda Hazardous Waste BLAYERR Blayer, Steve Lansing District Office BLAYERS Bloom, Don Southeast Michigan District Office BLOOMD Bols, Elizabeth Grand Rapids/ Field Operations BOLSE Bowen, Matthew Radiological Protection BOWENM1 Brennan, Pat Jackson District Office BRENNANP Bridgford, Dale Hazardous Waste BRIDGFORDD Brim, Rich Enforcement BRIMR Bruchmann, George W. WHMD Chief Administration BRUCHMANNG Buda, Steve Hazardous Waste BUDAS Budrow, Matt Kalamazoo District Office BUDROWM Burke, Brian Saginaw Bay District Office x8203 BURKEB Busse, Mike Southeast Michigan District Office BUSSEM

2 Buttrick, Thomas Cadillac/Gaylord Field Office BUTTRICT Charbonneau, Michael Saginaw Bay District Office x8374 CHARBONM Coble, Kenneth Radiological Protection COBLEK Combest, Janice Hazardous Waste COMBESTJ Confer, Trisha Saginaw Bay District Office x8204 CONFERT Conforti, Richard Hazardous Waste CONFORTIR Conklin, Christopher Southeast Michigan District Office CONKLINC Conradson, Scott Cadillac District Office CONRADSS Craig, John Chief Enforcement CRAIGJ Crandell, Michelle Storage Tank and Solid Waste CRANDELLM Curtis, Loren Saginaw Bay District Office x8205 CURTISL Dailey, Dan Hazardous Waste DAILEYD Daniels, Mark Southeast Michigan District Office DANIELSM Day, James Southeast Michigan District Office DAYJA Deak, Nadine Kalamazoo District Office DEAKN DeHaan, Bob Radiological Protection DEHAANR DeWyse, Michael Saginaw Bay District Office x8375 DEWYSEM1 Domino, Jackie Hazardous Waste DOMINOJ DuMont, Ralph Jackson District Office DUMONTR Fischer, John Grand Rapids District Office FISCHERJ Flechter, Matt Storage Tank and Solid Waste FLECHTERM Freeman, Emily Grand Rapids District Office FREEMANE Fritz, Kay Hazardous Waste FRITZK1 Garver, Elizabeth Southeast Michigan District Office BLAYDESB Glencer, Dan Radiological Protection GLENCERD Gohlke, John Storage Tank and Solid Waste GOHLKEJ

3 Graham, Janet Administration GRAHAMJ Grain, Noelle Southeast Michigan District Office GRAINN Grochowski, Bryan Lansing District Office GROCHOWB Grossman, Christine Enforcement GROSSMANC Hardigan, Carrie Enforcement HARDIGANC Harris, Greg Lansing District Office HARRISGL Hartman, Terry Grand Rapids District Office HARTMANT Hendershott, Sue Radiological Protection HENDERSHOTTS Himich, Ginny Hazardous Waste HIMICHV Horvath, Ron Storage Tank and Solid Waste HORVATHR Howe, Cheryl Hazardous Waste HOWEC Huddas, Patricia Southeast Michigan District Office HUDDASP Idziak, Stan Jackson District Office IDZIAKS Johns, Mark Jackson District Office JOHNSM1 Kadri, Makhoul (Mike) Storage Tank and Solid Waste KADRIM Kelly, Gerald Hazardous Waste KELLYG Keyes, Jennifer Radiological Protection KEYESJ Kocsis, Becky Storage Tank and Solid Waste KOCSISB Konadu, Stella Storage Tank and Solid Waste KONADUS Konzer, Lynn Cadillac District Office KONZERL Kutzura, Doug Southeast Michigan District Office KUTZURAD Lachance, Amy District Supervisor Grand Rapids District Office LACHANCA Lee, Lonnie - Chief Field Operations LEEL Leiter, Lindacarol Hazardous Waste LEITERL Lindberg, Ena Hazardous Waste LINDBERGE Loeffler, John Hazardous Waste LOEFFLEJ

4 Lucas, Jim Storage Tank and Solid Waste LUCASJ MacKenzie-Taylor, Deb Hazardous Waste MACKENZIE-TAYLORD Matheny, Scott Upper Peninsula District Office MATHENYS McCabe, John Hazardous Waste MCCABEJ McCarty, Mike Radiological Protection MCCARTYM1 McDonald, Susan Southeast Michigan District Office SMCDONAL McFadden, LaLarie Administration MCFADDENL McKinley, Mike Grand Rapids District Office MCKINLEM McLaughlin, Jim Grand Rapids District Office MCLAUGHJ McPherson, Linda Lansing District Office MCPHERSONL1 Menovske, Carole Administration MENOVSKEC Miettinen, Steve Upper Peninsula District Office MIETTINS Milbourne, Ruth Hazardous Waste MILBOURR Miles, Gary Southeast Michigan District Office MILESG2 Miller, Christina Storage Tank and Solid Waste MILLERC1 Montgomery, Delores Hazardous Waste MONTGOMERYD1 Morrow, Greg Southeast Michigan District Office MORROWG Mullen, Lee Storage Tank and Solid Waste MULLENL Murphy, Sueann Storage Tank and Solid Waste MURPHYS4 Nikitin, Mary Southeast Michigan District Office NIKITINM Noechel, Jeanette Southeast Michigan District Office NOECHELJ Ostaszewski, Art Hazardous Waste OSTASZEWSKIA Ozoga, John Cadillac/Gaylord Field Office OZOGAJ Parker, Carolyn Southeast Michigan District Office PARKERCB Parks, Leo Southeast Michigan District Office PARKSL Pelto, Dixie Upper Peninsula District Office PELTOD Pennell, Bud Hazardous Waste PENNELLR

5 Pennell, Connie Hazardous Waste PENNELLC Pentzien, Douglas Southeast Michigan District Office PENTZIED Peterman, Tammy Cadillac District Office PETERMAT Petrovich, Lee Hazardous Waste PETROVICHL Pfund, Tom Hazardous Waste PFUNDT Phreed, Brenda Administration PHREEDB Poxson, Marcia Storage Tank and Solid Waste POXSONM Qian, Xuede Hazardous Waste QIANX Quackenbush, Pete Hazardous Waste QUACKENBUSHP Rennaker, JoAnne Lansing District Office RENNAKEJ Ring, Margie Storage Tank and Solid Waste RINGM Roehrs, Tammy Hazardous Waste ROEHRST Rogers, Joe Hazardous Waste ROGERSJ5 Roskoskey, Duane Storage Tank and Solid Waste ROSKOSKEYD Roycraft, Phil - District Supervisor Cadillac District Office ROYCRAFP Schinderle, Jack Hazardous Waste SCHINDERLEJ Schmeling, Rob - District Supervisor Upper Peninsula District Office SCHMELIR Scholtens, Brenda Grand Rapids District Office SCHOLTEB Sellek, Elaine Hazardous Waste SELLEKE Sellers, Fred - District Supervisor Kalamazoo District Office SELLERSF Shaler, Karen Administration SHALERK Shannon, Andrew Storage Tank and Solid Waste SHANNONA1 Shekter Smith, Liane Administration SHEKTERL Skowronek, Robert Radiological Protection SKOWRONEKR Slayton, Dave Hazardous Waste SLAYTOND Sliver, Steve - Chief Storage Tank and Solid Waste SLIVERS Small, Gordon Hazardous Waste SMALLG

6 Smith, Carl Upper Peninsula District Office SMITHCL Sneller, Reed Grand Rapids District Office SNELLERR Sonnenberg, Tim Southeast Michigan District Office SONNENBT Spencer, Clay Hazardous Waste SPENCERC Stevens, Barbara Southeast Michigan District Office STEVENSB Stieb, Melody Southeast Michigan District Office STIEBM Stone, Ron Hazardous Waste STONER Strait, Sue Enforcement STRAITS Strong, Thor Low Level Radioactive Waste STRONGT Switzer, Hank Upper Peninsula District Office SWITZERL Tanner, Jeff Storage Tank and Solid Waste TANNERJ Taylor, Al Hazardous Waste TAYLORA Thor, Lee Anne Kalamazoo District Office THORL Tuma, Gary Enforcement TUMAG Turbett, Pat Enforcement TURBETTP Tyson, Kimberly Hazardous Waste TYSONK Unseld, Tim Kalamazoo District Office UNSELDT Vallier, Julie Storage Tank and Solid Waste VALLIERJ Villano, Sherri Saginaw Bay District Office x8906 VILLANOS Vinitski, Mike Jackson District Office VINITSKIM Vogen, Ann Southeast Michigan/Detroit Field Office VOGENA Walkington, Terry - District Supervisor Saginaw Bay District Office x 8200 WALKINGT Wentworth, T.R. Radiological Protection WENTWORTHT Wieber, Kevin Storage Tank and Solid Waste WIEBERK Williams-Currington, Wanda Storage Tank and Solid Waste WILLIAMSW3 Yale, Ken Radiological Protection YALEK Yocum, Bill Lansing District Office YOCUMW

7 Yordanich, Dan Enforcement YORDANICHD Zajac, Andrea Storage Tank and Solid Waste ZAJACA Zimmerman, Rhonda Storage Tank and Solid Waste OYERR