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1 STUDENT TRANSPORT 2015 EASTERN SHORE Redline Coaches (1) (Contact No ) Both AM and PM services connect with DUNALLEY service Time(approx) SORELL Sorell Interchange 7.30 Midway Point Darwin Street 7.37 Midway Point Fenton Street 7.40 Cambridge 7.30 MacKillop 7.55 ton Inn 8.00 East Derwent Highway Lindisfarne 8.15 East Derwent Highway Geilston Bay 8.17 Guilford Young 8.30 Tolosa Street to DOMINIC COLLEGE 8.35 Time(approx) Departs DOMINIC SECONDARY CAMPUS 3.35pm Guilford Young 3.40 East Derwent Highway Geilston Bay 3.53 East Derwent Highway Lindisfarne 3.55 Rosny College 4.05 Eastlands 4.10 ton Inn 4.15 Cambridge 4.20 Midway Point Darwin Street 4.27 Midway Point Fenton Street 4.30 SORELL Sorell Interchange 4.35 Ten Ride tickets are available at the Hobart Transit Centre 199 Collins Street, Hobart Passengers are advised to allow approximately 7 minutes variation at collection points. Please check with Tasmanian Redline Bus Service for connecting times. Connection with other buses (a.m. and p.m.) Dodges Ferry students can catch Dunalley Bus at Dodges Ferry/Arthur Highway at 7.20am and connect with Sorell bus Richmond School Bus Metro MX3 from & to Old Beach Stop 13 Rosny Hill Road Elwick Racecourse Oatlands can catch Redline and Walker Coaches and connect with the Kempton buses. **All new families - please contact private bus contractor to inform them which stop student will catch bus.

2 Metro Services CITY-INTERCHANGE Express XI Departs at 7.50am from town at stop F then links with the Interchange bus departing at 8.10am or can be caught at the Glenorchy Bus Mall. Buses then depart Glenorchy bus mall to Dominic College. ROUTE 27 Departs Hobart via Elizabeth Street, Augusta Road, Lenah Valley Road, Kalang Avenue, Barossa Road, Burton Street and Tolosa Street. Students will be able to disembark at the corner of Burton and Tolosa Streets as timetabling does not allow for linkup at Tolosa Street terminus. ROUTE 388 SCHOOLS Dominic College Cosgrove High School Springfield Gardens Primary School SUBURBS - MOONAH - DOMINIC COLLEGE Moonah Derwent Park - GLENORCHY Departs 8.02am Moonah (pick up Dominic, Cosgrove High and Springfield Gardens Primary School) Travel Moonah (stop 22 Main Rd outwards); Main Rd (picks up Dominic students at stop 30, Cosgrove High School); GLENORCHY bus station; (students transfer to route 393 stop D) bus departs at 8.20am Tolosa Street to Dominic. X4 DEPARTING ADELPHI ROAD - CLAREMONT The X4 departing Adelphi Rd at 7.45am arrives in Glenorchy at about 8.08am. The 7.43am Route 42 bus from Ten Mile Hill will, instead of terminating at Glenorchy Bus Station, continue on to Dominic College (School days only) as school bus Route No 393 replacing the Route 388 portion beyond Glenorchy. The Route 393 departs Glenorchy Bus Station at 8.20am after the arrival of both the Lutana and Old Beach buses. ROUTE Bridgewater - Granton Austins Ferry Claremont Berriedale Montrose Glenorchy - DOMINIC COLLEGE Departs 7.26am (picks up Dominic & Montrose Bay High students). BRIDGEWATER. Crowle Rd; Taylor Cres; Walker Cres; Bisdee Rd; Cowle Rd; Hurst St; Paice St; Scott St; Albion Rd; Killarney Rd; Scott Rd; Green Point Rd (route 115 from Gagebrook connects here at 7.43am); Eddington St; McShane Rd; Gunn St; Green Point Rd; Eddington Rd; Bridgewater Causeway; Main Road; Brooker Highway, (drops off Montrose Bay High students at OVERPASS on Highway); Elwick Road; Main Rd; Glenorchy. (students transfer to route 393 stop D) Bus departs at 8:20am Tolosa St; DOMINIC COLLEGE. X3 & ROUTE 126 (Combined) (Old Beach) Departs Bridgewater at 7.05am and follows the standard X3 route to Glenorchy. From Glenorchy this bus will then travel via the Main Road to Hobart. This service can be used as reverse route in the afternoon. EXPRESS (X1): Departs Bridgewater at 7.03am. Arrival time in Glenorchy will be 7.43am and Hobart 8.05am. ROUTE 605 Camelot Park Glenorchy via Clarence St & Rosny. Oceana Dr, Tranmere Rd, Howrah Rd, Clarence St, Cambridge Rd, Gordons Hill Rd, Ross Ave, Bligh St, Rosny Park Stop G, Bligh St, Rosny Hill Rd, Tasman Hwy, Domain Hwy, Brooker Ave, Risdon Rd, Main Rd, Tolosa St, Glenorchy Bus Station. Dominic College students transfer to route 393.

3 Metro Bus Service ROUTE Dominic College Hobart SUBURBS - Dominic College Lenah Valley North Hobart - HOBART Departs Dominic 3.35pm travels via Tolosa Street to Glenorchy bus mall then changes to Route 27, then Tolosa Street, Barossa Road, Kalang Avenue, Girrabong Rd; Lenah Valley Road; Augusta Road; Elizabeth Street; Bathurst St; Campbell St; Davey St; Elizabeth St; HOBART. ROUTE 365 Dominic College - Bridgewater Dominic College Glenorchy Rosetta Berriedale Claremont Austins Ferry Bridgewater Gagebrook Old Beach Otago Bay - BOWEN Depart Dominic College 3.40pm, Stop G Glenorchy, Main Road, Bridgewater Causeway, Boyer Rd, Boyer Turning Circle, Boyer Rd, Gunn St, Eddington St, McShane Rd, Gunn St, Green Point Rd, Scott Rd, Albion Rd, Killarney Rd, Scott Rd, Paice St, Hurst St, Cowle Rd, Taylor Cres, Walker Cres, Bisdee Rd, Cowle Rd, Hurst St, Paice St, East Derwent Hwy, Lamprill Cir, Fisher Dr, Lamprill Circ, East Derwent Highway, Gage Rd, Tottenham Rd, Ashburton Rd, Lockhart St, Plymouth Rd, Tottenham Rd, Deak St, Sattler ST, Tottenham Rd, Gage Rd, East Derwent Hwy, Jetty Rd, East Derwent Hwy, Otago Bay, East Derwent Hwy, BOWEN bridge. ROUTE 391 Dominic College - Claremont Dominic College Glenorchy Rosetta Chigwell - CLAREMONT Depart Dominic College 3.35pm via Tolosa St; Brent St; Chapel St; Main Rd; Montrose Rd; Katoomba Cres; Mary s Hope Road; Radcliffe Cres; Gould Cres; Crosby Rd; Chandos Dr; Berriedale Rd; Allunga Rd; Claremont Link Rd; Canberra Rd; Battersby Drive; Box Hill Rd; Adelphi Rd; Abbotsfield Rd; Harbord Rd; Hanlon St; Spring St; Cammeray St; Colston St; Euston St; Leighland Rd; Edgar St. & Hilton Rd; Edgar St. ROUTE 390 Dominic College - City SUBURBS Dominic College Glenorchy Derwent Park Moonah New Town North Hobart HOBART. Depart Dominic College 3.35pm; Tolosa Street; Main Rd; Springfield Interchange; Springfield Ave; Main Rd (picks up Ogilvie High pupils at Stop 19) Argyle St; Burnett St; Campbell St; Davey St; HOBART (BUS STATION) X3 & ROUTE 126 (Combined) (OLD BEACH) Departs Glenorchy and follows standard X3 route to Bridgewater. NB Please check Metro website for any changes,

4 Hillard Christian School ( ) This service is provided on the discretion of Hilliard Christian School. Families need to contact the school direct in relation to this service. SANDFLY - LONGLEY - KINGSTON Departs Sandfly at 7.00am, travels to Channel Highway arriving at Margate Bridge at 7.15pm then to Blackman s Bay via Redwood Road to Algona Road, Roslyn Ave., Beach Road to Coles Kingston car park. Leaves Coles car park at 7.35pm then along Southern Outlet to Mt Nelson (HMC), along Macquarie St., Harrington St, to (EMC) to Main Rd. then Augusta Rd., Creek Rd. to Main Rd., then Tolosa St. to the College. Departs College at 3.35 Pick up GYC students 3.40 Ogilvie High School 3.50 Will drop students at SportsGirl - Liverpool Street (if required) 4.00 Mt Nelson 4.10 Kingston 4.20 Howden 4.35 Margate 4.40 Sandfly 4.50 The bus will have Hillard Christian School on the side. Routes may change, subject to notice, once numbers and stops are streamlined. KEMPTON Creswell Coaches Service Leaves Kempton at 7.25am Occasional pick up on way to Jubilee St Leaves Jubilee St at 7.50am Approx. Arrives Dominic at 8.25am to 8.30am Approx. No stops past Brighton Service Leaves Dominic at 3.30pm to 3.35pm Then to Brighton Interchange Seymour St Then dropping at various stops between Brighton and Kempton Arrive Kempton approx as they catch the 1st Bus to Kempton that leaves Brighton about 4pm

5 O Driscoll Coaches ELLENDALE - NEW NORFOLK GLENORCHY Ellendale (Fire Station) 7.00 Fentonbury 7.07 Westerway 7.11 Glenora 7.19 Bushy Park 7.21 Rosegarland 7.28 Hayes 7.36 Warner Ave 7:40 Benjamin Terrace (Shop) 7:42 Brittain Street cnr Backriver Road 7:44 Sixth Avenue 7:46 Toll House 7:48 Blair Street (shop) 7:50 Burnett Street 8:00 Sorell Creek 8:05 Rowbottom's Road 8:15 Holy Rosary School 8:21 Guilford Young 8:30 Dominic College 8:35 Dominic College Guilford Young College 15:40 Holy Rosary School 15:48 Rowbottom's Road 15:35 Sorell Creek 16:03 Burnett Street 16:13 Blair Street (shop) 16:17 Warner Ave 16:20 Benjamin Terrace (Shop) 16:22 Brittain Street cnr Backriver Road 16:24 Sixth Avenue 16:26 Toll House 16:28 NB. Returns to Ellendale via the reverse arriving at appox 5.18pm