19 21 March 2014 Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre QLD, Australia. Registration Brochure

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1 19 21 March 2014 Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre QLD, Australia Registration Brochure

2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Organising Committee is grateful to the following companies for their support of the conference: Platinum Sponsors Organising Committee Roger Harris, RNSH (Chair) Christine Bowles, St George Hospital Victoria Brazil, Royal Brisbane and Women s Hospital Oliver Flower, RNSH Minh Le Cong, Royal Flying Doctor Service Grace Leo, Intensive Care Network Matthew Mac Partlin, Wollongong Hospital Lewis Macken, RNSH Natalie May, NHS smaccgold 2014 Secretariat Keynote Speakers > Weingart > Brohi > Levitan > Carley > Reid > Mallemat > Raper > Cadogan > Brazil > Lex > Rogers > Lipman > Mitchell > Hockings > Murphy > Body > Le Cong > Flower > Nickson > Harris > Johnston Affiliates C/ The Association Specialists PO Box 576 Crows Nest NSW 1585 Australia T: F: E: Call for Abstracts All accepted free papers and posters will be podcast and displayed via the affiliated websites after they have been presented at the smaccgold 2014 conference, ensuring that they reach the maximum possible audience. For more information including abstract guidelines and online abstract submission details, visit the conference website Critical Care Reviews Abstract submission deadline: 22 November smaccgold 2014 #smaccgold

3 INvitation If you thought smacc2013 was good then wait till you experience smaccgold! smacc2013 was a phenomenal success, attracting almost 700 delegates and widespread acclaim. The conference not only brought together a diverse group of critical care practitioners (Emergency Physicians, Intensivists, Anaesthetists, Rural and Pre-Hospital Specialists, Critical Care Nurses and Paramedics) it united the biggest names in online medical blogs and websites from around the world. The meeting was accredited by all the major colleges, including CICM, ACEM, RACGP, ACRRM and this year we ll add ANZCA to the list! In 2014 smaccgold (named so because the conference is being held on the Gold Coast) will be even better. We are expecting over 1,000 delegates and due to all your feedback from smacc2013, there are more innovations including: Increased Intensive care and Anaesthetic content A fourth concurrent session to make your choices even harder A huge range of pre-conference workshops (see page 4) More big name speakers from around the world Live streamed conference material into developing hospitals in Vietnam and Timor An expanded smaccbar and Lounge Child care facilities on site New look simwars and sonowars Keynote and delegate free-papers integrated with PK s in the smaccforum A huge trade display The Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre offers state of the art facilities and an arena that feels like it was built for the smacc experience. The surrounding accommodation on Broadbeach is only minutes walk from some of Australia s best beaches. smaccgold is a not-for-profit venture and all the content will be recorded and released in serial fashion as part of FOAM in the same way as we are currently doing with the smacc2013 content. If you haven t got into the spirit of smacc already, check out the content on the smacc itunes channel or via all the listed affiliated websites. I invite you to register for smaccgold Get involved now. Submit an abstract online, make a Pecha Kucha, register for Sonogames and Simwars. Follow us on (#smaccgold). Help us shape smaccgold. I can t wait to see you all on the Gold Coast in March. Sincerely Roger Harris Chair Organising Committee Key Dates 26 August 2013 Call for Abstracts Opens 16 September 2013 Registration Opens 22 November 2013 Abstract Submission Deadline 13 December 2013 Abstract Notification 31 January 2014 Early Bird Registration Deadline 18 March 2014 Pre-Conference Workshops March 2014 smaccgold 2014 smaccgold 2014 #smaccgold 3

4 Pre-Conference Workshops Tuesday, 18 March 2014 Priority booking for the below workshops will be given to those who are attending the full 3 days of the smaccgold 2014 Conference. Education Workshop Time: Cost: $ Faculty: Pax: CORE TOPICS: hours Chris Nickson, Vic Brazil, Rob Rogers, Mike Cadogan, Jon Gattward, Cliff Reid, Haney Mallemat, Damian Roland, Trevor Jackson, Irma Bilgrami, Gerard Fenessey, Lauren Westafer 40 participants Teaching by Speaking, Making the Most of the Teachable Moment, Teaching with Twitter, Hanging Out with Google, Helping the Trainee with Difficulties, M&M That Works, Teaching Procedures Using a Microskills Approach, How to Become Simulation Savvy, Text, Slides and Videotape, Teaching Methods You Won t Find in a Book! The Ultimate Ultrasound Workshop Time: hours Cost: $ Faculty: Matt Dawson, Mike Mallin, James Rippey, Justin Bowra, Marek Nalos, Pierre Janin, Sharon Kay Pax: 36 participants CORE Lung Ultrasound, TTE-Cardiac, TOE-Cardiac, TOPICS: Vascular, efast and Trauma, Ultrasound and the Shocked Patient Advanced ECG Workshop Time: hours Cost: $ Faculty: Steve Smith, Louise Cullen, Ed Burns, John Larkin, Trevor Jackson, Hussam Tayeb Pax: 40 participants CORE Mastering the Mysteries of Myocardial TOPICS: Ischaemia, Difficult Dysrhythmias, Pacemaker Panic, Deadly Diagnoses You Must Never Miss, Bring Your Own Cases! Advanced Haemodynamics Workshop Time: hours Cost: $ Faculty: Laurence Weinberg, Lisen Hockings, Ray Raper Pax: 48 participants CORE Pacing Pulmonary Artery Catheter, Pulse TOPICS: Contour Analysis, Pacing, Intra Aortic Balloon Pump, Advanced Haemodynamic Simualtion, Pulse Contour Analysis BestBETs Down Under: EBM Made Simple Workshop Time: hours Cost: $ Faculty: Rick Body, Simon Carley, Rob MacSweeney Pax: 40 participants CORE TOPICS: Practical Critical Appraisal, EBM in Clinical Practice, Demystifying Statistics, Making Journal Club Work 4 smaccgold 2014 #smaccgold

5 Pre-Conference Workshops Tuesday, 18 March 2014 Airway Workshop Time: Cost: $ Faculty: Pax: CORE TOPICS: hours Richard Levitan, Scott Weingart, John Vassiliadis, Minh Le Cong, Jim Ducanto, Tim Leeuwenberg, Anthony Lewis, Geoff Healey 80 participants Difficult Airways, Naso-Endoscopy, Fibreoptic Intubation, Surgical Airway, Video Laryngoscopy CRRT Workshop Time: hours Cost: $ Faculty: Michaela Cartner, Yogesh Apte, Celia Bradford, Celina Hole Pax: 30 participants CORE TOPICS: Modes, Circuit, Troubleshooting, Plasmapheresis Express Yourself: Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Creative & Improve Education Delivery Workshop Time: hours Cost: $ Faculty: Rob Rogers, Michelle Johnston, Grace Leo, Tony Brown, Vic Brazil, Tor Ercleve Pax: 50 participants CORE Literary Lessons and Fictional Lessons TOPICS: Learned Writing Fiction Applied to Med- Education, Polish Your Presentations, Educating Through Speaking, Enhancing Learning With Visual Art, Perfect Podcasting Production, Writing Styles to Suit the Occasion, Copyright: Don t Get Busted! Social Media Basics for Dummies Workshop Time: hours Cost: $ Faculty: Mike Cadogan, Haney Mallemat, Lauren Westafer, Jeremy Faust, Natalie May, Matt Mac Partlin, Ian Miller, Kaye Rolls Pax: 50 participants CORE FOAM ( Free Open Access Meducation ), TOPICS: Twitter, Social Networks Including Facebook and LinkedIn, Google+, Blogs and RSS Feeds, Podcasts, LinkedIn Interactive Q&A No Question is Too Dumb! ECMO Workshop Time: hours Cost: $ Faculty: Roger Pye, Lisen Hockings, Jon Gattward, Deidre Murphy Pax: 30 participants CORE TOPICS: Canulation, Anticoagulation, Troubleshooting, Transport Critical Care Nutrition Time: hours Cost: $ Faculty: Roger Harris, Fiona Simpson, Ken Havill Pax: 50 participants CORE TOPICS: Calculating Energy Requirements, Protein, Timing of Feeding, Refeeding / Malnutrition, Special Formulations smaccgold 2014 #smaccgold 5

6 Provisional Program Wednesday, 19 March Registration Open Opening Ceremony PLENARY SESSION: Defying Death Chair: Michelle Johnston Twitter Moderator: Natalie May Timing, Tribes and STEMIs Victoria Brazil Triumph Over Trauma Karim Brohi Own the Airway! Richard Levitan State-of-the-Art Therapeutic Hypothermia Scott Weingart MORNING BREAK CONCURRENT 1 CONCURRENT 2 CONCURRENT 3 CONCURRENT 4 The Bedside Scientist Chair: Michaela Cartner Life and Death at Extremes Chair: Matthew Mac Partlin Emergency!? Chair: Natalie May Tech Wizardry or Gizmo Idolatry? Chair: Tessa Davis The Bedside Physiologist Ray Raper Supersized Patients, Supersized Problems Michelle Johnston Do Risk Factors Really Factor? (The (Non) Importance of Risk Factors for Disease in Emergency Diagnosis) Simon Carley Gadgets and Sim Jon Gatward Prediction in Critical Care: Science, Art or Foolishness? David Pilcher Dangers of the Deep Glenn Singleman That s Not an Emergency This is an Emergency! Ian Norton Adventures in FOAM: Gizmo Idolatry or Effective Learning? Lauren Westafer Euboxia and (Ab) Normality Chris Nickson Punk Rock, Top Gun and the Resus Room Deniz Tek Pain and Suffering in the ED Iain Beardsell Technology, Tacit Knowledge and Collective Competence Pieter Peach The Drugs Don t Work: Pharmacokinetics in the Critically Ill Jeff Lipman Mexico, Hyperthermia and 60 Minutes David Rosengren Deteriorating Patient Imogen Mitchell Is the Peer Reviewed Journal Dead? Tony Brown LUNCH 6 smaccgold 2014 #smaccgold

7 Provisional Program CONCURRENT 5 CONCURRENT 6 CONCURRENT 7 CONCURRENT 8 Dogma, Lies and Videotape Chair: Michelle Johnston Hardcore Haemodynamics Chair: Roger Harris Before and Beyond the Hospital Chair: Brian Burns Precious Bodily Fluids and the Kidney Chair: Michaela Cartner Why Most Published Research is Wrong Louise Cullen No Pain, All Gain: Noninvasive Continuous Monitoring Haney Mallemat The Future of Pre Hospital Care Karel Habig The Stewart Approach: The Only Approach John Morgan What to Believe? When to Change? Simon Carley The Echo Doesn t Lie Deirdre Murphy Making Teams Work Bruce Armstrong Is Chloride a Poison? David Story Do Doctors Do it Better? Sarah Webb Riding the Wave (Pulse Contour/TPTD, etc) Lawrence Weinberg Ditch Medicine Tricks TBA Nothing s Golden About Urine Output in Burns! Lewis Macken Resuscitation Dogmalysis Cliff Reid Charming the Yellow Snake (PACs) Ray Raper All at Sea (Retrieval and Hyperbaric/Diving Emergencies) TBA Getting RRT Right Celia Bradford AFTERNOON BREAK PLENARY SESSION: Future of Education Chair: Simon Carley Twitter Moderator: Kane Guthrie Back to the Bedside: The Future of Face-to-Face Teaching Rob Rogers Evidence-Based Education: What Works? Victoria Brazil Evaluating Education Damian Roland Education Without Ivory Towers (Education Challenges in Under Resourced Settings) Joe Lex WELCOME RECEPTION, Exhibition Area smaccgold 2014 #smaccgold 7

8 Provisional Program Thursday, 20 March Registration Open PLENARY SESSION: What is Possible, What is Reasonable, What is Best? Hypothetical Facilitator: Victoria Brazil Twitter Moderator: Oliver Flower Panel Participants: Ray Raper, Di Stephens, Steve Philpot, John Hinds, Rachael Pery-Johnson (Trainee), Bill Lukin, David Anderson (ICU Trainee), Greg Kelly MORNING BREAK CONCURRENT 9 CONCURRENT 10 CONCURRENT 11 CONCURRENT 12 Sick Cells and Critically Ill Organs Chair: Roger Harris Sepsis Sucks! Chair: Irma Bilgrami Outback, the Bush and Beyond Chair: Minh Le Cong May the Probe be With You Chair: Lewis Macken The Meaning of Acidosis David Story Sepsis in New York: Our First 15,000 Patients Scott Weingart Life and Death in the Red Center Penny Stewart TBA Mike Mallin Anaphylaxis Michael Rose The Melioidosis Story Di Stephens Rural Resus Room Planning Tim Leuwenberg TBA James Rippey Iron: Is it Fool s Gold? Ed Litton The Dying Traveller Steve McGloughlin Logistics and Winches: Saving Lives in the Back of Beyond Brian Burns Paediatric Ultrasound TBA Understanding Lactate Marek Nalos Antibiotics: Right Drug, Right Dose, Right Time Jeff Lippman Lessons Learned From Hard Lessons Learned Casey Parker TBA Matt Dawson LUNCH CONCURRENT 13 CONCURRENT 14 CONCURRENT 15 CONCURRENT 16 smaccforum Chair: Michaela Cartner smaccforum Chair: Casey Parker smaccforum Chair: Minh Le Cong smaccforum Chair: Michelle Johnston Integrated free paper session blended with keynote speaker free papers and the best PK s Integrated free paper session blended with keynote speaker free papers and the best PK s Integrated free paper session blended with keynote speaker free papers and the best PK s Integrated free paper session blended with keynote speaker free papers and the best PK s AFTERNOON BREAK PLENARY SESSION: SonoGames Chairs: James Rippey, Lewis Macken Judges: Matt Dawson, Mike Mallin, Sharon Kay, Deirdre Murphy, Lisen Hockings, Haney Mallemat GALA DINNER, Jupiters Hotel & Casino 8 smaccgold 2014 #smaccgold

9 Provisional Program Friday, 21 March Registration Open PLENARY SESSION: Resuscitationists Rejoice! Chair: Michelle Johnston Twitter Moderator: Chris Nickson Cutting Edge Damage Control Karim Brohi The Art and Science of Fluid Responsiveness (Put Your Feet Up) Haney Mallemat Save a Life, Cut to Air! (Cricothyroidotomy) Scott Weingart When Should Resuscitation Stop? Cliff Reid MORNING BREAK CONCURRENT 17 CONCURRENT 18 CONCURRENT 19 CONCURRENT 20 Airways For All Chair: Cliff Reid Ain t Got Time to Bleed... Chair: Cath Hurn Cardiovascular Catastrophes Chair: Oliver Flower Goodbye Comfort Zone! Chair: Irma Bilgrami Airway Dogmalysis Richard Levitan Not All Bleeding Stops: Acute Coagulopathy of Trauma Karim Brohi ECMO: What Could Go Wrong? Deidre Murphy Through the Patient s Eyes Imogen Mitchell Awake Intubation the EMCrit Way Scott Weingart New Ways to Bleed: Novel Anticoagulants Joe Lex Aortic Catastrophes Rob Rogers Could it be Poison? Mark Little The Anaesthetist s Airway Toolbox Anthony Lewis Blood, But Not as we Know it: Blood Substitutes Anthony Holley CardiacSurgery...Then Cardiac Arrest Lisen Hockings Anaesthetists Without Tearooms (Gassing in Hostile Environments) TBA Debate: Real Airway Docs Use Checklists Tim Leeuwenberg = PRO vs Minh Le Cong = CON Surgery in the Resus Room Mary Langcake The Heart Under Stress Rick Body The Motorcyclist in Extremis: Cases from the Races John Hinds LUNCH smaccgold 2014 #smaccgold 9

10 Provisional Program CONCURRENT 21 CONCURRENT 22 CONCURRENT 23 CONCURRENT 24 Last Breaths Chair: Matt Mac Partlin Little People, Big Problems Chair: Tessa Davis The Seat of the Soul Chair: Michelle Johnston Evolution, Adaptation and the Critically Ill Chair: Mike Cadogan The Patient Has a Tracheostomy, What Could Go Wrong? Lisen Hockings Alien Airways: Neonates and Small Children Richard Levitan Critical Care Neuroanatomy Andy Neill Survival of the Weakest: Is Evolution on Our Side? Jeremy Cohen TBA Michael Parr Tricks for Kids You Won t Read in a Book Natalie May Neurosurgery For Everyone! Mark Wilson The Microbial Arms Race (Antibiotic Resistance) Jeff Lippman Reading the Vent Like an ECG (Flow Volume Loops etc) Irma Bilgrami When Children Die Greg Kelly When the Seizure Doesn t Stop Oli Flower Adaptation: The Body s Response to Trauma Karim Brohi ARDS: An Evidence- Based Update Rob MacSweeney Kids, Brains and CTs Erica Jacobson The Soul Has Left: Talking at the Death Steve Philpot Mother Knows Best: Starvation is an Adaptive Response in the Critically Ill Roger Harris AFTERNOON BREAK PLENARY SESSION: SimWars Chairs: Victoria Brazil, John Vasiliadis Judges: Michaela Cartner, Sarah Webb, Chris Nickson Teams Championed/Coached by: Cliff Reid, Scott Weingart, John Gatward, Simon Carley smaccawards and Closing Ceremony Don t miss out register online at 10 smaccgold 2014 #smaccgold

11 SOCIAL FUNCTIONS Welcome Reception Date: Wednesday, 19 March 2014 Venue: Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, Exhibition Hall 1, Ground Floor Time: hours Cost: Included in full registration delegates Guests and one day delegates: $65.00 per person The Welcome Reception will be a great opportunity for all delegates to meet and start networking whilst enjoying drinks and canapés. Gala Dinner Date: Thursday, 20 March 2014 Venue: Jupiters Hotel & Casino Gold Coast, Broadbeach Island, Gold Coast QLD (5 minute walk from GCCEC) Time: hours Cost: Included in full registration delegates Guest and One Day Delegates: $ per person The Gala Dinner will be held at Jupiters Gold Coast, offering the perfect mix of world class facilities set in seven acres of lush, tropical gardens. Located next to the Gold Coast Convention Centre, Jupiters Gold Coast is connected by an undercover walkway. The Gala Dinner will include a live band and promises to be a memorable evening not to be missed. smaccgold 2014 #smaccgold 11

12 GOLD COAST Venue smaccgold 2014 will be held at: Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre Gold Coast Highway Broadbeach QLD 4218 Australia TEL: WEB: Centrally located in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast, few destinations have such a multitude of accommodation options. Conveniently linked to Jupiters Hotel and Casino (the award winning hotel-casino complex) via a pedestrian bridge, the GCCEC is specifically designed to make your visit a little easier. The Centre is located a short walk from the surf beach and the chic Broadbeach alfresco dining precinct featuring more than 100 restaurants and cafes offering rich culinary diversity with tastes from around the globe. The village atmosphere in Broadbeach offers an almost European feel as you walk the streets and choose from one of the multi award-winning restaurants or chic coffee houses along Surf Parade, or perhaps spoil yourself at one of the trendy eateries in Broadbeach Mall. Location The Gold Coast is Australia s premier tourist destination attracting over 10.5 million overnight and daytrip visitors and approximately 10,000 new residents each year. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia and shares the title with Brisbane as one of the most desirable places in the world to live, ranked on political, social, economic and environmental factors, personal safety and health. Located in south-east Queensland, 1 hour south from the states capital Brisbane, the Gold Coast spans Beenleigh and South Stradbroke Island to the north; Cabarita and Kingscliff in the south; and west to Beaudesert and has a steadily growing population of more than 500,000 people. Families, couples, business delegates and solo travellers will all find an experience to suit their needs at a price to suit their budget, as the Gold Coast offers more attractions and venues than any other destination in the southern hemisphere. Get into the Gold Coast s easy living lifestyle with 70 kilometres of sun, sand and surf at your doorstep or 100,000 hectares of world heritage listed rainforest just a short drive away. For more information about the Gold Coast please visit Gold Coast Tourism 12 smaccgold 2014 #smaccgold

13 Accommodation Accommodation has been sourced at Crowne Plaza, Jupiters and Mantra Broadbeach on the Park. Accommodation options are available to book through the online process. Prices indicated will only apply when booking through the smaccgold 2014 Secretariat. Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise (15 minute walk from GCCEC) 2807 Gold Coast Highway Surfers Paradise QLD 4217 Australia Tel: Web: Superior Room (twin configuration): $ per room per night (room only) Jupiters Hotel & Casino Gold Coast (5 minute walk from GCCEC) Broadbeach Island Gold Coast QLD 4218 Australia Tel: Web: Superior (single/twin/double): $ per room per night (room only) Mantra Broadbeach on the Park (5 minute walk from GCCEC) 2685 Gold Coast Highway Broadbeach QLD 4218 Australia Tel: Web: Two Bedroom Apartment: $252 per apartment per night (room only) Please note: Rooms are booked on an availability basis Only bookings through the smaccgold 2014 Secretariat will obtain these rates Room rates stated are per room per night (room only, no breakfast) and include GST You are required to pre-pay all your accommodation costs in advance Incidentals must be settled directly with the hotel on your departure Late arrivals: if you plan to arrive after 1800 hours, please advise the smaccgold 2014 Secretariat to ensure the room is held for you Any alterations and cancellations to accommodation bookings must be made in writing to the smaccgold 2014 Secretariat Any room nights cancelled within 30 days of arrival will incur a 100% cancellation fee smaccgold 2014 #smaccgold 13

14 GENERAL INFORMATION Registration Desk The registration desk for smaccgold 2014 will be located on the Ground Floor opposite the main entrance of GCCEC. The registration desk will be open for the duration of the Conference including the Pre-Conference Workshops and the staff at the registration desk will be happy to help with any queries. Name Badges Each delegate will be given a name badge at registration. This badge will be the official pass to sessions, breaks, lunches and social functions. It is necessary for delegates to wear their name badges at all times when onsite. Credit Cards Credit cards accepted at the registration desk are Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. The majority of hotels, restaurants and shops will accept all major credit cards. Insurance As you will be incurring considerable expense when attending this conference, it is strongly recommended that you take out an insurance policy of your choice when booking your travel arrangements. Exhibition & eposter Area The exhibition & eposter area will be open for the duration of the conference and will become a hub for delegates. All catering stations will be located in the exhibition area, as well as the Welcome Reception. There are currently sponsorship and exhibition opportunities still available. For more information, or to discuss other options please contact the smaccgold 2014 Secretariat. Website The smaccgold 2014 Conference website will be updated regularly. For further information about the venue, sponsoring or exhibiting, provisional program, accommodation, social functions and registration information, please visit Disclaimer of Liability The Organising Committee, including the smaccgold 2014 Secretariat, will not accept liability for damages of any nature sustained by participants or their accompanying persons or loss of or damage to their personal property as a result of the conference or related events. Getting There Air: The Gold Coast has its own domestic airport at Coolangatta, just 20 minutes south of the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, with regular flights from all capital cities. Services are provided domestically by three airlines, Virgin Australia, Tiger and Jetstar, and internationally through multiple airlines. Brisbane International Airport is located just one hour drive from Broadbeach. Road: When traveling southbound from Brisbane (78km) take the Broadbeach Motorway Exit and follow the directions to Broadbeach. Just after the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre turn left at the next set of lights. This will bring you out onto the Gold Coast Highway. The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre is situated on the corner of the next street, just after Jupiters Casino. The Gold Coast is 900km north of Sydney and is accessible by either the Pacific Highway or the inland New England Highway. There are a wide range of coach / bus transfers, taxi and hire car services available from the airports. Stretch and sedan limosines are also an affordable option. Parking: The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre s car park entrance is at the northern end of the building, accessible from traffic lights off the Gold Coast Highway and the main driveway off TE Peters Drive. Undercover car spaces are available for short-term parking. A $10 inclusive of GST flat rate is charged for car parking at the centre. Public Transport: Local bus, coach, taxi and limousine companies operate regular services to all major attractions, hotels and shopping centres. To get to and from the Brisbane Airport, the closest train station is called Nerang. It is about 15 minutes by taxi or you can also catch a Surfside bus. There is a bus stop directly in front of the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre on the Gold Coast Highway. There are also taxi and limousine ranks at the main entrance. You can also access the rail line to Brisbane via a bus from Jupiters Hotel and Casino. 14 smaccgold 2014 #smaccgold

15 Registration Fees Pre-Conference Workshops: 18 March 2014 Time Cost Education Workshop hours $ The Ultimate Ultrasound Workshop hours $ Advanced ECG Workshop hours $ Advanced Haemodynamics Workshop hours $ BestBETs Down Under: EBM Made Simple Workshop hours $ Airway Workshop hours $ CRRT Workshop hours $ Express Yourself: Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Creative & Improve hours $ Education Delivery Workshop Social Media Basics for Dummies Workshop hours $ ECMO Workshop hours $ Critical Care Nutrition hours $ smaccgold 2014: March 2014 Early Bird Rate On or before 31/1/2014 Standard Rate After 31/1/2014 Full Delegate $ $1, Nurse / Registrar RMO / Paramedic $ $ One Day Delegate $400.00* $450.00* One Day Nurse / Registrar RMO / Paramedic $300.00* $350.00* Student $280.00* $280.00* * One day delegate & student fees do NOT include tickets to the Welcome Reception or Gala Dinner, however, you are welcome to attend for an additional fee (see page 11). To purchase tickets please complete the corresponding section during the online registration process. Student Registrations We are offering 50 student places for $ for the 3 day conference this does not include tickets to the Welcome Reception or Gala Dinner. At the time of registration students must supply a copy of their current certificate of enrolment. Full Delegate Registration includes: Entry to all conference sessions taking place from Wednesday, 19 March 2014 Friday, 21 March 2014 Entry to the exhibition & eposter area Morning/afternoon teas and lunches during the conference Admittance to the Welcome Reception and Gala Dinner (additional tickets to all social functions can be purchased for guests) Final program & abstract book Day Delegate Registration includes: Entry to all conference sessions on your specified day Entry to the exhibition & eposter area on your specified day Morning/afternoon teas and lunches during the conference on your specified day Final program & abstract book Cancellation Policy All cancellations or alterations should be put in writing to the smaccgold 2014 Secretariat. If cancellation is received in writing: By 17 January 2014: $ cancelation fee will apply Between 17 January 16 February 2014: 50% of registration monies paid will be refunded After 17 February 2014: No refund on monies paid To register for smaccgold 2014 you must complete the online registration process and provide credit card details for payment please visit smaccgold 2014 #smaccgold 15