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1 P O S T A L A U C T I O N S Lot Thin ½d Lot 920 War Savings Lot Inverted Wmk Lot 303 JBC Monogram Lot Papua - Australia Lot 2531 Ham Halflength Lot d Brown OS Ex Lot 2501 Tonganah Lot Wyuna Downs Siding Lot 3355 Handmade Paper Postal Auction No. 91 World Stamps, Postal History & Postal Stationery Plus Specialised Australian Postmarks Starting 10:00am Sunday, 17th May Phone: Int: Fax: Int: PO Box 91, Belgrave, Victoria 3160, Australia

2 Page 2 Auction 91-10:00am Sunday 17th May 2009 PPA Preamble Welcome to our May Auction. This months literature section is full to the brim with Aerophilatelic goodness including Field s priced catalogue of Air Mail Stamps & Airposts of the World 1932 (#69) and Qantas Rising by Sir Hudson Fysh (#90). Roo hunters will find several very nice mint items including a mint 2d grey 1st Wmk Inverted marginal pair (#196) & a fine used 1 grey CofA (#286). For those of you who prefer KGV s there is a smorgasboard of varieties up for grabs. Highlights include ½d green Monogram Singles of both CA (#302) & JBC (#303) and ½d green thin fraction at right, in both Used (#429) and MUH (#430). Also of note are the two 1d green sheets, plate 3 (#440) & plate 4 (#442) either of which would be a steal at twice our reseve, not to mention that they are both awesome exhibition items with a very significant Wow factor. Both Miltary & Revenue collectors will find temptation knocking on their door this month with PPA s range of War Savings items & the rare opportunity to aquire a War Savings 6d War Memorial stamp (#920). On cover we have a 1915 use of the 1d red KGV Die II (#1138), a 1932 use of the 6d brown Airmail with OS opt (#1155), a very attractive 1934 Papua - Australia flight cover (#1245) & much, much more. ANZAC day brings our Military history to the fore & as such we are offering an excellent group of Military covers this month, helping to bring our Military History out of recollection & into your collection. Moving on to the Australian States and their Postmarks. May sees the introduction of Bold Ratings to help you track down that special somewhere. The ACT brings us a 1928 Ainsley LRD (#1344). NSW has it s rego labels on display, a number of great numeral ties including 1755 Billinudgel (#1533) & 2012 Mookerawa (#1536) and a marvellous group of datestamps, the pinnacle of which is a straight line Wyuna Downs Siding (#1683). The NT offers a great group of covers including a 1979 Galiwinku SDL (#1717), 1988 Nguiu SDL (#1734), squared-circle Powell Creek (#1742) & Union Town (#1749). Queensland is a real winner this month with Manning s new QLD Numerals reference (now availiable from PPA) making it off the shelf & onto the describers desk, resulting in an extensive, yet affordable selection on offer. For newcomers now is an excellent time to consider this facinating area of Australian Philately while old hands will appreciate the attention currently being paid to their area of specialisation. SA postmark collectors will love our May selection with a great range of Diamond Numerals including 37 Crystal Brook (#2056) & a number of useful datestamps such as the 1909 boxed GPO Adelaide (#2085), 1909 Anama Squared-circle (#2088) & 1958 Snuggery (#2208). Tasmania has some excellent early stamps along with strong postmark representation including 1955 Blessington (#2332) & 1917 Tonganah (#2501). Victoria is in fine form this month with many fantastic stamps. Springing to mind are a 4-margin 1d deep-red brown Ham Halflength (#2531), a 3-margin 2/- dull bluish green Calvert Woodblock (#2540) the matching Perf 12 (#2546), a fiscal use 5 pink Stamp Duty (#2550) & a 1 salmon KEVII (#2567). On cover it is hard to go past the 2d brownish purple QoT strip of 3 (#2596). As you would expect, our postmark range is superb with numerals including 15 Bacchus Marsh (#2613), 105 Goldborough (#2623) & 2028 Monomeith (#2715). Datestamp highlights include a Balliston Crown Seal (#2748), 1922 Bullengarook (#2798), 1971 Curlewis SDL (#2824), 1935 Humevale (#2890), 1943 Laverton RAAF PO (2943) & 1921 Smoko (#3102). Western Australian Postmarks continue to impress this month with an 1899 Black Flag T.O. (#3187), 1913 Golden Ridge (#3199), University Crawley of 1960 (#3235) & 1907 Westbrook (#3239) amongst the offerings. Around the world this month we have a vast range of items including healthy selections of Early Canada, Fiji Postmarks, Mint France, GB Booklets, Hong Kong FDC s, New Zealand Plate & Imprint blocks, Papua New Guinea Postmarks, USA FDC s & Astronaut Autographed space covers. Thanks to everyone who has provided us with their collecting interests. This is the easiest and most efficient way for you to see what we have on offer in your collecting areas. It also ensures that you only receive a catalogue from us when there is something of interest. That saves you time and keeps our costs down. The best way of bidding is to use our secure website However you can always use the printed bidsheet that comes with the catalogue and fax or mail it to us, you can also phone your bids through if you prefer. We will take bids any way they come. David, Debbie, Freedom, Anita & Cathy.

3 Auction 91-10:00am Sunday 17th May 2009 Page 3 HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM OUR CATALOGUE [These notes are offered as a guide to understanding the information given as symbols.] 1. Firstly, we have the lot number. If it is in bold and underlined, the item is illustrated: e.g (The actual location of the illustration is given at the end of the description: e.g. {Page 41.37} is position 37 on page 41.) 2. The second column contains a symbol, which represents the item(s) in the lot: ** Mint, unmounted o.g. * Mint, mounted o.g. Ω Unused, no gum Piece ( Postmarks lots) Cover or card A Albums and accessories L Literature P Proof S Stamp ( Postmarks lots) or, in the case of used stamps, covers & Postal Stationery a grading of the cancellation: V Neat postmark, leaving most of the stamp design clear F Neat postmark, across at least half of the stamp design G Untidy or indistinct postmark H Heavy or poorly struck postmark 3. The third column gives an overall quality assessment for the lot, from A to D. The same standard applies to mint and used stamps, to covers, postal stationery, literature etc. An item graded A is very fine; it has no faults. B items are fine and may have minor imperfections. A C item will exhibit obvious faults. Items in poor condition are rated D. Occasionally, an item in truly superb condition will be rated A+. This grading is used sparingly and is not applied to modern material, which one would normally expect to be in very fine to superb condition. An otherwise very fine item which has a subsidiary problem may be allocated an A-. This may be a stamp with writing or a hinge remainder on the reverse. A cover may have a receiver s endorsement on the face. The halves of a letter card may be stuck together. A book may have a previous owner s notations. Whether this factor makes the item an A- or B is a matter of degree. 4. The fourth column is relevant to perforated stamps, and also to lots listed under the sub-heading Postmarks. For perforated stamps, this column gives a grading for both centring and perforations. The letter A to D relates to centring. A stamps are very well centred; B stamps are slightly off-centre; C stamps are significantly off-centre, and may have the perforations slightly into the design; D stamps are badly off-centre, with the perforations well into the design. [NB: These gradings are the same for all perforated issues, whether Australian Decimals, De La Rue Colonial keyplates or 19 th Century American issues. However, it should be understood that for many issues poor centring is the norm. Thus C, and even D, gradings should be expected and accepted. For such issues a B stamp will be above-average and an A stamp will be considered an exceptional copy.] Following the letter A to D is a number 1 to 4. A stamp with all perforations intact is 1. One or two short perfs, or normal rough perforations, will drop the grading to 2. More notable perforation problems such as the perfs down one side being trimmed will result in a 3 grading. A stamp with major perforation faults will be a 4. [NB: A stamp graded A1 is well-centred with all perforations intact. In many cases, particularly with modern issues, this is the norm. However, for many issues, B2 or even C3 may be normal and quite acceptable.] For lots listed under the sub-headings Postmarks and Ship/Paquebot Markings, this column gives a grading for quality of the strike, and completeness. Quality is graded from A (very fine) to D (poor). Completeness is graded from 1 (complete) to 5 (identifiable only). + is used for superb strikes; - is used for postmarks which are lightly struck, a little doubled, or otherwise a bit short of the mark. 5. The 5th column contains the general description of the of the lot and should be self-evident, however the following notes apply specifically to postmark description. Whenever possible postmarks will be described in full, except that the top portion of a postmark is only spelt out when it differs from the post office name or requires some clarification. Bracketed shaded text within a description indicates that these characters cannot be read, while greyed characters are hard to read or are only partly present, as is the case when part of the postmark is on the edge of a stamp. Very large or small letters are represented by large and small fonts respectively; small fonts are particularly used to indicate the presence of small nylon wheels in the datestamp. The following example illustrates these points: '[POST] OFFICE/ 21DE86 /GARAH'. For postmark lots the condition of the postmark is the most important aspect of our descriptions. Minor defects in the stamp or cover are mentioned only when the value of the item is significant. Naturally, major defects will always be described. 6. The symbols in the second, third and fourth columns, and the illustrations of lots, form part of the lot description. 7. Figures in the right-hand column are our estimate of value. You may bid at, above or below estimate. The reserve price for almost every lot is 80% of estimate. Bids below this level will not be considered, except lots which have an estimate of $5 or less when bids below the reserve may be considered at the auctioneer s discretion. 8. Australian residents will have GST added to the hammer price of all lots. 9. We use the following standardised abbreviations: o.g. original gum opt(d) overprint(ed) d/s datestamp cds circular datestamp h/s handstamp mss manuscript; handwritten ERD earliest recorded date LRD latest recorded date o/o opened-out RLabel registration label M/S(s) miniature sheet(s) PPC picture postcard cnr corner blk block impt imprint mtd mounted provl provisional wmk watermark LDL large dateline (postmarks) SDL small dateline (postmarks) TLC,TRC,BLC,BRC Top Left Cnr, Top Right Cnr, Bottom Left Cnr, Bottom Right Cnr

4 Page 4 Auction 91-10:00am Sunday 17th May 2009 THEMATICS & TOPICALS 1 Ω A- Lord Howe Island: Sydpex 80 Lord Howe Island stamp miniature sheet overprinted SPECIMEN in violet. $18 2 A Scouts & Guides: Lord Baden Powell Society, Braddon ACT, blue on white postage paid envelope with blue motif Die. $15 ALBUMS & ACCESSORIES 3 ** A KA BE Hingless Album for Pitcairn Island with pages to 1979, last 2 pages have short, light horizontal creases at the right edge. $50 CINDERELLAS 4 ** A B1 Sub-Normal Children s Christmas label TLC block of 12 (3x4). $4 5 * B 1941: TB Christmas label with lighthouse & snow covered house. $5 6 ** A Australia: 1/- Spastic Centre for Children, Mosman label in blue & red. $8 7 ** A A1 - DAILY MIRROR/ TRANS-AUSTRALIAN/ BALLOON/ FLIGHT: 1965 minisheet with se-tenant strip of 3 in green & red. $5 8 ** A ANPEX Souvenir folder of Cook Anniversary Essays from Australian National Stamp Exhibition, with reproduced 5c Cook block of 4 and se-tenant block of 4 showing Cook s Discovery of Australia together with Exhibition entry ticket (for 30c!!!). $25 9 ** A Stamp Show souvenir sheetlet pair with 3d Kookaburra block of 4 and Wildlife Commemorative block of 4 each numbered. $20 10 ** A - Thirlmere railway: Australian Bicentennial trains, $6 Railway Letter Stamp miniature sheets, 4 different types including Flying Scotsman, original FV $24. (4) $15 11 ** A A1 - The Australian National Parks & Wildlife Service: $40 Wetlands Conservation Wood Duck miniature sheet #4263. $25 12 V A Australia - Hutt River: small group of FDC s, 1973 flowers, 1974 Secession, 1974 Christmas, 1975 Christmas & 1976 birds, all in cover franked with Cocos 35c sailing pair cancelled with [CO]MO/ 11AU76 /WA-AUST (A1-) & bearing Hutt River 40c Supper of Emmaus & 30c Secession cancelled with HUTT RIVER/ 16AUG1976/ PROVINCE on reverse. $30 13 Ω A Australia - Replica Card: Queen Elizabeth portraits , card no. 5 $5 14 Ω A- - Christmas 1962, card no. 22, including Australia (FU) & Norfolk Island (**) issues mounted on inside of card, some grottyness to back cover $5 15 Ω A B1 France: c.1916 Multicoloured label with portrait of General Gallieni Military Governor of Paris issued for Lord Roberts Memorial Fund. $20 16 * A - Exposition Philatelique Internationale PEXIP Paris labels in purple, red-orange, brown & blue, unusual design, scarce. (4) $32 17 Ω A B1 Great Britain: c.1916 Multicoloured label with portrait of Rt Hon A Chamberlain issued for Lord Roberts Memorial Fund. $20 18 Ω A B1 - c.1916 Multicoloured label with portrait of Admiral Sir John Jellicoe issued for Lord Roberts Memorial Fund. $20 19 Ω A B1 - c.1916 multi-coloured label with portrait of Vice Admiral J M De Robeck issued for Lord Roberts Memorial Fund. $20 20 ** A B1-59 different 1937 coronation cinderellas, 1 with torn corner. $50 21 ** A Coronation sheet of 60 with Harrison imprint, some minor perf separations. $55 22 Ω A - STAMPEX 50p miniature sheet ungummed card, printed by Bradbury Wilkinson & Co Ltd, 12,500 issued. $4 23 ** A B1 Greece: Cigarette Labels inscribed M.C.C./M.C. Carathanassis & Co/20 Cigarettes etc. In different colours & inscriptions. (5) $10 24 * A Switzerland: Group comprising multicoloured labels 1913(2), 1936, 1937 & 1939, very attractive. (5) $20 COINS & BANKNOTES Coins 25 UNC Australia: 1949 ½d. $14 26 UNC ½d. $30 27 UNC Y. ½d. $6 28 UNC ½d. $4 29 UNC PL 1d. $10 30 UNC A. 1d. $30 31 UNC d. $25 32 avf d. $85 33 UNC D 3d. $20 34 UNC S 3d. $25 35 UNC d. $20 36 UNC d. $4 37 UNC d. $25 38 UNC d. $15 39 aef /-. $40 40 UNC /- $10 41 UNC Canberra 2/-. $70 42 aunc S 2/- $25 43 UNC Federation 2/-. $20 44 UNC East Caribbean Territories: 1981 $10 Wedding of Charles & Diana. $8 45 UNC $10 Wedding of Prince Charles & Lady Diana $8 46 UNC Great Britain: 1888 QV & Britannia 4d. $60 47 UNC Isle of Man: 1971 mint set in wallet. (6) $5 48 EF New Zealand: 1962 Half Crown $4 49 UNC c Proof. $5 50 UNC $1. $6 51 UNC $1 50 years of Coinage cased proof. $30 52 UNC USA: 1976 $1 Eisenhower Bi-Centenary. $4 53 UNC Western Samoa: 1978 $1 Games $6 DOCUMENTS & EPHEMERA 54 B Australia: ANPEX EXHIBITION DINNER (5th February 1959) invitation & menu folder, addressed to Mrs F. Haddon, bearing 1d purple QEII & 4d carmine QEII, both tied by special pictorial exhibition red cancel dated 2FEB1959, FDI, minor faults. $20 55 Ω A Australia - New South Wales: Form No.1931a Health clearance: embossed seal U.S.CONSULATE/(Eagle Arms)/ NEWCASTLE NEW SOUTH WALES. $18 56 Ω A Australia - Queensland: Form No.1931a Health clearance: embossed seal U.S.CONSULAR AGENCY/ (Eagle Arms)/ TOWNSVILLE QUEENSLAND. $15 57 ** A- Australia - Tasmania: 1950c. Finlay Competition Second Prize certificate featuring a reproduction of the 6d Chalon, unused, mild crease to BRC. $20 58 ** A Australia - Victoria: 2 RACV road service stickers in blue & silver. $5 59 F A- Australia - War Savings Certificate: 1 green black & purple, bearing oval MONEY ORDER OFFICE/ 31OCT1941/ N O 1/ ROCKHAMPTON QLD (A1-), with Authority imprint, some slight toning towards base. $20 60 F A- - 1 green & black, bearing oval MONEY ORDER OFFICE/ 1DEC1943/ N O 1/ROCKHAMPTON QLD (B1), with Authority imprint, couple of small toned spots. $20 61 Ω A Phillipines: Form No.1931a Health clearance: embossed seal PHILLIPINES CUSTOMS/ (Eagle Arms)/ MANILA on piece. $12 62 B World War I: Christmas Greetings folder, to Mrs A Smith from Gunner L Crighton 22792, with two stanzas of verse & colour illustrations, toning. $18 LITERATURE 63 B Air Mail: THE AIR AGE. A 1944 COMMENTARY by Harold D. Phillips, 192 pages, some mild toning. $40 64 A- - BRIDGING THE PACIFIC John C. W. Field, 1951, 50 pages. $20 65 B - CIVIL AVIATION. A 1943 COMMENTARY by Harold D. Phillips, 192 pages, some mild toning. $40 66 B - Hoson s AIR MAIL STATIONERY Catalogue. Part 1 BRITISH COMMONWEALTH 1955, 194 pages, quite worn. $30 67 A - Air Mails of BERMUDA by N. C. Baldwin, 1967, 16 page pamphlet. $12 68 A - Sanabria s AIR POST CATALOGUE, 1950 Ed. 470 pages. $35 69 B - FIELD S PRICED CATALOGUE OF AIR MAIL STAMPS AND AIRPOSTS OF THE WORLD by D. Field, 1932, 388 pages, some spine damage. $60 70 A - THE AVIATORS by William Joy, Golden Press, Sydney, 1983, 212 pages. $35 71 B - Story of SOUTHERN CROSS TRANS-PACIFIC FLIGHT 1928 by Kingsford-Smith & Ulm, 227 pages, some toning. $60 72 A- - CATALOGUE DES TIMBRES DE LA POSTE AÉRIENNE by Jean Silombra, 1947, 592 pages, in French. $30 73 A - BRITISH COMMONWEALTH AIR MAIL DIGEST 1-10 Aero Field Handbook #14, 1953, covering Bermuda, British Guiana, British Honduras, Burma, Fiji, Jamaica, Kenya & Uganda, Malta, Sierra Leone & Tanganyika. $28 74 A- - MUSSON S AIRMAIL CATALOGUE. PART 1. EUROPE 1946 Edition, 84 pages, some light toning. $18 75 A- - GIBBONS AIR STAMP CATALOGUE by Stanley Gibbons, Ltd, 3rd Ed., 1935, 190 pages. $30 76 A - WORLD AIR POSTS. Concise Priced and Illustrated Summary of the AIR POST & AVIATION SOUVENIRS of nearly 200 countries by Francis J. Field, 1948, 42 pages. $20 77 A- - FRANCIS J. FIELD S PRICE LIST OF AIR MAIL LABELS (Etiquettes) 1934, 12 pages, photocopy. $5 78 B - AUSTRALIAN AIR MAIL CATALOGUE by H. N. Eustis, 1st Ed., 1937, 84 pages, some mild toning. $30 79 A- - AIR MAIL MAGAZINE FOR 1944 hard cover bound edition, 240 pages, light damage to front cover. $40 80 A - THE AERO FIELD. NEW GUINEA and PAPUA Vol. 14 No. 1, 24 pages. $5 81 A - IMPERIAL AIRWAYS (and Subsidiary Companies) by N. C. Baldwin, The Aero Field handbooks #10, published by Francis J. Field, 1950, 80 pages. $28 82 A - WORLD S FIRST AIR STAMP ITALY 1917 by L.H. Harris, 1959, 16 page pamphlet. $7 83 A - Francis J. Field PUBLICATIONS guide. $4 84 A - Fifty Years of BRITISH AIRMAILS by N.C. Baldwyn, The Aero Field Handbook #17, 1961, 48 pages. $20 85 A - 50 YEARS OF AUSTRALIAN AIR MAILS by H. N. Eustis, 1964, 16 pages. $15 86 A - COMET-4 by N.C. Baldwyn, 16 pages. $7 87 A - R. GRAHAM CAREY. Pioneer Airman. The Adelaide to Gawler 1917 Experimental Air Mail by H.N. Eustis, 1967, 16 pages, signed by the Author. $15 88 A- - DATE LINE COVERS by N.C. Baldwyn, 8 page pamphlet reprinted from The Aero Field. $5 89 A - AIRMAILS by J. Mackay, BT Batsford, London, 1971, 216 pages. $28 90 A - QANTAS RISING by Sir Hudson Fysh, 1965, 294 pages. $ A- - THE AIRGRAPH SERVICES OF WORLD WAR II by J. Leek & N.J. Sheppard, 74 pages, The NSW Philatelist Vol.2 No.3, August $5 92 A - The GUBA story. A tribute to an elderly lady. by John Wilson, 1990, 16 pages. $10 93 F A- - AIR MAIL LABELS (ETIQUETTES) 2nd Edition, by Francis J. Field, 1940, 30 pages, photocopy. $5 94 A- Australia: The Australian Air Mail Catalogue. Volume One by H. N. Eustis, 2nd Edition, Review Publication, Dubbo, 1965, 64 pages, some light toning on cover. $10

5 Auction 91-10:00am Sunday 17th May 2009 Page 5 95 A - The Australian Air Mail Catalogue by Nelson Eustis, 7th Edition, Hobby Investments, Adelaide, 2002, 400 pages. $20 96 A - The Australian Air Mail Catalogue by Nelson Eustis, 4th Edition, Hobby Investments, Adelaide, 1984, 230 pages. $10 97 A - CATALINA CHRONICLE. A History of R.A.A.F. Operations by David Vincent, 1978, 125 pages, First Edition copy #949 of $95 98 A- Australia - Queensland: The Redbank Museum by J. Armstrong, Australian Railway Historical Society - Queensland Division, 1977 (4th Edition), 30 pages, nice little booklet with many black and white pictures, primarily concerned with the types of steam trains used in Queensland, some minor paper flaws on cover & back, but complete & sound. $20 99 A Australia - South Australia: South Australian Perspectives, set of 30 slides, matching postcards & booklet describing the scenes, produced by the Education Dept. of South Australia. $ B Aviation: THE EPIC OF FLIGHT - THE BUSH PILOTS by Time Life, 1983, 176 pages, some scraping to front cover, spine separated. $ A Exhibition Catalogues: 1970 ANPEX (Sydney), plus awards list. $7 102 A- France: A Narrative Check List of Leaflets disseminated by Balloon during the SIEGE OF PARIS: by J. C. W. Field, 8 page pamphlet. $3 103 A- Great Britain: Stanley Gibbons Concise Catalogue 2002, includes booklets listing. $4 104 A - The Crown Jewels Dept of the Environment Official Guide, 36p hand book. $5 105 A Papua New Guinea: The First Sixty Years. Civil Aviation in Papua New Guinea, Australian Government Publishing Service, 1985 reprint, 20 pages. $ A- United States of America: The AMERICAN AIR MAIL CATALOGUE of AIR LETTER SHEETS Including MILITARY AND PRISIONER OF WAR AIR LETTER CARDS The American Air Mail Society, 1953, 146 page booklet, with 1954 Supplement (40 pages) & 1967 Members Directory. $20 MAPS 107 * B Australia: c.1950s RACV strip touring maps for Adelaide to Perth, lots of detail, including post offices (SA only) but only directly along the route. $8 PICTURE POSTCARDS 108 ** A Aeroplanes: black & white PPC of L.F.G. Roland CII, real photo. $ ** A - black & white PPC of Marano Saulnier 230, real photo. $ ** A - black & white PPC of Curtiss O-39, real photo. $ ** A - black & white PPC of Curtiss 18B, real photo. $ FA Antarctica: Sudpolarschiff Deutschland Fototipia - Jacobo Peuser - Buenos Aires black and white reproduction photograph card numbered 14 on back, unused. $ F A- Argentina: coloured PPC of 4 rotating pictures, showing scenes from Buenos Aires, franked with 5c deep carmine, cancelled with poor Buenos Aires from Jan 1909, to Launceston, with T. handstamp & 1d green Converted Plates Postage Due. $ ** A Australia: Black & white Triple scene Panoramic PPC of An Australian Harvest showing farmers cutting hay and collecting in horsedrawn carts, fine early rural scene. $ * A - Multicoloured PPC of Splitting Sleepers Australia, real photo of log splitters at work. $ ** A - black & white real photo PPC of Australian Dairy Herd. $7 117 ** A- - black & white real photo PPC of Continental Bathing in the Pacific. $5 118 ** A - Tinted real photo PPC with scene of drover overlooking flock of sheep. $6 119 F A - W & B Series coloured PPC of Australian Pleasures/ Fishing, franked with Qld 1d red 4-Corners, cancelled with unframed MARYBOROUGH/1/ MY2/09/ QUEENSLAND (A1-). $8 120 ** A Australia - American Fleet: Semi Official PPC issued by the Government of Victoria Victoria Welcomes the American Fleet with scene Irrigation in Victoria - Weir of River Goulburn. $ ** A Australia - Artist: Tuck s Oilette PPC The Botanical Gardens & Farm Cove Sydney by A.H. Fullwood. $ FA Australia - New South Wales: Multicoloured PPC Sydney Harbour, showing Cremorne. $ F A - Multicoloured PPC Sydney Heads. $8 124 H B Hunter, The Stationer, Newcastle colour PPC NOBBY S, NEWCASTLE, bearing 1d Arms tied by Newcastle-55 duplex, addressed to Devon, England, toned. $ GA - H&B. coloured PPC of CENTENNIAL PARK. SYDNEY. used 1908 $5 126 ** A - Kerry The Engadine of Australia Series 59 black & white photograph of A Snow Cave Summer, unused. $ F A Australia - Queensland: Multicoloured Semi Official Post card Brisbane Queensland Australia, issued by High Commissioner for Australia in London. $ B France: use of colour Treasury Buildings, Brisbane, Queensland photocard for soldiers letter home to family, sent under cover. $ ** A Australia - Scouting: th Australian Jamboree Appin NSW - Message of Friendship Jambogram. $ * A Australia - Shipping: Multicoloured PPC P & O Electric Ship Strathnaver, 22,500 Tons. $ ** A Australia - South Australia: Multicoloured PPC of Flinders Street from Post Office, Adelaide. $ ** A - Black & white PPC King William Street, Adelaide, looking South, early card with undivided back. $ ** A - Black & white PPC North Terrace and Mount Lofty Ranges Adelaide. $ ** A - Black & white PPC Flinders Street from Post Office Adelaide. $ ** A Australia - Tasmania: black & white real photo PPC of Hobart from Mt Nelson. $ ** A - black & white PPC of The Alexander Bridge and First Basin from the New Path.. $8 137 ** A - Black & white PPC Huon Road near Hobart. $8 138 ** A s Souvenir of Hobart with 12 drop down views including Trams in Elizabeth St. $ ** A Australia - Victoria: Tinted PPC Elizabeth Street Melbourne. $ F A - Multicoloured PPC of Alexandra Avenue, Melbourne.. $ F A - Black & white PPC with scene of Bourke Street Melbourne and drawing of First Brick Schoolhouse in Bourke Street at left, early card used in $ * A- - Multicoloured PPC Collins St Melbourne with vignettes of four other Streets in Melbourne. $ ** A - Multicoloured PPC of Princes Bridge, Melbourne. $ ** A - Multicoloured PPC of Spring Street Melbourne. $8 145 ** A s black & white view Panorama looking south Melbourne, Rose real photo. $5 146 ** A Australia - Western Australia: P. Falk black & white PPC of Queen s Gardens, Perth WA. $9 147 ** A Australia - WWI: black & white PPC of Anzacs in France. A Burial on the Battlefield, Daily Mail Official War Photograph. $ ** A Comic: Artist Donald McGill, Explorers. $4 149 ΩA- Germany: black and white real photo PPC of German troops leaving Cologne, with boxed INTER-ALLIED RAILWAY/ COMMISSION/ 17FEB1919/ SUB-COMMISSION/ COLOGNE/No. (A1-) with 17FEB & SUB-COMMISSION crossed out & manuscript 24/2/19, crease along top edge. $ V B - WIR DANKEN UNSERM FUHRER colour map postcard with photo of Hitler in centre, Berlin 2.8?.1939 pictorial cancel. $ F A- Great Britain: photo PPC of East Beach & Cliffs (1) Clacton-on- Sea., ½d cancelled with double-circle CLACTION-ON-SEA/ 1245PM/ JY29/12/+ (B1). $4 152 F A- - D. K. & Co. black & white PPC of Houses of Parliament, London, franked with ½d blue-green QV, cancelled with NEW MALDEN/ 1230PM/ AU30/ 01 (A1) duplex, mild tone spotting. $5 153 F A - Tuck s sepia real photo PPC of SCOTT MONUMENT, EDINBURGH, bearing 4d blue festival & 2½d red KGVI x3, cancelled with EDINBURGH/ 615PM/ 3MY/ 51 (B1) machine, to Leura, NSW. $5 154 FA - Valentine s Series black and white PPC of Lydford Cascade, ½d blue-green, cancelled with CAMP/ 730AM/AU4/ 04/B[RIDES]TOWE R.S.O. DEVON (A2-), to Cornwall. $ ** A- Great Britain Franco-British Exhibition: Valentine coloured PPC of In Court of Honour, Franco-British Exhibition, London, 1908, slight corner wear $ ** A - Valentine coloured PPC of Palace of Women s Work, Franco- British Exhibition, London, $ ** A - Valentine s coloured PPC of Swan Boats, Court of Honour, Franco-British Exhibition, London, $ FB - Valentine coloured PPC of Court of Honour from Congress Hall, Franco-British Exhibition, London, 1908, franked with 1d red & cancelled with double circle PADDINGTON.W/ 1045AM/ AU14/08/ 88 (A2), to Maryland, USA, corner wear. $ ** A- - Valentine s coloured PPC of In Court of Honour, Franco-British Exhibition, London, 1908, slight corner wear. $ ** A- - Valentine s coloured PPC of In Elite Gardens, Franco-British Exhibition, London, 1908, slight corner wear. $ F A- - Valentine s coloured PPC of Swan Boats on the Lagoon, Franco-British Exhibition, London, 1908, franked with ½d green, cancelled with light KNAP HILL/ 3PM/ OC1/09/ WOKING (B1) to Blacknill, Berkshire. $ F A- Great Britain Imperial International Exhibition: Valentine coloured PPC of View from Congress Hall, Imperial International Exhibition, London, 1909, franked with 1d red, to Boston, mild corner damage $ ** A Great Britain Latin-British Exhibition: Valentine official sepia PPC #290 of The Lagoon, Latin-British Exhibition, London, $ F A Great Britain - Isle Of Wight: black and white PPC of 2. CARISBROOKE (Isle of Wight). - Path leading to Castle. - LL., ½d green KGV, cancelled with double circle Newport of JA $5 165 H A- Ireland: Queenstown Harbour Valentine Series colour real photograph Post Card, addressed to Cleveland Ohio, bearing 1d red KEVII, tied by double circle PAQUEBOT QUEENSTOWN/ 1PM/ MY21/ 10 (B1), with CLEVELAND. OHIO.MAY28/ 1030AM/ 1910 (A1-) arrival machine. $ ** B Italy: coloured PPC of PALAZZO DEL GHIACCIO (people ice skating), bit grubby, tiny closed tear at base. $ F A Military: black & white PPC of Britain s Bulwarks H.M.S. Canopus, real photo. $ F A- Netherlands Indies: coloured PPC of Malaya fisherman s atap house, franked with 10c purple, cancelled with doublecircle TANDJONG/ / PRIOCK (A1-), with DULWICH HILL/3 15 P3AP36/N.S.W. (A1-), some minor edge damage. $ ** A New Zealand: NZ Post sepia PPC of Our Heritage Series set of 10. $4 170 ** A Railways: black & white PPC of Steam Freight Train in Railway yard, real photo. $ ** A - black & white PPC of Steam Train and tender, real photo. $ ** A - black & white PPC of Steam Train and tender with Signal Box in background, real photo. $ ** A - black & white PPC of Steam Train, real photo. $ F A Royalty: black & white PPC of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, later to become KGV, used in $15

6 Page 6 Auction 91-10:00am Sunday 17th May F A - Mourning PPC of Edward The Peacemaker, KEVII died May , used in $ F A Ships: RMS Canton P. & O. Line black and white real photograph Post Card, addressed to Hatfield-Herts, bearing ½d orange QEII GB x5, tied by Port Said paquebot of 9AU52 (B1). $ F/ G A-- H.M.T. DILWARA F.G.O.Stuart black and white photo Post Card, addressed to Essex, bearing 1d red KEVII GB, tied by Plymouth paquebot (B1) cds. $ FA - Curacao owned by n. v. Batavia, G. Broertjes black and white real photograph publicity unaddressed maxicard, with 10+8c green stylised Netherlands issue taken from this photograph, tied by double-circle IJMUIDEN/ 13V57.10/3 (A1-) cds. $ F A - New Amsterdam Holland-America Line colour photograph publicity unaddressed maxicard, with 30+8c brown stylised Netherlands issue based on this photograph, tied by NIEUW- AMSTERDAM (Dr.)/ 13V.16/P/ 1957 (A1) paquebot. $ ** A- Singapore: black and white PPC of A view from/ THE CATHAY HOTEL/ SINGAPORE, 9, light crease to TLC. $5 181 F A - Tucks Oilette PPC of SINGAPORE./ RAFFLES PLACE, franked with 4c red on face, light 1921 cancel. $ ** A- Straits Settlements: Wilson black and white PPC of Flag Staff, St. Pauls Hill, Malacca, light BRC crease. $ ** A United States of America: black & white PPC Hotel Pennsylvania New York. $10 AUSTRALIA Kangaroos - First Watermark 184 F A B2 ½d Green ACSC #1. $3 185 **/* A C2 - strip of 4 with central coil join, ACSC #1, 2 join stamps MUH. $ * B B1 - ACSC #1. $4 187 F A A1 1d Red Die I break at top of kangaroo s paw [CL4], ACSC #2(C)d, Cat $15. $ * A A1 1d Red Die II block of 4, ACSC 3. $ * A B1 - ACSC #3, Cat $15. $ F A B2 - pair, left unit showing large white flaw left of P of POSTAGE [EL55], ACSC #3(E)f, Cat $20. $ F A B1 - diagonal white scratch off coast at Adelaide [FR1], ACSC #3(F)h, Cat $15. $ ** A B1 1d Red Die IIA ACSC #4, Cat $35. $ F A A1 2d Grey ACSC #5, Cat $10. $6 194 ** A A1 - ACSC #5, Cat $90. $ **/* A A1 - BRC block of 4, top units hinged, ACSC #5, Cat $280. $ * A A2 - inverted wmk right marginal pair, ACSC #5a, Cat $350, left unit has a few short perfs at base. $ V A A1 - perf large OS ACSC 5bb. $ F A- B3 2½d Indigo ACSC #9, Cat $20, some mild toning & few short perfs at top. $5 199 * A A1 - ACSC 9. $ ** A B1 - ACSC #9, Cat $90. $ * A A1 3d Olive Die I/ II olive shade, Die I ACSC 12A. $ F A B1 - Die I, ACSC 12. $ F A A1 4d Orange ACSC #15, Cat $35, cancelled with FINLEY/ 23JY1915/N.S.W. (A2). $ V A- B1 - CTO, ACSC #15w, Cat $75, hint of toning effecting 2 perfs at right. $ F A A1 5d Chestnut ACSC 16. $ ** A A1 - ACSC #16, Cat $250. $ F A B1 6d Blue ACSC #17, Cat $20, cancelled with 30MY14. $ F A B1 - ACSC 17. $ F A A1 - perf small OS ACSC 17Abc. $ * B B2 - perf small OS, ACSC #17bc, Cat $125, just a little bit grubby. $ F A B1 9d Violet ACSC #24, Cat $25. $ F A B1 - perf large OS ACSC 24bb, some adhesion on reverse. $ F A A1 - CTO, ACSC #24w, Cat $75. $ F A B1 1/- Emerald ACSC #30, Cat $25, cancelled with part blue Brisbane Registered of SE15. $ G A B1 5/- Grey & Yellow grey & chrome shade, ACSC 42A, heavy cancel. $60 AUSTRALIA Kangaroos - Second Watermark 216 F A B1 2d Grey ACSC #6, Cat $15. $8 217 F A- B1 - slate-grey shade, ACSC #6B, Cat $15, aged paper. $8 218 ** A- A1 - ACSC #6, Cat $175, slight thin from watermarking process at peak of crown. $ * A B1 2½d Indigo ACSC #10, Cat $75. $ ** A A1 - ACSC #10, Cat $125. $ G A A1 1/- Emerald bright blue-green shade, perf OS, ACSC #31ba, superb centring. [Retail $175] $100 AUSTRALIA Kangaroos - Third Watermark 222 F B B1 2d Grey Die I ACSC #7, Cat $15, cancelled with FREMANTLE/ 330P16AP16/WESTERN AUSTRALIA (B2), light diagonal crease at BLC. $5 223 ** A B1 - ACSC #7, Cat $40, top marginal single. $ ** A B1 2d Grey Die IIA ACSC #8, Cat $50. $ V A- B1 - ACSC #8(3), Cat $20, with break in second line under & right of E of Postage & break in 4th line under A of Australia 2nd state [3L21], short mark in red through T of Two. $ F A B1 2½d Indigo blue shade, ACSC #11A, Cat $12. $ F A B1 - ACSC #11, Cat $12. $ ** A B1 - ACSC #11, Cat $30. $ F A B1 3d Olive Die I/ II Die I, ACSC #13, Cat $12. $6 230 F A B1 - pale olive shade, Die I, ACSC #13C, Cat $12 $8 231 ** A B1 - Die I block of 4, with right marginal wmk, ACSC #13, Cat $200. $ ** A B1 3d Olive Die IIB ACSC #14, Cat $50. $ F A A1 6d Blue Die II grey-blue shade, ACSC 19E. $ F A- B1 - dull dark blue shade, ACSC #19C, Cat $35, light fold to BLC. $ F A A1 - ACSC #19, Cat $20. $ G A B2 - milky-blue shade, perf OS pair with marginal wmk on right, ACSC #19ba, Cat $30+ $ G A C1 6d Blue Die IIB vertical pair, ACSC #20, Cat $40++, the top unit with large diagonal white flaw on shoulder, cancelled with parcel cancel clear of flaw. $ V A B1 6d Chestnut ACSC #21, Cat $10. $8 239 ** A A1 - ACSC #21, Cat $40. $ * A- B1 - Harrison N over M imprint pair, left unit has small closed tear at TRC, ACSC #21. $ V A A1 - perf OS CTO ACSC 21wa. $ * A B1 9d Violet Die II ACSC 26. $ ** A B1 - ACSC #26, Cat $150. $ F A B1 9d Violet Die IIB ACSC #27, Cat $15. $ * A B1 1/- Emerald Die II ACSC 32, hinge remainder. $ * A B1 - perf OS ACSC 32b. $ F A B1 1/- Emerald Die IIB ACSC #33, Cat $20, cancelled with EMM[AVIL]LE/ 6AP26/N.S.W. (A2). $ ** A B1 - ACSC #33, Cat $150. $ V A A1 - perf OS CTO ACSC 33wa. $ F A B1 2/- Brown ACSC #37, Cat $30. $ F A A1 - perf OS ACSC 37ba. $ V B B1 2/- Maroon CTO, ACSC #38w, Cat $60, hinge thin. $ F A A1 5/- Grey & Yellow ACSC #44, Cat $125. $ F A A1 - grey & pale yellow shade, ACSC 44D. $ V A B2 - grey & pale yellow shade, perf OS ACSC #44wa, Cat $150, CTO no gum, rough perfs at base. $80 AUSTRALIA Kangaroos - Small Multiple Watermark 256 F A B1 6d Chestnut ACSC #22, Cat $20. $ ** A A1 - ACSC #22, Cat $50. $ * A B1 - ACSC #22, Cat $25. $ F B B1 - oblique scratch from Broome to left frame [3R6], ACSC #22g, Cat $45, repaired closed tear from base to Tasmania. $ ** A B1 6d Chestnut Overprinted OS ACSC #22(OS), Cat $90. $ * A B1 9d Violet ACSC #28, Cat $75. $ F A B1 1/- Emerald ACSC #33, Cat $15. $8 263 ** A A1 - ACSC #34, Cat $125. $ * A B1 - ACSC #34, Cat $50. $ V A B1 - CTO, ACSC #34w, Cat $40. $ F A B1 2/- Maroon ACSC #39, Cat $30. $ ** A A1 - ACSC #39, Cat $350. $ * A B1 - ACSC #39, Cat $150. $ V A B1 - perf OS, CTO, ACSC #39w, Cat $40. $ V A B1 5/- Grey & Yellow ACSC #45, Cat $125. $ F A A1 - grey & yellow-orange shade, perf OS, ACSC #45ba. $125 AUSTRALIA Kangaroos - CofA Watermark 272 ** A A1 6d Chestnut ACSC #23, Cat $30. $ * A A1-6d chestnut ACSC 23A. $ * A- B1 6d Chestnut Overprinted OS ACSC #23(OS), Cat $30, small spot inside value circle. $ V A B1 - opt OS, CTO, ACSC #23(OS)w, Cat $35. $ F A B1 9d Violet ACSC #29, Cat $10. $6 277 * A A1 - ACSC 29. $ ** A B1 - ACSC #29, Cat $100. $ F A B1 2/- Maroon Die II ACSC #40. $3 280 ** A A1 - ACSC #40, Cat $10. $6 281 F A B1 2/- Maroon Redrawn Die vertical strip of 3, ACSC #41. $ ** A A1 - ACSC #41. $5 283 F A B1 5/- Grey & Yellow ACSC #46, Cat $25. $ V A B1 - CTO (no gum), ACSC #46w, Cat $35. $ F A B1 10/- Grey & Pink ACSC #50, Cat $200. $ F A A1 1 Grey ACSC 54. $ * A B1 - opt SPECIMEN type D, ACSC #54x, Cat $40. $40 AUSTRALIA Engraved Issues 288 **/* A- B1 1d carmine-red BLC block of 16, ACSC #59, Extended right frame at top, [Units 83, 91 & 93], Weak crown & open TRC, [Unit 101], minor separation at top right. $ **/* A B1 1d pale red block of 4, BRC unit with weak entry to TRC with vertical hairline, ACSC #59, Cat $24, top units hinged. $ * B C2 1d carmine-red, dry ink showing badly weakening design on right side of stamp, ACSC #59, Cat $100, a few tone spots and a couple of short corners $ ** A- B1 1d red in TRC pair [9-10], ACSC #59, Cat $12, partial perf separation at top of right unit. $8 292 V A C1 1d carmine-red, ACSC #59wa, CTO. $4 293 **/* A- B1 1d red plate 2 right marginal pair [39-40] with dash under E of ONE [2/39], ACSC #59(2)u, Cat $30, non-varietal unit has surface abrasion to crown & emu s feet $ * A- B1 1d red pair with retouch to upper right corner & top of crown [3/69-70], ACSC #59(3)i, Cat $40, TRC lightly creased. $ F A C1 6d reddish maroon Kookaburra, ACSC #60B, Cat $60. $ F A- B1 6d maroon Kookaburra, ACSC #60A, Cat $60. $ G A A1 6d maroon Kookaburra, ACSC #60A, Cat $60, light ink stripping, superb shade. $ ** A B1 6d maroon Kookaburra ACSC 60, few minor gum creases. $110 AUSTRALIA KGV - Single Watermark 299 * A A1 ½d Green Comb Perf yellow-green shade, ACSC #63G $6 300 ** A A1 - yellow-green shade, ACSC #63, Cat $15+, with large white flaw on Roo s leg [6R45?]. $ F B C2 - clubbed fraction bar at left [3R11], ACSC #63(3)j, Cat $1250, crease & 1mm tear on left side, but still quite a collectable example of this rare variety. $200

7 302 * A B1 - CA monogram single, ACSC #63(4)zc, Cat $200. $ * A B1 - JBC monogram single, ACSC #63(5)zc, Cat $200. $ * A- B1 ½d Orange horizontal pair, with inverted watermark, ACSC #66a, Cat $30, right unit toned at top. $ ** A B1 - T.S. Harrison two line Imprint pair with left hand unit lower end of left fraction bar thickened [8L60], ACSC 66(8)z. $ * A B1 1d Red Smooth Paper inverted watermark, ACSC #71a. $ F A B1 - crimson shade, (G23) Wmk Inverted ACSC 71Na, Cat $125. $ F A- A1 - substituted cliché Die I - 3rd State (Early) [IV/ 35], ACSC #71(2)ja, Cat $100, slightly grotty. $ F A B1 - Dot before 1 VI/21,ACSC #71(3)f, Cat $15. $ G A- C1 - thin left frame [VI/ 22], ACSC #71(3)g. $5 311 ** A B1 1d Red Rough Paper ACSC #72, Cat $40. $ G A C1 1d Violet wattle line [VII/ 31], ACSC #76(4)f, Cat $15. $8 313 * A B1 - RA of AUSTRALIA joined [4L60], ACSC #76(4)j, Cat $30. $ ** A- B1 1d Green block of 4, ACSC #77, Cat $40, BLC unit has small black mark in centre of crown. $ **/* A/A- - marginal block of 24 [VII/37-60] with Harrison N over M Imprint at right, varieties Flaw under Neck VII/37, Ferns VII54, plus a clear example of RA of AUSTRALIA joined, ACSC #77h,ia,j,za, Cat $320, tone spot on selvedge, small adherance on one stamp, purchase date 18/3/1926. $ * A B1 - dot before right 1 [VI/ 21], ACSC #77(3)f, Cat $20. $ ** A B1 - secret mark [VII/1], ACSC #77(4)d, Cat $30, top marginal single. $ ** A A1 - flaw under neck [VII/ 37], ACSC #77(4)h, Cat $30. $ * A B1 - ferns [VII/ 54], ACSC #77(4)ia, Cat $20. $ ** A B1 - RA joined [VII/ 60], ACSC #77(4)j, Cat $30. $ * A A1 - run N, ACSC #77(4)sa, Cat $20. $ F A B1 1½d Brown Die I inverted wmk, ACSC #85a, Cat $25. $ F A B1 - white flaw at back of King s head opposite beak [7R33]. $4 324 ** A A1 1½d Red-Brown Die I ACSC #87, Cat $40. $ ** A B1 1½d Green Die I ACSC #88, Cat $10. $6 326 ** B A1 - ACSC #88, Cat $10, toned top edge. $3 327 F A A1 - HALFPENCF. $ F A- C1 - white flaw on roo s shoulder [12L43], few small tonespots. $4 329 F A B1 1½d Red Die I HAI.FPENCE. $ ** A A1 - white flaw above R of THREE. $ F A B1 - vertical scratch through Kangaroo [13L13], ACSC #89(13)e, Cat $10. $8 332 F A- B1 - retouched upper frame at right [13R56], ACSC #89(13)j, Cat $10, cancelled with BUNDABERG/ 7P5MR25/Q[UEENSL]AND, couple of toned perfs. $8 333 F A B1 - diagonal gash below ear [14L3], ACSC #89(14)d, Cat $15. $ F A B1 - white flaw on left value tablet [14L6], ACSC #89(14)f, Cat $10. $8 335 F A- B1 - triangular flaw in left frame [14L8], ACSC #89(14)g, Cat $10, some slight toning. $8 336 F A B1 - white flaw on T of POSTAGE [14L21], ACSC #89(14)h, Cat $10. $8 337 F A- C1 - white flaw in front of emu s face, and lower right frame thinned or missing [14R56], ACSC #89(14)l, Cat $10, couple of toned perfs. $8 338 F A B1 - top frame broken left of top of crown [15R12], ACSC #89(15)g, Cat $10. $8 339 F A- B1 - cut lower frame [16L1], ACSC #89(16)d, Cat $10, some toned perfs. $8 340 F B B1 - flaw above left wattles [16R60], ACSC #89(16)i, Cat $10, creased. $4 341 F A B1 - two white flaws on kangaroo s shoulder [17L37], ACSC #89(17)f, Cat $10. $8 342 F A B1 - scratched electro [17R3], ACSC #89(17)i, Cat $10. $8 343 F A B1 - retouched S.W. corner [17R22], ACSC #89(17)k, Cat $10. $8 344 F A B1 - substituted cliché - notched N.E. corner [17R27], ACSC #89(17)na, Cat $10. $8 345 F A B1 - notched N.W. corner [17R28], ACSC #89(17)o, Cat $10. $8 346 F A B1 - white spots over S of AUSTRALIA and in front of emu s breast with additional white spot in King s hair [17R48], ACSC #89(17)rb, Cat $10. $8 347 F A B1 - scratched electro [18L13], ACSC #89(18)d, Cat $10. $8 348 F A B1 - scratched electro [18L14], ACSC #89(18)e, Cat $10. $8 349 F A B1 - retouched S.W. corner [18L24], ACSC #89(18)f, Cat $10. $8 350 F A B1 - broken upper frame at left [18L25], ACSC #89(18)g, Cat $10. $8 351 F A- B1 - white flaws between AU and inside U of AUSTRALIA [18R42], ACSC #89(18)m, light blue staining $5 352 F A B1 - GE of POSTAGE joined [18R56], ACSC #89(18)o. $5 353 F A B1 - part of lower frame missing [19L51], ACSC #89(19)f. $5 354 F A B1 - two white flaws in right value tablet [19R24], ACSC #89(19)h. $5 355 F A B1 - scratched electro [19R20], ACSC #89(19)j. $5 356 F A- B1 - white flaw below emu s head [18R48], ACSC #89(19)n, some light toning. $5 357 F A B1 - vertical scratch through kangaroo s paw & white flaw in left side of crown [21L10], ACSC #89(21)ha, Cat $10. $8 358 F A- B1 - no top to crown [21R9], ACSC #89(21)k, some light toning. $5 359 F A B1 - Two Billed Emu retouched [21R24], ACSC #89(21)l, Cat $10. $8 360 F B C1 - white scratch through left wattle stem and notched bottom frame under N of PENCE [22L1], ACSC #89(22)d, stained at top. $4 361 F B C1 - Blurred flaw on crown [22L7], ACSC #89(22)f, some toning. $5 362 F A B1 - HALEPENCE [22L22], ACSC #89(22)i, Cat $20. $ * A B1 - HALEPENCE [22L22], ACSC #89(22)i, Cat $30. $ ** A B1 - block of 4, right vertical pair, with HALEPENCE & thin RAL retouch[22l22,28], ACSC #89(22)i,j, Cat $80. $ F A B1 - thin RAL retouch [22L28], ACSC #89(22)j, Cat $20. $ F A- B1 - split lower frame at right [22R3], ACSC #89(22)l, mild crease. $5 367 F A- B1 - split lower frame at left & white flaw in right value tablet in pair, [22R6], ACSC #89(22)m, some light toning $5 368 F A B1 - PQSTAGE [22R45], ACSC #89(22)q, some light toning. $5 369 F A B1 - vertical dark hand through design [23L12], ACSC #89(23)h. $5 Auction 91-10:00am Sunday 17th May 2009 Page F A C1 - white flaw below roo s tail [23L35], ACSC #89(23)l. $6 371 F A- B1 - retouched SW corner & flaw in left value tablet [23R2], ACSC #89(23)m, some light toning. $5 372 * A B1 - no top to crown [23R58], ACSC #89(23)r, Cat $20, light diagonal crease. $ F A B1 - pair [23R59-60] unit 59 with white flaw on King s head & unit 60 with white scratch from beard to bottom frame, ACSC #89(23)s. $ F A B1 - white flaw on kangaroo s left ear [24L50], ACSC #89(24)g. $5 375 F A B1 - retouched shading to right of lower portion of right wattles [24R5], ACSC #89(24)h, Cat $20. $ F A B1 - retouch below right value tablet (added metal repair) [24R8], ACSC #89(24)i, Cat $10. $8 377 F A C1 - white flaw on kangaroo s rump [24L50], ACSC #89(24)k, Cat $10. $8 378 F A- B1 - spear in right wattles and ALIA retouched [24R34], ACSC #89(24)l, Cat $20. $ F A B1 - retouched value in left tablet [24R41], ACSC #89(24)m, Cat $20. $ F A B1 - white spot in top frame at left corner & additional cracks in right frame [24R56], ACSC #89(24)pa, Cat $15. $ V A C1 - break in bottom frame below last E of PENCE & retouched eye flaw [25-28L60] $4 382 F A C1 - curled flaw on 2 in RVT & triangular break in shading lines above right bottom angle [28R48] PO c $8 383 F A- C1 - blurred flaw in left value tablet and left frame [29L30], ACSC #89(29)h, Cat $30, couple of light tonespots. $ F A C1 2d Orange Die I broken top to crown [5R30], ACSC #95(5)e, Cat $20. $ * A- B1 2d Red Die I ACSC #96, Cat $20, some toning towards top. $8 386 ** A B1 - BRC wmk, ACSC #96, Cat $35. $ F A B1 - perf OS, ACSC #96b, Cat $15. $ V A C1 - perf OS with white flaws on T and after last A of AUSTRALIA, [8AR24], ACSC #96(8A)i, Cat $30. $ F A B1 - white spot after 2 at right [10R27], ACSC #96(10)f, Cat $18. $ F A B1 - white flaw on T of TWO [11L7], ACSC #96(11)d, Cat $18. $ F A B1 - white flaws before T of TWO & on S of POSTAGE [11L55], ACSC #96(11)g, Cat $50. $ F A - broken top to crown, [12R39], ACSC 96(12)j. $ F A B1 - white flaw right of left value tablet and scratch right of right 2 [12AL9], ACSC #96(12A)d, Cat $20. $ F A A1 - white flaw in top frame above left wattles [14L23] $5 395 F A C1 - scratch through King s beard and notch in lower frame under right value tablet [15L60], ACSC #96(15)e, Cat $20. $ F A B1 2d Red-Brown Die I ACSC #97, Cat $10. $6 397 V A B1- - CTO, ACSC #97w, hinged with gum. $ ** A B1 3d Blue Die Ia type A, with partial Mullet imprint & coloured flaw at right edge of oval, [3L60], ACSC 104. $ F A B1 3d Blue Die I perf OS, type A, ACSC 104ba. $ * C A1 3d Blue Die Ia type A, ACSC #105, Cat $40, toning at top. $5 401 F A B1 - type A, with transient flaw - large bubble on roo s shoulder, ACSC #105, Cat $15. $8 402 F A A1 4d Orange ACSC #110, Cat $10. $6 403 F A A1 - pale orange-yellow shade, ACSC #110E, Cat $30, cancelled with TOORA/ 9JA17/[VIC]TORIA (A2), early use for this shade. $ F A B1 - perf OS shades group of 7, ACSC #110. $ F A C4 - perf OS with white scratch from crown to head [1R11], ACSC #110(1)j, Cat $25, trimmed top perfs. $ * A B1 4d Violet ACSC #111, Cat $30. $ F A B1 - ACSC #111, Cat $25. $ ** B B2 - ACSC #111, Cat $50, some toning at top, fluffy perfs. $ F A B1 - perf OS, ACSC #111b, Cat $35. $ F A B1 4d Blue Cooke Plates ACSC #112, Cat $15. $8 411 F A B2 - ACSC #112, Cat $15, rounded corner. $6 412 F A A1 - pale milky blue shade, ACSC 112F. $ F A B1 - dent in bottom frame at BRC, [2L30]. $ F A B1 4d Olive ACSC #114, cancelled with NEWCASTLE/ 9AU24/ [N.S.W.] (A2). $ ** A B1 - greenish olive shade, ACSC #114C, Cat $75. $ F A B1 4½d Violet Die I ACSC #118, Cat $10. $6 417 F A B2-2 stamps showing FΘUR & small line below ST of POSTAGE, ACSC #118. $ V A C1 - Shaved top frame at left [1L2], ACSC #118e, Cat $25. $ F A B1 - perf OS, with Shaved top frame at left [1L2],ACSC #118e, Cat $50. $ F A- A2 - Q for O in FOUR [1L28], ACSC #118h, Cat $25, aged. $ F A B1 - perf OS, variety White flaws above Kangaroo s leg, over CE of PENCE & over 4 at right [1R21],ACSC #118q, Cat $50, the latter variety is clearer than the one illustrated in ACSC. $ F A A1 5d Chestnut Die I Smooth Paper Single Line Perf transient white flaw behind Emu s head, ACSC #122, Cat $15. $8 423 F A B1 - missing right end of shading line behind right wattle, notch in right frame beside value tablet, bump on bottom frame below E of PENCE & second pearl at left enlarged [1L45], cancelled with WONTHAG[GI]/2/315P 3OC21/ VIC (A2). $ F A A1 - perf OS, ACSC #122ba, Cat $25. $ ** A B1 5d Chestnut Die I Smooth Paper Comb Perf broken BRC [1L42], ACSC #123k, Cat $225. $ F A B1 5d Chestnut Die I Rough Paper perf OS, ACSC #124, Cat $175, cancelled with 11FE21 cds. $ F A B1 1/4d Greenish Blue ACSC #128, Cat $35. $20 AUSTRALIA KGV - Large Multiple Watermark 428 ** A A1 ½d Green ACSC #65. $4 429 F A A1 - thin fraction at right [5R43], ACSC #65(5)m, Cat $250. $ ** A B1 - thin fraction at right in pair, other unit MLH, ACSC #65(5)m, Cat $160. $130