At The Wessex Royale Hotel GETTING MARRIED

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1 A The Wessex Royale Hoel GETTING MARRIED

2 O Your Day... Plag your weddg Geg Marred... Please accep he Hoel s very bes wshes for your fuure happess. A The Wessex Royale Hoel we prde ourselves o makg sure ha your specal day s a ruly memorable oe. We have he experse ad experece of may successful weddgs behd us o gude you hrough he excg momes of preparao hrough o he bg day self. Our large fuco room, The Wllam Bares Room, ca sea up o 80 guess ad wll cos 150 o hre. The room feaures a dace floor ad dsco space alog wh drec access o he bar, offerg a fe seleco of wes, sprs ad beers all a very compeve publc house prces. Your guess wll be greeed wh recepo drks of your choce. There s a dverse choce of meus avalable for boh he weddg breakfas ad eveg recepo o su your requremes. Our am s o gve you he perfec day o remember. You wll have exclusve use of our fuco facles wh a dedcaed weddg co-ordaor o esure your specal day rus as smoohly as possble. Icluded he fuco room hre cos wll be ables dressed wh whe le ad apks, glassware ad culery, a cake sad ad kfe plus access o he hoels louge facles for your guess. Addoal ableware colour opos are avalable, please coac us for furher formao. Cvl Ceremoy The Wessex Royale Hoel s regsered o hold cvl ceremoes eher our fuco room or resaura. Please oe ha he opos wh hs brochure do o clude he regsrar s fee ad wll eed o be booked depedely. Hoeymoo Sue Trea yourselves o a luxurous say our Hoeymoo Sue wh a double four poser bed a larger room wh a moder e-sue bahroom. You wll ejoy complmeary bahroom oleres, wf, har dryer, fla scree TV wh addoal chaels, ea & coffee makg facles, ro ad rog board ad a prvae louge area wh addoal fla scree TV Bed & Breakfas Bed & Breakfas Wh Champage or Flowers Bed & Breakfas Wh Champage, Flowers & Chocolaes Plag your weddg Please oe seasoal dscous are avalable

3 s k r D o Recep Sarers Frech Oo Soup wh Sourdough Croue & Meled Cheese (V) Seak Tare wh Shallos, Capers Egg & Brady Sauce Guess wll udoubedly arrve before he Brde ad Groom, hey wll be ushered o he bar area where hey ca purchase drks from our bar or you may lke o provde ay of he followg... Dorse Crab ad Avocado Salad wh Seafood Mayoase, Caper Berres & Sourdough Toas Pmms Puch 3.95 Mas Por 3.20 Mulled We 3.50 Prosecco 4.95 Bucks Fzz 4.95 Chcke Lver Parfa wh Toased Broche & Red Oo Marmalade Flle of Wes Coury Beef wh Dauphose Poaoes, Carro Puree & Wld Mushroom Jus Orage Juce 1.95 Hoey Glazed Roased Duck Breas wh Champ Mash, Purple Sem Broccol & Plum Sauce Sherry 3.20 Red/Whe We 4.95 Roased Rack of Lamb wh a Herb Crus, Whe Bea Puree, Spach & Rosemary Jus All prces are per perso per glass. Roased Halbu Flle wh Samphre, Roased New Poaoes & Shellfsh Veloue All of he above are avalable for a oas. A full we ls s also avalable. Asparagus & Wld Garlc Peso, Spaghe, Sal Cured Egg Yolk & Waercress (V) Dessers Valla Paa Coa & Raspberry Couls Dark Chocolae Deluxe wh Caramel Hazelus & Wld Berry Sorbe Eo Mess Cheesecake wh Valla Cream per perso PLATINUM MENU Arrval drks & oass s o p O u e M

4 Sarers Seleco of Cold Meas Damod MENU Roased Ve Tomao Soup wh Basl Ol & Thyme Crouo (V) Smoked Salmo Terre wh Capers, Wld Garlc Peso & Bruschea Breaded Goas Cheese wh Beeroo Puree, Caded Pecas & Pea Shoos (V) Mas Double cooked Pork Belly wh Poao Ros, Apple Sauce, Cracklg & Cder Jus Roas Srlo of Beef wh Dauphose Poaoes, Sprg Oo ad Wld Mushrooms & Shallo Jus Herb Crused Cod Flle wh Crushed New Poaoes, Wld Garlc Peso & Waercress Wld Mushroom, Spach, Truffle Ol & Parmesa Rsoo wh Parmesa Crsp (V) Dessers Lemo Curd Cheesecake wh Srawberry Chally Cream & Lemo Balm Warm Chocolae Browe wh Valla Ice Cream Seleco of Sorbe or Ice Creams Seleco of Local Cheese & Bscus, Chuey & Celery Roas Topsde of Beef Hoey Roas Ham BBQ Chcke Thghs Roas Breas of Turkey Seleco of Seafood Smoked Salmo Praw & Mare Rose Poached Salmo Flles, Lemo Glaze Seleco of Cheeses Coasal Cheddar Blue Vey Somerse Bre Sdes Coasal Cheddar & Spach Quche Sausage & Sage Rolls Coleslaw Waldorf Salad Garde Salad Pasa Salad Roas Garlc & Thyme New Poaoes Dessers Valla Cheesecake Chocolae Fudge Browe Fresh Fru Salad GOLD MENU per perso per perso

5 w Sarers Caapés Leek ad Poao Soup wh Thyme Crouos Dorse Couy Pae wh Red Oo Chuey & Melba Toas Praw Cockal wh a Bloody Mary Dressg Mas Complmeary Caapés whe choosg he Plaum meu opo or avalable for 150 Slow Roased Duck & Hos Puff Pasy Tars Smoked Salmo & Chve Cream Cheese Bls Mozzarella, Tomao & Wld Garlc Peso Cros Pasram & Cream Horseradsh Bruschea Goas Cheese & Red Oo Jam Savoury Cheesecake SILVER MENU Slow cooked Topsde of Beef wh Yorkshre Puddg, Roas Poaoes, Seasoal Vegeables & Gravy Roas Chcke Breas wh Foda Poao, Buered Kale & Oo & Mushroom Jus Ove Roased Salmo Flle wh Crushed Herb Poaoes & Lemo Ol Bueru ad Swee Poao Wellgo wh Garlc Cream Sauce & Waercress Dessers Lemo Posse wh a Raspberry Couls & Shorbread Scky Toffee Puddg wh Buerscoch Sauce & Valla Ice Cream Seleco of Sorbes or Dary Ice Cream Aferoo Tea A seleco of freshly cu Sadwches A rage of Cakes or Scoes wh Cream & Srawberry Jam Tea, Coffee & Bscus 9.95 per perso Ploughma s Buffe Seleco of Local Cheeses: Coasal Cheddar, Blue Vey, Somerse Bre Hoey Roas Ham Seleco of Pckles, Gerks & Oos Chuey s & Pckle Celery & Apple Aferoo Tea Seleco of Fresh Breads per perso 9.95 per perso

6 FINGER BUFFETS Fger Buffe 1 Freshly cu Sadwches: Cheese, Ham, Tua, Egg Mayo, Beef ad Horseradsh Sausage Rolls Smoked Haddock Goujos, Tarare Sauce BBQ/Hoey Glazed Chcke Wgs Coasal Cheddar & Spach Quche (V) Tomao & Basl Bruschea, Parmesa (V) Crude & Seleco of Dps Crsps per perso Fger Buffe 2 Freshly cu Sadwches: Smoked Salmo & Cream Cheese, Roas Beef, Hoey Roas Ham, Chcke Tkka, Egg & Waercress, Coasal Cheddar & Chuey Smoked Salmo & Cream Cheese Cros BBQ Hoey Glazed Chcke Wgs Vegeable Sprg Rolls, Swee Chll (V) Cheddar & Caramelsed Oo Quche (V) Chcke Saay Kebabs Sausage Rolls Crude & Dps Cheese Bread Scks Seleco of Olves per perso Bookg Your Day We wll hold a provsoal bookg for 14 days. To cofrm your reservao, we requre your wre cofrmao wh a depos of 200, whch s o-refudable he eve of a cacellao. We wll ackowledge recep of your depos ad sugges a dae o dscuss your choce of meus ad drks package. Followg cofrmao of he meu ad programme, we wll requre a furher depos, equal o 50% of he charges clusve of he al depos. Please oe we reserve he rgh o cacel he bookg f he 50% payme s o receved. Approxmaely 6 weeks pror o he weddg we wll ssue a pro-forma voce based upo he umbers ofed a he me. The balace ousadg s he requred o be seled 28 days before he day of he weddg. Table pla deals ad fal umbers should be suppled o laer ha 2 days pror o he Weddg. Cacellao Polcy We receve may equres for our weddg packages so please do o reserve your day uless you are erely sure of your plas. I he eve of a cacellao wh 28 days of he weddg, we wll charge a sum of 500 addo o he o refudable depos. Terms ad codos

7 d e r r a M g Ge For more deals o ay of he formao wh our Weddg Brochure ad o fd ou how we ca help wh your specal day, please ge -ouch.