As I write this, we have sold 105 tickets. Which means basically if we sell 6 more we will have 12 full tables on the night!! How very exciting!!

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1 The Brij Official Newsletter of The Rotaract Club of Thuringowa Central District 9550 Chartered By Ross River Rotary- 20 th October 1973 P.O. Box 818 Thuringowa Central Qld President: Katie Greenwell Meeting Date: 14 th September 2008 Hi all, President s Report Finally our 35th is coming together nicely. Thanks to everyone that has been contributing especially those ladies that spent all day Saturday at my place organising and wrapping the many many raffle prizes! As I write this, we have sold 105 tickets. Which means basically if we sell 6 more we will have 12 full tables on the night!! How very exciting!! So as much as my house is a complete mess and piled high with everything and anything I am totally pumped for this weekend! No matter what happens now, we're going to have a very successful evening both for our fund and for our guests so get pumped people!! Afterall this is our Birthday Party!! Business side of things, tonight we are to make the decision as to whether will proceed this year. We'd also like to see as many of you as possible help the decorating commitee out on Saturday. And remember you all have to be there on saturday at 630pm! I have yet to get a volunteer for sunday morning at the markets? who is not attending on saturday?? Have a good week and get lots of sleep!! Katie G MARKETS ROSTER: 19 th Oct:??? 26 th Oct: Kylie 2 nd Nov: Chris 9 th Nov: Louise 1

2 ROTARY ROSTER The board has decided to once again start a roster for our members to attend our host rotary clubs meetings in order to strengthen ties with TC s members and hopefully to learn something from their meetings. Although we are not being paid for a service at these meetings you should consider your allocated night compulsory. If you are unable to attend your allocated date let KATIE know ASAP. Wednesday Rostered on Other info REMEMBER TO GET A MAKEUP SLIP AND GIVE IT TO ALEX AT THE NEXT MEETING OR IT WON T COUNT!! Rotary is expecting us to make an effort to attend their meetings and will welcome you with open arms so you needn t fear! It s the least we can do to show we appreciate their continued support! Meeting Location: Hobbo s Hut in back room (enter through restaurant) Time: 6 for 6:30pm (and you must not be late) until max 8pm Dinner: optional. Even without eating you must stay until the very end of the meeting. NEW MARKETS ROSTER!!! DATE MEMBER ON 19 October Volunteers??? 26 October Kylie 2 November Chris 9 November Louise 16 November Donna 23 November Lisa 30 November Craig 7 December Alex 14 December Kylie 21 December Craig ALL MEMBERS please through the dates you will be unavailable for rosters for the coming year. I.e. if you go home for uni breaks, have a trip planned, will be away for work etc. I need date you leave and date you return ASAP thanks! So rosters can be done up! ATTENDANCE RECORDS Kept by secretary and monitor how many of our meetings you attend and how many make-ups you do giving you a percentage attendance overall. We aim to maintain over 60% but understand that this may be made up in less busy times of year. If you are able to maintain 100% or more until the end of the financial year you are rewarded at our changeover. MARKETS ROSTER! We are required from 7:45 8:45am in Rotaract shirt. Please ask for the walkie-talkie and any instructions specific for that day upon arrival. If any of you are still not happy with this current roster please arrange a swap ASAP. It is your responsibility to find someone and tell KATIE that you have swapped it is not up to her to find you a replacement!! ATTENDANCE FIGURES % attend name 163 Katie Greenwell 138 Caitlin Scott 138 Donna Rasmussen 125 Alexandra Dionysius 113 Gemma Bartlett 113 Craig Smith 100 Chris Fisher 88 Louise Ryan 88 Yuko Kanda 88 Kylie McLaren 63 Vinod Rajasingam 0 Lisa Murray 0 Jennilee Mills 2

3 Minutes from last meeting Tuesday 23 rd Sep 2008 Opened at 1835 Closed at 1940 Present: Caitlin, Alex, Donna, Gemma, Louise, Yuko, Vinod and Kylie Visitors: Reece, Guest speaker: Chris from St James Cathedral Restoration Committee President Away, info on Brij. Caitlin is going to Rotary clubs in Search of Santas Membership Louise has a new flyer, got our input and will get back to us. Rotary/Rotaract/Interact YEP BBQ on Friday at Cathedral School. We have 6 members attending. Ten Pin bowls this weekend with Interact. We have 6 members attending. Club 35 th Donna is organising business cards with Ron from Budget Colour Copies. Donna making the powerpoint for the Bday. Alex and Katie decorations committee plus Louise, Donna and Kylie for setup. Community St James Cathedral gave Chris a cheque for $500 to help with their restoration fund. Cheque for SES sent, $1000. General Business D.R. asked about the Dili Rotaract Club, Donna to organise via . Caitlin will be away from now until 28 th Oct, apologies. She will be out of phone range. Minutes from board meeting Tuesday 7 th Oct 2008 Opened at 1835 Closed at 2015 Present: Alex, Donna, Gemma, Katie and Chris President Rotary TC gave us the figures from their Operation Cleft day: $ raised! Proposed inductions, 7 th Oct: Katy, Macx, Sarah, Jeff and Reece. Katie put forward. Donna second. Alex will bring induction Certificates. s concerning club matters should only be sent to members. Alex will this list. Caitlin is going in Search of Santas to phone all Santas on past contact list. Club 35 th Mystery prize raffle separate, $1 tickets Tickets for main raffle 3 for $5, 7 for $10 and 15 for $20. Smaller prizes being made into hampers on Sat 11 th by Katie, Alex, Donna, Gemma because we have over 100 prizes. Alex to find helium, possibly donation from Ede s party hire or Domain Central? Katie making a run sheet for the night. 3

4 CLUB DETAILS for newbies (and oldies who may have forgotten ) Board President: Katie Greenwell Vice President: Donna Rasmussen Secretary: Alex Dionysius Treasurer: Chris Fisher Membership Development: Louise Ryan International: Caitlin Scott Professional: Craig Smith Markets Liaison: Currently vacant Community: Currently vacant Rotary/Rotaract/Interact Liaison: Currently vacant Club: Gemma Bartlett Brij Editor: Alex Dionysius Contact Details: Rotaract Club of Thuringowa Central PO Box 818 Kirwan, Qld, 4817 AUSTRALIA Or check us out at: CONFUSING TERMS: The Brij our club bulletin or newsletter Change Over Is the commencement of the new Rotaract year (same as the financial year) this is when the new President and board of directors are inducted. This is usually a social gathering Charter Party Our charter date (20th October 1973) is when the club was officially formed. This is celebrated by a social function, often a weekend away. Our club s annual Dial-a-Santa project. runs from November to Christmas Eve. Rotarian Is a member of a Rotary Club. Sponsor Club Every Rotaract club is sponsored by a Rotary club. Our sponsor club is the Rotary Club of Thuringowa Central. A member of this club will usually attend our meetings to ensure the club is running smoothly. Make-up Is where you attend another Rotaract/Rotary/Interact club meeting within two weeks of missing a Rotaract meeting. Sergeant-At-Arms This is the lighter side of the meeting. He/She relates a tall story (mostly untrue or highly distorted) about members who then have to pay a small fine JOKES!!! Johnny's teacher asked the class how their weekends were. "Horrible," said Johnny. "A car hit my cat in the ass!" "Rectum," said the teacher. "Say rectum." "Rectum? Damn near killed 'im!" And blondes wonder why there are blonde jokes 4

5 Make-Ups As part of your conditions of membership, you need to obtain at least a 60% Attendance Rate. If you can t make a Rotaract Meeting, you can attend another Meeting for a Make-up, 2 weeks either side of your missed Meeting date. Remember to get a Make-up Slip from the Rotarians on Registration of the Club Secretary. Below is a list of Meetings where you can do a Make-up: Meeting Day Club Venue Time Monday Port of Townsville Rotary North Qld Club, Denham St 6:00pm for 6:30pm Tuesday (1+3) Kirwan High Interact Kirwan S.H.S SOSE Bock 8:00am start Tuesday Townsville Rotary North Qld Club, Denham St 12:30pm for 1:00pm Tuesday Ross River Rotary Townsville RSL Club 6:00pm Tuesday Townsville South West Rotary Yongala Lodge, Fryer St North Ward 6:00pm for 6:30pm Wednesday Townsville Daybreak Mercure Inn 6:30am for 6:45am Wednesday Thuringowa Central Rotary Hobbo s Hut Thuringowa drive 6:00pm for 6:30pm Wednesday Thuringowa/Northern Beaches Rotary 7:00pm for 7:30pm Thursday Mundingburra Rotary German Australian Club, Aitkenvale 5:30pm for 6:00pm Thursday Magnetic Island Rotary Fred s Bar & Grill, Picnic Bay 5:30pm for 6:00pm Friday Townsville Sunrise Rotary Townsville RSL Club 6:45am for 7:00am Friday Townsville Central Rotary Townsville RSL Club 12:30pm for 1:00pm Rotary International is the world's first service club organization. Its more than 1.2 million members volunteer their time and talent to further the Rotary motto: Service Above Self. CLUB MEMBER CONTACTS Name Position Phone Mobile Gemma Bartlett Club Director Alex Dionysius Secretary and Brij Editor Alana Donaldson Chris Fisher Treasurer Katie Greenwell President Yuko Kanda Kylie McLaren Jennilee Mills Lisa Murray Donna Rasmussen District Rotaract Representative Vinod Rajasingam Louise Ryan Membership Development Officer Caitlin Scott International Director Craig Smith Professional Development Officer 5

6 UPCOMING EVENTS! OCTOBER Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat 5 6 Begin visiting Rotary for Meeting - Decide if is to progress Club s Actual birthday YEP BBQ at Cathedral School 5.45pm Drinks at KtG s Club s 35th Birthday party Meeting Guest speaker NOVEMBER Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Meeting training for 12 Open phones Caitlin s 21 st Birthday Gemma s 23 rd Birthday START Parties from now on NO meeting