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3 1 PERFECT MATCH, PERFECT OPPORTUNITY Turkey s innovative real estate developer Mar Yapı and leading international hotel management brand Rotana joined forces to bring you an unparalleled project in Istanbul. The award winning G Rotana which has a very special concept, promises the investors with not just a residence at Basın Ekspres Road, the most profitable region of Istanbul, but also a real estate investment which will become more valuable in time under the management of Rotana. 2

4 3 Established in 2006, Mar Yapı is a real estate development company embracing design and innovation to create benchmark communities for sophisticated end-users seeking enhanced lifestyle. It is this dynamic approach that has grown Mar Yapı to one of Turkey s leading developers, a young company with a fresh approach, creating increased investor value with enduring projects that stand the test of time. With a slate of award winning projects, Mar Yapı s approach is differentiated through exceptional quality, environmental consciousness, and new collaborations with the world s greatest architectural and design minds, to achieve the Mar Yapı mission of the realization of perfection. 4

5 5 ROTANA: 24 YEARS IN HOTEL MANAGEMENT Opened its first property, the Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi in 1993 and is today one of the leading hotel management companies within the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Europe. Rotana is a company offering the best of both worlds. A unique understanding of the culture and communities of the Middle East combined with the collective expertise of an executive team contributing over 35 years of international experience in the service industry. Rotana s aggressive expansion plans are seeing the company grow from 2 properties in 1993 to a total of 100 by

6 ROTANA IN THE WORLD İstanbul Syria Lebanon Iraq Egypt Sudan Saudi Arabia Kuwait Bahrain Qatar United Arab Emirates Oman

7 9 First class residence apartments with a personal touch define Arjaan Hotel Apartments which were developed by taking into consideration both long term guests and their families. Arjaan Hotel Apartments by Rotana are the pinnacle of the Rotana offering. They represent the height of elegant city living for long stay residents and for families, set in the most modern apart hotel buildings of the world. From the moment guests arrive to the second they leave, Arjaan is their home away from home with fully furnished and serviced hotel apartments and a 24 hours room service. 10

8 11 THE NEWEST DESIGN TRENDS AND FACILITIES At the Arjaan apart hotels at G Rotana, the interiors have been designed by LW Design, the internationally known design and architecture company. The elite Arjaan apart hotels at G Rotana aims to provide all of its residents a sense of belonging and an environment where they can hide away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, the personnel know everyone by name and are always respectful and different. The best facilities are offered including wireless internet connections with ultra-high speeds, LCD televisions in every room, fully equipped and furnished kitchens. The fitness center with its high technology, its indoor swimming pool and other facilities for spending quality leisure time, turns the stay into an absolute pleasure. 12

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10 15 TRUE COMFORT Centro meets the demands of the new generation travellers who seek finesse and functionality at reasonable rates. Young and fresh Centro is a lifestyle brand that is original in its presentation yet dynamic in its offerings. Centro, Rotana s lifestyle hotel brand, fashionably presents high level accommodation and hospitality and redefines the economic comfort concept. Centro hotels are located at the center of the business and commercial districts in the major cities of the region. The Centro concept, which provides highly distinctive and unique living spaces in a contemporary environment, works in a comprehensive manner and creates a highly efficient operational model which provides the essential amenities and necessities specifically geared to the travelling executives. G Rotana has the unique characteristics of the typical Centro hotels including deli food service and grab and go service for visitors who prefer the privacy of their living spaces as well as the latest room technology from wireless communication to entertainment and personal opportunities. When you bring this together with the real comforts of life fitness center and swimming pool and the business opportunities of the facility such as special meeting rooms and business centers, it is no surprise that Centro is rapidly getting to be known as a brand which pays special care and attention to detail. 16

11 17 ASIA EUROPE TURKEY TURKEY IS THE COMMON ROUTE OF TOURISM AND COMMERCE WITH ITS GEOPOLITICAL LOCATION BETWEEN EUROPE AND ASIA Turkey, which is at the intersection of the Asia-Europe-Africa triangle and among the most developed and the most important countries of the Mediterranean, promises great potential for the future as well as having a deep-rooted history. The country, which is in the top 20 among the global economies, has the characteristic of being a center for tourism and commerce for hundreds of years. Its historical heritage, the bays and gulfs at the Mediterranean and the Aegean, international large scale companies all contribute value to Turkey. 18

12 19 THE BIG DEVELOPMENT IN THE TURKISH ECONOMY Exportation volume of USD billion The share of real estate in GDP is 4.9% The Ministry of Customs and Trade of the Republic of Turkey, 2016 TÜİK (Turkish Statistical Institute) House and Construction Data, 2016 National income increased to USD 860 billion with the revision The Turkish economy grew 2.4% during January- September, % is young population under the age of 30.7 TÜİK (Turkish Statistical Institute) Economy Data, 2016 TÜİK (Turkish Statistical Institute) Economy Data, 2016 TÜİK (Turkish Statistical Institute) Population Data, 2016 A location close to more than 70% of the primary energy reserves The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey USD 144 billion of direct foreign investment in 10 years The Prime Ministry Public Diplomacy Coordinatorship of the Republic of Turkey, 2015 Direct access to the market with the total GDP of USD 25 trillion The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Turkey, 2015 More than 3 million university graduates under the age of 30 TÜİK (Turkish Statistical Institute) Education Data,


14 23 THE MOST LUCRATIVE INVESTMENT INSTRUMENT: REAL- ESTATE COUNTRY The leader of house price growth RANK ANNUAL CHANGE RANK ANNUAL CHANGE RANK ANNUAL CHANGE RANK ANNUAL CHANGE RANK ANNUAL CHANGE Turkey 8 7,7% 4 10,5% 5 13,8% 2 16,2% 1 18,4% Germany 12 5,4% 27 2,2% 31 2,5% 28 3,7% 15 5,6% House Prices* Sweden 34 2,8% 29-2,1% 24 4,1% 7 8,6% 3 12,3% %126 Government Debt Securities* Interest on Deposits* 9,83% Euros* 16,08% US Dollars* 19,75% Gold* 29,37% Norway 7 8.0% 16 6,6% 36 1,0% 21 5,8% 22 4,6% Spain 48 6,8% 54-10,0% 50-4,0% 43-0,3% 38 1,8% 9,26% BIST 100* The Economist House Price Index Chart, data 4,10% Based on REIDIN Real-Estate Index change data *TÜİK (Turkish Statistical Institute) Investment Instruments Data,

15 25 THE UPWARD MOMENTUM OF TOURISM IN TURKEY 90% of the visits in 2015 were made to hotels The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, 2016 The number of visitors to Istanbul alone in 2015 is approximately 8 million The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, 2016 Tourism revenues increased 13% in 2015 The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, 2016 As of 2015, the total tourism revenues and overnight accommodation fees continue to increase The countries from which the greatest number of tourists come from are Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom The number of visitors during January- September, 2016 is more than 24.5 million The average individual spending amount during January-September, 2016 is $702 The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, 2016 The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, 2016 The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, 2016 Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism,

16 27 THE GIANT HOTEL MANAGEMENT BRAND OF THE MIDDLE EAST IS NOW IN TURKEY Rotana, the most well-known hotel management brand of the Middle East, is now partaking in a brand new project with the cooperation of Mar Yapı at the European side of Istanbul at a very central location: G Rotana. Its monumental design incorporates a life-style hotel and luxury hotel apartments hence enhances the real estate and touristic significance of the region while at the same time presenting an exciting opportunity to those who are interested in investing in a hotel. 28

17 29 TURKEY S GATEWAY TO THE WORLD: ISTANBUL Istanbul, which attracts millions of tourists with its geographical and historical beauties, is one of the centers of the business world since it is located on the important trade routes between Asia and Europe. Istanbul, which is the leading city of Turkey in various areas such as population density, development, tourism, trade and industry, is among the cities with the widest hinterland of the region and will have 3 international airports after the completion of the third airport which is currently being constructed. 30

18 31 ISTANBUL REAL ESTATE DATA 164 thousand 48 house sales until September 2016 Annual 5.5% gross rate of return* Data of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, 2016 Data of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, 2016 Annual 18.5% depreciation rate Data of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, 2016 Leader among the provinces preferred by foreigners with 276 thousand square meters Data of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, percent growth in the construction sector during January-September, 2016 İMSAD Monthly Sector Report, 2016 Leader in the secondhand market with 9055 sales made until September 2016 Data of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, 2016 Leader in the House Price Index with an increase of 19.57% in one year Data of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, 2016 Leader in the New House Price Index Data of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, 2016 Leader in the Hedonic House Price Index with an increase of 19.38% Data of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey,

19 million visitors to Hagia Sophia in 2015 Hagia Sophia Museum Statistics, 2016 The number of facilities with Touristic Business Certification is 951 General Directorate Investments and Establishments of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, 2016 Topkapı Palace 3.2 million visitors in 2015 Topkapı Palace Statistics, 2016 Bosphorus Bridge The intersection between Asia and Europe with the Bridges, Eurasia Tunnel and Marmaray The city most preferred by foreigners with 6000 real estates in 2016 Turkish Statistical Institute House Sales Statistics CNR Expo Exhibition Center A total of 2.5 million visitors CNR Expo Statistics, 2016 ISTANBUL TOURISM DATA The Maiden Tower One of Istanbul s most visited symbols Atatürk Airport Among Europe s airports with the highest traffic with 60.1 million passengers in 2016 State Airports Operations Statistics, 2016 Tüyap Exhibition Center The host of international exhibitions such as Autoshow and Emitt 79.9% of the tourists that come by airways prefer the Atatürk Airport World Trade Center The center of numerous national and international companies 34

20 35 ISTANBUL DEVELOPMENT DATA One of the world s largest 20 business centers JLL Commercial Attraction Index, 2016 It is the 51st in the EIU Best Cities ranking EIU Best Cities Index, 2015 One of Europe s 4 largest mega-cities Istanbul on the World Stage, JLL, 2016 It is the 45th in the Global Finance Centers ranking GFCI Global Finance Centers Index 19, Mark Yeandle and Michael Mainelli Z/Yen Group Limited, 2016 It currently has 480 classified hotels and 49 thousand rooms. At the end of 2017, the number of rooms is expected to reach 56 thousand. MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index, 2015 It ranks the 9th among the largest conference locations of the world in terms of international conferences ICCA Country and City Rankings, 2015 It is the 3 rd in Europe and 5 th in the world in terms of number of visitors ICCA Country and City Rankings, 2015 Among the cities the number of visitors has increased the most with an increase of 10.1% per year MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index,

21 37 3. HAVALİMANI Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge MALL of ISTANBUL Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge July 15 Martyrs Bridge ADVANTAGEOUS LOCATION THAT HAS BECOME THE ATATÜRK HAVALİMANI İDO TRANSPORTATION ROUTE OF ISTANBUL SABİHA GÖKÇEN HAVALİMANI G Rotana is located on Basın Ekspres Road, a point where the inner city transportation network is highly widespread. The main arterial roads such as TEM and E-5 and public transportation alternatives such as the subway and metrobus are concentrated near the project. G Rotana is the closest hotel to the 3 rd airport, which is planned to be opened for service in the near future and is also only a few minutes away from the Atatürk Airport. FATIH SULTAN MEHMET BRIDGE ATATÜRK AIRPORT CNR EXPO MALL of ISTANBUL G ROTANA 3 th AIRPORT HISTORICAL PENINSULA TAKSİM 25 KM 9 KM 10 KM 3 KM 30 KM 18 KM 21 KM 38

22 39 BASIN EKSPRES S ASTONISHING INCREASE IN VALUE G Rotana s location has a lively social life and is a developed transportation network that touches every point in the city and even the world. Together with the state sponsored mega projects Basın Ekspres recorded gains higher than 16% to the investors last year. The commercial life became even livelier after Basın Ekspres has been designated as a Central Business District and the area became a preference for important domestic and foreign companies. 40

23 41 CENTRAL BUSINESS AREA CRITERIA Having high land values Planned Areas Type Building Bylaws of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey Its construction speed and rate are high Planned Areas Type Building Bylaws of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey It is the central point of transportation Geographically, it is located at the heart of the city The number of administrative buildings is high Planned Areas Type Building Bylaws of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey Planned Areas Type Building Bylaws of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey Planned Areas Type Building Bylaws of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey It is an attraction center for working and shopping Planned Areas Type Building Bylaws of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey It is at a location where pedestrian and vehicle traffic is the highest Planned Areas Type Building Bylaws of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of TurkeyPlanned Areas Bylaws This is the region where the service sector is most intensified Planned Areas Type Building Bylaws of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey Functions that are close to each other are gathered in the same area Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanism Planned Areas Type Building Bylaws 42


25 45 THE PERFORMANCE OF THE US$ CURRENCY IN TURKEY In 2016, the resistance, which was 2.80, was broken and the rising of the USD accelerated Forbes Magazine, December 2016 The value of the USD/TRY almost doubled between Forbes Magazine, December 2016 USD/TRY has risen again shortly after each fall since 2005 Forbes Magazine, December 2016 The rise which started around 1.80 after the end of 2013 is continuing Forbes Magazine, December 2016 The monthly yield of USD/TRY varied between -5% and +5% in Forbes Magazine, December

26 47 DO NOT MAKE ANY INVESTMENT DECISION WITHOUT LOOKING AT WHAT G ROTANA HAS TO OFFER G Rotana, developed by Mar Yapı, one of Turkey s leading companies renowned for luxurious concept residences and Rotana, is located on Basın Ekspres Road, which is one of the Central Business Districts of Istanbul. The project has 152 hotel rooms and 153 luxury hotel apartments, offers an opportunity to be an investor in a hotel and to derive profits much higher than the monthly/annual averages. The fact that its management, leasing and residence services are performed by a strong brand such as Rotana, saves you a lot of trouble and all that is left for you to do is to enjoy the taste of winning. 48

27 49 G ROTANA GUARANTEED RETURN Rotana s confidence in Turkey s continuing growth in tourism and real estate sectors enable them to offer an unprecedented, 3-year guaranteed, return on investment to the owners of Arjaan Hotel Apartments. Within this scope, owners who transfer the operating rights of their apartments to Rotana for 10 years, gain high return each month on a USD basis. 50

28 51 PRESTIGIOUS COMMERCIAL SPACE G Rotana s commercial spaces have a total area of 10,000 sqm and if desired, can be used as a single space as a state of the art showroom. In the middle of one of the most important intersections in Istanbul, over 300,000 vehicles pass in front of the monumental G Rotana. Such traffic renders the commercial spaces at G Rotana invaluable considering the fact that they are fully exposed to over 1 million people per day. 52

29 53 AWARD-WINNING DESIGN G Rotana is a mix-use project designed by Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects, one of the leading architectural offices in Turkey and is the winner of the prestigious 2013 MIIM Architectural Review FP Award. 54

30 55 ARCHITECTURE INTERIOR INTERIORS DESIGN Suyabatmaz Demirel Architectural Office, which operates in Istanbul, was established in 1995 by architect Arif Suyabatmaz, who returned from Vienna to Istanbul in the same year. After working with various architect in Vienna, Suyabatmaz founded his own business in Istanbul while giving trainings as a studio trainer at the Yıldız Technical University. Suyabatmaz is also one of the founders of the Graduate Program at the Architectural Design Department of Bilgi University. Hakan Demirel, who is a graduate of Yıldız Technical University, Department of Architecture, returned to Istanbul in 2008 after completing his works in New York and established a partnership with Arif Suyabatmaz and the name of the office became Suyabatmaz Demirel. Suyabatmaz Demirel s works focus mostly on residential spaces, commercial spaces and office spaces. The range of their works extend from single family residences to multi-floored mixed use projects. Its architectural style which is simple but rich, consisting of meticulous material, color and detail selections, makes the creation of different spatial experiences to be created even for traditional functions such as the ones of an office. LWD strives works to create spaces destinations, that constantly which constantly redefine redefine our social our living social style. lifestyle. LWD develops LWD develop concepts where carefully thought considered out designs, envelop embrace the overall general experience. The The company gives attention pays attention to the to most the finest subtle details in to order achieve to acquire a sophisticated a perfect design ambiance with and the perfect a sophisticated ambience. Working design. LWD, closely which with works owners in close and operators contact with LWD property pinpoints owners the expectations and operators, and determines create unique the spaces expectations which and identify creates strongly unique with spaces the people by identifying who are with there the to people enjoy it. who want to enjoy the space. LWD, with a strong team focusing particularly on hotels, restaurants, bars and SPA spaces With and consisting a strong team of approximately close to 100 Design 100 design Professionals professionals, specialising spreads specifically its knowledge in hotels, to create new restaurants, brands in the bars industry. & spas LWD has extends designed its knowledge 70 hotels and to be more a part than of 200 creating bars and new restaurants brands within the in 15 industry. years. The In 15 group years embraces LWD has architecture designed 70 and hotels, engineering and over and 200 goes bars beyond & restaurants. the interior The group space. extends LWD continues itself from to be interiors, a successful encompassing leader the architecture market with & engineering. professionally appreciated global accommodation projects. LWD continues to be a successful leader in the market with a critically acclaimed hospitality projects throughout the world. 56


32 MAROTA TURİZM VE GAYRİMENKUL YATIRIM A.Ş. G Plus Residence, Bağlar Mah. Yalçın Koreş Cad. No:44/B, D: 257, 34209, Güneşli / Bağcılar / İstanbul Tel: