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1 Issue 105 Dainik Bhaskar Group s In-house Magazine Cover Photo Aaba Makasare, Jalgaon

2 AWARD UPDATES 3 CONTENTS Dear Bhaskarites, Dainik Bhaskar group is an epitome of excellence and provide candid support to every member of the Bhaskar family. Every achievement of the group is a matter of gratitude for every Bhaskarite. Monsoon poured the country and with the divine blessings of nature we have been anticipated for our pious drive one tree one life.this drive is dilated through all the centres of the country. Dainik Bhaskar wins THREE awards 3 Jaipur AOP Ach. JUNE A - CATEGORY B - CATEGORY C - CATEGORY WINNER JAIPUR TEAM with 126% AOP Ach. 1. MD Rolling Trophy 2. Appreciation Letter from MD 3. Cash Prize of Rs 1,00,000 MD ACHIEVER S AWARD WINNER UDAIPUR TEAM with 167% AOP Ach. 1. MD Rolling Trophy 2. Appreciation Letter from MD 3. Cash Prize of Rs 75,000 WINNER RCC GUJARAT with 233% AOP Ach. 1. MD Rolling Trophy 2. Appreciation Letter from MD 3. Cash Prize of Rs 50,000 Last financial year emblazoned the group with a number of awards and witnessed ample of drives. We received awards in three new categories in last few days. Now this is the time for Samvad...you know very well that our Samvad earned reputation of the most honoured in-house magazine. Even an internal survey accosted that Samvad is appreciated by one and all. Your verdict is an ardent support for us. We are committed to perform our best and we will make it more interesting with innovative changes. Computer training programmes under CSR drive will be made more popular and it has been clubbed with digital India campaign of the government of India. To achieve new achievements in life and always live no negative life, with best wishes.. Thanks!! Team Samvad khabar bhaskar ki Bhaskar Samman Reward is given while life is sacrificed to save twenty-one lives. Main bhi Anokhi Dainik Bhaskar s special initiative to empower woman readers. Gift Life DB Post has organized Blood donation camp on the occasion of World Blood Donation Day. bhaskar parivaar Enjoyment during monsoon and rememberance of blissful moments of rain with family. bhaskar happenings Bureaucracy Award Jaipur AOP Ach. Jaipur RCC Gujarat May-2016 Aurangabad DB Activity DMA Asia Award Udaipur Jalgaon Responsible Award Heartily congratulations to all the team members and winners of MD achievers awards. DB POWER UPDATE 11 Project Activities Various CSR activities were organized by Team DB Power at project affected areas. A world record has been made by Team Junagarh Diya Bhaskar by painting activity on Traffic related issues. Computer education programme achieved two awards in renowned BTCSR excellence award These awards are received under category of using technology for social welfare and CSR excellence for care of aged citizens. Dainik Bhaskar s landmark initiative no negative Monday is awarded in two categories under DMA Asia eco create effect award. These awards are awarded for effectiveness in publishing/silver and leader award print innovation in entertainment media. The group was graced by two awards under responsible business environmental award. One of the awards for environmental sustainability was awarded to one tree one life initiative and Vinay Maheshwari, senior vice president brand marketing and SMD achieved award in business leader of the year category.

3 4 CAMPAIGN UPDATE âæ â ð ãuæð ÚUãUè ãñu æ æð ÂðÇ Ü»æ ãu Like every year Dainik Bhaskar incepted the unique drive of the group one tree one life with its millions of readers.the drive was inaugurated on 21st July at all the centers of the country. Exclusive first look Special presentation of Dainik Bhaskar and DB Mall, Bhopal. Neeti Mohan BRAND INITIATIVE 5 Commemoration day of The Sanskaar Valley school. Published Ad Plantation Bhaskarites effort Editorial Coverage Pencil Mailer The youngest super hero of the country Tiger Shroff shared first look of his upcoming movie Flying Jatt on pious occasion of Id with the readers of Dainik Bhaskar. All India poster launch and motion poster launch were also organised on the occasion. Famous filmy singer of the country Neeti Mohan performed a special programme on the occasion of Commemoration day of The Sanskaar Valley school. Editorial department of Dainik Bhaskar group awares and motivates people, society and institutions of the whole country to join the great drive of plantation. The trees are our responsibility and its our duty to plant more trees.edits are published on large scale to fulfil the motto. Water and electricity conservation teachings conveys through comics This year we have prepared special mailers in the form of pencil for trade and opinion makers.the innovative pencil mail has seeds deposited at the end part.when pencil is utilised completely and planted in soil then the seeds germinated. Comics can convey serious messages in an easy and interesting manner through its colourful cartoon characters. Dainik Bhaskar s comics for change series is incepted with that vision. The first comics of the series Sundarvan adventures mystery of the missing water is launched. The second comics The big black out is going to be released soon. Celebrity Distribution Activities PR Salute to the spirit of courageous Deepak Bhaskar hero award was awarded to Deepak who saved twenty lives. Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh awarded one lakh rupees and certificate of appreciation to his parents. This comics is distributed free of cost to the 1.2 lakh readers of Dainik Bhaskar s kids magazines I.e. Young Bhaskar and Bal Bhaskar. The comics is made available to the 1400 libraries. Posters of magazine are pasted in 245 schools of 53 cities.the comics can be downloaded on numbers of websites. On 8th and 9th July there was heavy rain for whole of the night. Number of slum areas were over flooded.twenty three years old Deepak Sahu succeded in saving 21 lives and at last taken away by heavy flow of water. Even his body was found on next day.deepak received Bhaskar hero samman after his death for his bravery and selfless devotion.

4 6 HR INITIATIVE BRAND INITIATIVE 7 Let s come and share... A dynamic team with better understanding. Dainik Bhaskar group incepted the initiative let s chat with this objective. In this drive team leaders and members discuss how to make their personal and professional life much better. A special drive for women.. Different programmes for girls and women were organised in different cities by Dainik Bhaskar and Star plus.the drive is especially designed to explore personality traits of women and girls. State Brand Team Nalagarh Trip Ad Sales Team Panchmari Trip Bhopal: The programme was inspired by a tv show of Star plus named Hamko ho gaya hai tumse pyar. How to handle a difficult situation is narrated by invitees. Corporate Finance Team(PYC) Goa Trip æ âéùæ ÂÙè Ùæð¹è ãuæùè... Chandigarh: A show was organised for the women of the city based on the theme of Dainik Bhaskar s jiyo no negative life. Corporate Finance Team Crescent Water Park Corporate Brand Team Panchmari Trip Bilaspur: Women expressed their views on how to prepare themselves in any situation and how to keep alert and they asserted that they are not inferior from men. Indore: Where there is a will, there is a way keeping the view in mind women shared their experiences that how they have achieved their goal. Dainik Bhaskar s computer literacy programme stands for digital literacy. It becomes a part and parcel of Indian Government s digital literary mission. During the one year duration of the drive 1lakh 20 thousand have got registered. Computer literacy programme is organised for house wives and senior citizens by Dainik Bhaskar through 40 Bhaskar offices and more than 21 centers of 10states. More than people have been trained.

5 8 SPECIAL INITIATIVES SPECIAL INITIATIVES 9 A conclave on new dimensions of journalism Few days back a conclave was organised in Jaipur to explore new dimensions of the aspects related to journalism and incitations.the programme was organised from 29th-31st July and graced by renowned personalities from media sector. More than fifty speakers were participated in round about 25 sessions in three days Talk journalism box media festival. Kota knowledge special pullout Live positive campaign A special pool out of 8 page was launched Kids have different reasons like studies or anything else for their depression. Sometimes it leads to suicidal steps. To provide remedy from depression, Dainik Bhaskar launched a social drive live positive campaign.in this series a special pool out of 8page live positive was launched. The launching ceremony was graced by Vasundhara Raje, Chief Minister, Rajasthan, Dr. Bharat Agarwal, Executive director, Dainik Bhaskar and Laxmi Pant, State Editor, Rajasthan. Gift life Gift happiness In this pool out important topics like time management tips, parenting tips and success stories are compiled. Blood donor registration counter. Blood donation camp was organised in DB Mall on 14th June on the occasion of world blood donor day in collaboration of DB Post and local Hamidia blood bank. People participated in blood donation drive in presence of expert doctors. Juice and healthy food were seved to blood doners from DB Post along with DB Post memento. Team DB Post was thankful to all of them and discussion was organised on benefits of blood donation. Memento gifts to donors. Learn Science with fun Science has great impact on our lives.to fetch role of science in our everyday s lives, a science workshop was organised in Sopan.The workshop in collaboration with Regional science centre was a success. Inauguration of the plant Excellent theme Flawless celebration DB Mall of Bhopal welcomes all the guests and augusts with innovative and interesting themes in every season.few days back people appreciated the summer theme of the Mall. Bhilwara A quiz was organised for the students. Questions based on science and general knowledge were asked. 28th june 2016 was a red letter day for the Bhilwara edition as it was an anticipation for a new dawn. Printing plan of the edition was shifted to new premises. Vasundhara Raje, chief minister, Rajasthan and Sanjay Sharma, CEO, Dainik Bhaskar, Rajasthan especially graced the function. Radio controlled cars racing was organised on one specially prepared track. The unique game earned applaud from the visitors. A quiz was organised for the students. Questions based on science and general knowledge were asked. Students queries were solved through examples of general knowledge. Yoga training workshop was organised in DB Mall in collaboration with Dainik Bhaskar and Isha foundation. DB city Mall published a newsletter of its own. It compiled all the activities conducted in DB Mall.

6 10 DIGITAL UPDATES POWER UPDATE 11 DAINIKBHASKAR.COM IS NOW INDIA S SECOND LARGEST NEWS SITE DB Power updates DB Power team is always enthusiastic to perform the best. Few days back they organised number of events and activities. 2 billion PVs 48 million UVs DainikBhaskar.com, the World s Largest Hindi News Website has now also become the No. 2 News Site in the country surpassing all other key online players, as per the latest comscore report. As per the report, with great consistency DainikBhaskar. com continues to secure the No.1 spot in the Hindi News genre while racing ahead in the overall news category and now just one step away from being the Numero Uno. DB Digital creates new landmark of 139 million Video Views by the brand stands testimony to the power of local language in redefining the dynamic and ever-evolving digital platform in our country. Money Bhaskar, our financial website achieves 27 million PVs 1.5 million Active App Users 71 million Facebook Reach Video Team ripping new floors : Generated the highest ever business till date, achieving 124% of the target. Record 33 Million Video Views in June From SEO perspective, we are CSR activities Selfie and birthday activity Town hall meeting: The meeting was organised for powerites in which a motivational speech was delivered by Mr. Girish Agarwal, MD of the group to reform the work and culture. A musical night was organised on the occasion WEB+WAP+ APP (GA) 33.7 The Time of India 16.8 PV in Bn Bhaskar.com Jul 16 UV in Mn Dainik Bhaskar 1, Divya Bhaskar Daily Bhaskar Divya Marathi Fashion Grand Total 2, Divya Bhaskar, the leading Guajarati website of the group also maintains its #1 spot with flying colours, as per the report. It calls for a bigger celebration as DB Digital as a group creates a new landmark of 2 Billion Page views and 48 million Unique users, as per Google Analytics. Hindi readership has seen unprecedented growth in the last couple of years. Gone are those days, when internet was perceived to be an English dominated platform. This achievement in a month, all time high in a month; while Fashion101 touches 1.2 million hits for a Single story in Hindi, 6 other stories crossed 2 lakhs hits each. now at No. 1 in keywords like News Hindi, Hindi News, News in Hindi, Hindi newspaper. We are immensely thrilled to reach this milestone. This is testimony to the growing popularity of Hindi content on digital media that has successfully challenged earlier presumption of low Hindi readership on the web, to this point when readers believe that Hindi is the language that can help transform the internet. With clear conviction, content innovation and great team work, today, we are making significant progress. Dainik Bhaskar s ability to provide hyper local content within geographies where we have a strong print presence, extensive coverage of news, and content appealing to a large section of readers across age groups, has been at the core of this transformation of perception. -Gyan Gupta, CEO, DB Digital Plantation programme was organised in village Badadarha on the occasion of World environmental day. Winners of Essay competition Winners of quiz competition Team DBSME photo shoot in monsoon... A Selfie contest was organised in DB Power Corporate office. Team Finance won the contest. Cake cutting ceremony was organised for DB Powerites who were born in the month of June. Media school is situated in Chandanpura in the midst of beautiful scenery of the nature and it is the best place to feel the nature closely. Team media school is always ready to cheer every occasion. Activities Independence Day celebration at DB Digital Noida; star performers of last month being rewarded. DB Digital has launched DBlite, the lighter version of the site for improved user experience Now Dainik Bhaskar app is amongst the Playstore recommended Lite Apps.

7 BHASKAR PARIVAAR 12 MONSOON THEME July-Aug 2016 MONSOON THEME 13 MONSOON Friends, we received number of beautiful pics for Samvad s theme-monsoon. We can t publish all of them due to limited space.our deep regards to all the Bhaskarites who participated in the contest. Sudhir Sagar Raipur Swings of Sawan When fervent season of rain ties knot with closeness of dear and near ones then cheerfulness fulminates. Swings of Sawan revitalised our childhood memories. Mahesh Tikley Mumbai Beautiful Mumbai Mumbai displays different shades in every weather. On one hand monsoon grasps the speed of this ever continuing city while on the other hand people went to sea shore to enjoy the rain. Journey of lake Bhaskarites, cheering in rain.. Durgesh Patole Nasik Bhopal city is surrounded by greenery. Over flooded lake due to heavy rain attracts us.and we start our journey to enjoy city of lakes. Ashwathy Yadav Bhopal Corp Rakesh Kumar Singh Patna Last year on the occasion of Independence day we Bhaskarites went to pray to the temple of Manudevi, situated on the hills of Satpura,35 km away from Jalgaon. There is a waterfall in front of the temple and all of us enjoyed there in the rain. Laxman Chavhan Jalgaon Trip with team Team Divya Marathi always ready to take opportunities to visit new places. Few days back we went to Javhar Ghat for Monsoon trip. Long drive Pleasant weather of monsoon and daughter s stress for long drive. Ultimately we went for long drive. Ai aasma tu itna baras.. This year monsoon reached to the number of areas of Orissa on 17th june.this pic of welcoming rain was taken on the hills of Udaygiri and Khandagiri, situated 7km away from Odisha. Chham chham barish me bheege hum.. These are my nephews Harsh and Aarush.They enjoyed the first rain in their own way. Aritro Ganguly Bhopal Corp Harshit Jain Sagar Jasbeer Saini Ambala Monsoon s thrill My both the kids desperately awaits for monsoon.thrilling moments in heavy rain fill our hearts with effervescent energy. Vivek Jain Bhopal Corp I appreciate the thought of my Child Due to heavy rainfall and voice of Thunder my little Girl took the umbrella to hide herself. Might be she was thinking that she will get wet in this rain. Made the vacation special My wife and I love to enjoy rain. Few days back we went for vacation. Away from all the worries we spent quality time together. Kishore Wagh Nasik Bhupesh Kumar Bilaspur Wo kagaj ki kashti... Returning from office I saw few kids preparing and sailing paper boats in rain. children s happiness reminded me this ghazal of Jagjeet singh. Rupesh Sen Junagarh Thrill of Mumbai s rain Few days back I got chance to visit Mumbai.My experiences were totally different from whatever I had heard.people were coming out of their houses and enjoying as they had longing for the rain. Shruti Dixit DB Digital Delighted mousam Rain is my favourite season as it relaxes from summer s heat. Drench roads Last year I was passing through the market with my family. Suddenly rain started, the pic we took in midst of heavy rain clubbed the memories of rain with our life. Jitendra Kumar Jaipur Bela Kamlesh Ahmedabad Chhapak chhai.. This pic is taken on the roof of the office in the midst of heavy rain and it reminds me my childhood days.

8 BHASKAR PARIVAAR BHASKAR PARIVAAR 14 MONSOON THEME MONSOON THEME 15 Rain and childhood Punchh visit Rajat Grower Jalandhar Heavy rain outside the home when clubbed with naughtiness of kids then a unique blend of pleasure evolved. Kids convey us a different meaning of childhood without any worry or tension. Subodh Mathur Gwalior Scarcely we want to get out of our homes during rain but we venerate laudable sincerity of our soldiers who perform their duties wholeheartedly in Punchh, a sensitive area from security point of view. Family time This is my favourite pic, snapped on a picnic spot with the family. The theme of this issue of Samvad reminded me sweet memories of the day. Memorable selfie Tithal beech and selfie, this selfie depicts happiness of monsoon. Ad Sales Team Ujjain Sapna Pattanshetti Solapur Sanjay Patil Mumbai Parimal Acharya Valsad Visit to Gambheer dam This selfie was taken by us with friends during our picnic and it will be alive in our memories. Unexpected rain and fun with friends Enjoying the unexpected rain and fun with friends always relish me. Nature and adventure When nature ties knot with adventure then journey becomes a sweet memory.i went on an adventure trip with my friends. Everyone captured unforgettable moments. Barsega sawan... I love to visit and explore new places from childhood. I tried to capture vivid beauty of nature with camera.the pic provided me chance of humming...this is exclusively for you. Suraj Joshi Aurangabad Vikram Prajapati Gwalior Colour of rain is only one Juber Khan Raigarh Kids rain This pic of my daughter Zunera and Areeba is taken during this monsoon.both of them love to enjoy rain. Monsoon fun Rainy day and school closed...the most appreciated blending for kids and the day deserves fun in ground. Jitendra Kumar Patna Colourful umbrella Shan Bahadur Bhopal Rain means fun for kids and enjoyment of wetting in rain.if we have a colourful umbrella then it makes the best combination. Our group never skips a single chance of going on an adventure trip. Enjoying rainy season with biking is a unique blending of joy and enthusiasm. All of us have Royal Enfield when our caravan paased away from distant ways then people amazed to see us. Haresh Yadav Vapi Hitesh Kumar Jaipur Sweet memories This pic was taken during my visit to Surajkund fate of Hariyana and it is one of the most precious treasures of my memory. Kanchan Tyagi Gwalior Rimjhimrimjhim Mild spray of rain enlightens our heart. The moment of fun and pleasure with friends can not be forgotten. Naresh Sanidhya Joshi Indore Chhatari hai na Whenever I forbid my son Sanidhya from wetting in the rain. He asserts... chhatari hai na.. Manish Jagtap Amrawati Wo pani ke pokhar In rainy season everywhere water is filled in pits on roads.it seems the earth is decorated by water bowls.

9 16 EVENT UPDATES EVENT UPDATES 17 Yoga session in Hamira plant Special yoga session was organised for Bhaskarites in Hamira plant of Dainik Bhaskar on the occasion of International yoga day. Indore activities Number of interesting activities were organised in printing plant of Dainik Bhaskar s Indore edition under the head of fun at work. Winners were also awarded prizes. 1. Aurangabad: Birthday celebration was organised enthusiastically for the Bhaskarites who born in month of June Nasik: ESIC session was organised in the edition. 2. Rewari: Bhaskarites enjoyed a lot in anniversary celebration Aurangabad: Bhaskarites enjoyed thoroughly in bubble blowing activity. 3. Ajmer: Fun activities were organised in Byawar bureau office. 4. Bharatpur: Bhaskarites organised birthday celebration in unique style of their own. 5. Bhopal: Birthday cake cutting ceremony was organised for Bhaskarites in plant office. 6. Hisar: Birthday cake cutting ceremony was organised for Bhaskarites in the edition. 7. Jalgaon: Ring activities provided immense pleasure to the Bhaskarites Sagar: Fun activities were organised by HR department. 4. Shivdaspura: Winners of interesting fun activities were awarded. 5. Solapur: Book bank facility is made available for the Bhaskarites to enthuse literary taste among them. 6. Noida: Bhaskarites participated in stress management activities. 7. Udaipur: Cake cutting ceremony was organised on the birth anniversary of the edition. 8. Ajmer: A special activity was organised on father s day Khandawa: A special book was published on the occasion of birthday of Dadaji dhuni wale darbar

10 18 CAMPAIGN UPDATES BHASKAR PARIVAAR Painting competition, Junagarh, Gujrat 2127 peoples participated A painting competition was organised at large scale on traffic awareness on 24th July in Junagarh. Our sincere regards to every Bhaskarite to appreciate earnestly Samvad foto mania contest. Thousands of Bhaskarites participated in the contest with full zest and zeal. Every one presented the Monsoon photo shoot theme in the unique style of their own. Competition was tough.every one has a different angle and special story. Ultimately we got top-10 after passing through three levels. This activity is enlisted in world record India. CONTEST-11 It is also nominated for Limca book of World records. Friends,the cover page of this issue is sent by Bhaskarite Abba Makasare, Jalgaon. He captured the beauty of monsoon at local Mehroon Lake. To be selected for cover page photo of Samvad Abba is congratulated along with his family and friends. In this competition ten thousand members of three thousand families marked their ardent attendance. Jai ho Junagarh Abhiyan PHOTOMANIA UPDATE 19 Divya Bhaskar organised this drive in July with the message of reducing traffic problems The drive was conducted with the message of getting rid from country s increasing traffic problems and it is supported by administration also.the programme was graced by mayor, collector, superintendent of police and other renowned citizens of the city to encourage the participants. Achievement Simhastha best photographer Tarachand Gawariya, photographer, Dainik Bhaskar, national news room, Bhopal got best photographer award in Ujjain Simhastha. He was awarded by one lakh rupees and trophy for securing the first position. The photo that got the first prize was about religious observance of naga hermits. The pic was taken during their first religious observance performed on Simhastha mukhi mata ghat from Juna Akhada. Bhaskarite Dheeren won Gold and Deepak secured Silver IITian Sachin Samvad is conveying blessings to Sachin Tak, son of Dr. K.L.Tak from HR department of Jaipur unit of Dainik Bhaskar.Sachin has been selected for IIT Mumbai,Electrical branch. Bal Gourav awarded to Purushottam Purushottam Patra awarded Bal Gourav samman by Chhatisgarh rajya bal adhikar sarankshan aayog.this award was given for his contribution of publication of the best news in the area of child welfare and rights.it is noteworthy that Purushottam Patra has been working in Editorial department, Devbhog, Gajiyabad district. Dheeren Desai, corporate HR department, Dainik Bhaskar won gold medal in men s singles open category in corporate indoor games competition which was organised in Delhi.Second runner up position was secured by Deepak Anand from Dainik Bhaskar.He grabbed silver.this competition has been organised by sports consultant for 12years. First time the competition was organised in Delhi in which more than 33 corporate houses participated through more than 200 players. 1. Neeraj Bhange, Akola, Maharashtra 2. Ashish Sharma, Vadodara, Gujarat 3. Anup Mishra, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 4. Bhushan Fegade, Kota, Rajasthan 5. Shiv Verma, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 6. Piyush Patel, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 7. Ajay Sharma, Chandigarh, Punjab 8. Deepak Verma, Bhopal, Madhya Prlkaasdfadesh 9. Manish Sinha, Patana, Bihar 10. Rajeev Vijayvargiya, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

11 Photomaina Contest-11, Top-3 Photographs 1 CONTEST-12 THEME SELFIE WITH GANESHA Only one click ahead Friends, Pavilions are ready to venerate God Ganesha. Every house is ready to welcome Lord Ganesha s coming.send us your and your family s selfie with God Ganesha. 2 Send us the clicked photographs at By 25 Sep 2016 Grab Attractive Prizes New Bhaskarites 3 Name Department Location Rohit Patel Response Ahmedabad A V H Krishna AD Sales Surat Md. P.S. Berkat Alam AD Sales Surat Samrat Chakraborty Editorial Ahmedabad P.P. Patel AD Sales Vadodara Inder Pal Singh F& Accounts Panipat Pawan Kumar AD Sales Chandigarh Kushnaman Shukla Brand Mrkt Panipat Raj Kumar Brand Mrkg Bathinda Manish Kumar AD Sales Hisar Kuldeep Kumar AD Sales Hisar Manish Sharma Production Hamira Krishna Tiwari Editorial Hisar Harmandeep Singh Brand Mrkt Amritsar Shashi Kant Tayal AD Sales Panipat Abhijit Kumar Singh AD Sales Panipat Harsh Jain AD Sales Aurangabad Gajanan D Shinde Brand Mrkt Aurangabad Name Department Location P.A. Gharat F& Accounts Nasik P.P. Sonawane SMD Aurangabad Ujwala V. Pawar AD Sales Nasik Gajanan Dilip Topale SMD Nasik Divyanand Pandey Brand Mrkt Bhopal Corp Niharika Pandey Editorial Indore Corp Bikram Pratap Singh Editorial Bhopal Corp Puneet Mathur F& Accounts Bhopal Corp H.P. S. Raghuwanshi Brand Mrkt Bhopal Corp Mustafa Ali F & Accounts Bhopal Corp Nishant Dwivedi F & Accounts Bhopal Corp Garima Tiwari Brand Mrkt Bhopal Corp Manoj Mehta HR & Admin Bhopal Corp Tushar Rai, Muzaffarpur, Bihar Praveen Devangan, Raipur, Chhattisgarh Rishabh Jain, Udaipur, Rajasthan Many Congratulations to all the respective winners! THEY APPRECIATE US We are feeling proud privileged as we have been working with the best media brand.i was enchanted with the story of Mandar parvat published in the last issue of Samvad. - Vipin Dube, Editorial, Sagar I like presentation, lay out and content of Samvad s July- August issue.best wishes to Samvad team. - Amrita Wakil, Corporate Finance, Bhopal Final Judge of Contest- Vareesh Tiwari, AVP, Finance & Accounts, Bhopal Corp. Conceptualized, Edited and Produced by : Team Samvad Editor : Ashutosh Seetha, Designed by : Jaswant Kushwaha