DESIGN Canberra 5-25 November Opportunities for the Canberra region's tourism and hospitality sectors

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1 DESIGN Canberra 5-25 November 2018 Opportunities for the Canberra region's tourism and hospitality sectors

2 DESIGN Canberra celebrates Canberra as a global city of design DESIGN Canberra is an annual festival which celebrates and promotes Canberra as a global city of design. Throughout November 2018, over 100 events, exhibitions, talks, tours, activations, markets, collaborations, artist studios and open homes will be showcased as DESIGN Canberra, transforming the nation s capital into a new platform for the best in design. The festival, now in its 5th year, is for all interests and ages and most events are free. The theme of this year s program reflects the strong geometry present throughout our city and is calling for projects to be featured during the festival that reference Canberra s distinctive form.

3 Presented by Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre DESIGN Canberra is the primary outreach activity of Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre, a respected and nearly 50-year-old membership organisation which represents the Canberra region s designers, artists, craftspeople at every stage of their careers. Craft ACT represents glass artists, furniture makers, textiles artists, ceramic artists and jewellers, and collaborates with designers and architects across disciplines.

4 The ACT's fastest growing festival DESIGN Canberra is the ACT s fastest growing festival. In 2017, over 94,000 people attended the festival, a 37% increase from the 69,000 in attendance in Since 2014, DESIGN Canberra has become a successful and highly experienced integrated events program in the ACT. With an active and engaged community, established communication channels, passionate sponsors and strong reputation, the festival will confidently, effectively and efficiently deliver a creative new program of the best in contemporary design in 2018.

5 2018 highlights The 2018 DESIGN Canberra festival program will be our biggest ever! As well as our always popular signature events such as open homes, artist studios, markets and pop-up exhibitions, newly curated highlights include: Kengo Kuma, one of the world s leading architects, has designed DESIGN Canberra s inaugural ephemeral architecture project which will be installed near Lake Burley Griffin The work of acclaimed Canberra-based architect Enrico Taglietti will be celebrated in the DESIGN Canberra 2018 festival through tours, exhibitions, a conference and installations. Montreal-based Daily tous les jours will bring their internationally award-winning popup installation which invites visitors to share their dreams and visions for Canberra's city centre through a playful yet beautiful field of balloons. Design shaker pop-up bar - emerging designers, architects, makers and business owners will collaborate across disciplines and produce a visually engaging temporary bar and gallery which will pop up at different venues throughout the city and host a series of performances by local musicians.

6 How can I get involved? There are many ways for the tourism and hospitality sector to get involved in DESIGN Canberra Host a dinner, tour, workshop or an exhibition, create a special deal for your guests, share the festival program and content with your networks to promote Canberra as much more than politics and roundabouts. All ticketed events need to be sold via the DESIGN Canberra website and a 20% booking fee will be charged. Note that proposals can include dates before or after 5 25 November, but your event must have some overlap with DESIGN Canberra dates to be included in the 2018 program.

7 What will DESIGN Canberra do to support my event? Last year, we attracted over 94,000 people to the DESIGN Canberra festival. Craft ACT curates the festival program: we present opening and keynote events and exhibitions that form the backbone of the festival and provide a context for the events, exhibitions and activities of other presenters. We work with a network of stakeholders to present the festival and are generously supported and inspired by our design-focused partners and corporate sponsors. This is a time for growth and long-term ambition. A multi-layered proven marketing strategy will be developed to build high visibility for festival events including social media, direct marketing, print marketing, PR and outdoor promotions. We manage a festival website on which all events will be listed and coordinate Design Canberra social media. Our research shows that these are the main channels to access the program for most attendees. In 2017, DESIGN Canberra had more than 700,000 social media impressions and 106,000 web page views. We produce and distribute a printed festival flyer for high-level promotion and featured events and exhibitions. We send electronic newsletters to DESIGN Canberra followers who have been signing up since We encourage collaborative marketing and will engage with selected proposals on crosspromotion and DESIGN Canberra branding requirements.

8 Tell us about your project If you are in the tourism or hospitality industry and would like to get involved in the DESIGN Canberra festival, all you need to do is propose a project to us before 13 July Simply upload your ideas to the Craft ACT submittable site at

9 What if my proposal is accepted? If your proposal is accepted your event will be included in DESIGN Canberra Once we advise that your proposal has been accepted, we will ask you for additional information for marketing and promotional purposes. This will include text and images, with credits, that we can use on the DESIGN Canberra website. We will ask for evidence of your public liability insurance (PLI) coverage. We will also provide you with DESIGN Canberra key promotional dates and information about how we can best promote your project and how you can best promote your participation in DESIGN Canberra. The festival has a growing, but still limited, budget for marketing. Increasing public and interstate recognition of the festival is where the bulk of that money goes and that is in the interest of all participants. Running a successful project or event in DESIGN Canberra is a collaborative endeavour. We require you to bring your audiences to DESIGN Canberra and in turn we will do what we can to bring awareness of the DESIGN Canberra audience to your project. In our experience, projects in the festival are successful when all parties actively promote their participation to their own networks and communities, and we share in each other s hard work.

10 Requirements and responsibilities Participating organisations will be responsible for: Organisation of your activity Staffing during your activity All relevant insurances and public liability Ensuring safety of any/all participants for your activity All costs associated with your activity Delivery of promotional information by due dates (as requested by Craft ACT) to be used for promotional purposes

11 Contact Thank you for your interest in the DESIGN Canberra festival. For more information about this DESIGN Canberra opportunity, or to discuss potential ideas, please contact: Kate Nixon Project Manager DESIGN Canberra e: t